My Roommate Owns Me Part 3

By Andyrew36  published June 10, 2018

Nelson takes the new and improved Lucas to the gym

My Roommate Owns Me

Nelson pushed Lucas outside the dorm room and locked the door swiftly behind the two of them. Lucas looked up and down the hallway, his eyes full of fear; fear of what others may think when they saw him in such a revealing outfit. He placed his hands on his crotch attempting to hide the bright neon pink bulge that was protruding from his sheer white mesh shorts. Lucas felt Nelson’s small hand on his ass cheek pushing him forward down the hall.

“Come on Lucas, we aren’t gonna make it to the gym in time if you keep stopping,” Nelson urged, pushing firmly against his cheek. Lucas felt shivers down his spine as he felt Nelson’s hand slip in between his cheeks and nudge him forward. He bit his lip to stifle the moan that was trying to escape his mouth. Nelson stood on his tiptoes, pressing his lips against Lucas’s earlobe. “Let’s get moving little buddy,” Nelson ordered, pressing more aggressively on Lucas’s hole.

“Yes sir,” Lucas moaned as he began to walk down the dorm hallway. Nelson walked a few feet behind Lucas, wanting to enjoy the show from behind. He loved the way he could see Lucas’s ass swallow the tiny shorts as his cheeks went from side to side. He could see the neon jockstrap hidden under each of his cheeks as he stretched out his for his next step. Nelson continued to walk down the hallway, adjusting his hard dick every few moments making sure that it was not too obvious; that was Lucas’s job. The two traveled down the hallway and into the elevator. As the doors opened Nelson hoped for another person to be hiding inside to give Lucas his first dose of humiliation, sadly it was empty.

The two stepped into the elevator as Lucas pressed the button for the bottom floor. The two roommates watched as the floor’s numbers illuminated as they passed by each one, until stopping at the second floor. Nelson’s eyes grew wide with excitement as the doors began to open, Lucas’s grew with fear. Lucas didn’t know what he should hide; crotch, ass, bare skin? Nelson watched as lucas’ hands flowed over his well-muscled body attempting to cover as much skin as possible. He ended with both hands placed in front of his crotch. The elevator doors opened fully and on the other side stood two guys; one black, and one Asian. Both of them were as muscular as Lucas and deep in conversation with one another. As they turned to look into the elevator both of there mouths dropped, they knew both Nelson and Lucas.

“Wow, Lucas look like a fag much?” The black guy laughed coming into the elevator. Nelson looked at Lucas as his face grew a deep crimson red of humiliation. Nelson wondered, would his cock get as red as his face when he got humiliated?

“Hey Austin, Hey Tommy,” Lucas waved as his other hand continued to cover his pink crotch. Nelson wasn’t sure but he could swear he was seeing a small wet spot begin to grow in the shorts as Lucas’s face grew redder. A large smile grew on Nelson’s face. He knew exactly how he could get a clear view.

“You got something you wanna share?” Tommy asked, clearly eyeing Lucas’s change of clothing and attitude. “Just wanted to try something new. Don’t y’all think he looks good?” Nelson’s asked as he placed his hands on Lucas’s side, pushing slightly into the exposed skin of his tank top, tickling Lucas, causing him to jump and throw his hands to the side.

“Yelp,” Lucas squealed. Nelson’s eyes went directly to the pouch of Lucas’s shorts and saw a much bigger wet spot there than he had assumed. Lucas was clearly enjoying this as much as Nelson was enjoying the humiliation. The two guys continued to stare at Lucas as the doors to the elevator closed. Those two floors were the slowest time had ever moved for Lucas. He could feel the eyes of his two friends staring at him, exploring the new him. As the floor reached the ground floor Lucas let out a gasp of relief, finding the bottom floor void of any of the residents of the dorm.

“We are heading to the gym did either of you want to come along?” Nelson offered. Lucas looked at him, eyes wide and mouth gaped. He wanted to say something; he wanted to beg for them to say no, but he knew if he opened his mouth they would be much more likely to come along with them. Tommy and Austin looked at the two of them and back at Lucas and Nelson.

“No, I think we are going to give a soft pass. You girls have fun at the gym by yourselves,” Austin snickered. Lucas let out a muffled moan at the word girl, the wet spot of his now fully apparent. Even though Lucas kept his mouth close in order to stifle his moan, though the three guys around him still heard it. Austin and Tommy shared another confused look. “Yea that is gonna be a hard pass now,” Austin said as the two of them walked away leaving Lucas and Nelson in the elevator.

“Their loss. Let’s get going buddy,” Nelson said slapping Lucas on the ass aggressively, issuing another yelp from Lucas, pushing him forward. “Also seems like you enjoyed that a lot more than I would have expected,” Nelson said grasping and shaking Lucas’s caged cock. “And it’s a little wet down there if you ask me,” he laughed as he walked out of the elevator. Lucas looked down at his shorts seeing all the cum that leaked through the material. His mind drifted back to the way that both of his friends were looking at him.

“Ugh,” Lucas moaned as the humiliation of the whole experience rose back to the surface. Lucas’s hand drifted back to his dick wanting to push himself further towards orgasm but felt the hard plastic surface underneath his shorts; forgetting for only a moment that he was caged.

“Lucas get a move on it! I’m not gonna be able to show you off around campus if you spend the entire time touching yourself in the elevator,” Nelson laughed as he walked towards the front door. Lucas, bringing himself out of his sexual stupor, ran after Nelson feeling the heavy cage bounce with every step. Now if Nelson enjoyed the view from the back, then the view from the front he loved. Nelson watched as Lucas’s pectorals bounced and jiggled with every quick step. Both of his nipples coming in and out of view as his tank top swayed from side to side. And it wasn’t only his pectorals that drew Nelson’s attention. That hard solid package that Lucas was smuggling in his tiny short shorts bounced off of his thighs as he jogged towards Nelson. He licked his lips in hunger, enjoying the view and wondering what other slutty outfits he could get him into later that night. Lucas came to an abrupt stop in front of Nelson, all of his body parts jiggled one last time as he stood in front of Nelson. “You ready?” Nelson asked, placing his hand on the bar of the door.

“Nelson, please! Do we really have to do this? We can go back upstairs and I can do whatever you want!” Lucas pleaded, not knowing how he would respond to the sheer embarrassment of hundreds of people staring at him as he crossed campus. He remembered what just happen with Tommy and Austin and knew his body was going to love every minute of it, even if his brain was screaming at him.

“I think that is a great idea, and can do that directly after the gym,” Nelson said as he pushed open the door to the outside. The sunlight shined both men in the face, blinding them both for a brief moment. “Ladies first,” Nelson offered to Lucas. Lucas felt his dick pulse once again at the name; his dick pushing out the tiniest of droplets of cum into his shorts, adding to the stain.

Lucas walked out of the building and onto the patio of the dorm. He looked around at all the people sitting on the picnic tables, hoping that as long as he didn’t make a scene everyone would go along with their conversations and pay him no mind. Nelson followed behind Lucas slamming the door shut creating a resounding SLAM that echoed between all the tall buildings surrounding the dorm. The sound causing everyone to look towards Lucas. He could see people begin to gossip among themselves as Nelson led the way through the patio. Lucas was able to make out words like gay, faggot, queer, and fabulous; all of them whispered around him as he passed by people.

“See what did I tell you! Totally a fucking queen now,” Austin laughed as he pointed to Lucas as his bubble butt jiggled past the group of people he was sitting beside.

“I can’t fucking believe it,” a female gasped. “He used to be so butch, what the fuck happen?”

“Probably that faggy roommate got to him and turned him,” laughed Tommy as the two boys got to the end of the patio and waited for the light to change. Lucas squirmed in place as he waited for the light to change; he could feel everyone’s eyes on him while he stood waiting for the light.

“Why don’t we give them a real show?” Nelson said as his hand grasped in between Lucas’s butt cheeks pressing firmly on his hole. Lucas could feel Nelson’s two fingers push pass his cheeks and into his asshole. Lucas could feel the bunched up fabric of his shorts being pushed deep into his asshole, revealing the bright straps of the pink jockstrap to all who were watching.

“Oh, holy shit!” Lucas moaned loudly, his voice many octaves higher than his typical voice. Nelson looked at him and saw the looks of disgust grow across everyone’s face that he looked at him, everyone’s except for Tommy’s. He could see the slightest bit of satisfaction in his eyes as Nelson dug his fingers into Lucas’s ass. That was a piece of information that he was going to save for later, Nelson noted. “The lights changed!” Lucas yelped, causing Nelson to withdraw his fingers from Lucas’s ass and resume their walk to the gym as if nothing happens. Lucas attempted to pull the shorts from out between his ass cheeks but his hand was immediately slapped away by Nelson.

“No, I like it that way. Now everyone can see that beautiful Pink Andrew Christian Jock that I bought you,” Nelson beamed. Lucas brought his hands back to the front of his shorts covering the soaked sheer shorts with his hands. Nelson could see the shorts becoming even more translucent as Lucas pumped out more cum from the constant stream of humiliation. He couldn’t wait until he got Lucas sweating at the gym and the shorts became completely translucent.

The two roommates continued to walk to the gym, Lucas drawing eyes from the passerby’s that they saw around campus. A few of them snickered like the people on the patio. A handful of girls screamed, “YAS QUEEN!” to the two boys from across the street, Nelson waved happily to them as Lucas attempted to hide even more. But as they walked up to the front of the gym Nelson saw two muscular gay guys winked at Lucas as they passed one another. Lucas was unsure of how to react to the compliment so he sped past the two. Nelson turned around and saw both guys clearly eyeing Lucas’ bubble butt which was tightly packed into his tiny shorts.

Lucas pulled open the door allowing Nelson to walk into the gym first, and also allowing Lucas to get a clear view of what the occupancy of the gym looked like; it was full. Lucas let out a moan as the two walked into the gym. Nelson was unsure if it was a moan of enjoyment or a moan of fear, but from the way he saw the cage jump in Lucas’s shorts, he was pretty sure it was enjoyment. The two guys scanned their student identification cards and walked through the turnstile.

“So where do we go first?” Nelson asked taking in the large open college gym. It was one of the largest gyms in the nation to be exact. Nelson looked at a map located on the first bare wall. Half the building was taken by a rock wall that went up five stories, and the other half of the gym was a collection of cardio equipment, free weights, and weight lifting machines. And behind the gym was where the Olympic sized swimming pool was constructed. ”Damn, if I knew there was a pool here you may have been walking in a very different outfit,” Nelson laughed as he added buying a tiny speedo to his list of new clothes for Lucas.

Lucas looked around the gym attempting to to find the area which was occupied of the least amount of people possible. He knew the cardio area was going to be full this time of day, looking at the clock on the wall, but the free weights looked rather empty.

“Free weights?” Lucas offered, knowing his outfit would also look the least weird in an area where men would spandex and revealing clothes all the time.

“Yes I think that would be a great place to start,” Nelson agreed walking towards the free weight area and stopping at the first free squat rack he could find.

“Oh, I was thinking maybe we could do…,” Lucas began attempting to lure Nelson over to the dumbbells.

“Your legs?” Nelson said, attempting to finish his sentence. “I’m glad we are on the same page. Go ahead and load up the bar. I will act as your spotter,” Nelson said with a wink. Lucas felt that same feeling in his stomach from earlier in the day when he was eager to get into the shower with Nelson. He began to load up the bar as Nelson watched from the side, every so often he openly adjusted his dick. Not caring who saw him. Nelson watched as Lucas squatted close to the floor, grabbing onto the forty-five pound weights and lifted them onto the bar. He could see Lucas’s tanned ass plastered against his tiny shorts; the pink jockstrap becoming apparent. Lucas loaded up both sides of the bar and placed his body underneath, readying himself to begin his first set. Nelson sauntered towards Lucas placing his arms around Lucas’s body. “Always squat with a buddy,” Nelson whispered into his ear. “Let’s get the gain train moving.”

Lucas lifted the bar off the rack, feeling the immense weight press onto his shoulders as he slowly lowered his body towards the ground. The lower he squatted the more he felt his ass rub against Nelson’s painfully obvious hard cock. As he reached the lowest part of his squat, he could feel Nelson’s cock rub against his hole. Lucas let out a grunt of pleasure as he lifted himself back up, finishing his first rep. As he returned to his standing position, he squeezed his cheeks, feeling Nelson’s cock still laying between the two of them.

“Fuck these babies are tight,” Nelson moaned loudly. “Let’s go another Lucas,” Nelson ordered, as Lucas was already beginning to lower his body again. Lucas repeated the same motion eight times before placing the bar back onto the rack, with a loud exasperated grunt. “Gonna grow these babies huge,” Nelson said as he sensually rubbed Lucas’ ass. “Let’s add some more weight to the bar,” Nelson said. Unlatching himself from Lucas’s body, Lucas walked around the squat rack. Nelson stepped away from the rack and watched as he added more weight to the bar, and to Nelson’s satisfaction; there was another large wet spot not just on his front but also on his ass. Lucas finished adding weights to the bar and returned to his spot. Nelson waited for a few seconds, wanting to see if Lucas would continue without, and to his delight he did not.

Nelson walked back behind Lucas wedging his hard cock in between his cheeks, latching his arms around Lucas’s body. The two continued the same routine, finishing four sets before Nelson settled that they were done with squats.

Nelson was enjoying the view of the sweaty muscle man in front of him as Lucas re-racked all the weights. Nelson loved the way Lucas’s engorged muscles glistened with sweat as the shorts had finally gone almost completely translucent. The pink jockstrap was now calling out to everyone for attention. Nelson was unsure, but it seemed that Lucas was pushing out his ass for Nelson to enjoy. Nelson could see the straps fit perfectly around his juicy ass, begging for someone to use the boy it was covering. The longer Nelson stared at Lucas the idea of no longer working out seemed more and more appealing. He was unsure how much longer he could stand rubbing his cock up against Lucas’s hole without bending him over a bench press and fucking him. But the two of them still needed to go to school and Nelson thought of a much better idea.

“We got a sauna in here?” Nelson asked Lucas as he placed the last weight back into its place.

“Yea there is one in the locker room,” Lucas perked up, enjoying the idea of getting out of the view of the public. His ignorance blocking him from questioning the reason Nelson wanted to see the sauna.

“Lead the way my bottom heavy friend,” Nelson said, signaling for Lucas to lead the way. Luckily, for the two of them, the locker room was right beside the free weight area. The two boys walked into the echoey locker room, passing by numerous lockers and half-naked men. Nelson kept his eyes forward; only interested in the boy he brought with him. He could swear he saw Lucas’s eyes drift from side to side as they walked towards the back.

“Those tapes are working phenomenally,” Nelson muttered to himself as they walked up to a large wooden door. Nelson took a look on the inside and found the sauna empty and the one the view on the inside partially fogged over. “Perfect,” he grinned. “Let’s get our sweat on.” Nelson threw open the door and pushed Lucas on inside onto the first level of benches that was inside the sauna. “Fuck it’s hot in here,” Nelson groaned as he peeled off his tank top and shorts, tossing them both into a corner. Lucas looked at Nelson’s partially nude body, finding his dick completely hard, filling out one of Lucas’s old pair of boxers.

“Are those mine?” Lucas gasped as he felt his hole throb at the sight of Lucas’s hard cock.

“There were yours, but I think they look much better on me. What do you think?” Nelson asked as he grasped his hard cock through his boxers. Lucas swallowed his saliva and nodded. Lucas could feel his own dick strain against the cage that it was locked within. “You wanna see it again?” Nelson asked. Lucas eagerly nodded yes. He was already becoming addicted to his dick, just like the tapes were supposed to do. “Well if you wanna see mine, then you gotta show me yours,” Nelson countered. Lucas looked down at himself, grabbed onto the waist of his sweaty shorts and peeled them off his body revealing the cum filled jockstrap. Eagerly showing his new underwear off if only to see Nelson’s cock for only a brief moment. “And the jock buddy,” Nelson nodded towards the ground.

Lucas paused briefly weighing the possibility of someone walking in and seeing him in nothing but a pink chastity device, but the benefits far outweighed the negatives. Lucas grabbed onto his jock and in one swift movement threw it to the ground. Nelson’s eyes grew wide as he saw Lucas’s dick pulse and drip cum from the tight confines of its cock.

“Wow look at that little fag dick,” Nelson teased as he walked over to Lucas’s dick, the sauna bursting out a blast of steam as he crossed the small room. Nelson emerged from the steam, grasping onto Lucas’s dick and stroking the exposed flesh. Lucas let out high-pitched moans of pleasure as Nelson tickled the head of his cock.

“Ugh Nelson, that feels so good,” Lucas moaned laying his head back on the upper set of seats. Lucas spread his legs widely. He was already beginning to see his asshole as a point of pleasure. Nelson left his hole alone wanting Lucas to beg for him to use it. He continued to grasp and softly rub against the head of Lucas’s cock, watching him spread his legs wider and wider until his ass was hanging off the side of the bench. Nelson looked at Lucas in the eyes, they were begging for him to finger him, but Nelson was just waiting for him to ask. “Please,” Lucas begged.

“Please what?” Nelson asked, playing ignorant.

“Please play with my asshole,” Lucas pleaded as he shoved his ass in Nelson’s direction.

“With pleasure,” Nelson said, his smiling growing wide like that of a Cheshire Cat. “Flip over,” Nelson ordered. Lucas flipped his body over with gusto and pushed his ass out towards his roommate, arching his back just right.

Nelson took the sight in, he had dreamed of this sight. He dreamed of Lucas bent over and begging for Nelson to use his hole. He couldn’t believe that he had the man of his dreams bent over in a public gym sauna with his ass ripe for the taking. It was like something out of a porno.

“Ugh please, Nelson! I cant take it any longer,” Lucas begged as he shoved his ass out towards Nelson. Nelson placed both of his hands on his ass and got on his knees. The hard hurt Nelson’s knees as he knelt behind Lucas’s ass, but it was all worth it. Nelson placed his lips on Lucas’s plump asscheeks and randomly kissed them both, growing closer and closer to his hole. Nelson could feel Lucas glen his ass cheeks the closer he got to his hole until there was nowhere else to kiss. Nelson placed his lips against Lucas’s hungry asshole, plunging his tongue deep into his hole without warning. “Oh holy mother of god!” Lucas screamed at the top of his lungs. Nelson buried his tongue into Lucas’s hole enjoying the taste of Lucas’s sweat as it mixed with his hole. Nelson grasped onto both of his cheeks, pulling them apart wanting to get as deep as physically possible into his hole.

Nelson continued to eat Lucas’s ass as his own dick continued to drip cum onto the ground. Begging to be used. Nelson finally shimmied his boxers from his waist revealing his own magnificent cock. Once Lucas’s ass was well and lubed Nelson stood from the ground and placed his cock at the entrance of Lucas’s hole.

“You want this?” Nelson asked, slapping his dick against Lucas’s hole. Lucas looked over his shoulder and nodded yes. Nelson pulled his dick back and said, “Nope. I need to hear you say it. I need to hear the manly butch Lucas Crestmore beg to have his ass plowed by his nerdy roommate. I need to hear that come from your lips and then I will fuck you,” Nelson ordered. Lucas’s eyes were wild with pleasure as his lips opened.

“Please fuck my butch ass, Nelson! Fuck me like the faggot that I am! Make me your bitch! I want my asshole turned into your own personal hole! Please fill me with your cock I cant live without it!” Lucas begged. It was exactly the confirmation Nelson needed to show that the old Lucas was gone and what was left was the cock hungry bitch he had been creating all semester. He placed his cock back against his hole, shoving every inch of his cock directly into Lucas’s hole. “Oh god! This is what I want! I wanna be your bitch!” Lucas screamed as Nelson began to pound his hole. The room was filled with the sound of Nelson’s balls continuously slapping against Lucas’s taint and his plastic cage.

“Fuck this is one tight ass!” Nelson moaned, slapping against one of Lucas’s cheeks.

“Fuck. Yes sir! Fuck me! Make my hole full of your cum!” Lucas pleaded, his voice resonating even higher. “Oh, sir I feel like I’m gonna cum!” He moaned as he the fucking grew in intensity.

“Me too boy!” Nelson shouted as his thrusts became more ravaging. “Oh, shit here it comes!” Nelson screamed, his voice going to a deep baritone as his cum left his balls and filled Lucas’s now open fuckhole.

“Oh, sir here I’m gonna shoot!” Lucas shouted, his voice going to a high alto as his dick unloaded within his cage. Nelson could hear the soft sputter as it landed on the wooden bench. Nelson continued to cum inside of Lucas until his balls were completely devoid of any cum, and he collapsed on top of Lucas.




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