Adam's Change

By sb jb mc published March 28, 2014

The story of Adam, one of Sam’s teammates from “Training and Enslaving”

Adam’s Change

This is the story of Adam, one of the swim team members of Sam’s team from “Training and Enslaving.”


I loved to swim. It was such a good feeling. The water engulfing your body, trying to overcome the pressure the water puts on you as you do your laps. It’s such a great feeling. I love the workout it gives you too. My body has never looked so good. I’m slim/slender but with nice core ab definition and huge muscular arms. I have a great team too. Sam is a great captain, and coach is nice even though he is hard on us.

Everything was great until one day, where it got even better. One practice morning Sam came in with a drink. He said it would help us focus better. It did. Though the next day I felt completely different. I felt myself attracted to my teammates instead of the ladies I was used to. I was always bicurious, but I wasn’t attracted to men, just wanted to know what it was like. I always leaned more toward women to keep myself being more of a “man.” I was always trying to impress people and keep people happy. Plus the guys on my team would have looked at me differently.

After practice that day I went home and started looking up more male porn. I became obsessed with the male body. I checked myself out, knowing I was pretty hot for a guy. With my blonde short hair, spiked up in the front, and my nice green eyes, plus my body… I was a winner for anyone who wanted me. That’s exactly what I wanted too, someone to want me.

As the days went on, I began longing for a guy. My curiosity hit its peak. I just wanted to test run a guy, and soon. My right hand just didn’t do enough justice. So I figured it’d be best if I started trying to find someone. The hornier I got the more I was ready.

For some reason, my first instinct was to call Sam. I knew he was in a relationship with someone… No one knew who, but he always talked about his other half. He was an attractive captain, and I’d be all over him in seconds if I knew he was gay and single. I gave him a call.

“Hey Sam.”

“Hey Adam, what’s up?”

“Nothing, I just had a feeling you had an answer to what I’m looking for.”

“I do Adam, I’ll come over in 20 minutes. I’ll take care of all of your problems.”


I hung up. Weird. I didn’t even tell him what was going on. It was like he knew what I wanted.

I sat around and waited. He arrived about 20 minutes later, and knocked on the door.

“Hey Sam,” I said as I opened the door.

“Hey Adam.” Man he was hot. My cock started stirring just looking at him.

“Come in.”

“Thanks.” He walked in and I checked him out as he walked passed me. My cock kept growing.

“So who’s home?” He asked.

“Uhh no one, why?”

“Just asking. Let’s go to your room, so we can talk about your problems.”

“Oh…Kay.” I was confused. Like he was calling the shots. Was I about to get laid? He was wearing some significantly tight pants, so as he walked upstairs I watched his ass move. Damn he had a nice ass.

We walked into my room and he sat down.

“So, Adam, take a seat. What seems to be your problem?”

“Uhh, well…” I didn’t know what to say anymore. It was weird.

“Look I always come and help a friend. That’s why I dropped everything for you, but I can only help if you let me help.”

“Thanks Sam. I appreciate it. You see I feel like I’m…” I paused.

“Uh huh?”


“Oh.” He sounded disappointed. “Why are you upset with yourself then?”

“I don’t know. I can’t find a man.”

“Ahhh, I see.”

“Plus really, I’m just curious. I don’t know what it’s like.”

“I see. Well. What do you want to try?”


“Where should you start?”

“Kissing, I guess?”

“That’s probably a good plan…”

“But I don’t know who. I’m not ready to come out.”

“Well you’re just experimenting, so what’s the harm. Kiss me.”

“Huh?!” I was shocked. Was he serious? My cock stirred. Me? Sam? No way. He’s so hot.

“Go ahead, I don’t have all night… Or do I?”


“Yes really.”

I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. No pranks, he kissed me back. It was electrifying. Better than any kiss I had ever had before. Next thing I knew we were making out. I felt my entire body have a connection with him. I wanted him, and I wanted to go further than just making out - but something stopped me.

We stopped kissing and he looked over at me. “Well? How do you feel?”

“That… Was… Amazing.”

“I figured it would be. I’ve received a few compliments myself.”

“Sam… What comes after kissing?”

“A swim team trance.”

“What…?” I felt my body shut down and next thing I knew, my eyes were closed shut.

I woke up what felt like seconds later and Sam was staring at me.

“You alright there buddy? You passed out there for a second.”

“Yeah… I’m good… I think.”

“Well you look fine. Must have been a weird thing, that happens to me sometimes.”


“Just black out for a split second. It’s rare, but I’m not worried. Doctor said I was fine.”

“I see.”

“Now, where were we?” He asked me. I couldn’t remember. I know my cock was hard and I wanted Sam naked, but I didn’t know what happened. I’m positive after our kiss that I was gay now. I think I was ready to find me a man. Sam was taken, that kiss was cheating for him… I don’t know if I want to go further.

“You were going to help me find a man.”

“Ahh yes. But before I do that… Let’s go to my favorite pizza place. We can talk over some dinner. What do you think?”

“Sounds good.”

We went downstairs and Sam drove us to the place. His car music was very tranquil, I felt so relaxed with him. My body slowly felt like it was shutting down, but my cock stayed hard and ready for action. The longer the drive, the slower my speech processed, and the slower I moved. I began slowly passing out not knowing what was going on. Then I fell asleep in his car.

Next thing I knew, he was tapping me on the shoulder.

“Adam, wake up dude.”


“You fell asleep… Well you did, your cock didn’t.” He winked at me.

I blushed. “Oops.”

“Don’t worry about it. It looks pretty hot actually. Anyway, let’s go get pizza.”

I looked at the clock, we left the house an hour ago. Where did he take me? I’ve been here before I was sure of it. We couldn’t have gone far.

We walked in and this older man came up to us.

“Ahh Sam! Welcome back. Just the two of you?”

“Yeah boss, just us two. I’m introducing Adam here to the special!”

“Oh boy!” He looked over at me, “you’ll enjoy the special, believe me!”

We sat down, the place was extremely busy. As soon as we found our table, I felt the urge to use the restroom.

“Hey Sam, where’s the bathroom here?”

“Oh, hold on, I’ll have the boss show you, there’s some complicated directions. Yo boss!”

“Yes Sam?” He was about two tables down.

“Mind showing him where to go…?”

“Sure thing, kid follow me!”

It struck me as odd that the guy was so nice, but I got why. He must be friends with Sam, but why does he keep calling him boss? So strange.

The boss led me down the hall. “You’ll enjoy the Italian d�cor, it’s a rustic restroom.”

After making about 10 turns and walking down long hallways, the boss showed me the bathroom.

“Thanks!” I said.

“Don’t mention it, any friend of Sam’s is a friend of mine. You’ll find your way back?”

“Sure will. Thanks again!”

I went into the restroom, cock still hard. The light switch turned on this loud obnoxious fan. As I was looking around I heard a quiet noise as if someone was moving furniture around. I no longer needed to go. I couldn’t just leave, I felt like I wanted to jack off to get my hard on to go away. It felt weird, but I wanted to. I was sure I could do it quickly so it just seemed like I went and left.

I pulled down my pants and began tugging at my cock, aiming into the toilet. Stroking it slowly I wanted to cum. I couldn’t do it quick enough so I pulled everything back up and got ready to head out the door. I turned around and saw two doors in front of me.

“Weird.” I thought as I opened the one I thought I came in. It was a janitor’s closet.

I opened the other door and walked out and down the hallway. As I was walking down I felt dizzy. Then I heard someone say “swim team trance.” I fell to the ground and passed out.

I heard a voice in my head telling me all kinds of things. I was gay, it reassured me. I wanted Matt on the swim team, it reminded me. Sam was my master, it told me. I couldn’t fight back, just accept my fate. Everything happens for a reason. I must accept my life of servitude to my master. I don’t want to disobey my Master. He will guide me.

All of that kept repeating itself over and over again as I slowly accepted my fate. I had no choice but to accept it. I wanted it more than anything. I wanted to serve Sam and be with Matt. I needed to do everything I was told.

After the voice stopped, my mind went blank once again and I fell back asleep. I was reawaken a while later, unsure of the time. I looked around, I was back at home in my bed. My cock was hard, and I was naked.

“Strange,” I thought to myself. “Wonder what happened to Sam.”

I heard a noise in my bathroom. I got up to see what it was, as I didn’t think anyone was here. I threw on a pair of underwear as I couldn’t go into the hall naked. Before I even made it that far my bedroom door started opening. There was Sam. He startled me as I was midway through putting my boxers on.

“Hey buddy, what’s wrong?”

“You startled me, I didn’t know who was there.” He was standing tall, looking hot as he should, with no shirt on, just pants.

“Oh. Well how are you feeling?”


“Just checking, you passed out again at the restaurant so I brought you home.”

“Oh. Thanks. Why am I naked?”

“You must have kicked your clothes off, but at least you look good.”

I blushed. “Thanks.” I started pulling my boxers up a bit.

“Stop that, pull them back off.”

I felt a sudden rush over my body as he told me to take my boxers back off. I complied quickly, and it felt good to listen to him.

“Your cock looks like it needs some help. Besides, if you’re going to get Matt, you’ll need some experience.”

I smiled at him. My dreams were coming true. He was going to help me get Matt, and I was going to get to fool around with Sam.

“Now, naked boy, get back on that bed.”

Ugh my cock grew harder. I didn’t know it could get this hard. I laid back down on the bed. I saw Sam strip down naked. Fuck he was so hot. He laid down next to me and began rubbing my abs and all around my body.

“Adam, suck down my cock, let’s see how good you are.”

My eyes lit up, as I was already staring at his cock. I felt like his cock was an idol for me, like I was to worship it. I listened to him as I slowly moved my body around to put my mouth around his hard cock. My lips trembled as I went in. I licked the tip of it before engulfing it. He moaned slightly as I kept bobbing my head back and forth while going up and down his hot cock.

“That feels good boy.” He said as he pushed my head further down his shaft, shoving the tip of his cock to the back of my throat. The taste of his cock and precum was the best tasting thing I had ever had. I wanted more and more. I kept going down, sucking down every inch of his hot cock. I made him moan, trying to keep him pleased. I wanted him to like my cocksucking abilities. I needed him to like them.

Then it happened. I felt his body tense up, his cock hit the roof of my mouth, he moaned in extreme pleasure, and the next thing I knew, my mouth was being filled with a warm salty sweet liquid. I drank it as if it was water, trying to suck it down as he kept shooting in my mouth. It came out faster and faster, until it slowed down and stopped. He slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth, and while it was still hard he smacked me on the cheek with it.

“That’s a good boy, Adam. You did well.”

He kissed me on the forehead and got up.

I wanted to ask him what about my raging hard on, but I knew I shouldn’t ask. I was still lying on the bed naked awaiting my next set of instructions, in hopes they’d be great. I felt helpless, but I knew I wasn’t. Sam was taking care of me.

“Now, boy. You can finish yourself off on one condition.”

“Anything sir.”

Sam grinned at me. “You can’t touch your cock.”

I looked at him strangely, “but sir…”

“I know you can do it. You just need some motivation.” He grabbed my desk chair and brought it to the side of the bed. “Come sit, cocksucker.”

I did as I was told and sat in the chair. He grabbed my arms and handcuffed them behind my back through the chair supports. He proceeded to tie my legs to the chair, ensuring I was properly tied to the chair, not allowing me to move more than a few inches.

“Oh one more thing.” He shoved a cloth into my mouth and tied a bandana around my head keeping it intact. “Suck on your own boxers.”

I realized what the taste in my mouth was. I was half turned on, half disgusted.

He then grabbed his jockstrap he had on before and placed it over my head, ensuring the crotch portion was over my nose.

“Good boy, turn yourself on. If you’re lucky I’ll help.”

The smell of his jock ripe with the taste of his cock, sweat and precum made me feel horny. I didn’t know why either. Each moment I thought more and more about what was going on the harder my cock got, allowing me to feel closer to an orgasm. I tried forcing myself to cum without anything touching my cock, but couldn’t. I got close, and then I felt a brush across my nipples. I moaned loudly as my cock got harder. My body jolted to the excitement as precum began slowly pouring out. He rubbed my nipples until I was about ready to cum. I shot once, and shot twice, but nothing came out. He then caressed my cock by rubbing one finger up the shaft, which forced my body to jolt again, and shoot. I kept shooting and shooting, probably the largest load ever. It went everywhere. I knew I’d have to clean it, but I didn’t care.

After I finished shooting, he kissed my cheek. “You’re not going anywhere just yet boy.”

I wanted to say something, but my gag stopped me.

“Just keep enjoying your position and relax. Keep yourself calm, you’re in good hands aren’t you?”

I nodded.

“You enjoy the position you’re in, don’t you?”

I nodded again.

“That’s good boy. You see I’m preparing you for Matt. He likes his boys tied up. He will like you if you play along. I just want you and him to be happy together. Don’t worry I’ll guide you. Just suck cock well, and he’ll love you. Now, keep relaxing as I guide you into submission, like the good slave you are.”

I nodded. I was a slave. A slave to Sam. He was my master. I wanted to do everything he said.

“That’s it boy, just relax. Let your thoughts go. Just let everything go. Relax like the good friend you are. Feel your thoughts float away. Feel your body relaxing.”

Slowly my head became clouded, but it was empty. My thoughts were clearing as my body became relaxed. I felt my entire body slowly go limp, despite being restrained. I felt like I was relaxed even though I was tied up. I was obeying my master as I should, and it helped me feel better.

“Now, sleep boy.”

My eyes shut.

I awoke the next morning, in my bed laying in just a jockstrap that I don’t remember owning. I felt refreshed. My mind and body felt good and I knew today was going to be a good day. I began getting ready for my normal day. I took a shower, then went to put on clothes. I grabbed a clean jockstrap out of my drawer, which it appeared that’s all I had now. Jockstraps and Speedo’s. The mere thought of that made my cock grow a bit. I put on my normal clothes and then looked around. The jockstrap I woke up in was laying on the bed where I left it. I grabbed it and smelled it. It smelled like Sam. It must have been his. I didn’t know why I checked that, but I did. I then looked at the time and realized it was 9:34 AM. I watched the clock hit 9:35, and my body froze. My phone rang and I picked it up.

“Hello?… Yes sir. I’ll be there shortly. Thank you sir.”

My memories became a blur until I got to this house I had never been to before. I parked in front of it and slowly walked up to the door. At the door was Sam, and Matt.

“Welcome home slave,” Sam said.

I opened my mouth to say something and he cut me off. “Not yet… You know Matt, come on in, we will show you around.”

We walked into this house and it was full of furniture like a normal house, but almost everything had straps on the sides of it.

“You see, boy,” Sam said to me, “this is the house you and Matt will enjoy your sex lives. You know how I told you he was into tying you up?”

I nodded.

“Well almost every piece of furniture and almost every wall you can be tied to in here, easily.”

My cock grew, and so did Matt’s.

“You both have free range of this house whenever you need it. No one lives here, but sometimes you may have others joining your endeavors.”

I smiled.

“Now slave, I’ll leave you two alone.”

He looked at Matt and whispered something in his ear. Matt’s eyes lit up as it seemed like he came back to life.

Matt looked deep into my eyes and kissed me. I knew we’d have a long lasting relationship.

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