Corporate Growth: Bruce's Tale

By screamingmoist published June 10, 2018

Bruce is made an offer he can’t refuse.

Bruce shifted uncomfortably, his lithe, small frame feeling even tinier against the heavy oak chair. The soft leather beneath him was like sitting on a plush boulder. Just being in the CEO’s office was intimidating enough, a sensation that was only magnified by the prominent furnishings and floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the city below. They were floating on a cloud of wealth and mahogany, and Bruce couldn’t shake the feeling that the floor was about to drop out from beneath him. “I’m sorry, sir, am I….in trouble?”

Mr. Roberts’ youthful face broke into a broad smile. It was hard for Bruce to gauge how old the other man was. At first glance his boss appeared to be middle aged, Bruce had originally guessed early forties, but the longer he was around him the more he started to wonder. Up close, he was able to see just how many muscles pressed against Mr. Roberts’ fitted suits. He watched the sleeves stretch and strain around large biceps whenever his boss reached for something, and though Bruce normally didn’t pay attention to such things, he couldn’t help but notice the round, firm rear that bubbled out the back of Mr. Roberts’ slacks as soon as he’d taken off his blazer. “Not at all! Please, Bruce, relax.” Mr. Roberts’ voice was deep, smooth and friendly as he leaned back casually in his chair.

Bruce searched his boss’s face for any sign of deceit, but only saw the handsome features of someone who could have fallen back on modeling as a career if the corporate world didn’t work out. Mr. Roberts still had a full head of thick, wavy brown hair and smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Though he radiated the powerful confidence of someone older, Bruce was starting to feel like his boss could have passed as someone like himself at the tail end of their twenties without difficulty. He gave a nervous laugh and settled back from the edge of his oversized chair. “Sorry…can’t shake the feeling that I got called to the principal’s office.”

“Entirely understandable. Don’t let all this,” Mr. Roberts gestured to the ornate office, “throw you. Business world bullshit is all. Have to have a bigger office than the other guy if you want to be taken seriously,” he said with a roll of his eyes before nodding towards a file on his massive desk. “I wanted to meet with you because I’m impressed. Full disclosure…that trail you found? With the misappropriated funds? I put it there on purpose. Two years ago.” He paused for dramatic effect. “In all that time you’re the only person to have found it.”

“Wow…really?” Bruce knew he was thorough, but he had a hard time believing that it had all been a trap to see who was paying attention. It wasn’t just that the money had been moved around that threw him off, it was where the money went. He’d stumbled across an off-the-books research project that somehow involved their tech division, medical division, and a division he was unaware of that was involved in the acquisition and sales of artifacts and antiques. Still, he told himself if it truly had all been a ploy, the random connections made sense. If someone was paying attention, as he had been, they were all giant red flags.

Mr. Roberts nodded. “Which brings us to why you’re here. I need an assistant, and you’ve proven yourself more than capable. You’re smart, young, and driven; all qualities I’ve been looking for. I’m not going to sugarcoat it….the job can be demanding. We’re talking long hours, late nights and weekends. But I can promise that you’ll find it worth your while, and, hopefully, help you grow as a person.”

Bruce blinked in stunned silence, unsure that he’d heard his boss correctly. He’d come to the meeting afraid that he was going to be fired, or worse, after finding something he shouldn’t have. Instead he was being offered the keys to the kingdom. “Uh…yeah, yes!” He nodded excitedly. “I’d be happy to take on the challenge.”

“Excellent!” Mr. Roberts stood and reached over the desk to shake his hand. As Bruce made to leave the chair he winced, his wrist catching a sharp edge that he hadn’t noticed. He tried to play it cool, hoping he wasn’t bleeding as his hand was swallowed in a surprisingly firm grip. “Report up here at your usual time tomorrow morning.”

“Do I need to wrap up any of my current…”

Mr. Roberts cut him off with a quick shake of the head. “No, I’ll have those reassigned. I’ve got plenty that needs doing up here.”

Bruce stammered out another thank you and headed for the private elevator, his head swimming. He felt like he had whiplash from the unexpected turn of events. “Incredible…” he sighed to himself, rubbing the red spot on his wrist where he’d snagged the chair. It itched, but thankfully wasn’t much larger than a pin prick. Caught up in the excitement over his promotion, he forgot about it entirely as he spent the rest of the afternoon packing up his desk.

That evening, Bruce was a bundle of nervous energy. He couldn’t keep his wiry body still for more than a few seconds, and when it was time to go to bed, sleep was an impossibility. He tossed and turned all night, alternating between sweating and shivering. By the time his alarm sounded, he felt exhausted and feverish, but he knew he couldn’t call off sick on the first day of his new job.

“Don’t wanna blow it…” he grumbled as he staggered to his feet. He yawned and stretched, scratching absently at his stomach. He froze as soon as his hand made contact. Instead of the smooth skin he should have felt, his fingers brushed through a patch of curly hairs. “SHIT!” Bruce’s eyes went wide when he looked down and saw the prominent layer of hair that had sprouted over his slender torso. Having been naturally smooth his entire life he squirmed uncomfortably at the sensation. The few hairs that he’d had on his thighs and forearms had thickened to match, spreading further up his arms and legs to join with the freshly grown carpet on his stomach and chest. “How is this…where the fuck did all this…” he trailed off in a gasp when he finally reached the bathroom, his jaw practically landing on the counter when he saw his reflection. He looked like a different person. The obsidian hairs on his thin body matched the short cropped ones on his head, and even his high, sharp cheeks sported an extra thick layer of scrubby stubble.

The hair was jarring, but it was what lurked underneath that caused the gasp. Bruce’s shaking hands hesitantly prodded the increased definition he’d somehow developed overnight. His normally flat, shapeless chest now sported a pair of small pecs, and his slender stomach was firm with the hint of abs. When he poked at himself, small biceps formed on his lanky arms, and now that he was looking he saw a tiny, but noticeable, bubble pushing out the back of his boxers.

Between his shock and the lack of sleep, Bruce was on autopilot as he dressed and readied himself for work. His mind was racing, unsure if he should feel ecstatic about his increasingly masculine appearance or terrified by what was happening. He’d always lamented his short, slight frame and how it left him scrambling when it came to anything physical. Be it sports or sex, Bruce was usually lacking. The thought that all of that might somehow be changing felt like a miracle. At the same time, he was smart enough to know these things didn’t just happen, especially coming hot on the heels of his meeting the day before. He kept thinking about what he’d found: medical, tech, antiques. His agile mind cycled through conspiracy theories that would have seemed impossible the day before. He didn’t know if any of it was related, but there was only one way to find out.

“Right on time,” Mr. Roberts said cheerfully as the elevator doors opened on his office and Bruce stepped out. The younger man had been admiring his changing reflection on the way up, specifically how his skinny tie nestled between, and accentuated, his expanding chest. “You’re looking well this morning.”

“Th…thanks,” Bruce said hesitantly, unsure why he started blushing. As soon as he saw his boss a strange tingling sensation washed over him. His stomach fluttered nervously and he found his eyes lingering on the older man’s impressive features.

“Now, now, don’t be nervous. I thought we covered all that yesterday?” Mr. Roberts laughed graciously and came around the desk, swallowing Bruce’s shoulder with a large hand.

Bruce’s heart started racing on contact. He’d never noticed how much taller Mr. Roberts’ 6’2” frame seemed. At 5’8”, Bruce was used to being shorter than most other guys, but it had never provoked a response like this. He had to bite his lip to keep from gasping.

“Are you okay? You feel like you’re shaking.”

Bruce wilted under the other man’s bright, piercing gaze. “I…sorry…it’s been a weird morn…ing,” Bruce stammered, his face turning crimson when he felt his cock start twitching. He looked down and immediately wished he hadn’t when Mr. Roberts followed his gaze to the increasingly outlined rod in his tight slacks. Bruce was mortified, but the older man just grinned.

“That answers that,” he said, giving Bruce’s shoulder a squeeze. “Let’s get a look at you.”

Bruce stood numbly in place as his boss loosened his tie and began undoing the buttons on his shirt. He was aware that he was being stripped down, he just couldn’t get his brain to do anything about it. “The hair is a good look for you…I thought it would be,” Mr. Roberts said, running his hand through the patch of fur on Bruce’s growing chest. The shorter man shuddered at the touch, his skin breaking out in goosebumps when his shirt and tie were pulled free. Mr. Roberts cocked his head and looked Bruce up and down before undoing the other man’s tented slacks. “Once it all comes in the extra muscle is going to be quite impressive. It’ll be an adjustment at first, I’m sure, but I think you’ll enjoy it much more than your skinny old body.” Mr. Roberts laughed at Bruce’s soft whimper when his pants and boxers were pulled down together, letting his aching rod spring free. “I’m sure you have questions, yes?”

Bruce nodded, wide eyed and shell shocked from what was happening. All he kept thinking was that he was naked and hard in his boss’s office. He was at work. He should be clothed. He shouldn’t be exposed and eager. He’d never been more humiliated or turned on, never more terrified yet attracted to someone.

“Here…let me explain…” Mr. Roberts draped a heavy arm around Bruce’s shoulders and guided him over to his desk. Bruce winced as he felt his rigid pole bob and bounce as he walked. Looking down at it, he could see that his normally short, thin rod was growing like the rest of him. It looked at least an inch longer and was significantly thicker around. “While it’s true that you’re the only person to have discovered the…discrepancy…we talked about yesterday, it’s a very real project, the goal of which will change the world as we know it. Take yourself, for example.” Bruce blushed even harder when he saw footage of himself flash up on his boss’s monitor. It was from the locker room of the company gym, specifically the showers. “Look at you…skinny, small, unable to bulk up even though you’d just spent all that time working out. What if you could change all that?”

Bruce heard what Mr. Roberts was saying, but he was more alarmed by the way his cock throbbed at the sight of the other naked men in the background. Though he didn’t have much of a sex life, he’d always thought of himself as straight. While he might envy other guys’ bodies, he’d never been attracted to them like this.

Mr. Roberts laughed again as he watched Bruce stare intently at the screen. “Don’t be embarrassed,” he said when the naked man quickly looked away. “All data is good data, but we’ll get to that.” He gestured back to the naked, hairless Bruce in the shower. “You’re the perfect candidate for a test run. You were basically a blank slate, physically, and when your email arrived saying that you’d discovered the project I knew it was fate.” Bruce whimpered again when Mr. Roberts gently stroked one of his hairy thighs. “True, there was a bit of deception involved in getting you here, but the job offer is very real. I do need an assistant, but I don’t need THAT Bruce,” he motioned to the thin naked man on the screen before bringing up another window. “I need THIS one.”

Bruce couldn’t believe what he was seeing. On the screen was a rendering of a stocky, hairy wall of muscle. The man had a wide jaw, broad shoulders, plump, beefy pecs, and huge, piston-like arms. His stomach was a protruding mound of lumpy muscle that sat above his wide, tree trunk thighs and large, ample rear. A fat, stout cock and equally large balls dangled heavily from the base of his furry muscle gut, resting against the tops of the thighs that pressed together. Bruce’s stomach dropped when he realized the hairy gorilla of a man bore his face. “I…no…how are you…you can’t…” he stammered, horror finding his absent voice. He’d always wished he could have had more muscle, but the thought of turning into the meaty, hairy stranger was terrifying.

“The process has already started. Unfortunately, it can’t be stopped. That prick you felt on your wrist? That was the serum being injected. You’re already well on your way to becoming your new self. You’ve even changed since you arrived.” Mr. Roberts squeezed Bruce’s thickened arms, letting his hands glide up to the broadened shoulders and down across the increasingly round pecs. He nodded towards the stocky stud on the screen again. “But just look at him! Strong. Powerful. Masculine.” He turned Bruce to face him and rested his hands on the shorter man’s widening hips. “You’ll be all those things and more. You can already feel the extra vitality coursing through you,” he said, giving Bruce’s oozing cock a quick bounce. “And you don’t need to worry about that capable brain of yours. True, the serum can alter someone’s brain just as much as their body, but I need you in charge of your faculties if you’re going to be my right hand. I just need you loyal. I need to know that I can trust you.” He stepped back and motioned towards the elevator. “But I won’t force you. If you truly want to, go ahead and walk out that door.”

That was all Bruce needed to hear. He tore away, frantically pulling his clothes on as he waited for the shiny elevator doors to open. Mr. Roberts stayed at his desk, gently shaking his head with a disappointed look on his face as Bruce struggled to get dressed. Already the growing young man could barely close his shirt over his expanding chest, and his pants felt like they would give at any moment. His still-throbbing cock was clearly outlined through the tight fabric straining around his growing legs. He didn’t know where he was going, he just needed to get out. He ran through the lobby and out onto the sidewalk, wincing at the new sensation of a heavy bouncing at his rear. He saw the odd glances from the people he passed and wondered at how he must look. Already the top two buttons of his shirt had shot off, exposing the dense new patch of hair at the top of his now-prominent pecs, and with each passing minute his arms felt more and more constricted in his sleeves.

He was struggling after a few blocks. The farther he ran, the more difficult it became. Physically, he felt better than ever. As far as his body was concerned, even at his rapid pace, he could have kept going. It was the growing aching in his guts that was slowing him down. He’d bolted from the building in terror, wishing that he could return to his boring, routine existence. He didn’t really want what Mr. Roberts was offering, did he? He didn’t want to be muscled and hairy. He wanted….

Bruce slowed his pace, stopping in front of a window to examine his reflection. He was already taking on the lantern jawed features of the man he’d seen on screen. Instead of fear, when he looked at the tuft of hair escaping from the top of his straining shirt he felt a swell of pride. He felt the same when he looked down at his wide, meaty thighs and the thick monster they showed off instead of concealed. Behind all of this, the memory of his boss’s approving smile glowed like a beacon. Bruce’s stomach fluttered at the mere thought of Mr. Roberts’ handsome face and toned, fit body.

There was still a part of himself that thought he should run, but that part was steadily being drowned out by a desire to return. He was being offered a future that he’d be a fool to turn down. It was new, and very different, but he trusted Mr. Roberts. He knew deep down that his boss only had his best interest at heart. He’d just been surprised and caught off guard. This was a wonderful gift he’d been given…how could he just run away like that?

Bruce felt a large tear, followed by a rush of air on his now-hairy thighs. He looked down and blushed when he saw a long rip running up the inside of his pants, exposing a chunk of his still widening leg. He turned and quickly started retracing his steps. He needed to get back while he still could, his only remaining fear that Mr. Roberts would be mad at him.

Mr. Roberts wiped his sweaty brow as he rode his private elevator up to his office. He liked to come in early and use the staff gym before work. Since he owned it, he made sure it was stocked with the best equipment available, and he felt it important to fraternize with the staff, at least a little. Being seen as approachable and friendly engendered more goodwill than being seen as aloof and intimidating, and it let him get a closer look at a few specific individuals without arousing suspicion.

His formula had been a total success. In a matter of days, Bruce had gone from a timid, frail accountant to his stocky, muscular assistant. The young man’s body had been completely rewritten, taking him from small and smooth to thick and hairy. Now, with his strong jaw, broad shoulders, and large arms, Bruce was the intimidating presence that he needed. The man was strikingly handsome, but his dark features radiated just enough danger to throw people off.

The young man was also hopelessly devoted to him. He’d considered using the formula to wipe Bruce’s mind, leaving him little more than a muscular child, but he’d thought better of it at the last minute. The newly formed stud truly was more useful with his brain mostly intact. He’d been able to retool the formula so that Bruce still had the extra libido he wanted to test, along with an undying affection. The altered man had still become a horny little brute, but he was a smart horny little brute. There were plenty of other men he could run more tests on. They already had their eyes on one young man in particular who appeared to be pilfering funds.

“Have a good workout, sir?”

Mr. Roberts smiled at the sight of Bruce’s hairy, exposed body waiting for him in his office. The shorter man’s burly arms were held behind his back, puffing out his slab-like, hairy pecs and showing off his firm, muscled stomach. His hands rested on the tops of his plump, bare cheeks as he stood in nothing but the bright red jock that he was instructed to wear unless told otherwise. Looking at the stuffed pouch that bulged to capacity in front of the thick, furry thighs, even Mr. Roberts was impressed with his own work.

“Always good to mingle with the staff,” Mr. Roberts said, taking the protein shake that Bruce offered. He downed it quickly and then raised his arms so that the other man could pull his sweaty tank-top free as they walked to his private bathroom. Mr. Roberts admired his washboard abs and modest pecs as Bruce stripped him down the rest of the way and started up the shower, filling him in on the morning emails and other news in the process.

When he turned around, Bruce had stripped out of his jock and stood ready under the steamy spray. Mr. Roberts stepped past him and sighed as he felt the young man’s strong hands begin to lather him up, massaging his sore muscles. It was their morning routine. Though Bruce now stayed at Mr. Roberts’ expansive estate, he sent the young man up to his office to get things ready for the day while he worked out, preferring to work up a sweat before taking a crack at Bruce’s round, bouncing cheeks. Ever eager to please, he could already feel the young man’s stout, fat cock poking rigidly against him.

He didn’t need to say anything. When Bruce had rinsed him clean, he nodded with his head and the young man immediately took up a spot against the wall, leaning forward and pushing his rotund rear backwards. Mr. Roberts reached up under Bruce’s powerful arms and took two handfuls of his assistant’s furry chest as he slid his solid rod inside, eliciting a long, contented sigh from the hairy muscle man.

The formula made it so that Bruce took to his new sex life like a fish to water. Despite never having used his virgin hole in such a capacity before, the altered young stud worked Mr. Roberts with almost prehensile precision. The ability to reprogram those skills alone made his formula a winner. Mr. Roberts knew there were plenty of people with money to burn that were all too eager to turn plenty of unsuspecting men into eager bottoms. Business rivals, ex boyfriends, enemies; he didn’t care who they used it on as long as they could pay.

His fingers bit into Bruce’s beefy pecs as he came, the other man gasping loudly as he was emptied in to. Still softening inside him, Mr. Roberts reached down and wrapped a hand around Bruce’s pudgy new cock. The young man never expected to get off, and he always looked at him with such gratitude that Mr. Roberts couldn’t help but spoil him. He laughed at Bruce’s desperate whimpers as he tugged and kneaded the heavy, hairy balls until the beefy hunk tensed and sprayed.

“Th…thank you, sir,” Bruce panted, beaming at his boss.

Mr. Roberts pulled out and tousled the other man’s sopping, raven hair. “A perk of your position,” he said, giving Bruce’s massive rear a swat as the other man grabbed a towel and began drying him off. “Now, what’s first on today’s agenda?”

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