New set of wheels

By Stroppy Author published June 10, 2018

A rubber lover meets his match at a tyre store

I have to confess something, before I begin.. The reason I started working at the tyre store in Warrington is because I love the smell and feel of Rubber. If you don’t know, Warrington is an industrial centre in Northern England. All labour and rough neck people. Your’e either tough or you’re trampled. I played Rugby or Hurling on the weekends and Bar-B-Q with me mates on a steel drum cut in half with a grille on it behind me apartments.

I come to work with a boner everyday because I get to smell, feel, manoepulate and work with rubber. I know I run the risk of burnout (Get it? Tyres? Burnout? Fukin hell I crack meself up!). but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. I lift tyres a hundred times a day so my arms, back and legs are huge. I smell like a man and I have the callouses to back it up.

I started work from day one with a smile on my face My manager thought it was work ethic. Nawwww. I pictured being encased in this wonderful stretchy resistant second skin. Hell, from day one I wore a rubber jockstrap to work. I set aside a portion of my pay cheque to buy Rubber accessories for my weekend and evening pleasure.

One Friday a big 4X4 pulled in. The bushiest hairiest stud of a man climbed down, and I mean climbed down. The truck was so high and lifted he couldn’t pull it in to the bay. He stepped out onto the nerf bar, held on to the hand grip and stepped off the knobby tyres to get down. He was wearing a pair of Hi-Vis rubber coveralls.His forearms were huge and his hands were rough and calloused, more so than me. He was a Lineman for the Railroad and needed four tyres for his truck and another set for his work truck.

I was staring at the tufts of hair coming out from his tee shirt when I realized.. it too was a rubber shirt. I looked into his eyes and he caught my stare.. I opened my top button and gave him a glimpse of mine and he grinned the whitest smile I’d ever seen. It was almost religious coming out from behind his bushy black beard. I swallowed hard and in a half whisper said I would be right back.. I had to pee.. I escaped in to the bathroom to gather meself. Flirting with a customer would get me canned for sure. I was sweating like a pig when the locked bathroom door suddenly popped open with a shoulder bump from the truck driver

He looked at me with an urgency and closed the door. He then grabbed me by the throat and lifted me on to my tiop toes as he smashed my mouth with his. His tongue didn’t have to force it’s way in.. I was sucking it and rimming his mouth as if it were an arse. He bent his neck back and looked at me, then pinched my mouth open and spat in it and said keep it in there. He peeled my pants down and opened my waistband dropping his chubbed but not erect 9” into my rubber suit and filled it with piss. “I’ll be back at 4.. it had better still be in there. … And no jacking off! You can swallow now” and I did.

He left the bathroom and I gave it a minute to calm down. As I exited my manager eyed me suspiciously but I was in heaven. Given my build, my physical strength and the quality of my work he had no reason to question me, and yet…

I took the lift out side and jacked his truck (Heh.. I said Jacked.. in), replaced, mounted and balanced each tyre (Mounted.. God stop me!!) and had the job done in half the time it would have taken the other shop labour. I had time so I took my lunch washing his truck. I got inside his wheel wells and cleaned the leaf and coil springs. When I opened the door, though I couldda died! Rubber floor mats, Neoprene seat covers. Rubber strips and fastners on the belts and dash. I was in Rubber Heaven!. I carefully backed this church to my new God taking up two spaces and when I brought the keys inside my Boss asked me what that was about. I told him he said was a Lineman and had a fleet of vehicles. I wanted to give him a reason to bring them here. He smiled and clapped me on my back and said “Good show of initiative”.

4PM rolled around and not soon enough. Right on time “Lee” showed up. I handed him the keys and walked him to the truck. He saw my wash job, looked under the wheels and in the door jamb. He never smiled and gave me a serious look. My managers were watching from their office window. “You did good, Pup”. Then he grabbed me behind my head and pulled me in to a serious kiss, tongue fucking my mouth. My arms fell limp and he held me up. I was so caught up I had forgotten how to breathe.

He released me then looked in the window at my Manager and owner and gave him a thumbs up. I suddenly realized what had just transpired. He looked at me and said “Stop being scared. I’ll see you at 8. Here. In rubber. No street clothes. No hiding. Not anymore“.

I staggered back to my work space when my Manager came storming out. “Explain Yourself” he sputtered. I spun on my rubber heels and with my face in a rage and too loud of a voice I shouted “I DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN SHITE TO YOU. BACK THE FUK OFF”. He looked stunned and backed his way, stumbling wide eyed back to his office. He was no match for me but still I was meek. I was quiet. Where the hell did this power come from. I spent the rest of my shift working quietly, keeping to myself. Numb and excited at the same time.

7:45PM rolled around and I closed the shop doors. Everyone was just starting their clean up but my area was clear in anticipation of getting off on time when my manager walked back. I was stripping out of my work clothes and finally displaying my suit. They looked like pants only shiny and welded to the dirty boots I had been working in all day every day for the last week. My barrel chest on proud unimpeded display. My 6 pack abs pulled taut and the clefts of my arse equally presented.

“I..I…I.. Wont have this perversion in my shop. No need to come back tomorrow. You’re done here!” he stammered with false bravado. I Reared up again as I had earlier and towered over him. “Sod Off ye Bald Fat Fuk! I out perform everyone in this place. My satisfaction scores are 100% and You need ME! Not the other way around so fuk off ye TwiT”. His forehead was glistening with his sweat and my spittle. He fell backward on his arse and half scooted then stood and ran back to his office. The other lads in the shop were staring at me in disbelief. One young Skinhead braved walking over and ran his fingers along the ridges of my abs and looked up in my face, pulling out a ciggie and said “Fag”? Everyone busted out laughing , cheering and talking too loudly. My boss stared through the window. He knew he had been fukt and just closed the blinds. I saw tall headlamps pulling in to the lot and I ran as fast as I could to be in place for Lee. He stopped the truck and started to back up as if to leave. My heart sank. All the Lads had followed me outside and Lee saw them. He paused, cocked his head to look at me then put the truck in park. I shuffled over to the truck, my eyes brimming. I had disappointed him.

Lee stepped down and he was in full rubbers. The lads looked at him. As dazzling as I was , here was a God that made me look positively anorexic. He crossed his arms and I walked over but before I could speak the Lads were all yelling out a recount of the story to Lee who looked once at the office then at me. I was terrified I had blown my chance when he looked at me angry as hell. His face was red and his arms bent back in clenched fists.

I thought he was going to hit me and I cosed my eyes to accept it, but he stormed to the office, kicked the door open and I saw his shadow on the blinds looking down on my boss shouting “DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM HERE? DO WE?!?! GOOD! I NEVER WANT TO HEAR SHITE LIKE THIS AGAIN, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?… … … I SAID DO! YOU! UNDERSTAND! ME!? We heard the boss make a feeble attempt at “Yes” then lee stormed out. He looked at the lads and said quietly “thank you”, then he looked at the Skinhead and smiled. He reached in to my rubber pants bringing the piss and sweat up on his fingers, stuck them in his mouth then presented them to me and said “Clean them”. I gave his fingers a tongue bath never noticing the open mouthed stares of my six mates watching.

Lee hefted me up to his truck by his hand on my bum, Looked back and said thank you again and off we drove.

We arrived at his flat. It really was a flat car. He had converted a train in to a “U” shaped home with the bathroom set in the heavily glassed caboose in the centre at a right angle looking over a glen. I had never seen or felt such peace as I had there. I was in love.

He sat in one of two chairs on the porch connecting the tree cars. I took my place between his legs and rested my head in his lap. I inhaled him never wanting to smell heather or pine or rain again, only him. I felt his cock grow and stretch halfway to his knee. I licked and sucked on it’s length through the rubber and sighed constantly. He pinched and pulled my nipples through my rubber and I was moaning. “Do not cum” he whispered. You will not cum tonight.. or maybe tomorrow or the next night.. I’ll tell you when you can cum”. I was in heaven. There would be more nights. I would never need to imagine or pretend or fantasise again.

He rose and I wanted to grab him by his massive thighs and hold him there but he kept his hand on my head and said “come”. He raised me up and we walked to a small creek behind his home. We stripped and I saw his glory. He looked like a satyr. It was almost suspicious that he didn’t have horns. His feet were mounded and hairy. His legs were fur covered that ended from the top of his buttocks. His chest had a triangle of fur that rounded his shoulders, arms and neck but the triangle of his back was naturally hairless. His abs were a thing of beauty. The fur on them was more a dusting and framed his musculature. His cock was still semi hard and pulled downwards. His foreskin was a tube of softness easily 4cm in length beyond the head, whose form could be seen clearly underneath.

We slipped in to the water and cleaned ourselves. We held and kissed and heavy petted for half an hour before we headed back to the orch. No sex, just naked supper. He’s a brilliant cook. I grilled some steaks and e made the sides. It was as if we had been together for years. This was so comfortable. We opened the sliding rail door and lay on the bed watching the moonlight on the water. We drifted off to sleep and he woke to take a piss. I pulled him back and placed him in my mouth and he let go. We 69’d for a little bit then I turned so I would sleep with my face under his armpit drawing life from his man smell.

In the morning he woke me with a kiss and said “ You passed the test. I’ve waited ten years to find someone with whom I could be comfortable enough to not speak, not fuck.. to just be with. Could you get used to this life”. I was shaking. I was overjoyed and overwhelmed. I didn’t even know his last name. He knew nothing about me but it was as real as anything coud be. He proposed a trial run and presented me with a leather collar and his dog tags.

He pulled me in to him and we spooned. I felt his cock growing. It frankly scared me. I had never been fucked before. I’ve had toys up there but nothing like his size and girth. We lay on our sides and he draped a massive thigh over mine and started humping me. One hand cupped my arse with the middle finger inside. I was moaning when he started chewing my ear and neck. His cock made it’s way to my entrance.

“Ohhh. So tight.. fuckkkkk.. so fukin Tight. That’s it baby.. mmmm.. inside you. Gonna make you mine. .. gonna breed you and mark you. Oh fucK!!

I felt my arse tear a little. I had never felt such pain but I needed him inside me. I wouldn’t cry out for fear he would stop. I needed his seed inside me. His DNA changing my DNA. I needed this so through the pain I slid him the rest of the way in and his cock hit my button. I gasped and grunted to the timing of his bottoming out in me. He fucked me in so many different positions . He would stop and rest, pushing himself deep into my hole and stay there unmoving then resume. He piston fucked me, Lay me on his chest and fucked me laying on his back, then folding my thick legs acrost me chest and pounded me. I knew my hole was gaping but when he saw blood on his cock and my hole he pulled out and said “Oh my God.. I’m Sorry”… I panted “Oh Fuck DON’T STOP.. I Need you in me” and pulled him back down.

He attacked me like a wild animal and I responded edging him on. After after only a few minutes he came in my. He stayed inside and kept me folded up for ten minutes sucking on my tongue and cradling my neck. Finally he withdrew and pulled a rubber plug out of his bedside and plugged me to keep him inside then presented his cock for me to clean.

We repeated Saturday and Sunday as if it were a ritual: Creek, Hike, cuddling naked in the grass, back to the train house, eat, cuddle, fuck, creek, fuck, cuddle… It felt as if we were accumulating a lifetime of memories in only a few days. Next day was Monday and I had to be at work. He drove me back to town and when I came in my boss was waiting for me. He said “ I need to see you in my office”. Lee waited and I came out bleary eyed. He had canned me. The lads arrived seeing me in my state. They ran in to the office and all came out with their final paycheques. “. Fuck him We all quit. You’re a right proper mate. Proud to know you.. Love!” But where was the skinhead? We heard a crash and the manager running out with a bloodied nose. Out of the office came the Skinhead carrying a Television and a bag with god knows what he’d lifted. “Severence package” he said, as he loaded it into Lee’s truck.

Lee said he had to go to work and I asked him to drop me off at my apartment. He said “Later.. to gather your things. You’re mine now. Whats mine is yours. You’re moving your shite into OUR house”. I broke down crying. I was so overwhelmed. Lee was smiling and pulled me closer to him in the front of the truck. He started the motor when we felt the truck rock. We turned to see the Skinhead had jumped in to the back. “Well come’on.. lets get rolling. Lee Laughed and said “Cheeky fukka… looks like we got us a pet”.

I had no idea where we were heading until we pulled up into the railway work yard. I looked at Lee who said “Someone needs a job.. lets go”. And we all piled out. He said “Give me five minutes then knock. Make a good impression: you’re gonna meet the boss” and he knocked then entered the door. Skinhead and I looked at each other and agreed we’d both go in at the same time so when five minutes had passed I knocked.

“Come In “ came a gruff voice. Nervously, I opened the door to find Lee sitting behind a desk. Never looking up, he waved dismissively at the chairs.. puffed on a cigar and read a paper in his hands. I looked on the wall behind him and saw the name “ Lee Purdin, Managing partner, Site Coordinator”. I was grinning wildly. Skinhead was in shock. Finally Lee looked up and said “Wipe that smile off your face.. now.. my best man tells me you’re looking for work. Whats your name, Kid”? then he broke into a loud laugh. “Fukin Hell you shouldda seen yer face. Brilliant”.

Skinhead and I started work immediately as apprentice. I was strong so I was put through line training. “Over time,, maybe two or three years, I’ll be moving you from position to position. If you’re going to be a manager you need to be able to do everyone’s job so you’re going to start as a choker. Skinhead.. we gotta beef you up. Sign these hire and HR papers, lets get you kitted out and start your trainings.

Skinhead had his own place conveniently near the station. Seems he has his own Railway fetish. For fun, he hops cars while they’re moving just to be on them. He knows all the attachments, compartments and functions of a train. He was a natural.

Months had passed and Lees and my passion never waivered. Every night was like our first night except for the exhaustion after a hard day of manual labour. I was bulking up to look like Lee. And wot with a proper diet. I had cut out all junk and fast food. Lee insisted on healthy eating, if you call rare steaks and pasta’s healthy. I had added 30 pounds to my bulk but Skinhead.. he was a different story. Lee decided he needed a radical diet. Every day he had lunch waiting for him: Starches, proteins and deserts with dollops of whipping crème. After work we would stop by pubs and crawls for a pint but Skinhead had a mandatory three or four.

He was becoming a bulky little guy. A fireplug. His arms and legs filled out, his neck disappeared. His flat chest puffed out and he actually had Pecs. His arse was always perky and bubble like but now it was a fukin shelf. And he had the most perfect beer pouch belly. It was perfect on him.

Lee in the mean time, had perfected our Rubber gear. Everyday we wore our waders and ocoveralls. Underneath we had Rubber pants, jocks, Wifebeaters. My collar was always on but he started adding gold piercings. Three in each ear. One brow, a 0g septum, tongue, nips.. everywhere I had flesh to pierce he did.

One day Skinhead came to us with some news. His mates told him that our ex-boss had lost the business. Word got out of the walkout and how he treated his employees. The bank had the business and inventory up for sale. If we wanted to go and buy it he had £10,000 he could contribute. That would cover the down payment.

Lee sat in his chair and looked at me with no expression on his face.. more curiosity. Without pause I said “Nawww I have a new vocation now and I’m where I need to be”, then I looked at Lee and added, “I’ll never leave where I am”. Lee smiled and a single tear rolled down his face.

Seems though, that Lee had another idea. The Railway needed a supply depot for basic service (oel change and tyres) so on behalf of the Railway he bought the place for 10 pence on the pound: far less than the Bank had wanted. Skinhead and the other five lads I had originally worked with were all hired back but this time as Union workers with benefits and a small pay raise.

Lee had me start as the manager of the operation so I could learn money handling and finances.. all part of my ultimate managers training I suppose.

One night Skinhead was over for supper. We sat down at the creek; Lee and I were in Rubber jocks and I in my collar. Skinhead stripped down to naked. This was the first time we had seen Skinhead naked and the first time we had seen his tattoo’s. Swastikas, Norse runes, german slogans and strange symbols of hate covered him. He looked at the ground and none of us spoke. Over time his actions had spoken louder than his symbols so this was obviously a thing of is past.

“Mum and Da were Nazi’s. They raised us to hate and hate some more. I got tired of all the hate, but even more so, I found I was attracted to the things they hated: men who loved other men, Art, liberal thinking…”. He looked up at us with a desperateness in his eyes and a truly apologetic look. “It aint’ me no more. I ain’t like that. I want what you guys got. I want to love”. He looked so vulnerable and so fearful. What a brave way to come out, I thought.

He continued his stare in agonizing uncertainty. Lee and I looked at each other then back at him. Lee adjusted his jock and I removed mine. Skinhead popped the biggest boner. He was certainly a grower not a shower. He went from a shriveled 4” bud to an 8” tube of hotness.

Skinhead dropped to his knees in front of us and looked down at the ground. He was actually trembling. Lee looked at me and said “I told you we found ourselves a pet”/ Skinhead Looked up in shock and relief He waited until we made the first moves. Natural respect.

We bought another caboose and added it to the back wall of the Master bedroom like a sunroom only the bed looked through glass to watch the rain or the moon. We fitted a Super King sized Bed, large enough for the three of us, with Skinhead at the foot of the bed where a pet would sleep.

One day Lee Came home with a gift for Skinhead.. a hand tooled leather collar for me that read HUSBAND and a smaller one for Skinhead with his new name on it: “SHAG”. I swear, once we placed our collars all injustice, all hate, all things wrong in the world disappeared and everything was bliss

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