The Audition

By Willie Cici published June 11, 2018
Brad turns the tables on his friend Zayne and his friend, Greg . . . .

“Is he there?”, the young man asked. He stood on his right leg, his right hand holding his left ankle, the leg bent to stretch and circulate blood to his limbs. He leaned against an outdoor table atop a rooftop patio. His tight black lycra athletic shirt and shorts clung to his sculpted, toned body. “Is he there?”, the young man asked again, speaking loudly into the voice piece of his smartphone. (To see the young man, click here).

“Yeah, Zayne. He’s here. Lounging.”, the young man’s friend replied.

“What’s he wearing?”, Zayne asked.

“Nothing.”, sighed the young man. “He is so perfect.”, Zayne’s friend added. “His cheeks are so cute and tanned and his body. He’s so …” (To see the man lounging naked, click here).

“Brad. Have you looked at yourself lately? You are so hot.”, Zayne said.

“Not like him.”, Brad answered. The naked stud stood atop the wrap around balcony of his luxury condominium. With his Bluetooth earpiece, Brad continued his conversation with Zayne, all the while leering downwards at the perfect man sunbathing two stories below in the adjacent building. (To see Brad, click here). “There’s no chance of …”

“Brad, just because he’s straight, doesn’t mean you can’t have him?”, Zayne chided.

“You say some of the most stupid things. Of course, it matters.”, Brad added.

“If I can get him to your condo, can I watch?”, Zayne asked.

“If you can get him to my condo. You are … delusional.”, Brad teased.

“If I can get him to your condo, can I watch?”, Zayne asked again, insisting.

“Yes. You can watch.”, Brad answered.

“Good. Give me a couple of days.”, Zayne said.

“Take all the time you need.”, Brad replied. He ended the call and entered his home. He shook his head. “Get him in my condo.”, Brad muttered. “Zayne has lost his mind.”

“Yeah. We got him. Your nude sunbathing was the clincher.”, Zayne said.

“So, now we …”, Greg asked.

“Now, we let him simmer for a couple of days, and then we go in for the kill.”, Zayne replied.

“Are you sure about this?”, Greg asked.

“He hides his sexuality because of his position. He’ll pay. I’m sure.”, Zayne answered coldly.

“Whatever.”, Greg said, turning over to tan his belly and chest. He covered his groin with a small hand towel. “Let me know what date you intend to … go for the kill.”

“Okay. I’ll call you later.”, Zayne said, as he ended the call.

A chorus of chiming bells rang throughout the marble-lined condominium. Dressed in his signature black silk pajamas, inspired by the octogenarian mastermind behind Playboy empire, Brad approached the front door, hoping that his guests had arrived. As he opened the door of his condominium, Brad smiled. At the threshold stood Greg and Zayne, also smiling. They were wearing gym gear, satin-like shorts and tight muscle shirts. The two studs slowly crossed the threshold of the condominium and entered the foyer. Brad closed the door and followed his guests. They entered the sun-filled living room, a room lined with floor-to-ceiling windows.

“Do you know why you are here?”, Brad said to Greg.

“I have an idea, but … this will cost you.”, Greg said.

Brad nodded ‘yes’. “As I suspected. Ten, fifteen, twenty?”

When Greg realized that Brad meant thousands, he said, “Ten is enough. Plus, I want …”

Brad walked towards the bookcase. He opened a cabinet in the bookcase. Dozens of bottles lined the cabinet along with crystal tumblers. Brad opened a bottle of clear liquid and poured generous doses into two tumblers, finishing the bottle. He opened another bottle and poured a finger in another tumbler for himself. He turned to serve the tumblers to Greg and Zayne. “It’s Tequila. Zayne says you like tequila.”

“Love it. Thanks.”, Greg said. Brad returned to the bookcase, retrieved his tumbler and joined the boys.

Zayne clinked his tumbler with Brad and said, “To fantasy come true.” Zayne then clinked his tumbler with Greg. Brad and Greg clinked tumblers and drank their tequila.

“Money and …”, Brad said.

“What?”, Greg asked.

“Money and you wanted …”, Brad said.

“Oh. I want to video … Zayne could video our …”, Greg coyly replied.

“I’m not sure. It’s bad enough Zayne is here. To watch. And leer.”, Brad added, with a smirk pursed on his lips.

“Your secret is safe with me.”, Zayne said. He gulped the remainder of his tequila, as did Greg. Brad continued to sip his beverage watching Greg and Zayne fidget during these odd negotiations.

“Oh! I’m sure my secret is safe.”, Brad said. “So, let’s get started. Which of you is gay?” Greg raised his hand. Zayne did not. “Oh!! So, you’ve been playing me, Zayne. That’s really interesting. Greg, why are you here?”

“Zayne wanted to video us having sex and then blackmail you.”, Greg blurted.

“Is that true, Zayne?”, Brad asked.

“Yes. I’m going to blackmail you.”, Zayne answered. He and Greg had no idea of what they were saying. The clear liquid serum, tasteless, mixed well with the cloudy tequila. The dosage and concentration of serum initially broke down barriers. As the serum infiltrated Greg and Zayne’s blood stream, the effect of the serum would intensify. Brad looked at his watch. Five minutes had passed. Given their age, metabolism and physical fitness, Brad suspected that the serum’s real benefit would kick in.

“Zayne. From now, whenever you’re in my company or Greg’s company, you will have this compunction to strip your clothes and stride around naked. Like now, you can’t wait to take off your clothes.”, Brad said. Zayne put his tumbler down and started to undress. “And Greg, the sight of Zayne getting naked makes you want to get naked as well.” On cue, Greg began to strip. In less than a minute, the two studs stood naked in Brad’s condominium. “Nice. Follow me, boys.”

Brad led Zayne and Greg through a brightly lit hallway. He opened a door and turned on the lights. Against the wall, a large king-sized bed filled the room. The bedding was a garish, whore-house red. The appointments of the bedroom were all stark white furniture that captured the reddish glow of the bedding. “Take my clothes off.”, Brad ordered. The entranced studs slowly removed Brad’s shirt, then lowered his silk pajama trousers. Brad wore a black silk jockstrap that framed his buttocks. Brad knelt on the bed. “Eat my ass, you whores.” Zayne and Greg took turned tossing Brad’s salad. He normally did not enjoy the feel of wet tongue on his rosebud or the cracks of his ass, but these whores he intended to debase. Brad eventually flipped and reclined on the bed. “Start by fondling my cock, then lick it, and get me hard.” Zayne and Greg climbed upon the bed and positioned themselves so they could suckle upon Brad’s cock and balls. Brad enjoyed watching his studs clueless obey his orders. “Every suck of my cock only makes your gayer and gayer. You won’t be able to remember a time when you did not lust for the taste of a man’s cum or the feel of his cock buried in your ass.” Brad watched Greg and Zayne’s eyes fill with the reality of his command. Brad soon felt his mojo rising, the veins of his cock throbbing with blood and passion. He closed his eyes and let Zayne and Greg fall in love with cock. Greg’s love affair with cock needed little motivation. Zayne’s fascination needed to take root, become firmly planted and sprout. For thirty minutes, Brad fed Zayne and Greg his cock. When Brad could no longer hold out, he knelt on the bed, stroked his cock to orgasm, and blast his wad upon Zayne and Greg’s lips and chin. Before the cum dripped upon the bedding, Brad said, “Lick the cum off your faces. You love the taste of cum. You won’t be able to get enough.” Zayne and Greg licked Brad’s cum from their faces. As their lips touched, the studs kissed and swapped cum-laced spit. Brad smiled. He hopped off the bed, opened the two drawer of the dresser and retrieved two acrylic double-knobbed butt plugs and a tube of ‘Spunk’ lube and returned to the bed. “Kneel on the bed.”, Brad ordered. Zayne and Greg knelt on the bed. “All fours.”, Brad insisted. Bent over, with asses exposed, Brad greased the butt plugs and slowly inserted the sex toys into Zayne and Greg’s ass. “Now, flex your sphincter muscle every twenty seconds until I say stop.”, Brad ordered. He watched the boys Kegel, their butt cheeks tighten and firm. The butt plug inserted itself deeper and then released.

Brad gathered his silk pajamas and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door, leaving his studs plugged and filled. He entered his bedroom, tossed his pajamas on the bed and walked into his bathroom. He entered the shower and quickly bathed. As he toweled himself, Brad re-entered the bedroom and donned the silk pajamas. He approached the window of his condominium and the glass-top table in the corner where he kept his laptop and oversized computer screens. He touched the keyboard to activate the dormant laptop.

Brad smiled as he reviewed the video of Zayne and Greg sucking his cock. “Nice.”, Brad said to himself. He deleted the video. There would be no proof of his sexual proclivity. For Zayne and Greg, they would debut that night on Brad’s webcam, the source of Brad’s financial freedom. For Zayne and Greg, they would live at Brad’s home, exercise at Brad’s gym, and fuck for Brad’s webcam, every night. For Zayne and Greg, the life they led ended. From that day on, Zayne and Greg became human sex toys.

Brad walked out of his bedroom and re-entered the spare bedroom, the webcam set. He straddled on the bed, near the headboard, and stared at his studs, kneeling and flexing their sex-toy-filled buttocks. “Repeat after me: I love cock. I suck cock. I want cock in my ass.”

“I love cock. I suck cock. I want cock in my ass.”, the boys repeated.

Brad smiled. “Again.”

“I love cock. I suck cock. I want cock in my ass.”, the boys repeated.

“I want to be a webcam boy. I want to live in Brad’s house and be a webcam boy.”

“I want to be a webcam boy. I want to live in Brad’s house and be a webcam boy.”, the boys repeated.

“I will obey Brad’s every order, every command, every suggestion.”

“I will obey Brad’s every order, every command, every suggestion.”, the boys repeated.

“Say it again.” The boys repeated the phrase. “Again.” For minutes, Brad insisted that the boys repeat these phrases, these command, these life-changing orders.

Brad hopped off the bed and said, “Now, lay down in a 69, and suck each other’s cock. Get used to each other. Learn how to pleasure each other.” The studs reclined upon the red-satin bedding. The reddish hues of the bedding made their slightly tanned physiques look incredible. The boys had beautiful bodies, but Brad would make sure that his boys kept their physiques, through gym time and HGH. Again, Brad exited the webcam bedroom and returned to his bedroom to examine the camera angles and lighting of the bedroom.

As Brad activated the cameras strategically located in the webcam bedroom, he watched Zayne and Greg suckle upon their blood-filled cocks. As he watched the boys on his computer screen, from the various camera angles, Brad smiled. “Nice audition.”

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