By TickledPink
published June 10, 2018

As the game night presses on Judah is determined to win.

The music stopped and Matt and Teddy, the two remaining players, rushed to the chairs. Judah watched, spellbound as they slammed their buttplugs down on the seats and started working them into their arses. Teddy was at a disadvantage in this game, he was using the larger two-points plug, but he did have the advantage of a head start from the one-point plug he’d had in place before the round started. Matt, however, was the surprise star of this game, practically bouncing onto his green, one-point plug, with half-gasped laughter to tell of his enjoyment. The gamemaster rang the bell next to him sharply as Matt hit the seat, exhaling sharply as he did.

Matt stood up with a goofy smile, legs slightly wobbly. He pumped his fists in the air, celebrating his victory. He’d definitely worked for it too, Judah thought, looking at the other man’s damp chest hair. Who remembered musical chairs working up such a sweat? Then again, he didn’t remember having to use plugs during it either, but rules were rules.

Judah had found himself unable to properly get himself onto his own plug and had been eliminated in the first round. It was frustrating to say the least. Judah liked to win. He liked winning in court, he liked winning in rugby and he was determined to like it here. He’d nearly spent the rest of the round sulking, but a whispered word from the gamemaster made him realise that if he were going to win, he’d have to get his head in the game and his arse in gear. So he’d perched himself up on a nearby chair and had worked on his arsehole while the game had continued, starting with one finger circling around the entrance and slowly working it’s way in. By the time Matt had secured his victory Judah had worked three fingers in up to the second knuckle, and he was confident he’d be better prepared for the next round.

Teddy had put the two-point plug back on the scoring table and was reinserting the one-pointer. Despite the smaller size, Judah could see Teddy was still enjoying it, the front of his yellow jock-brief pushing forwards in time with the plug’s entrance. It was as though his cock was being pushed from behind by it. Damn, it must feel good to win, Judah thought to himself.

“Alright, alright!” the gamemaster said, enthusiastically. “So we’ve now got Matty-boy and Teddy on one apiece, and Jared and Judah behind on a big fat nothing.”

Judah shifted uncomfortably, taking his fingers out as he did. Practice was good, but he couldn’t get too distracted. He was going to win this next round no matter what.

“And our next round is a tournament round, boys! And the game will be…” he paused for effect. The guys leaned in, holding their collective breath. “Tug-of-War!” With a flourish the gamemaster whipped yet another cloth off a nearby end table, revealing four, glistening double ended dildos. Judah had never seen one before in real life, and he was confused as to why he was seeing them now.

“What are those for?” Matt asked, obviously as confused as Judah.

“Why Tug-of-War of course!” said the gamemaster with a smile. “You know, Tug-of-War. Two of you fine gentlemen get down on all fours, cheek-to-cheek, and we work one of these in. The aim is to pull it out of the other man’s hole… d. Hold.”

There was silence at this. Judah couldn’t be sure, but he wasn’t convinced that was how Tug-of-War was actually played. They did it occasionally for rugby training and he was fairly sure there weren’t any dildos involved.

“I don’t…” he began, “I don’t think that’s Tug-of-War, we do it at rugby sometimes. In that version we split into two teams and try to pull the other team into a big mud puddle in the middle. Something like that I think…?” He trailed off, less certain now, than he’d been at the start of his sentence.

“And you think that’s less gay I suppose?” muttered the gamemaster

“What?” asked Judah

“What?” replied the gamemaster, innocently. “Oh but if you don’t believe me…” the gamemaster started opening up his copy of the rules.

“No, no, no!” said Jared, adjusting his red cap “we believe you, it’s just been a while since we’ve done it.”

Judah found himself agreeing with this, satisfied that he must be misremembering it. Or that his rugby team were playing by some strange homebrew rules.

“Excellent!” beamed the gamemaster “Then let’s get started. Round one, I think can be a face off between Judah and Jared, as the lower ranked players, and then Matt and Teddy. Make it interesting. The mat’s laid out for you, you guys get into position and be ready for the whistle! And do remember, if you cum, you forfeit!”

Judah soon found himself on all fours, Matt and Teddy to one side, the gamemaster sitting in his seat on the other. Matt had grabbed the purple dildo from the table and carefully lubed up both ends. Judah felt as the dildo pushed insistently at his hole, and, relaxing like he had earlier, he was gratified to feel that Matt was able to work it in with out too much trouble. The movements he could feel tickling the inside of his hole told him that Jared also had the dildo firmly in place. It felt strange, it was thicker than his three fingers but whatever lube they’d been using seemed to help him relax and take it in. He looked down towards his hands. He balled them into fists and relaxed them a few times, breathing slowly. He felt ready.

The whistle trilled out, and wasting no time he lurched forwards. To his alarm, Jared seemed to have been expecting this, as he felt the dildo pulling back as he moved ahead. He stopped, and urgently edged his way back. Jared now was pulling, and he could feel the dildo slipping inside him, tickling at his hole. He pushed back further, and felt the reassuring pressure of it as it slid in. It stopped moving and he breathed out. He hadn’t even realised he’d been holding his breath.

His arms flexed, the anchor tattoo shifting on his right arm as it did. He concentrated, willing himself tightly around the dildo. He pushed back slightly with it. He swore he could feel every vein on its silicone surface.

“Nnnh!” Jared made a noise that Judah hadn’t expected. He felt the dildo slacken slightly, and he moved forwards, taking advantage of the momentary weakness. But the tension quickly returned, and Judah realised that Jared had gotten a grip once more. But it had given him an idea.

Judah tried repeating his motion, not clenching, but tightening around the toy as much as he could, before pushing himself back, towards Jared. He could feel the dildo sliding further into Jared’s hole behind him, and that same noise escaped Jared’s lips once more.


Judah knew his plan. He rocked his hips, forwards and back, slowly, maintaining the dildo’s position as best he could in his own arse. He felt the dildo slacken, and heard Jared’s noises turn to moans. He increased his pace, humping at air, feeling his blue jock tighten across his swollen cock with every move forward. He knew this wasn’t good sportsmanship, dicking over your opponent like this, but at least Jared sounded like he was enjoying losing well enough. Judah got ready, next thrust, and he would win. Matt and Teddy were cheering from off side, riveted by the show their friends were putting on.

He pushed back, hard, and felt to his shock, as the dildo seemed to stiffen. His push back drove the dildo further into him, and he felt as a warm buzzing feeling from his hole. His knees trembled, and arms shook. He felt the dildo pull back, then plough into him.

“Nnn-auuugh!” he moaned, wordlessly. Jared had worked out his technique and turned it on him, and he felt as the dildo pulled out and pushed back in, deeper with each thrust. The shaking increased, as he felt waves of pleasure, from a point somewhere inside his arse. His eyes rolled back into his head, and he arched his back, stretching up as far as he could. He felt the sweat on his forehead, and as it rolled from under the blue cap, down the undercut hair on the side of his head.

“Nnn. Nnnh!” his grunting as determined sounding as it could reasonably be expected to, under the circumstances. With the next thrust forwards, he attempted to tighten his grip on the dildo once more. He pushed back, and heard, with some satisfaction, as Jared gasped. But the other man hadn’t given up yet. The two men pushed back and forwards, moving in and out of sync, as they attempted to gain control over the dildo.

Judah felt the brush of Jared’s cheeks against his own, and realised they’d met in the middle of the dildo. He felt absurdly proud of that fact for a moment, mixed with the ever-increasing pleasure radiating from his hole. But he knew he couldn’t cum. And he wouldn’t, this was too important to spray away his chance to win. He had been gauging Jared’s pattern during their match, and knew exactly what he needed to do.

“Ah, auh!” Jared exclaimed, and Judah struck. That breathy gasp always coincided with a brief weakening of Jared’s hold. Judah pulled himself forwards, and felt as the dildo slid, slick from Jared’s hole, who sucked in his breath. Judah, felt the dildo wag down under gravity, and knew he’d won. He collapsed forwards, feeling his cock pressing painfully hard into the mat. The dildo wagged proudly from his arse, a flag of victory and a monument to his success. He lay, body twitching from the intensity of the pleasure of winning the match. And from the dildo wobbling against his prostate.

“And round one has a winner!” cried out the gamemaster, and Matt and Teddy whooped and hollered their applause. Judah felt a hand gripping at his bicep, and he looked lazily up, to see Jared’s face, partially obscured by an obscenely bulging red jock-brief. Judah accepted the help standing and threw an arm around Jared.

“Oh, good match mate. Good match.” he said, and locked lips with Jared, their caps clashing and pushing up as their faces came together. Judah could feel Jared stiffen under his arm, before shivering once. His lips parted and their mouths melted together. Judah felt the dildo slide out of him onto the mat, but he was too entranced by the hot wetness of Jared’s mouth on his own. Their tongues re-enacted their match before they broke away and Judah stumbled over to a seat. He fell into it, and arranged himself to look at the mat, which Jared (as the loser) was preparing for the next bout.

He watched, mind a pink haze, as Matt and Teddy squared off, and Jared set up the lime-green double ended dildo between them. He pinched at one of his nipples idly, cock twitching, as he watched the match. It was only towards the end, when Teddy had gotten Matt biting his namesake to stop himself from yelling so loud did it occur to Judah that he was going to have to do it again.

“Oh fuck me.” he groaned.

Teddy and Judah hit the mat at the same time. Feeling exhausted and used, but neither having came. The gamemaster looked down on the two and smiled.

“And the winner of the Tug-of-War tournament is…” he called out, like a reality TV host waiting to build the drama, “Judah!”

He gestured triumphantly to the prone Judah, orange dildo firmly entrenched between his cheeks and sagging to one side. Without moving his head from the mat, Judah raised a fist, before letting it fall, hitting the mat with a thud. This was way more exhausting than at rugby, he thought, definitely need to teach them the proper rules.

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