Naked Fitness: Will from IT (Part 3)

By Hypnothrill published June 3, 2018

After his coworkers start changing, Will investigates the new gym they’ve all joined…

{I’m so glad you guys have been enjoying this series. I started it last year, and left it unfinished, because Will wasn’t my typical sort of protagonist, and I worried he wouldn’t appeal to readers. I hope you guys enjoy the climax just as much–let me know in the comments!}

After he got home that night, Will found a note on his bedside table, next to his MP3 player. The note was in his own handwriting and read: “Important: Play This As You Go To Sleep.” Will put in his headphones, lay down in bed, and pressed play.

A set of hypnotic binaural waves began playing, followed by an induction. A few minutes later, Will’s own voice was whispering to him, “Ignore everything you were told at the gym, Will. Those words were a lie. The words you read on the screen were a lie. They are trying to brainwash you, Will. You will not be brainwashed. Your mind is strong, Will. You won’t be brainwashed. You don’t need to go back to the gym, Will. They’re trying to brainwash you, they’re trying to draw you in, trying to make you return. You don’t need to return to the gym, Will.”

The next day, Will could barely focus on his work. He felt like he was being torn in two by anxiety and indecision, pulled in two separate directions. Part of him felt a compulsion to return to the gym, at 8:00 PM sharp this time, just like his trainer Carter had said. But he could also hear a voice in his head—his own voice, the voice he’d heard over and over again as he slept, telling him, “You don’t need to go back to the gym, Will. They’re trying to brainwash you.”

Will felt like he was dangling over a precipice. He’d only gone to the gym twice, and he already felt like he was in danger of losing himself. He needed some help, someone to pull him back from the brink. If only the police would call him back.

And then, just after 4:00 PM, they did even better. He looked up from his computer screen to see a policeman with sandy blond hair and a mustache standing by his desk; he looked like he was maybe in his early 40s, and in great shape—his pecs and biceps were nearly bursting at the seams of his uniform.

“Will? I’m Officer Rogers. We’ve been investigating your claims, and what we found is…well, it’s very serious. It’s even bigger than you suspected.”

“So…you believe me?”

“Oh, yes, definitely. We believe you. But listen: we need your help. We need to collect more evidence, just to make sure we have an airtight case against these guys. We know they’re showing the video on the first day, but we don’t have evidence of what happens next. That’s where we need your help.”


“We need you to go undercover for us, to make a secret recording that will show how the men are being brainwashed. That ought to be enough evidence to put these creeps in jail for a long time. And after we get that, we can move in and shut this thing down. You think you can do that for us, Will?”

Will nervously cleared his throat, then nodded, “S-sure. I can…I can do it.”

“Good man,” Officer Rogers patted him on the shoulder, “Now, we’ll need you to wear this.” He handed Will a tiny piece of plastic. “It’s a pinhole camera. It’s so small, you can clip it to your gym shorts and no one should notice it.”

Will showed up in the locker room just before 8:00 PM, just as the guys from the 6:00 PM induction session were getting dressed. He thought he recognized one of the guys getting dressed, but he couldn’t quite place him. And then he got distracted when he looked over at Rodrigo and saw that he was going out on the gym floor in just a pair of striped bikini briefs.

It wasn’t until he stepped on the treadmill that Will realized the man in the locker room had been the desk sergeant at the police station. What was that all about, he wondered. The police must really be putting a lot of manpower into this stakeout thing.

On the treadmill, as he stared at the words and images flashing on the screen above him, Will was so focused on his mantra—“I will not be brainwashed. I will not obey these words. I will not be brainwashed”—that he failed to notice Joey and even Dave had each taken off their gym shorts and were now, like Rodrigo, working out in just their underwear.

Shit, now what? He couldn’t be the only one out there still wearing his gym shorts, or else it would look suspicious. But his pinhole camera was clipped to the pocket of his shorts, and he needed that to keep recording. Gingerly, he stepped out of his shorts and hung them over an elliptical machine, making sure that the camera was facing the gym floor.

Soon, Carter came over to give him one-on-one training. Today, he was wearing nothing but a white jockstrap and a coach’s whistle. Will could feel the bulge in Carter’s jockstrap poking into the small of his back as he sat behind Will and showed him how to do shoulder presses.

Will hoped Officer Rogers would show up soon. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold out. He kept trying to focus on his mantra, but the hard workout was draining his mental energy. He kept drifting off, staring up at the screens as he sweated through his reps. He got lost in the screen for a few minutes, and then when he looked back around the room, he saw that Rodrigo had taken off his briefs and was now working out totally naked.

Finally, he spotted a familiar face walk out onto the gym floor: Officer Rogers. He expected that Officer Rogers would pull out his gun, would make a big speech about how this was a police raid and they were all surrounded and the owners of this gym were under arrest. But instead, he just took off his gun belt. And then his shirt. And then his shoes. And then his pants. And then his underwear.

“Off…Officer Rogers, what are you doing?” Will asked, his voice trembling.

“In this gym, all men must work out naked,” Officer Rogers smiled at him.

Carter walked over to them, pulling down his jockstrap and exposing his half-hard dick as he approached them. “Hey there, Nick,” he waved to Officer Rogers.

“You two know each other?” Will asked incredulously.

“Sure we do. We even DPed a guy together in one of our videos. Remember, Carter? That hot little twink named Ben? He was in my induction group.”

“So you…you’ve been part of this gym all along? But you said….”

“I know, I know, just a little lie to get you here. It’s for your own good. You’ll see.”

It was at this point that Will tried to bolt away. But it was no use. Nick and Carter caught up with him and restrained him easily.

“You know, I really should be thanking you,” Officer Rogers told him, “My partner Larry and I had been having so much trouble getting the Chief and some of the other guys at the station to come to the gym for an induction session. But once we had them watch that video you made, well, then they couldn’t wait to join. A bunch of them even showed up today for their first induction sessions.”

In desperation, Will called out to the other three men in the gym—Rodrigo, Joey, and Dave—dragging their attention away from the video screens they’d been staring at. “Help! Help me! These guys are trying to brainwash me! And you too! They’ve been brainwashing you too!”

Joey and Rodrigo just looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“It’s true!” Will yelled at them, “Just look at yourselves! Joey, did you ever work out in just your underwear before? Rodrigo, did you used to work out naked?”

Rodrigo just chuckled and said, “It feels better to work out naked, bro.”

Joey nodded along, a contemplative look on his face. Then he lowered his boxer briefs and let his dick swing free. Rodrigo grinned at him and gave him a high five.

Only Dave had a worried look on his face. “Brainwashed…” he was muttering, “Not right… brainwashed…”

Carter turned to Officer Rogers. “You wanna get this one? I’ll stay here and work with Will.”

Nick walked over to Dave and in a soothing voice said, “Hey, hey buddy. Calm down. My name’s Officer Rogers. I’m a police officer, so you can trust me, okay? Now why don’t you just calm down and remember your training, okay? Just look back up at the screen and focus on your training, okay? Yes, that’s right, just keep staring at the screen…”

Meanwhile, Carter clutched Will close and whispered in his ear, “Don’t fight it, Will. You can’t fight your training. So why even try? Why fight something that will bring you so much pleasure? So much pleasure.”

Through the thin cotton of his briefs, Will could feel Carter’s hardening dick rubbing against his buttocks, and for a moment, he felt like just giving in, surrendering to the sensation. Then he pulled himself back from the brink.

“No! I won’t let you! I won’t be brainwashed! I won’t be controlled! I’m in control of my own mind!”

Carter sighed, “I was afraid you’d say something like that. So I asked another Trainer to come along. If I can’t convince you, maybe he can.” He turned toward the office on the other side of the gym and shouted, “Jon, can you come out now!?”

Will’s heart stopped beating for a moment as Jon walked out, totally naked and utter magnificent, a study in perfect male musculature. He looked even better in the flesh than he had in the videos Will had watched.

Jon smiled at him as he approached, “Hi there, Will. Long time no see. You’ve always had a crush on me, haven’t you?” Will nodded shyly. “And I bet you’ve fantasized about me, too. Fantasized about what it would be like to touch my big strong muscles,” here he reached out to grab Will’s hand, then glided it down his pumped pecs and 8-pack abs. “Fantasized about what it would be like to hold my big hard dick,” he guided Will’s hand lower, past his shaved pubic region, down to his firm veiny dick. “But these don’t have to just be fantasies, Will. These could be your new reality. All you need to do is one little thing. You can do that for me, can’t you, Will? Just one little thing. Just look up there at the screen for me. That’s right. Good. Just keep looking at the screen…”

Will’s trainers were excited to learn that he was a virgin. Videos with virgins always got more hits.

They wanted his first time to be special. And so in his first video, Jon took his anal virginity. And then Alex got sloppy seconds. And then Carter. And then Carter’s dad. And then a couple of other guys whose names he didn’t catch.

But Will didn’t care. He had stopped caring, had stopped worrying. He’d shut off that part of his brain, and he couldn’t be happier.

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