By Hypnothrill -
published June 8, 2018

On a distant planet, an away team encounter an alien microbe…

{Note: This is just a two-part story; I’ll post the conclusion in a couple of days. It’s one of my forays into sci-fi, so please let me know how you like it in the comments section!}


So far, Zeta 17 had been a huge disappointment. After satellite pictures had indicated that the planet had water and an Earth-like atmosphere, the Intrepid had been sent to explore. This could be what the Terran Federation was looking for, a new world capable of sustaining human life, where the remnants of the human race could start over.

What they found was much bleaker. Yes, the atmosphere was breathable, just barely, though the rotten egg stench of sulfur in the air left most crew members reaching for their oxygen masks. But the soil was too acidic to grow anything, and the water was so acidic, they found no traces of life in its seas.

Discouraged, some of the crew wanted to leave immediately, but Captain Harper insisted that they remain for at least another week of exploration. It had taken them four months to get here, and it would take another four months to return to the nearest space station. Even if the planet was not suitable for colonization, they could still take the time to survey any natural resources it might possess, anything that might later be mined by the Terran Federation.

So that’s how the five man away team found its way spelunking through a cave on Zeta 17. It was an unlikely bunch. Major Sadiq Hassan, the chief security officer, was a stickler for discipline and always seemed to have a scowl on his hawkish Iraqi features. Lars Bollman, the chief science officer, was a tall, sandy-haired, soft-spoken Dane. Alexei Vorodin, the crew’s mineralogist, was a blond Russian who had compensated for his lack of height by hitting the gym hard. There were also two younger, lower-ranking crewmen, Colombian Javier Lopez and Canadian Tom Fuller.

“No wandering off, you hear me?” Sadiq was lecturing the rest of the team as they descended into the cave. “We don’t know what’s down here, so you just stay behind me and follow my lead,” he said, clutching the phaser in his belt.

“Good. Maybe whatever’s down here will eat him first,” Javier whispered to Tom.

“I heard that, Mr. Lopez!” bellowed Sadiq.

As they descended to the bottom of the cave, they were engulfed by the pitch black darkness. The only light came from the little lanterns on each of their helmets, and so they walked forward slowly, unable to see much more than a few feet in front of them.

As they approached one of the cave walls, Alexei took out his scanner and did some readings. “Look at this! I’m showing insane concentrations of rare earth elements here! Iridium, terbium, dysprosium—they’re all here! And in abundance. This is too good to be true! I’ve got to do some more readings in other parts of the cave.”

“Get back here!” Sadiq shouted at him, chasing after Alexei as he wandered into the dark depths of the cave. “You don’t know what’s out there! It might be uns… [splash]”

When the others got closer and aimed their lanterns, they could see that Sadiq had fallen into a small but deep underground pond. Still in shock from his fall, he was flailing about at the edge, trying to lift himself out of the pool. Javier reached into the water and gave him a helping hand out.

“Serves you right,” grinned Javier as he pulled his superior out of the water.

“Lopez…” Sadiq growled.

“Sorry. Serves you right, sir.”

“Did you swallow any of that water, Major?” Lars asked.

“Swallow? No, no. I’m soaked, and it feels like some water leaked into my boots, but I don’t think I swallowed any of it.”

“Okay, well, just to be safe, make sure to take a full decontamination shower when we get back to the ship. You too, Lopez” Lars ordered.

“What? It seemed like ordinary spring water to me. You really think some kind of alien organism could be living in that?” Sadiq asked.

“Probably not,” Lars replied. “But just in case… Lopez, would you mind sticking this little bottle in the water and getting a sample for me?”

Sadiq was wrong. It was not ordinary spring water. It was home to the dominant lifeform on Zeta 17, a parasitic amoeba that was already beginning to penetrate its way through the pores in Sadiq and Javier’s skin. Sadiq would be affected more quickly, simply because the amoebae had made contact with more parts of his skin, including the back of his neck, close to his brainstem.

The rest of the crew wouldn’t realize it until later, but by the time they got back to the ship, Sadiq’s brain had already begun to change. As the amoebae infested it, parts of his brain were beginning to turn to mush. Bedrock parts of his personality were beginning to simply melt away, to liquify.

But all his crewmates noticed was that Major Hassan seemed uncharacteristically jovial, maybe even a little giddy, when they returned to the ship. As he told Captain Harper and First Officer Rao the story of how he fell into the subterranean pool of water, he laughed, called himself a “dumbass,” and thanked his “good buddy” Lopez for helping him out. Then he let out a big yawn and excused himself to take his decontamination shower and then go to sleep.

When he woke up a few hours later, the first thing Sadiq noticed was that there was a wet patch on the front of his briefs. “Musta had a wet dream,” he thought, laughing to himself. Crudely, he stuck his hand down the front of his briefs, then pulled it out, hoping to sniff the remnants of his sticky load. But when he sniffed his hand, it didn’t smell like sperm; it smelled muskier, manlier. And it was still wet.

He pulled down his briefs and stared at the head of his cut dick. It was shiny and fully lubricated. A clear, musky fluid was dripping down the piss-slit. It reminded him a bit of the snot that ran down his nostrils whenever he had a bad cold. That’s what this was, he giggled: cocksnot. A fountain of cocksnot. The most wonderful cocksnot, and it was all his.

As he reached down to play with the wonderful cocksnot that was dripping down all over his shaft and even onto his heavy hairy balls, Sadiq discovered that something else was dripping too. His ass. There was something oozing from his ass. He ran his hand down the slick cleft between his buttocks, then held it up to his noise and inhaled the ripe, manly smell. Sadiq’s eyes rolled back, and he let out a dumb chuckle as he sniffed at his delicious…what should he call it?…his assgoo. He had the most delicious assgoo now.

Vaguely, Sadiq was aware that he had changed in some way. Not only were all these wonderful pungent fluids now leaking out of his body, but things were leaking out of his brain as well. All the angry thoughts were leaking away. All the bad thoughts. All the sad thoughts. All the serious thoughts. All draining out of him, leaving him feeling just so happy and silly. Just a big silly boy who loved to play with his cocksnot and his assgoo.

Sadiq got out of bed and looked at his naked body in the mirror as he stroked his hard slick dripping cock and fingered his slick gooey ass. He felt so full of love. He loved his naked body. And he especially loved his cocksnot and his assgoo. And somehow he felt like he needed to share the love.

He knew that the crewmen he supervised—his security team—shared a sleeping quarters. Most of them would still be asleep.

Still naked, Sadiq crept unseen down the ship’s dim hallways, until he reached the security team’s quarters. Dipaulo was in the bunk closest to the door, and the handsome Italian was faintly snoring as he slept soundly. Sadiq quietly giggled to himself as he took his drippy dick and held it right under Dipaulo’s nose, then wiped his cocksnot off on the crewman’s upper lip, so that it formed a little cocksnot mustache over Dipaulo’s own dark stubble. The young security guard stopped snoring and gave an audible snort as the manly odor of Sadiq’s cocksnot entered his nostrils, but still he did not awaken.

Sadiq moved over to Novotny, the youngest member of the team, sleeping in the next bunk. The 19-year old Czech boy looked so angelic sleeping there; even in the dim light, you could see the dimples in his cheeks. But those dimples would look so much better filled with his assgoo, Sadiq thought. So he crouched down and spread the cheeks of his ass over Novotny’s left cheek. As Sadiq began to rub his oozing asscrack over the young crewman’s face, Novotny awakened.

“Wha…what’s going on?” he blearily asked. Then, as he took in the scene, he swore in his native tongue, “Do prdele! Major Hassan, what are you doing?”

“I’m just giving you a midnight treat!” laughed Sadiq, waving his wide open, dripping buttocks in Novotny’s face, “Go on! Get your tongue in here and have a taste of my assgoo! It’s delicious!”

Novotny’s shouts awakened Dipaulo and the other two sleeping security guards, Chen and Friedman. The latter bolted from bed to restrain his commanding officer.

“Hee! Hee! That tickles!” giggled Sadiq, as his hard dick rubbed against Friedman’s hairy torso. A few seconds later, and he was shooting a big load all over the Israeli guard’s thick mat of chest hair.

Dr. Adrian Van Dyk was renowned across the ship for his unflappable calm, but when he saw what had happened to Major Hassan, he couldn’t help but show alarm. He’d been roughly woken from his sleep by Crewman Chen and told he needed to come quickly. Once he got to the medical unit, he found Major Hassan, who’d been tied to a chair by Friedman, Dipaulo, and Novotny. Even as he struggled against the restraints, longing to touch his still-throbbing dripping dick, Sadiq was laughing and smiling.

“Hiya, Doc!” he said as Dr. Van Dyk approached, “How do ya like my cocksnot? Go on and take a lick! It’s tasty stuff!”

“How long has he been like this?” Van Dyk asked the others.

“Dunno. He just entered our quarters and started rubbing himself all over us, and I tried to grab him, and… well…” Friedman pointed down to the drying cum that was caked all over his chest hair.

“I’ll need to get a sample of that. But first, let me get into a hazmat suit.”

“You think he might be contagious, Doc?” Dipaulo asked. “Does that mean we might… end up like him?”

“I don’t know, Dipaulo. I simply don’t know. I’ll need to have you all quarantine yourselves in your quarters for a few hours. But for now, I need your help to sedate Major Hassan and secure him in the quarantine chamber.”

Once he performed a few blood tests and scans on the unconscious Hassan, Dr. Van Dyk’s worst fears were confirmed. There was an alien pathogen in Sadiq’s system, and it appeared to be altering the very structure of his brain, liquidating the parts responsible for critical reasoning and impulse control.

He just hoped he’d be able to find a cure in time. If it became an epidemic…

He called Captain Harper on the communicator. “Sorry to wake you, Captain, but we’ve got an emergency here. Could you tell me who was on the Away Team?”

Lars rushed down the corridor toward the medical unit, holding the sample of water he had taken from the planet.

“Here it is, Adrian,” he told Dr. Van Dyk. “Now let’s see if it’s the same organism you found in Sadiq’s bloodstream.” As he prepared a slide with a pipette of water from the sample bottle, he tried not to look at Sadiq in the transparent quarantine chamber across the room. Thank goodness the chamber was soundproofed, or else he’d have to hear Sadiq moaning and laughing and shouting; just the sight of him frantically jerking off and fingering his ass was bad enough. Lars shuddered to think that this could have been him, if he’d fallen in the water instead of Sadiq.

As he examined the sample through a microscope, Lars could see the little amoebae floating in the water. Who knew that something so small could have such a huge effect on a person?

“Come and look, Adrian. I think we’ve got a match.”

“Yes, that’s what I saw in Major Hassan’s bloodstream. And in the sperm sample as well,” Dr. Van Dyk said grimly. “Was there anyone else who got exposed to that water?”

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