A New Crop: 122 Days Later

By Hypnothrill published May 24, 2018
Travis has already been absorbed into the collective of alien plants infesting his suburban neighborhood. Now it's his brother Sawyer's turn.

{Note: This story is a direct sequel to “A New Crop: 121 Days Later” click here , showing what happens the following day. But the story should make perfect sense even if you haven’t read the earlier one. I do like writing these homages to body horror classics–A New Crop is my “Body Snatchers” series, and Nuthuggers is my “Alien” series–so if you have any suggestions for other body horror movies I could twist into gay erotic mind control fiction, let me know in the comments!}

“Hey sleepyhead!” Sawyer winced as he heard his younger brother’s voice. Why did Travis have to be so chipper in the mornings? “I thought you’d never get up! You almost missed my special breakfast smoothies!”

“They’re good! You should have one!” their father Robert chimed in, pointing to his own nearly empty glass. “It’s sweet…tastes like…whatsitcalled…honey…uh…honeydew…sweet like kinda…uh…melony sweet.”

What was up with his dad? If he didn’t know any better, those garbled words and the silly grin on Robert’s face would make Sawyer think that his old man was drunk, at 9:30 in the morning. And why was he still in his bathrobe? Even on a Saturday, his dad was normally dressed and out the door by now.

Come to think of it, Travis was dressed pretty weird too. He usually wore soccer shorts or boxer shorts around the house, but this morning he was standing over by the blender in just a pair of tight white briefs that left nothing to the imagination.

“Yeah, come on bro, try some!” Travis implored, “It’s a special recipe, full of things that are good for you. And the juice is freshly squeezed.” Unthinkingly, he squeezed the package of his tight briefs as he spoke.

“Can’t. I’m heading out to meet Miles at the mall. See you guys.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing,” Travis smiled. “Guess that means more smoothies for you, huh, Dad?”

“Okay by me!” Robert grinned vacuously, “These smoothies are deli…delic… These smoothies are the best!”

Cycling down their street on the way to the mall, Sawyer nearly collided with the New Seeds Produce truck heading the other direction. Shaking his fist angrily, he looked back to see where the truck was going. That was weird. It looked like it was pulling into his own family’s driveway. When had Dad started buying special delivery produce? Guess he’d been bitten by the bourgie veggies bug too.

“They’re just all a bunch of conformists,” Miles was saying, “All a bunch of mindless sheeple, buying the same things, wearing the same things, saying the same things, doing the same things.”

“Big words from a man who works at Hot Topic,” Sawyer joked.

“Alright, alright. But at least the kids who shop there are trying to be different. Sure, they’re doing it in the most corporate way possible, but at least they don’t want to be just like everybody else in this boring-ass town. You’re so lucky you got out.”

“Hey, you were the one who took a year off to go find yourself. I mean, sure, now you find yourself working at the mall, but at least you got that choice. My dad would have gone ballistic.”

“It’s not like my dad’s much better,” Miles frowned.

“Come on, he’s cooler than mine. He named you after Miles Davis—there’s cool points right there. And then he’s got his music.”

“He HAD his music. He’s just a sell-out now.”

“Dude, that’s a little harsh, don’t you think?”

“Do I think? Do I think? Well, you want to know what I think? I think my dad is probably cheating on my mom.”


“I heard them last night, fighting about it. He’d been out all night, didn’t get home until after midnight. When he finally came home, my mom was yelling at him, all like, ‘Where have you been? Why didn’t you answer your phone? Have you been sleeping around or something?’ And he didn’t even deny it.”

“What? You mean he told your mom he’s been having an affair?”

“Well…not in so many words. But he didn’t deny it. Just said he’d ‘been out.’ And then he gave some kind of ridiculous excuse about falling asleep at the office. What else could it be? Dirtbag.”

Sawyer didn’t really know what to say, so he just awkwardly reached across the table and gave Miles a pat on the shoulder. Fortunately, Miles soon had to go back to Hot Topic to start his shift, so they were spared any more awkward conversation.

Sawyer spent a little more time walking around the mall, just window shopping and people watching. But there weren’t a lot of people to watch; the place seemed kind of dead for a Saturday. He guessed that was happening to a lot of malls these days; now that Amazon was spreading its tendrils everywhere, the malls had just turned into dried-out husks, empty shells of their former selves.

On his way out to the parking lot, though, he spotted one business that seemed to be doing well. It was a produce truck, of all things, and Sawyer recognized the now-familiar logo: New Seeds Produce. Guys were lined up patiently—kind of odd that the line was all men—to buy these weird-looking melons. Sawyer’d never seen anything like them before; they were giant and looked a bit like a cross between a watermelon and a cantaloupe. He figured they must be some kind of exotic import, from Africa or Asia somewhere. But still, imagine something like that being sold in the parking lot of the Glenview mall. The town really had changed while he’d been at college.

It was mid-afternoon when Sawyer finally returned home. That was weird—Travis and his dad’s cars were in the garage, but it seemed like the house was empty. Maybe they were in the backyard.

As he expected, that’s where he found them. But he never expected to find his father and brother like this.

Both of them were buck naked, lying side by side, soaking up the afternoon sun. They were both lying on the backs, just lying there on the bare grass. Sawyer caught a glimpse of his dad’s big semi-soft dick, resting upon his thigh, then quickly looked away. That was so wrong! This whole thing was just so SO wrong!

“What the…What are you DOING!?” he managed to stammer out.

“It’s such a beautiful day,” his father said placidly, “Your brother and I are just soaking up the warm rays of the sun. It feels so good on our bare skin. Why don’t you come join us? See how good it feels.”

“Join you?! You mean just hang out naked in the backyard with you and Travis? Are you fuck…are you freaking kidding me? That’s gross, dad!”

“Why is it gross? Your brother and I are just being open with our bodies. We have nothing to hide. You have a beautiful body, son. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of it. You shouldn’t hide anything from us. Not from your family.”

Sawyer had never heard his dad talk like this. Was he ON something?

“Don’t look so freaked out about it, bro,” Travis added. “You just need to relax. Why don’t you go inside and have one of my melon smoothies. I’ve got a pitcher in the fridge. They’re so good on a hot day, and they’ll help you relax.”

Travis lazily scratched his balls as he spoke, and Sawyer got a glimpse of his brother’s half-hard uncut cock rubbing against his hip. Wait, his uncut cock? Sawyer took another glimpse. Weird—Sawyer would have sworn that his brother was circumcised too.

Speechless and bewildered, Sawyer walked back into the house without saying a word. He didn’t touch the smoothie Travis had suggested. Instead, he went into his room and shut the door. And locked it for good measure.

He stayed in his room for a few hours, just playing League of Legends and trying to take his mind off all the weirdness with his dad and brother. Eventually, his rumbling stomach sent him down to the kitchen. Sawyer braced himself as he walked downstairs, hoping that Travis and his dad had finally put some clothes on.

And they had, but just barely. Travis was back in the tight white briefs he was wearing that morning, and his father was now wearing the same thing.

“Well, look who’s come down to join us,” his father Robert said, his flat voice contrasting eerily with his broad, toothy smile.

“Can I make you something, bro? How about one of my special smoothies?” Travis smiled at him, adjusting his bulge in his tight briefs as he spoke.

“No,” Sawyer replied emphatically, “I’m just gonna make myself a sandwich.”

Sawyer could feel his father and brother’s eyes on him as he made his food. There was something… something hungry about their gaze. “I’m just gonna take this up to my room,” he told them.

Normally, his dad would throw a fit about this and start ranting about food crumbs and cockroaches and ants. But tonight, Robert just said, “Okay, son. Hey, you’re looking tired. Be sure to get some rest, okay?”

“Yeah, bro,” Travis chimed in, “Get some rest, and you’ll feel like a new man.”

When he got back to his room, Sawyer IMed Miles to rant about how weird his family was acting today. He figured Miles owed him, after Sawyer sat through his friend’s epic family problems rant at lunch. But Miles wasn’t answering, so after he ate his sandwich and played another couple hours of video games, Sawyer decided he would go to bed.

As he fell asleep, Sawyer had disturbing dreams. He imagined that his father and brother had been transformed into vampires. They were only wearing their white briefs, their fangs were out, and they had him pinned down, trying to bite him, trying to turn him into one of them. His brother sunk his hollow fangs into Sawyer’s inner thigh and began sucking his blood. The sensation of shock and pain was enough to shake Sawyer awake, and as he regained consciousness, he realized…

Something really was sucking on his inner thigh. And something was wrapping around his other leg. And something was wrapping around his chest. And something was trying to pin down his arms.

There was a web of vines, strong vines moving on their own like a set of demonic tentacles, rapidly wrapping around his body and already beginning to attach suckers to his skin. It took all his strength to pull his arms free and to pull off the vines attaching to his legs. Looking down, he could see the vines were attached to something below the bed. It was one of those giant melons, except it was changing form. It was hugely distended, and almost looked like it was hatching open. He could see something that looked like a human leg kicking out of the bottom. And was that a face—an embryonic human face—he could see beginning to emerge near the top?

Recoiling in horror, Sawyer reached behind him and picked up the first thing he could find on his shelf—in this case, a participation trophy he earned for Little League baseball—and bashed that grotesque thing on the floor with it. Mashed its emerging face—the face that looked ever-so-faintly like his own—into a greenish-red vegetal pulp as the vines still writhed around him. And then he quickly tossed it out his second-story window. He swore he could hear an inhuman scream as it hit the ground.

His heart racing, Sawyer’s first impulse was to run downstairs and tell his father and brother about the creature in his room. And then it struck him. They must already know about it. He remembered the produce truck in his driveway, the melons they were selling in the mall, Travis telling him to get some rest. They must have planted that thing under his bed.

He needed to get out of here. He needed to get somewhere safe. But where?

Sawyer picked up his phone and texted Miles: “Need to stay over at your place tonight. Can I come over RIGHT NOW?”

To his relief, he got a message back almost immediately: “ok”

Rigging up a makeshift rope ladder of clothes, Sawyer lowered himself out his second story window. He tried not to look at the shattered body—half melon, half man—on the ground beneath him.

Miles’ house was normally a 15-minute walk away. Running, he made it in 10.

He knocked softly, and Miles’ dad Jack answered the door. He was dressed just in tight white briefs, like Sawyer’s own father had been. Sawyer tensed, ready to bolt at the sign of any more weirdness.

“Come on in, Sawyer,” Jack said, scratching his hairy chest, “Miles is just preparing the room for you. Can I offer you something to drink? I have these delicious smoothies in the fridge.”

Sawyer’s heart sank. “Oh no, that’s okay, Mr. Sanchez. Maybe I’ll just head up and see Miles now.”

“No need. Here he comes now.” Sawyer tried to keep the look of panic off his face as he watched his old friend walk into the room, dressed in nothing but a pair of skimpy red briefs that barely covered his massive bulge.

“Hey Sawyer,” Miles flashed a gleaming smile at him. He’d never seen Miles smile so widely, so vapidly—and were his teeth normally so white? “Good to have you spending the night with us. You sounded stressed out. You should have one of my dad’s special smoothies. I had one earlier and it helped me relax. Now I feel like a new man.”

As Miles spoke, Jack wrapped an arm around his son’s shoulder. Miles responded by leaning back and resting his head on his dad’s hairy chest. Sawyer fought to hide his horror and disgust; he needed to make an excuse and get out of here—fast!

“You know what?” he said, trying to keep a calm, level voice, “I think I’m going to head home now. I had a big fight with my dad earlier, and I just stormed out. But just seeing you two together makes me think, well, maybe we can just stop arguing and hug it out.”

“That’s right,” said Jack, standing behind his son and hugging him close from behind, the bulge in his tightie whities rubbing against Miles’ firm young ass. “Go back home, talk to your father, then get a good night’s sleep. I’m sure that when you wake up, you’ll be closer than ever.”

“Just like we are now,” added Miles, lovingly stroking his father’s hairy forearm.

“Okay, thanks for the advice. I’ll being seeing you,” said Sawyer, slowly backing out of the room.

“I’ll call your dad and let him know you’re on your way back home,” Jack called out the door as Sawyer left.

As he walked into the night, Sawyer didn’t know what to do or where to go next. He couldn’t go home, that was for sure. And he couldn’t think of any other old friends in town he could trust. Besides, he thought he could trust Miles, who’d been perfectly normal a few hours ago, but now… but now was one of them. What was worse, he was just mentally and emotionally exhausted right now. Maybe if he could just make it through the night and get some rest, he’d have a clear head in the morning. He’d be able to figure a way out of this in the morning.

He ended up wandering into the town park. Lying down on a park bench, he curled up and thrust his hands in his pockets to keep himself warm. And as the sun began to rise, that’s where Officer Cullen found him.

“Hey, hey,” Sawyer awoke to feel hands shaking him, “You can’t stay here. You have a place where you can stay, son?”

Exhausted and desperate, Sawyer found himself pouring out his whole story to the police officer—the melons, the naked sunbathing, the monstrous thing he’d pushed out the window, all of it. “You don’t believe me, do you?” he asked the police officer when he’d finished, “You think I’m crazy, don’t you?”

The silver haired policeman nodded thoughtfully. “Well, it IS a crazy story. But something’s got you spooked, that’s for sure. And as a police officer, it’s my duty to investigate it. Come with me. I’ll take you somewhere safe.”

Relieved and grateful, Sawyer slid into the passenger seat of Officer Cullen’s police car. He was still so tired, he could barely keep his eyes op…

When he opened his eyes, Sawyer was disoriented. The car had stopped, but this wasn’t a police station. They were on the side of a country road, beside some fields of crops. In the distance, he could see a farm truck being loaded. It read…oh god…it read, “New Seeds Produce.”

He tried to bolt out the passenger-side door, but Officer Cullen was too fast for him. He tackled Sawyer from behind and wrestled him to the ground. A moment later, two farmhands in skimpy cut-off shorts ran out of the fields and helped him pick Sawyer up and pin him against the side of the police cruiser.

They would have injected him with a sedative, but they didn’t have any hypodermics, so instead they used the best thing available. The farmhands roughly stripped off his jeans and underwear, then thrust their hard dicks up Sawyer’s virgin ass. As soon as the first farmhand injected a hot load of his seed directly up Sawyer’s hole, he began to feel woozy. Once the second farmhand entered his ass and blasted his insides with hot seed, Sawyer had stopped shouting, and his mouth hung open as his mind began to glaze over. And as the third farmhand shoved his hard dick up Sawyer’s ass, Officer Cullen stopped holding the boy down and instead unzipped his uniform pants and began sliding his hard dick between the young man’s open lips. It only took a few moments for him to shoot his sweet hot load down Sawyer’s throat. Unthinkingly, the boy sucked it all down, succumbing to the pleasurably numb feeling that was beginning to spread through his body and his brain.

He was still just barely conscious when they dragged him over to one of the giant melons in the field. But he didn’t resist, couldn’t resist, not even when he felt the tendrils of the plant sliding over his skin. Not even when they started sucking him dry.

After he’d wiped the sticky goo off his newborn body, the new Sawyer didn’t bother getting dressed. Instead, he helped his brothers load the trucks with giant melons, basking in the feeling of the sunlight on his bare skin. Then, reluctantly, he got ready to head back into town, picking up the old Sawyer’s clothes from the middle of the field, shaking off the dusty remains of his old form, and getting dressed.

The New Seeds Produce truck gave him a ride back to his house. Sawyer found his father and brother in the back yard, buck naked, tearing up the lawn with a tiller, turning it into a garden. They looked unsurprised to see him enter the yard flanked by two burly, shirtless New Seeds Produce workers in cut-off shorts. They’d known it was only a matter of time before he became one of them.

“Good, you’re back,” his father said, “Perfect timing. We’re just about to plant our seeds. And then we’ll be ready to be fertilized again.”

Sawyer and the two farm workers looked on dispassionately as Travis and his father crouched over two of the holes they’d dug in the lawn. Then, as the two men squatted and strained, large green seed pods began to emerge from their dilated asses, then dropped into the rich, loamy soil.

And after the two men had deposited their seeds, Sawyer and the two farm workers were only too happy to refertilize them. Sawyer dropped his jeans and underwear, then shoved his hard uncut dick up his father’s still-dilated hole. He gave a little appreciative grunt of pleasure as he felt one of the farm workers’ dicks entering his own tight hole. He heard a little gasp, then looked over and smiled as he saw the other worker begin fucking his younger brother’s ass. Travis smiled back, then began thrusting his ass back against the worker’s hard dick. Sawyer matched his rhythm, thrusting back against the other worker’s throbbing cock, then forward, deep into his dad’s hot hairy ass.

Soon it was done, and Sawyer, his father, and brother all had fresh seeds growing inside of them. After soaking up the glorious noonday sun for a moment, Sawyer and the two farm workers reluctantly got dressed.

“Aren’t you going to help us with the garden?” Travis asked his older brother. “We need to get this all ready. Wes and Spence and their dads are coming over this afternoon to plant their seeds.”

“I’ll be back in a minute,” Sawyer said, “I just need to help these guys unload something from the truck. A little gift for my friends back at school.”

Fall break was nearly over, but Sawyer would be coming back to college with a surprise: four giant melons, one for each of his housemates. He couldn’t wait to start spreading his seed all over campus.

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