A Game Over Coffee

By Hypno Hyde
published January 29, 2014

Lorenzo and Manuel decide to play their favorite game at the local coffee shop

A Game Over Coffee

By Hypno Hyde

This work is intended for those 18/21 years of age or older (depending on where you live). This story is original to the author.

And this is my first story so I hope you guys like it!

“So do you accept my little wager?”

“Definitely Lorenzo. Have you ever heard of me refusing one of your challenges?”

“No Manuel, that’s why I asked you here, to have a little fun, at others expense of course” He said with a smirk. The two of them shook hands and the little game that they liked to play started.

The two men sat at outside of a little coffee bistro in a small town where the two of them decided to meet from time to time. Across the small street was the park where, especially in the refreshing heat of a summer day like this, the people of this small town could be seen relaxing and enjoying the day. Neither of these two men was fond of the small crowd that had accumulated over the last hour they had been catching up, yet with what they had in mind these two men were able to bear the passing groups and look forward to their little adventure.

Both Lorenzo and Manuel did not like crowded areas, which is why they had found the smallest town to visit each other in, as well as to have their actions go unnoticed. Both men did blend into the crowd very well. Lorenzo was the older of the two, with grey just starting to touch the side of his head and his goatee. He was fairly muscled and dressed like an old professor in tweed. Manuel on the other hand had pitched black shaggy hair and had never had to shave. He wore simple clothes, with dulled colors of orange and blue. The two could be thought of as father and son by the way they acted, both looking nonchalantly like they did not want to been seen. They were not even surprised when the waiter didn’t see them at the table until a few minutes after they had sit down.

Yet it was this same trait that allowed them to do what they waged each other to do that very day.

“Since it was my wager, it is of course your move first Manuel” Lorenzo stepped back, always ready to admire his friends work.

Manuel searched the area, deciding to start slowly, wanting his partner to make the first large step in changing the scenery. He chose the coffee waiter walking towards their table. The young man with the blonde hair, cute, angular face and his slim frame in his uniform was walking towards their table, getting ready to serve them when Manuel made his move. The young waiter stopped for a moment, his eyes rolling in the back of his head. In a moment, the waiter was back to normal yet, while walking towards their table the waiter’s uniform became tighter as the young man’s frame became more muscular until, when he arrived at the table, he had put on about fifty pounds of muscle which was straining in several parts of the outfit.

“Good morning gentlemen. My name is Troy and I will be your waiter,” said the waiter, sounding more excited to serve these two men than anyone before, “what can I get for you today?”

Lorenzo spoke for the both of them, “We will have two coffees. My friend here will have a low-fat caramel macchiato and I will have a vanilla chai latte. We also will have the best two scones you have here. That is all.”

“Whatever you two want. I will be back with your orders as soon as possible.” With that Troy turned and walked away.

“And by the way Manuel,” Lorenzo said, giving the younger man a smirk. With a point to their waiters backside the line on Troy’s pants that was his underwear line disappeared, “You know I love my men without underwear. But other than that, very good, no one even has noticed.”

“You taught me very well Lorenzo. And while our young waiter is away, please, it is your turn.”

“Why thank you Manuel.” Lorenzo searched the café area and found nothing to his liking, and turned towards the park across the street. He spotted a biker in his racing spandex passing by. With a snap of his finger the space around the table stopped and Lorenzo started to point his finger at the biker, animating him to step off his bike, removing one object of clothing at a time, so he could get a better view. The biker in his early thirties with very lean with short brunette hair stood naked in front of his bike, blank faced, as the two men ogled his muscles and perfect sized dick. “Perfect,” Lorenzo said, “all I need now is to get a little hands on in my work. You do not mind, do you Manuel?”

“Of course not. Go right ahead. I always enjoy watching you work.”

Lorenzo got up from his chair and walked over to where the man was naked and motionless on his bike. He had the man step off the bike so that he could appreciate the man even more. With the bike still upright in the background, Lorenzo began feeling the man up, from his legs to his neck, trying to figure out his plans for the biker. Finally, after pinching on the man’s nipples for about five minutes, but who knows really how long it was because time was stopped, putting on and taking off several varieties of nipple rings, Lorenzo looked into the man’s eyes and smiled. “I have it.” Lorenzo immediately got to work. He finally stopped playing with the bikers nipples, deciding to leave two hefty rings in each and a ring right in the middle of his nose. He kept the short, somewhat messy hair of the main but began moving his palms all over his body, placing tattoos all over the man’s body, covering the man almost entirely and removing any hair that was neck down on the man. Next, Lorenzo started to lightly slap several parts of the man, his pecs, ass and biceps mostly, and watched pleased as the muscles began to inflate and expand until Lorenzo thought it was enough gained. He smiled, and then started to materialize the biker’s new clothes, which was all leather items now. Finally, Lorenzo looked over his new creation and smiled, gave the newly created man one kiss on the mouth and walked back to the table and sat down. He snapped his fingers and watched as the biker got on his Harley Davidson while time returned to normal. He waited at the stoplight and noticed the two gentlemen at the table, dropped his sunglasses to glare at them. The biker finally smirked, grabbed his crotch through his leather pants, winked and sped off through the changed light.

“You were always one for the dramatics Lorenzo.”

“I find an extreme change to be more pleasurable, and it’s not like we allow anyone in this town to have relationships that they cannot live without. But never the less, here is our coffee and ahhh, an additional treat to say the least. You always knew how to surprise me.”

The young waiter Troy had come back with the men’s orders, yet this time he had removed the red velvet jacket that hid his more muscular arms. That and his flaccid penis hung out from the zipper of his pants.

“Here you gentlemen are. Will there be anything else I can do for you at the moment?”

Lorenzo gave a glance at Manuel who shook his head, and sighed inwardly. Lorenzo could become a handful if he wasn’t there, and it is amazing that he hasn’t become more of a nuisance. “No my boy, apparently that will be all for now.” Lorenzo said, patting the boy on the stomach and slowly moving his hand down to give Troy’s dick a little fondle, which started to rise in response. Troy beamed a little wider.

“Alright then please call me if you need anything else.” and the young waiter walked off with a semi.

“See, he wanted it.” Lorenzo said. “And I could have made this little game even more fun for the both of us.”

“It is not my fault that you decided to give me the first turn Lorenzo. You were kind enough to give you’re young protégée a head start, as you do every time. Besides, I know what you like,” Manuel smirked, "and I know how to tease you. Which is why I placed that little trigger on our little waiter there, it is just too funny not to do it every single time. "

“You make me laugh too Manuel, that, and more. But I digress, you are right; I did give you the first turn. It is only my fault. But now, let us continue. I am going to say that your little trigger as your second turn, and not a good one I may add, so now it is my turn again. I am so picky about subjects though, so could you please pick another subject, or two.”

Manuel obliged, and began searching for someone to have fun with. He immediately spotted two young men walking towards them from down the street. There were two of them, one who was 18 and about a foot smaller than the other, and who had darker hair, while the other one was 25, bulky blonde and just plain gorgeous. He wore his letterman jacket and jeans and was pushing the other one who wore baggy clothes. A small look in to the younger man’s head revealed that they were brothers, and that their mom forced them to go out today. The older jock brother was forcing the younger one to go everywhere he wanted to, all the while complaining that he had to bring his fag brother shopping with him.

“I don’t think a choice has ever been so apparent in one our games as this one” Lorenzo said, a small frown forming on his face as he received the same information as Manuel had received. “I have never been one to get into familial issues but in this case I think I’ll make an exception.”

“You saw the bullying too? I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so horrible from a twenty year old.”

“That older brother has got a sadistic side to him, I’ll give him that, but he’s done enough damage. I think it’s time we have some fun. I think we should postpone our little game to work on this together, what do you say Manuel?”

“Please let me get my hands on them.”

“It’s all yours Manuel.”

Manuel stared at the two guys who were walking towards them. He let the younger brother’s clothes become more form fitting and nice. The younger brother only received a little amount of changes from Manuel, he grew, his muscles became somewhat larger and his skin cleared up, while his mind began to grow with confidence and intelligence. The younger brother was done and looking pretty good too. He was still no competition to his older brother though. Manuel turned his attention to the older brother and removed his pants immediately. His briefs began to shrink and tighten into a black jockstrap that had his package peeking out from the top. From underneath the white t-shirt a metal chain could be seen beginning to connect the two nipples on the young man. A studded collar magically formed around the jocks neck and a leash slowly lead into the hand of the younger brother. Soon after the older brother seemed more excited to be out and about with his brother, now his master as well, and started to lose all intelligent thought from his head, being replaced by thoughts of pleasing his master, getting a new butt plug, or which teammate would come over tonight and worship his master with him.

The jock and his brother were passing by a café when two good looking older gentlemen started talking to them.

“Very nice slave you have their young man” the older looking one said.

“Thank you very much mister. He’s a very good little slave boy too, aren’t you big bro?” the new little brother said, caressing his older brothers ass and giving it a good pinch.

“Yes Master, I love serving you.”

“How sweet, may I?” asked the older gentleman, reaching out his hand.

“Of course, go ahead.”

The older gentleman patted the slaves head and then placed his thumb into his mouth. The slave immediately started sucking on the man’s thumb enjoying the feeling of something in his mouth that seemed to him something he always had craved. He got a glazed look in his eyes and smiled while sucking on the man’s thumb while he smiled at him. After a moment the thumb was removed from his mouth and the jock was asked, “So where are you going all dress up?”

“Master and I are going to get another butt plug for my friend Brett. He’s coming over tonight so we are planning for him to fall for my Master here right away. Master wants to have Brett worship him like I do so we gotta have all the right things for when Brett begs Master to fill his hole like he does mine. It’s gonna be great.”

The older gentleman laughed, “It seems like it. Well I won’t keep you any longer. Go on and have fun.”

“Thanks sir, you know we will,” the newly created master said, grabbing his older brother by the front of his jockstrap, which was now underneath his ten inch erection bobbing around exposed, and pulled his along to the sex shop.

Manuel had a smug look on his face when Lorenzo turned back to face him. “Do you think you might have gone a little too far with them?”

“No, I think that with all the bullying the little brother had to deal with he deserves to have the big brother he’s wanted for a while now.”

“And Brett?”

“If it’s the same Brett I saw the kid drooling over in his head, he deserves it too. And he would look amazing with the brother’s dick up his ass; maybe both of them at the same time.”

Lorenzo chucked and shook his head. “Well I feel as if our noble deed has been done for the day, so may we go back to having some fun now?”

“If you insist Lorenzo. Whatever makes you happy” Manuel said sarcastically.

“Apparently not our waiter though,” Lorenzo said with a smirk on his face seeing the hunk of a waiter seating a young couple, his clothes painted onto his ass while his dick started drooling from a little finger Lorenzo pointed his way. The precum from his dick slowly fell onto the man’s hand. With another point of his finger, and a smirk, the young man stuck his finger into his mouth and sucked it dry. While the young woman was asking the young waiter something her boyfriend continued to grab onto Troy’s dick and remove more and more of the precum from his dick and put it in his mouth.

Manuel lightly smacked Lorenzo’s hand and with a quick glance the young man finished off Troy’s precum and blinked out of his trance state, wondering why he had this salty taste in his mouth and why all of the sudden he thought the waiter was hotter than his girlfriend. “You know the rules Lorenzo, no interfering with relationships.”

“Thank you very much for reminding me of my own rules Manuel, but I do believe we are still in an intermission.”

“I’m only reminding you. We don’t want another incident like we had a year ago, do we? It took a whole month to get everything back together and even then we still have two police officers who had tails and a predilection to get intimate with their partners and their Billy clubs”

“Yes but you have to look on the bright side of my random outburst of power. It always leads to fun, interesting results. And thanks to me you had that amazing time with those two twins that I turned into French Canadian Mounties. That, and while we were fixing everything that was going around I left some triggers in the police department for further use if we so desire. I saw how you were looking at that officer Martinez”

“That’s because when I found him he was found in full ripped uniform in the middle of twenty newly formed gang members. I had to go through pounds of tatted and pierced muscle in order to drag Martinez out of that gangbang. Not to mention the fact that it cost me two hundred dollars to take the gang’s ‘cop slave’” Manuel put his fingers in quotations.

“You have to admit Manuel that you had fun that whole month tracking down all of those cops.” Manuel said nothing and looked away out into the park, his face lightly reddening. “But we’re getting off topic. I believe it is still my turn, so shall I?” Lorenzo looked over at the park again and found a man that he thought he could do a lot with. It was a very obese man with long, dark, greasy hair that looked to be around his thirties. He was sitting in the park eating a hotdog he got from one of the vendors over there and to Lorenzo he looked like one of the best choices.

“Hey, you! Get over here!” Lorenzo shouted, pointing to the fat man who was sitting on the bench. Immediately, the man got a glazed look in his eye and crossed the street to where they were sitting. He stood with a blank stare at the two men sitting, waiting for another instruction. “Sit down young man. Right next to me” Lorenzo said. The man sat down next to Lorenzo and filled most of his side. With a start the man’s eyes came back into focus, confused about where he was.

“Who the hell are you two?” The man began to stand up.

“Not so fast cutie,” Lorenzo said grabbing onto the man and making him relaxed and compliant, “you’re not going anywhere. We would just like to know a little bit about yourself.”

“You think he’s cute?” Manuel asked.

“Not now, but when I’m done with him he’ll be a stud. Although I kind of like playing with his nipples.” Lorenzo began to jiggle the man’s nipples while he slightly moaned and began stirring in his pants. Lorenzo began taking off he man’s clothes while Manuel cloaked their actions. By the time Manuel was confident that no one would notice, Lorenzo had removed all of the man’s clothes and continues to play with the man’s flabby pectorals thing about what to do with him.

“Tell me, what is your name?”

“Tony sir” the man moaned.

“No, no that is too common for a man of your stature. How about, ah, yes. Your name is Albert.”

“Yes, that right my name is Albert.”

“That’s right. Now Albert what is your job?”

“I run a game store.” Albert moaned, trying to grab onto his thickening cock while Lorenzo made him put his arms back to his sides.

“Oh no, my friend that’s not it. You’re much richer than that. You run a large company. You’re filthy rich.”

“Right. Filthy rich.” Lorenzo began to play with Albert’s dick. “Oh sirs, please, stop.”

“Now my dear friend, why would I do that? Actually I think I’ll play with you some more.” Lorenzo began shrinking Albert. His chest, arms and legs were reduced from basically all flab to almost all muscle. Albert was sweating profusely from all the attention Lorenzo was giving his ever hardening dick. Lorenzo played with his hair and made it look very professional and then had another bright idea.

“Albert, how old are you?”

“28 sir” he said, looking at his new body, beginning to explore it.

“No you’re not. You’re about fifty. Look your hair is all silver. You couldn’t be that young.” Albert’s hair now was a beautiful shade of silver. “No, I’d say you’re a silver fox. Yes, that’s exactly what I think you are an experienced, sexy silver fox.” Albert’s skin began to sag slightly yet still showed off his magnificent muscles. A pair of glasses appeared on his face and his voice dropped an octave as he moaned.

“Oh yes. I am whatever you want me to be sexy.” Albert smiled at Lorenzo and began feeling him up through his tweed pants. Lorenzo smiled back and continued to massage Albert’s dick, extending it and adding a bar to the base of it. They both leaned in and began making out passionately for what seemed like forever until Manuel coughed quietly and snapped Lorenzo out of his spell.

“You’re definitely a keeper you stud, but for now I’m going to have to send you on your way.” With a caress down his chest Albert was clothed with a formfitting grey suit. With a kiss and a long grope of the ass Lorenzo was waving goodbye to his newly created silver stud, a phone number in his pocket.

“What do you think he’ll do now?”

“Well, with the libido I gave him, have sex is most likely. God I can’t wait for him to beg for my dick up his ass.”

“We could just stop the game now if you like.”

“That would mean me forfeiting. My dear Manuel if you want to beat me in our little games you’re going to have to do better than underhanded trickery. Which you have the chance to beat me this next round. It’s your turn.”

Before Manuel selected his next man Troy came back up to their waiter, his dick becoming even harder as he approached the table. “How is everything today gentlemen?” Troy asked, his attention focused on Manuel. His attention was distracted by Lorenzo whose hand went straight for Troy’s balls.

“Everything is excellent. If could get me another coffee though, with extra cream?” Lorenzo asked, emphasizing it with a light pull to Troy’s balls.

“Oh, yes sir, whatever you want. I’ll get it for you right away. And anything for you?” Troy turned his attention back to Manuel who shrunk back from the waiters adoring glare.

“No, thank you. I’m fine.”

Sounding somewhat disappointed the waiter took Lorenzo’s cup and headed to refill it.

“You really shouldn’t tease the waiter too much Manuel. He seems like he adores you.”

“That’s because someone put something in his head when I wasn’t looking” Manuel said snidely.

“Don’t accuse me of something I didn’t do Manuel. You are a good looking young man. Make anyone gay and they’ll say you’re gorgeous. I promise you I didn’t even raise his libido.” Manuel stared at Lorenzo until he cracked. “Ok, maybe a little, but believe me he was staring at you before that.”

With another glare Manuel returned to looking for his next target. “Let’s just return to the game if you please.”

“Fine, but you’re gonna have to do something drastic to keep up with me.”

“I’m sure I can think of something.” Manuel spotted his someone that he thought would be perfect. “And I think I have just had the best idea yet.” Manuel looked over at another table where there was a young businessman drinking his coffee on a long break. He was in his mid-twenties with short black hair and a very strong face with very blue eyes. He knew exactly what to do with the business man in order for him to keep up with his friend.

All the while Lorenzo was laughing at his choice. “Him? What are you going to do, make him into a more attractive man? Manuel you have to let your creativity out of you sometime.”

“Trust me Lorenzo, this turn will be good.” Manuel gave a small glance at the business man and at once the changes started. At once all of the businessman’s clothes, except for his jacket, disappeared from his body. His somewhat chubby body started to deflate while his skin tightened to reveal a very lean and toned man. His jacket began to thicken as it tuned to leather while his hair was shaved on the sides and began to spike itself on the top. His pants began to rip and tear until they exposed his muscular hairy legs completely. Gauges formed in his ears as other piercings began to be placed on different parts of his body. In another second tattoo’s began to sweep his form and cover him from neck to toe. The tips of his hair became green as leather boots began creeping up his legs until they reached mid shin. Finally a sneer was placed his face as the young punk began toying with his dickhead while fingering his asshole, licking his lips as any man that looked in his direction.

Lorenzo looked at the new punk with a strange mixture of amazement and horniness. “Wow, I’m surprised at you Manuel. I didn’t think you had it in you to change anyone so drastically.”

“Just because I don’t like to change my men into freaky versions of themselves does not mean I can’t compete with you.”

“I guess I was underestimating you.”

“And you were the one that told me you should never underestimate someone who could manipulate the fabric of time and space. As a college professor you really should remember the things that you teach your students.”

“Ex-student Manuel. You stopped being my student when you graduated.”

“Oh, I’m assuming you have more to teach me, it is you turn again after all.”

Lorenzo cracked his knuckles and smiled to his friend. “I don’t know about teaching you something. Maybe teaching you to have fun, but now let’s just see what I do this time.” Manuel searched again and found several jocks playing football in the park. One of them though seemed to stand out for Lorenzo. He was a tall muscular brunette standing almost a foot above the rest of his jock friends. He was perfect for what Lorenzo wanted. The brunette jock was going long to try and catch the football when Lorenzo pointed his finger at him. The muscles hidden under the jocks began to deflate. He slowed down and a pair of glasses appeared on his face while his t-shirt and shorts turned into a polo shirt and kakis. In the end he was a cute nerd who looked so out of place with the jocks around him. The football fell right in front of the nerd as the jocks walked up to him confused. A point from Lorenzo and the jocks began to sneer as they started to grope at the skinny nerd through his clothing, finally pushing him out of their playing space after the new nerd was pantzed and his boner revealed through his tight colorful underwear. While the jocks returned to their game the nerd walked away nestling his hard-on, glancing back at the jocks playing.

“He’s cute; I like him.”

“Yes,” Lorenzo stated, “I took a page out of your playbook with him. He has crushes on all his jock ex-friends, the jocks that go to his school. It’s really quite funny. I put a compulsion on him that he needs to masturbate thinking about them daily.”

“Very…normal for a man his age. Too bad he doesn’t have his time with them in the locker room to think about while masturbating anymore, he could’ve used that.”

“Yes, but he still can use his new giant collection of dildos that he has at home now. I think he can find one or two that he can imagine are the jocks that caught him in the locker room and decided to have some fun.”

Manuel just stared at Lorenzo, confused. “I’m just going to take my next turn.” Just wanting to choose someone, he picked a small geeky looking guy who was shrinking away from the punk he changed. On a whim he gave the geek some blonde hair and, liking the change, decided to run with it. He lengthened the hair to the shoulder blades and gave it a little bit of a curl. The muscles on the geek began to grow and define themselves as his skin darkened to a smooth caramel color. His baggy clothes began to shrink until his pants turned into board shorts and his shirt into a wife beater and a few necklaces dropped into his neck from nowhere. His nervousness at the punk turned into a mellow vibe as the smell of weed started to emanate from him area. He started to grab his dick from his board shorts and blatantly stared at the punk who now took the liberty of using the spoon to stimulate his prostate.

“So you made a bum? Really Manuel if you think I would ever make someone—”

“No Lorenzo. He’s a surfer. The tan, the hair, everything’s there.”

“I’m sorry to burst your bubble Manuel, but surfers wear wetsuits usually, not board shorts. Although now that you say it, I do see the resemblance to those sea chimps.”

“Thank you Lorenzo. Surfers are difficult of they don’t have their main backdrop to complete their looks.”

Troy arrived just then, having a little bounce to his step now as he approached the table. His dicked bounced along with him pre-cum dribbling from it. “Your coffee sir,” Troy said, dumb smile plastered on his face as he talked to the gentlemen. Lorenzo gently took it from him and thanked the waiter with a rough rub of the head of his dick. With a laugh and a moan Troy’s dick was directed into Lorenzo’s cup. While Lorenzo was occupied with how much pre-cum he wanted in his coffee Troy looked at Manuel. “Are you sure sir that there isn’t anything I cant get you?” he said with a wink.

“No thank you waiter, I’m fine.”

“I know you’re fine sir but what I’m asking is if you need anything?”

Lorenzo looked at Manuel with feigned disdain. “Really Manuel, the boy has been reduced to horrid jokes to try and get you to notice him. The least you could do is go along with it. No one’s going to see anything and I mean look at his ass?” Lorenzo turned him around and Manuel saw Troy’s muscular ass, larger than the last time he changed it. It did turn Manuel on, but he wasn’t the exhibitionist type like Lorenzo.

“I’m sorry Lorenzo and Troy,” he added, seeing the handsome waiter lose his smile, “I just don’t want to.”

Lorenzo sighed and looked at his student with a glare that caused Manuel to back away from his teacher nervously. Finally he smiled, “Manuel, I think it’s time for you to let go a little bit” Lorenzo said, gesturing with his hand. Manuel understood what Lorenzo was about to do and was not going to take any of it.

“Lorenzo, don’t you dare!”

With a smile and a flick of Lorenzo’s finger Manuel’s eyes glazed over and he began to smile seductively. A little giggle came from Manuel’s lips as he turned to their waiter, staring at his expose dripping member with a hunger. With a start Manuel had his mouth on Troy’s dick. The young muscled waiter was shocked for a moment until Manuel took ahold of his balls, then his moans were incessant, drawing stared from around the restaurant, the shield they put up being too weak to keep the moans from everyone.

“Do you think it’s time we end the show Manuel?” Lorenzo asked, watching his friends hands as they massaged down the waiters back as the two of them, Troy now on top of his student, manically pressed their lips together as others in the café began wondering why Troy was on top of his customer. Smiling at his protégée’s vigor Lorenzo said, “Since I see that you’re busy…” Lorenzo put more energy into the field distracting everyone and slowly they returned to ignoring the group at their table. Meanwhile Troy had ripped off Manuel shirt and began sucking on his nipples as Manuel began tugging at Troy’s pants, trying to slip some of his fingers into the waiters ass.

Troy, knowing what Manuel wanted, gladly took off his pants to show everyone in the café. Before he tended to Manuel who was busy removing the rest of his clothes, Troy ripped off his shirt as well, leaving only his tie on. With another kiss after they were fully naked Manuel grabbed Troy’s head and pushed him down onto his dick. With mastery Troy sucked on Manuel’s dick lovingly, slowly stoking his own dick as well. Manuel played rough with his new toy, forcing his dick all the way into Troy’s mouth which made the waiter even harder. With a pull on the tie he made Troy get up and aimed his dick in where he wanted it most. With a sudden drop Manuel’s dick was completely in Troy making him scream out in pleasure. Slowly now, Troy started to move his ass back and forth on Manuel’s dick. “Fuck me sir, please, fuck me deeper,” Troy repeated, moaning every other word. His partner replied by speeding up his insertions. Troy moaned and was silenced by Manuel’s lips locking with his.

While the show he created was going on Lorenzo himself had taken out his dick and began stroking it along with to his companion’s moans. With his free hand he extended all of his fingers out at once, and after a second, the effect of his powers began affecting everyone in the coffee shop. The punk replaced the spoon he was using with the new surfers tongue as both furiously masturbated their larger dicks, pre-cum dripping from the punk’s dick down into the hole the surfer was eating out. Many of the waiters began stripping and going after single customers or each other and, unbeknownst him, the newly formed bisexual man went from eating out his girlfriend on the table to having his face cover in his new bear-boyfriend’s pre-cum. With each new pump of Lorenzo’s dick the harder and more frenzied everyone in the café came closer and closer to finishing. Manuel’s thrusting became harder and rougher as his dick furiously worked in and out of Troy’s voluptuous ass. “I’m getting close now boys, how bout you?”

“Yes sir,” Replied Troy for the both of them, Manuel being too busy licking one of Troy’s nipples. From another area you could hear mumbled agreements from the punk and the surfer now in a sixty-nine position on the table and a scream of agreement further away coming from the bisexual man getting ravaged by his burly bear boyfriend roughly fucking him.

“Arg, alright, here it comes boys.” Lorenzo furiously stroking his uncut meat until, finally, all of the customers at the café came along with Lorenzo. With a satisfied smirk he watched ah Manuel, still dazed, began lovingly kissing Troy, while taking his come out of his ass and feeding it to the handsome waiter. Lorenzo called over the surfer hunk to lick the cum off of his body and hand. He though that maybe Manuel did do a good job after all with this one, stroking the long hair and eliciting a glowing smile from him, cum covering the surfer’s face. He let the surfer go back to the punk and sat back to watch the afterglow of the session for a little bit.

Finally, he decided to let Manuel in on his recent activity. With a small flick Manuel’s eyes deglazed and hiss smile disappeared as the realization of what Lorenzo made him do hit. He wiped Troy’s cum off of his face and moved the dazed waiter slightly over so that he could glare at Lorenzo, who was smiling like a teenager who played a joke on his friend.

“I think that makes me the winner don’t you think my friend.”

“After what you just did I wouldn’t say we’re much friends at the moment Lorenzo.”

“Manuel I just wanted you to have some fun, and you worked so hard on our young waiter friend here that I just couldn’t bear to see you waste all that hard work.”

Manuel rolled his eyes and nodded his head, giving up with arguing with Lorenzo. “Fine. So, which ones of our transformation do you wish to keep, you cheater.”

“Hmm,” Lorenzo joking mused, “well I guess we can keep your young waiter here, since you seem to like him so much. Other thank that I think we’ll just keep the two brothers and the silver fox I made. The rest can return to normal.”

“Including the couple over there?” Manuel asked, pointing to the man and his former girlfriend turned leather daddy who were still sixty-nining even after their orgasms.

“Yes, yes of course. I remember the rules: no interfering with relationships. Blah, blah, blah. You’re no fun sometimes. Maybe I should’ve kept you with a higher libido. He didn’t care what I did.”

“Sorry to say, but that wouldn’t have worked. I keep something on me so that if you change me during a game you won’t be able to end it without changing me back.” Manuel patted the as of Troy who understood his master’s signal got off of his dick and stood next to him. “And what is this?” Manuel said, noticing something on his back. There was a tattoo there now that was not there before. The newly formed tramp stamp read insert tips here, and after reading it Manuel have Lorenzo another, harsher glare from where he was sitting.

“Well I thought it was appropriate for his line of work in order for customers to know what he likes as a tip.”

“You’ll remove it, and give him his free will back.”

Troy piped up then, “But master, I love serving you. Please keep me.”

Manuel eyes softened as he looked at Troy. He then turned back to Lorenzo. “We’ll keep him as bisexual if you don’t mind.”

“Whatever floats your boat Manuel. I never want you to leave a game unhappy.”

“So we’ve agreed, Mr. Winner, about all of the transformations. Only the ones you say will remained changed while some will lose some of their alterations. Troy, dear, if you would please put your clothes back on, we wouldn’t want you to get fired when things go back to normal.”

“Yes sir” Troy said, somewhat disappointed. He began putting on his uniform as both Manuel and Lorenzo coaxed the couples into disentangling from their partners and putting their clothes back on. When all seemed normal the two men gripped each other’s hands and shook on it. All at once there was a large clap and a burst of light as the majority of the changes made within the game returned to normal. Twenty miles away, a biker in leather who a minute ago was furiously masturbating turned back into the thirty year old in lycra. The biker was wondering where the hell he was and why the hell he was masturbating in the middle of nowhere. The jock who Lorenzo turned into a nerd returned to normal back at home amazed to find himself cumming while there was a dildo sticking out of his ass. The surfer and the punk returned to their normal selves, sipping coffee and working on the computer.

On the other hand the two brothers were at the local sex shop. The young brother was testing several large dildos on his brothers as, while others gathered around watching the young jock moan at his debasement. He was really ready for his friend Brett to join in his fun. A few blocks away the Fox that Lorenzo changed was still being sucked off by an anonymous in an alleyway while he played with his nipples though his expensive dress shirt. And finally back at the café the young waiter Troy was blinking awake, still muscular and still gorgeous yet with no memory of the last hour or so and no tattoos.

“Um, Can I get you two anything else?” the confused Troy asked the two men

“Just the check Hun” Manuel said.

“And your phone number please” Lorenzo said.

“Um, I’ll be right back with your check.” Troy said and walked away.

Lorenzo smiled as Troy walked away from the table. “If only he knew that a few minutes ago he was moaning for you to put your dick further up his ass he might not be so awkward about it.”

“Lorenzo, you were the one that made me do him. Your memory can’t be that bad now can it?”

“Oh Manuel I just gave you a little nudge. The rest was all you.”

Troy came back with the check very quickly. “Here’s your check guys. It was a pleasure to serve you today. I hope you come back soon.” Troy quickly turned and left after handing the check to Manuel. When he opened the check she saw at the bottom Troy’s cellphone number and chuckled to himself.

“Did you do this?” Manuel held up the check.

“My dear friend no. That was all the waiters’ idea.”

Manuel turned the check back to himself and smiled again. Lorenzo was happy for his younger friend too and happy for his own number exchange with his silver fox. The two men started to stand and gather their things to leave. Lorenzo saw Troy look over from his other table at Manuel.

Exasperated, Lorenzo said, “I swear you better leave him your number. I did not waste my energy having you screw him just for you to lose the first man in a while that took the initiative to ask you out.” He left Manuel somewhat stunned at the table

Five minutes later when the two men left Troy went to clear the table the two attractive men were sitting at. Looking at the tip he was happily surprised that there was s forty dollar tip for him and a phone number.

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