Masters Bookstore

By Stroppy Author published June 10, 2018
troublemakers in a bookstore are taught a lesson

I live in the Pearl district of Oregon. UIt used to be slummy but now it’s privileged chic with equal pressure to be chic yourself. That’s not me. I still cruise the seedier side of the NW and lower Burnside just to see what kind of trouble I can get in to. My friends are of the same ilk so it’s usually a pretty good time. You would think it’s easy to just tell us to leave your establishment or home but truth is we look bad. Really Bad. When I was in High school I was called Bull because I could plow through anything like a Bull through a china shop. Shit would fly everywhere: Teeth, bones, uniforms. When I graduated High School, the Universities and community colleges tried to recruit me but Dude.. I was free. I had no interest in following someone else’s orders so me and my buds spent the days working out and nights fucking shit up.

Bored with the usual we decided to hassle the fags at the adult book store. We entered and immediately the owner or manager or whatever perked up. He knew trouble. From the looks of it he couldda hung around with us. He looked like a lumberjack in a colourful Tee shirt

I made sure he saw me “Secretly” slipping a pocket pussy into my coat. I wanted to fuck with this guy. Within a minute he was standing over us.I didn’t realize how big he was behind that counter. Fuk! His arms and back were tighter than mine.

Rather than confronting us he asked if this were our first time in. We all nodded dumbly. Damn he was intimidating!. He told us about some of the crazy shite people buy and handed one of my bro’s a pair of leather gauntlets and said “You could pull these off. Hand made. Gladiators wore them to protect and support their wrists during Battle. Hell, they could withstand a Bronze sword in a fight. He snapped a pair on Jonsey and they closed with a definite CLICK. “Ow”, Jonsey cried out. “You pinched my skin”. The clerk offered an apology.

He brought out a cod piece and said “In Early Battle they wore these to protect the crown Jewels. They make sure everyone knows what caliber weapon you carry. Go try them on”. We jeered and hooted a little too loudly and just to stop the attention on him Jase went in to the booth and changed. When he came out none of us said a word. He was fuckin Huge! We never knew he had a tool that big. He was always in baggies. Sure we had an idea he was bigger than average but this thing was stretched to the max. He had to be a foot long and his balls hung out. Jones himself couldn’t believe how big he looked in them. He just kept feeling his cock and sucking air in and moaning while he cupped his balls . It was Homo as hell but we couldn’t stop watching. I was even tempted to feel meself!

The clerk, always helpful moved some snaps around, the pouch moved around a bit and with the final clasp cried out. “Fuk man.. you pinched my nuts”. Again the clerk apologized but when he stepped away we all Gasped. Fuck if he didn’t look hot enough to suck on. Huh? What a fucked up thought.. Ewwwww. So Faggy, but damn!. I felt myself sweat a little bit and nervously (and with a lot of effort) turned my head away to look at the clerk. I noticed Jonsey and Jase still looked at each other breathing a little too fast and both sweating too. I asked: “What about me”? If just being near the leather was this hot, imagine wearing that shit?!

The clerk grinned He had me take off my wife beater which I loved to do anyway. As buff and muscled as the clerk was, I was toned. No fat to be seen anywhere, I had a dusting of blond hair everywhere but I keep it shaved.. except for a tuft I want showing over my low hung pants (A shelf of fur so you know what’s in the cellar). I have an 8 pack which tappers into the perfect 29” waist and a bubble butt that jams!

He brought out a leather harness and fitted it to my body. A collar piece locked around my neck making it look thicker. Always a good thing! I felt the pinch of skin like everyone else did but I ain’t no pussy. I didn’t complain. One inch straps went from my neck down my back and around to the chest pieces which outlined my pecs making them look bigger. They showed off my perfect V shaped lats, They came around my waist showing off my abs and obliques and without ceremony he opened my pants and had my cock out and was fitting it through a ring. I was literally frozen in shock . He pulled my balls down and frankly I got hard as a rock. He separated my balls and stretched them away from my body. My Legs were corded muscles but my cock standing away from my body and the black leather made them look like a wall of flesh.

He took another cock ring with separator and released Jonesy’s cock repeating the exercise. His cock seemed to like it, bouncing up and down, turning all shades of Purple and a constant drool of precum. Jonsey couldn’t help but run his finger tips along the taut and equally purble ball sac. It was as tight as a drum. He stood there wide eyed and moaning as his cock formed a line of drool all the way to the floor. He dipped his finger to the head and caught the strand like a spider web and brought it to his mouth. His eyes closed as he sucked his finger clean and moaned. I was SO TURNED ON!!!

Everyone seemed to snap out of it for a moment and realized how faggy we looked. We stood staring at each other. We’ve pulled a train on the same women. The closest we came to touching each others cocks is when one took her from the front and me in the rear feeling each other inside but this… This broke all boundaries.

The clerk reached in to my coat and pulled out the flesh light then handed me the coat and said “You boys have a good night” and walked back to the counter. We were awe struck. What the fuck just happened. It didn’t matter.. all that mattered was getting the hell out of here. We tried to take the gear off but our hands just couldn’t or wouldn’t work… even on each others gear. The clerk looked at us and said “I said have a good night fellas. See you in a couple of days”.

We re-dressed trying to hide the leathers under our clothes but it was still apparent. Anxious to be away from there, we left, though we never took our eyes off the clerk as we did.

We all piled into my 1977 Vintage F150 HighBoy and sped off. The drive back in to town was quiet. No one said a word. My truck was old so the bumps and vibrations had us rubbing against each other. Jases cock was straining and every once in a while a snap would undo and it would stand a foot out from his body, drooling pre-cum. I couldn’t help myself. I stared open mouth and Jonsey would grab the wheel to keep us from crashing into something.

Jonsey’s arms looked so long and thick. I don’t remember them ever being as big as they were but I was envious as fuck. Hell.. I was turned on as fuck. Since when did I lust after my littler bros?

I dropped everyone off at their houses and they literally jumped out of the truck not looking back muttering “night”. I assume their night went as well as mine. I tried to take my shite off again but still no luck so I took a shower hoping to stretch the material enough to slip it off. No luck there either. It swelled up strangling mu cock more and the leather pinched into me pushing my pecs higher and my waist tighter, I was so hot and hard. I tried jacking off in the shower but all I could do was ride the wave but not cum. After a while the water turned cold and my nipples stood out. My hand running over them felt SO FUCKING GOOD! The water was cold as hell but I stood there pinching my nips harder and harder needing more and more until a knock on the door had my mother calling out “Are you allright? I made a Hot dish for dinner”>

“Yeah.. I’m good Ma.. be right down” I replied. I dried off and chose the baggiest shirt I could find to hide the leather but also my nipples which stood out even further.

The next day Jase, Jonsey and a few other buds and I were to go see a ball game. Dane and Kyle had taken the professional sports route and were buff as hell. They went to the concession stand to buy food and drinks since we drove. After a bit they returned and handed us each our Hot dogs and Beers. Jase, Jonsey and I downed our beers in one gulp while Dane and Kyle watched. We all seemed to be back to normal with just a sexual edge everyone could feel. I think the leathers were affecting our friends as much as us. They would lean in to smell us or hold their hand on us a little too long . Every excuse they had to touch, slap, drape their arm or make physical contact they did and I wasn’t complaining.

There was plenty of room but we all sat touching each other by arm or leg and once in a while to reach across which brought them against my nipples. I moaned which Kyle caught. “You OK Bro”? I just looked at him and said “Just drank my beer too fast. Upset tummy”. (Did I just say Tummy”?

The game started and we became absorbed in the play until I hear laughter and noticed my 4 buds looking at me with open mouths… Up on the Jumbotron was a replay of me eating my hot dog. I had lost the bun and was giving the meat a long sensuous blow-job. My lips pursed around the head, slickening it with saliva; my fingers opened as I sucked the dog into my mouth and pushed it back out holding on to the end then sucking it back in as if it were face fucking me I pulled it out and was licking the underside then slapping my face with it before plunging my foot long down my throat again and again with my fingertips hidden behind my teeth then pulling it out and smelling it’s entire length before kissing the tip and starting again. I looked lazily at them, smiling like a post fuck whore and my face looked like the dog had given me a mustard cum facial.

All four of them dropped their beers and food and just stared. I suddenly realized what had just happened and ran as fast as I could up the stairs watching people cheering, hooting and hollering at me as I passed them. Some even had their hot dogs sticking out of their fly’s offering me a taste of THEIR meat. Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!! I made it back to the truck with the intention of leaving everyone there and just dying peacefully of embarrassment but Jonsey had the keys.. designated driver and all.

Kyle and Dane went out the opposite exit…can’t really blame them. Jase and Jonsey met me at the truck. “Dude”! I said ”We have to get back to the Bookstore, that fag did this to us and we gotta stop it.”/ They nodded in agreement but fuck! The hard on’s each one had was making me drool and they looked like they were having a hard time controlling themselves. Jonsey was practically mounting Jase and both were looking at me. People coming out of the stadium turned around to see where the smell of hot male sex was coming from. Strangers wanted me. I was putting off a smell that put straight men into heat. And to make it worse I was showing my arse off with all the attention.

My buddies practically threw me in the truck and we headed out.. anywhere but here. Driving, I could see down into the cars next to us. It was Friday night and the women were cruising as hard as the men were for sex. Round Firm Ta Ta’s and I couldn’t have cared less. I pictured Jases’ cock Titty fucking them and spraying their face with his delicious cum… except it was my titties and face he sprayed

I was dizzy.. The smell of leather and pits and pre-cum was making my head spin. I was filled with such need. Again, Jonsey had to take the wheel.. I was pinching my nips so hard with crossed arms I had forgotten to steer. What the hell was happening to us? We drove as fast as we could to the bookstore but the clerk wasn’t there. Instead there was a jock in a jock. He was built and covered in fur. He looked like a big bear; Italian features and huge hands. His body is what every boy grows up wanting. He was barefoot and even his feet were a thing of beauty; hair on the toes, thick ankles and giant heart shaped calves. And when he spoke… I could feel the shelves vibrate.

“Whatare you guys in for”? growled the new clerk. “We need to see the big guy who works here” I squeeked in a voice that betrayed my very masculinity. “No, I mean whadid you to to piss him off…I play fuked the inflatable woman and harassed the customers. Now he made me dumb. I usta be smart. But now I can ift heavy things. Sowaddid ya do”? He showed us a picture of him a month ago. He was a typical skinny teenager with acne, easily a foot shorter with skinny arms and goth clothes We stared in disbelief….

“Don matter.. it’s only gonna get more of whateer it is he’s doing. .. feels pretty good actually, once you stop fighting. He knew you’d be back but didn’t expect you for a coupla days. I just finished pulling this stuff for you”, and he handed us a box of toys marked with our names.

He said you have to leave now, once I gave you your stuff. I look forward to getting to know you better”. He baritone. “By the way, Dude… nice show with the dog at the game. HoT”! He said, rubbing his huge HUGE cock through his jock. I wanted him SO bad and my buds were equally in lust. “He said you had to leave as soon as I gave you your stuff.. Have fun… I did”, then he gave a mighty flex of his arm. His biceps were impossibly round and cut. His shoulders rotated back and I could imagine shit being knocked off the shelf behind him from his back muscles rolling as well.

We left and headed to our secret hang out; a semi cave; more like a ledge on a mound overlooking the lake. We opened the box’s and saw what was inside. Mine had a butt plug. It looked small enough and ordinary but as soon as my skin touched it it began to wiggle like jello and plumped up. The more I gripped it the more it plumped and moved. Oh God, why don’t I just die.

I didn’t want to but I dropped my pants, cock springing out, alive and purple as always and moved it down to my butt. I couldn’t see what was happening but my ass started oozing. I was making my own lube.. the plug seemed to sense it and got real thin and long. It pulled its self into my butt and immediately started it’s dance. I coud feel it filling me up. Holy Fuck I was seeing stars and when it hit my prostate my body turned a dozen shades of red. I was humping the air and squatting and gyrating to make it move from the outside. It was obscene, what I was doing

There was something else in the box: Wrist and ankle shackles. They looked like fine leather gauntlets like some leather studs wear but they had o rings in them. I slipped them on. I didn’t want to do any of this but I just seemed to. My mind would zone and when I looked, they were on or in or whatever. Again, I felt a pinch of skin and my head filled with clouds, Holy Fuck this felt good. And I felt so sexy! I wanted that plug to fuck me harder . It seemed to sense when I was on the edge and it would suddenly deflate and stop all movement forever denying me my cum. I tried to remove it but my arse was a pink puffy pair of pussy lips that covered the end of the plug. I was lubricating hard and when I brought the ass drool to my nose I started burping precum like mad. I looked at Jase and Jonsey . Their pupils dilated and their breathing was jagged They were eye fucking me. Really hard.

I was banging my ass on the walls and even on the jagged rock to make my plug fuck me harder. It was Jonsey’s turn. He opened his box and he had matching arm bands. Three inches thick with rings to match mine. He slipped them on and he winced as they too pinched him. It suddenly occurred to me. The reason we couldn’t remove them was because they were a part of us now. They melded with our skin They would grow or shrink to stay fitted to our bodies. HOT!! Jonseys arms grew again, right before my eyes. He pulled out a harness like mine but his was commanding. His thick straps were for showing off where my thin straps were for securing me to things like roped or D rings or his arm bands or his matching waist band. He placed a thick collar around his neck and I watched the collar shrink to fit, or did his neck grow a little bit?. Finally he pulled on a leather crotch harness.. It merged with his cock and ball separator but wrapped around his waist. Two thin straps flanked his ass like a jock strap and I lifted my legs so he could hump my entrance.

He clipped my newly thin legs to his collar by our matching “O” and “D” rings to hold them up while he fucked me. The plug in my arse matched his pounding at the entrance and my racing pulse .. As I reached behind him I felt his arse plump up. It was becoming harder and rounder in my hands. The plug was fucking me in overdrive and I opened my mouth . Jonsey gobbed a huge lugie in it and I showed it to him resting on my tongue. He humped and pounded and growled. My balls ached deep into my gut. They were huge, about the size of purple tangerines and pulled a foot away from my body caught between his rippled and chiseled abs and my svelt new form.

We had forgotten about Jase who watched us out of the corner of his eyes but he opened his box with unmovable anxiety and excitement. He pulled out an executioners hood and placed it over his head. His mop of hair made it bulge but we saw it thin and smooth and press into his now bald head. His face puffed up so his new high cheekbones threatened to lift the hood of his face. His nose flattened and his lips thickened. He pulled out his own harness and the straps were easily four or five inches. He placed the harness across his back latching it in the front. Four buckles pulled tight. Another Collar connected by chain to the shoulders and matching arm bands.

He threw his head and arms back making a fist, his muscles slick with sweat. He let out an angry growl and “Sounded his barbaric yawp”. His chest had changed from flat sharply angled muscle to what could have been man boobs but they were firm and didn’t jiggle. His belly inflated into a furry tan gorilla gut. His arse thickened and shifted away from his body and his legs thickened into horse flanks. His fur was black and curly and stopped at his neck. His cock had moved from a large snake into a fat fosters beer can. It had to be as wide around as the fat end of a baseball bat. Only 5” long I knew it would never fit in my mouth.. but that wasn’t it’s target. I wanted.. NEEDED them in me. What the fuck just happened?!

In a moment of clarity we looked at each other. I was a twink and my two best friends and little brothers were now my masters. No way our clothes would fit, we just jumped in my.. no, My Masters’ truck and headed back to the book store. Jonsey fishtailed it through the stop light. when I saw the red and whites of a cop car behind us. FUK!!!!

We pulled over and one of Oregon’s Finest walked up asking for license and registration. As soon as he made eye contact something happened. His pupils dilated and he sniffed, then sniffed ME. He got a funny look on his face… pulled my door open and grabbed me by the harness throwing me to the ground. I felt like I was leaking like a faucet but it was from my arse. There was a wet spot forming and worse: you could smell it.

“You little bitch.. when a real man approaches you take your place: On your knees licking my boots or anything else that’s dirty until it’s clean clean”. I was so scared.. I groveled and sniffled my way over to his boots and began worshipping them. The cop ordered J & J out. When they complied the cop said “He looks thirsty”. Jase opened his cod piece and his schlong fell out. It had to be 14” Hard. He let loose a stream of piss and I looked up to catch it all in my mouth

Jonsey came up behind the cop and put him in a half nelson.. The cop struggled for a while but couldn’t break free of the massive arm holding him. He tapped out and turned to meet his better. They threw each other in to a kiss that sucked the sound out of the air. I was lost in trying to drink from the tap. I don’t even like a fork in my mouth but here I was with 14” balls deep down my throat.

The cop finally shot a load on my face. Jase and Jonsey and I tried but couldn’t get relief. The cop took off with a verbal warning that he’s at this spot every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and I better watch for him or we’ll have more of the same! Each of us having cum, out minds returned to semi normal.. long enough to complete our mission. Jonsey drove. I was becoming docile and subservient. The whole way there I tried smelling their pits. Jase hocked a lugie in to his palm and held it up so I could lick it up. How sick is that?

We walked defiantly into the bookstore to find the Lumberjack leaning across the counter. "I knew you couldn’t last but I’d have thought at least 2 days. Wassup, Fellas? Nice ink, Dude”!. I turned to look in the mirror behind me. When the hell did my Rebel Flag and Skull tattoo turn into a reclining Betty book with one leather laced boot up in the air resting on the words “Dirty Mean and Boopie” ?!

I looked above the tattoo and I noticed my shoulders were more slender and feminine. My butt remained HUGE, as did my legs but you could see it in my face and neck. I was more slender. My eyes a little wider and my lips a little puffier and perpetually wetter. My pants were soaked with the flow from my arse. “Whew, buddy.. you’re really pumping out the mating pheromones. I almost want you myself!. Enjoying your new lives? “Wh..Wh..What have you done to us? Please, Sir. Make it stop”. I said in a panting low feminine edged voice.

“Now why would I do that”? he said. “I think your friends like the change. Don’t you boys”? Jase and Jonsey just stood staring at me. The weak little thing the wolves will devour. I chilled and goose bumps formed making my nipples stand out even more . Jase noticed and his eyes went big and his brow furrowed. He looked like he wanted to kill baby bunnies and wear their pelts! Jonsey, however started sniffing the air. I still smelled of theirs and the cops piss but the spot on my pants were literally dripping onto the floor. “ Oh this is delicious” the clerk said. “ I could never have imagined this”.

We looked at him blankly. “ I put the shite on you, yes.. but it responds to the inner you. The REAL you. You all decided what you would become more of, only Gay-er, it seems by your transformations”. Your narcissism and preoccupation with your body made you a twink. You wanted to be owned and dominated. And your friends imagined themselves strong only in your companionship. So here you all are. One happy sex family. You hear that, Boys”? he said to Jayse and Jonsey. “He wanted this. He made himself into your sex toy. He’s here for you to complete and own him”. I looked in disbelief at my two best buds. They were staring with lust and animalism in their eyes. They wanted me inside and out and God Damn if I didn’t want it to be inside!!

The clerk said “Un Uh Boys.. take this shite into the back. I run a legit business here. With that he led my buddies. My Brothers into the back room which happened to be fitted out like a deviants play space with medical equipment, flogging instruments, Piercing tools, sex toys of every shape and size and fuck benches with stockades.

They led me to one and Jase started tongue fucking my arse. FuuuuuuK.. his tongue was almost as long as his cock. To prove a point he gathered some of my arse flow and brought them to my mouth. Hi shoved his tongue so deep in I thought I was swallowing a small cock. I think his tongue was even wetter than my arse. I definitely tasted honey and actually had to swallow a bit. The more I swallowed the weaker I became and the more my flow increased.

I never noticed he made no vocalisations or sounds. From that moment on neither ever spoke again His eyes were his expression now, And his cock. Jonsey was at the other end feeding me his cock. My plug somehow opened and gaped my arse wide.. I swallowed and swallowed all of his precum and fed it back to him in my spit. All three of us tasted each other in different ways but we all swapped fluids.

Jase placed a hood covering my eyes and sound canceling buds in my ears. Every once in a while I felt someone enter me without pause.. just “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am” and dump a load. I moaned like a $4 whore but it went on for hours. The clerk was sending his customers into the back and I was todays cum dump. When they released me Jase and Jonsey had each share/sucked the dozens of loads out of my arse.

Again, the clerk wished us a good night and this time we knew if was only for the night. Every night, we returned for more of the same: I was a gym-bunny/Whore. Weekly, the clerk brought piercings in to us. He held a 0g piercing up to my nose and I felt it merge with my flesh. I had 4g Nipples next, a line of tongue piercings but with each piercing I seemed to grow a half inch of tongue. There were four piercings now and the promise of four more to come. Right now Icould touch the middle of my nose with my tongue. Jonsey and Jase (Now Dumb and Dumber) each got a 4g Bar across their brow above their nose. 0g septums. 0g nipples, 00g PA’s though because of his new size, Jonsey also got a 0g ampallang and Hafyada and a chain of lorum so he could rip me apart.

I was introduced to temporary piercings which strangely didn’t hurt. He passed a needle through the flesh and where there should have been pain, I felt heat and lust. I was now up to 27 piercings. Each piercing took away another piece of masculinity until I was nothing but a twinkish looking 20 year old who looked 15 with no body hair, shaggy mop and no adult muscles anywhere. Every time he pierced me I felt love and lust until there was nothing left of the old me except for the memory of who I was, what we were and what we are now.

Seems the shop owner also ow ns a production studio. Adult films. Sometime I play a bad child, sometimes I’m a boy lost in the forest and the animals make me the village pete. Dogs, Horses, men, objects.. Anything goes. Now a days my job was to take drink orders, deliver drinks and clean up the glasses but really my real tip money came when men would sandwich me; the one in front slow stroking me and pinching my nips while the one in the back dropped a load. The game was to fuck me without anyone noticing what was going on.

Jase and Jonsey became Bouncers at the gay bar that whored me out. They leave their posts twice a night to plug customers with a penchant for the extreme. We all loved our new posts in life

One night I noticed a group of men enter the bar. They were loud and obnoxious. I recognized two of them: Dane and Kyle. I was so excited. Judging by how much noise they were making and having grabbed our masters attention, I would have sisters sooner than later

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