Too Much Control

By WeirdKinks published May 26, 2018
Josh decided to invite everyone over for some fun, including his step-brother

The next morning, Josh has awoken to see Brad still sleeping peacefully beside him. Not wanting to wake his new boyfriend up, he slowly crept out of bed, grabbing his phone that was resting on the bedside table. He walked out of the room, and into the hallway. Josh reached the kitchen and he saw the two men, wearing magenta thongs this time, making breakfast once again. However, the scene made his eyes go wide, as he remembered something that should’ve been forgotten. The dream.

That dream he had last night was pretty scarring. Josh, however, should’ve felt empathy and free all the men from his lust-driven dictatorship and be sorry for his actions, but instead, he felt the need to confront the one who made him feel like he was one of them, even if it did happen in a dream. Josh slowly but firmly approached the two men and started a conversation with his step-dad.

“Hey dad, do you remember Adam?” Josh asked. “Yeah, I do. We used to be so close together, but ever since I became your slave we don’t spend that much time together anymore. But that’s fine because I love doing anything you ask me to!” He replied with a big grin to finish the sentence. “Well, what if I allow you to bring Adam here for the day?” Josh says, knowing how his step-dad is going to respond to that. “I would love that Master!” He chirped. “Good, now go on and tell him to meet you here!” Josh ordered. He slapped Alexander on the butt and went back to his bedroom.

In the room was an awake Brad on his phone. His hair is all messy and was still naked from last night. Josh climbed back onto the bed and sat down beside him. “Hey babe,” said Josh. Brad looked up from his phone and gave Josh a quick kiss on the lips. “Hey master,” he replied. The two lovers then continued to flirt with one another and scroll Brad’s social media together.

After a few minutes, Alexander came into the bedroom to confirm to Josh that Adam is coming over soon. This put Josh in an excited mood. He quickly got out of the bedroom, changed into some clothing and into the living room, in which he started to execute his plan.

One by one, the three men in the household walked into the living room, fully clothed, and sat down on a chair. Soon, a knock can be heard. Josh walked out of the room and opened the front door. At the front door was Jacob. He robotically walked himself into the house without saying a word and sat himself down in the living room. Josh quickly tapped a button on his phone and walked back into the living room. The four of them can now no longer be able to move from that spot unless Josh directly told them to. The four men also forgot all about the things that Josh made them do.

A conversation sparked between the four men with Josh occasionally joining in or tapping on his phone. They all now referred to Josh as Josh instead of Master, for the time being. As Robert was explaining his old life before living here, Josh heard a noise coming from the driveway. It sounded like a car! Josh excused himself from the group and ran out to the front door, phone in hand. The car parked itself in the driveway behind two other cars. The car door swung open and out came Adam. Josh quickly snapped a picture of his step-brother and ran it through the app. Now all he gotta do is keep him for thirty minutes straight.

Adam approached the front door, where Josh was standing. His face was full of annoyance as he wasn’t the one he wanted to see. “Where dad, fag?” He bluntly asked. “Inside the living room,” Josh replied, unfazed by the insult. Adam muttered a “cool” and walked straight inside. Josh quickly followed behind him, closing the front door on his way in. As Adam walked into the living room, he glanced around the room, looking for his father. Once he did, he ran towards him and sat down next to him. Josh quietly sat down on a chair opposite everyone else.

Adam chatted with his father about his life and how cool and hot his new girlfriend is while Brad, Jacob and Robert were talking about their life problems. Josh just silently played on his phone and checking the progress bar every few minutes.

Eventually, the bar reached 100% and Adam Virgo was now an option on the phone. The first thing he did was make sure he could not leave his seat. Then Josh decided to make him not be able to say any slurs at all.

“Hey guys, I have something to say so could you all just be quiet for a second?” Josh announced. Everyone’s mouth immediately closed and made no sound whatsoever. “Thank you,” Josh smiled. “I have gathered you all here today to reveal something to you guys. Everyone, except Adam, was and will still be my slave!” Everyone shot confused looks at Josh except for Adam, who looked like he’s ready to start laughing. “You might not believe me right now but if I just do this,” Josh tapped on his phone and suddenly everyone but Adam leaned back as if something hit them. Soon, their faces screamed rage and anger.

“Okay Robert, tell me what’s on your mind!” Josh asked and Robert immediately answered. “THAT’S what I’ve been doing for the past few months? Acting as a sexual slave for you? After all the things I did for you, giving you the app so you won’t be lonely anymore! I can’t belie-” Josh held his hand up and told him to stop. Robert’s mouth begrudgingly closed. Everyone else was shocked to realize that the memories that randomly appeared were real. Their eyes widen, scared what’s going to happen next.

Josh quickly unzipped his fly and released his cock. Nobody dared to move, except for Adam. He slowly crept onto the floor and towards the dick as if it was enticing him. Josh smirked while tapping his favourite option of all time - self-aware. Josh gave Adam permission to speak and he cried “What am I doing?! Why am I doing this? Josh, what have you done to me?!” The lustful tone was there, which shocked Adam once he realized what he said. But as soon as he began to ask why he sounded so horny, his mouth was already busy playing with Josh’s cock. The rest of the crew stared in awe and shock, questioning the power that Josh had over him and the rest of them.

Adam’s tongue gracefully licked the veins of the cock as his head bobbed up and down. His eyes stared at Josh and the obvious pleasured expression he had on his face. His moan echoed through the room as Adam continued to do his thing. Soon, Josh warned Adam that he was going to explode in him but that didn’t prepare Adam when it happened. The liquid went straight down his throat, which made him want to vomit it back up. But he can’t.

Josh released Adam from his unwanted experience and sent him back next to Alexander. He began to tap on his phone, making everyone wanting to please a specific body part of Josh. Once he was done, he stated “Now everyone, this next activity will involve all of you. This will give you a little taste of what your lives are going to be like for a long time,” Everyone was terrified by that statement but was now slightly confused when Josh decided to lay down in the centre of the room. Phone in hand, Josh selected each option, one by one. Everyone then got up in the order Josh selected and crawled over to the laying human. The room was filled with confusion and anger questions/statement as the men slowly undressed Josh in the centre.

Robert and Alexander both pulled down the jeans and underwear, Jacob and Brad took off Josh’s shirt and Adam just waited patiently. Once Josh was bare naked, the fully clothed men began their pleasuring, much to their dismay. First was Alexander, who took down Josh’s cock while Robert played with the balls. Next was Brad and Jacob, who kissed and sucked both of Josh’s nipples respectively. Last was Adam, whose mouth was used to make out with Josh’s mouth. Adam positioned himself in the least awkward position possible and made out with his step-brother.

Josh’s entire body felt like he was in heaven as the men kissed and pleasured him all over. Robert slowly licked the hairy balls, making it more satisfying while Alexander is pumping his head up and down like he’s addicted to it. Brad and Jacob’s tongue swirled around the nipples and occasionally suck them. And Adam was busy sucking faces with Josh, tongues battling each other and everything. All five men were mentally screaming at themselves, but their anger could not be heard. Eventually, after Josh came multiple times, he made all of the men to stop and return to their seats.

Josh sat back up, woozy from all the pleasuring. He stood up and started the next activity, after planning it on his phone. Everyone was now silent as Robert stood up again and slowly ripped off all of his clothes. He sat back down, naked in his natural muscular figure. Alexander reluctantly followed after and soon everyone was naked against their will. Josh stared at Adam’s muscular body, as he had not seen it before.

Unfortunately, Josh felt the need to go to the toilet and take a dump. While on the toilet, he virtually told everyone to safely bang one another. Soon, the sounds of moaning can be heard from the living room and those noises make Josh’s dick go erect once more. Once he was done, he grabbed five pairs of thongs and rushed back into the living room, excited to see the orgy take place and it did not disappoint!

Robert was sitting on the floor while Alexander was impaling himself with his cock. Brad was standing next to him and was sucking Alexander off, with Jacob pounding him. Adam was sitting next to Robert and was making out with the older muscular man. Josh simply sat down and masturbated while watching everyone getting fucked. It was truly a scene to enjoy.

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