Taking Control

By bleuboy
published May 20, 2018

A Seed has taken root, but this plant is not one that’s overseen by a gardener.

Hey all! I’ve been experiencing writer’s block (yet again) and have been swamped with work, so the remaining chapters of Bulges have been put on pause for now but I assure you that I will finish that story! In the meantime, I ended up finding an old story of mine that I’ve fixed up and will be sharing with you now! Hope you all enjoy this!

I’m going to start off by saying that I’m…special. Different. Weird. Whatever label you want to put on me and my abilities. You see, in this world things run…differently. Men, women, animals…normal society. Everything you’d normally be accustomed to still exists. But, in this alternate reality, there exist individuals who can bend said reality to their will. Hidden to the world, they converse with each other and document their stories on a server protected by confluence of extremely powerful magic.

Anyways, this is my story. I’m Chris. I’m small; about 5’5” and a scant 125 pounds. Curly black hair, soft brown skin and hazel eyes that sparkled in the light. I am one of those individuals who can bend reality to their will. My powers first manifested when I was high school. Being gay deep in the bible belt wasn’t the best recipe for success so I was always a prime target. A target of a boy named David Kenney. He was 6’3” and weighed 285 pounds of muscle and perfectly placed fat that flexed and bunched alluringly underneath his chocolate skin. He was on the football team and a wrestler.

One fateful day after school ended, he cornered me in the bathroom. I made it a habit to sneak about during football or wrestling practice under the guise that I was taking pictures for the school paper. And I was, but me being gay busted my cover. I was scared, and it was his truest intent to hurt me. While scared, I felt different…somehow. Like there was something building up within me that needed to be let out. Fast. I tried to call for help but he socked me in the face. I got up from the ground trembling before shouting, “GO FUCK YOURSELF!”

My voice sounded slightly off, and the world seemed to stop for a few moments like a YouTube video stopping to buffer. Then, all of a sudden, David dropped to the floor and began writhing to get his clothes off—his rapidly hardening dick grew a few inches so that he could bend it backwards and fuck his own hole. He roared in pain as he writhed on the floor.


This was my first experience with my power. The power to bend reality. Ever since that day, he had been my favorite plaything. Every day, after he finished practice. From making him fuck himself with dildos, to making him suck my dick and eat my cum, to eventually making him fuck himself on my own dick. And he loved it. His mind broke, thanks to my help, and he became a cock hungry whore.

Gone were the days where David was a macho man who loved to fuck girls. He was now a man’s bitch. He fully remembered how he was before, but he couldn’t repress the new urges I had given him. He unfortunately got a full ride scholarship to a college down south to play football for them. I was sad to see him go but I lost interest in him. I loved the process of breaking him into a whore much more than treating him like one.

I’m older now. Sure, I’ve used my powers to manipulate power and get what I wanted, but I also used my powers to help others. Brighten their IQ, give them better bodies, help them get the job they wanted and even help people fall in love. But…I just grew bored of just helping people. I wanted something for me. I didn’t exploit my powers on guys as much like I did for David. I decided to save myself for someone new. And he came right along, whether he wanted to willingly or not.

I was walking along on campus, enjoying my day when I happened across him. He was tall. 6’9” to be exact. With my powers, I could tell he was also 310 pounds of thick goodness. His name was Peter. Blonde haired, blue eyed with oh so kissable lips…and a fuckable ass. I loved guys with big asses, and if I had my way any guy with a big ass would be a scantily clad himbo but I digress. I saw him on his way to his class. I heard about him; he originally got a full ride to play basketball at our Division 1 school, but he just didn’t take it. He played basketball for 15 years of his life and he was tired of training and doing everything for it.

Apparently, he just wanted to relax and take college and its girls real slow. He still got a sizable scholarship nevertheless. Needless to say, when I first saw him I was breathless. I decided right then and there that he…Peter, would become my new project. He may have started the year off straight, but by the end he would be a cum guzzling, dick hungry whore who would love being dominated by men much smaller than him. The idea of it all made my cock tingle with pleasure.

I met Peter a few days later. Well “met” is an exaggeration. I simply warped reality so that we had the same accounting class together. Pretty easy thing to do in all honesty. It was still the first couple of days of classes, so class changes weren’t uncommon, but they took a few days to process—time I’d rather not squander. I sat my lithe body down in the seat next to Peter’s after I found him. He was wearing some black Chaco sandals, 3/4 leg Adidas track pants and a t-shirt. It clung to the massive ex-basketball player’s body deliciously. He had a small beer gut growing from all of his partying, but it looked cute on him. His arms deserved to be worshipped with how they stretched out his t-shirt’s arms. I could see his pecs too, it was cold in the room and his nipples could be seen in the tight fabric.

He smelt musky, kind of sweaty but clean. It seemed all jocks had that musky scent. It was sweet and salty at the same time. I drooled at the thought of what his ass would taste like when I would finally part his jiggly cakes to unveil his tight pink pucker. I shuddered at my fantasies but knew they would have to come much later. But they would come, and that was enough for me. I decided to get the ball rolling and introduced myself.

“Hey, my name’s Chris, you are?” I asked. I already knew his name. I already knew everything about this behemoth of a man. 6’9”. Gargantuan height. 310. Less working out led to more eating big. He loved partying. He still loved basketball with all of his heart and he just as much as he loved fucking girls. He was nice but also an asshole. Fuck, everything about this ex-jock stud was so inviting for my interference.

“Peter, and I didn’t know we had this class together either,” he said quizzically.

“I just switched classes. Didn’t like what I heard about my last professor,” I chimed back. I took out my notebook and got ready for class—it already had detailed diagrams and examples. Peter did the same, following my example.

“Damn, do you understand this stuff? I really can’t go to the study sessions and it’s already hard,” I looked at him shocked for a split second but retained my composure.

“Yeah, it’s pretty easy stuff for me. Need a tutor?" I was shocked at my sheer luck. It was like he was giving himself to me.

“Yeah, that’d be great!” And just like that, Peter signed up for his own undoing. Soon after we finished our little exchange, class began. I took notes as I fantasized about him. I began to concoct a “Seed” for him. I decided to give each step of the process I would put him under a name. I realized from when I changed David, it was like my first command planted a sort of Seed deep within his subconscious. It would grow over time until it bloomed into a Flower as I created and reinforced new behaviors and habits. The Flower was only symbolic, it was a chain of new neurons that would be created within the pineal gland and from that the individual’s life would never be the same.

It honestly was an insidious thing. It could control people’s minds and fog their thoughts, but it could also change them and make them even better than they once were. Every person needed a specific Seed, a kind of trigger, and finding that perfect one would be that hardest part of this whole process. But I wasn’t in a rush. I had all the time in the world. And well, reality if we’re being technical.

Two weeks later, me and Peter fostered a small acquaintanceship. We would meet somewhere on campus and go over things we learned in class. With my powers, his mind was no secret to me. Every minute we spent together, I learned more and more about him. Like what kind of underwear, he liked to wear, which were boxer-briefs. Where he worked out, which was a LA Fitness close by campus. How big his dick was, which around 5.5” soft and 9” hard and about as thick as a cucumber.

We never got more intimate as friends past this facade of me tutoring him and it sort of annoyed me. I was going to find his Seed soon enough, and when I did — it would be all downhill from there. I decided that I would have to isolate us somehow. I did this by reserving a study room in a less traveled part of the library. It was really quiet, and the room was soundproof and essentially hidden from others. It had a single window in the door and that was about it. It was perfect. Even though I could bend reality, creating a separate space to do my work was way beyond my current abilities. I would have to make do with what I had.

I sent Peter a text that told him where we would meet up. When he arrived, his familiar musky scent permeated the room. It was still very hot outside and I came to the conclusion that guys who had played sports were more prone to sweating. I didn’t mind his musk, it sent shivers down my spine and made my mouth water.

“What’s up my man?” I said as he sat down next to me at the desk.

“Not much, I’m just glad this room is air conditioned. I’m hot as fuck,” he said as he set down his backpack. That he was. He had sweat stains in the pits of his grey shirt and I bet the valley between his asscheeks was rank and wet. And that’s when it hit me. His ass could simply not be rivaled.

“Shit I bet. 92 degrees outside,” I made small talk, my heart rate rising. I was hoping this Seed I just thought of would take hold. I just needed to find the right time to talk about it. We went through the motions of our tutor sessions, I would tell him how to do something and use the homework program while doing so. He’d copy me and then replicate it for himself and took notes. He was a surprisingly good student. I did pick up on him being in advanced classes in high school.

We decided to take a break after working through a few chapters that we had covered in class. We made small talk when he brought the topic of sex. Rather ironic, but I went with it.

“You ever had sex with a girl who’s tight as fuck?” he asked. I was the farthest thing from straight, but I could make him believe anything I wanted. But where’s the fun in that?

“Nah, I’m not into sex that much,” I lied, “Gotta focus on my grades, y’know?”

“You’re a fucking liar if I ever saw one man,” he smirked. So, I guess I looked to be more salacious than I thought?

“Anyways, it’s the fucking best. Watching her squirm as she takes me, fuck that shit is hot.”

“Heh, I bet. Hey random question, what’s one thing on your body that girls absolutely love?”

“What? Besides my cock? I don’t know, maybe my ass?”

“Your ass? Really?” I feigned surprise, it was an amazing thing to know that girls also enjoyed one of my favorite parts on a man as well.

“Yeah, girls love messing with it since it’s so big. One tried to put a finger up my butt. She was freak, but I don’t swing that way,” he smirked. Oh, how that would change.

“So, I’m guessing that’s why you wear tighter pants? For the girls?” I chuckled, he got red but played it off.

“Aw hell, I guess,” he chuckled as well. I decided to push the moment a bit farther, I steeled myself quickly for any backlash. This would either go really well, or really bad.

“So, if a girl told you to bend over to play with your ass, you’d do it?” I asked, he got a little bid redder.

“Yeah, I love girls who ask me to do freaky shit like that.”

“Then bend over and show me your ass,” I said, audible enough for Peter to hear. He froze slightly, just like David once did. I learned earlier that the insertion of the Seed is triggered by a once said phrase. He unfroze, got up, and bent over. His massive, pillowy ass was right in my face. I could smell sweat and musk emanating from his tight basketball shorts. He came back up quickly after realizing what he was doing.

“What’d you say?” he asked, his smile fading slightly.

“Hm? Nothing. I just asked if you wanted to continue studying for class. Drop your pencil?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

“W-what…oh yeah, I did. And yeah, let’s get back to the grind.”

I was celebrating on the inside. The Seed had taken hold. When a Seed takes hold, the individual performs the trigger phrase and then goes to back normal. If it hadn’t taken hold, he would’ve heard exactly what I said. But he didn’t. The first phase was a success. The Seed was much more than a trigger phrase. My mind would reach out and give me the ability to put suggestions in his mind. Really powerful suggestions. And from there, the Seed would grow until it bloomed. It would take time, but this prize was worth the wait.

A month and a week had passed since I had planted the Seed within Peter. Life went on as normal. I decided that it was time to place a suggestion within his mind. While the professor droned on during her lecture about whatever, I was sliding a slick suggestion into Peter’s mind. This step I just simply called the “Slip”. It was the start to creating new behaviors, and the first step towards dominating the behemoth ex-jock.

This first Slip I gave him was rather tame, by my standards. It was, “Play with your ass when you think no one is looking. Just jiggle it. Flex it. Play with it. Do more squats and show it a bit of love.”

Later on, that day, Peter said he would meet up with me to study but only after his workout. I agreed but smirked on the inside. Since he had a Seed within him, I could essentially scry on him at any point. It was another ability that developed when I was helping a friend better his intelligence. It was like I was out-of-body, watching him study and rack up his IQ. I figured that if I could do it for him, then I could do it for Peter. I went to our now regular tutoring room and began to scry on Peter.

He was walking to his car in a parking garage near his residence hall. It was pretty deserted on this warm September day as people were out and about trying to enjoy the last of the heat. He tried to look as inconspicuous as possible as he jiggled his pillowy ass. He soon got into his Jeep and drove to the gym. The Slip was working; his cardio session was him using the stair stepper on a pretty high setting, which worked his lower body and ass intensively.

He then got off and began doing a variety of leg and glute exercises, from lunges to deadlifts to leg presses and everything in-between. He decided to finish off his workout with squats. He loaded on the weight and began to squat. It was a lot of weight and he squatted down really low. My dick twitched as I saw his ass fill out his workout shorts almost to the breaking point. He grunted on his way back up and went down once more. I wondered if he had every busted the seat out of any of his pants before.

He did two more sets of weighted squats before he called it quits. He was sweaty and had a delicious pump going. I ended my scrying as I wanted to save seeing his naked body for later. I would see it in all of its juicy glory, but I needed to go slow. If I rushed this, it would be like cumming too early during sex.

I waited 30 minutes and Peter walked in. He smelt showered, but there was still his sweaty musk. I would never get tired of that scent. He sat down next to me at the desk as usual.

“Good workout?” I asked, pulling out my study materials.

“Yeah, I feel great. Let’s get to it,” he said. And we did. I began thinking up his next Slip. If they were too outlandish, he would reject it. Finding the best way to get a new Slip into someone’s mind was making them think that the suggestion was their own thinking. Kind of like Indiana Jones replacing the Golden Idol with a bag of sand.

Time had passed once more, and every time I scried on Peter; he was either playing with his butt or squatting. It didn’t take long for his butt to start growing. His pants seats were now even more over filled. During class, I could help but look ever and see an ample amount of his ass spilling out over behind him in the too small seat. My next Slip was this, “Continue playing with your ass. Grope yourself subtly in public. A passing graze on your cock. A mindless squeeze of your ass. Any chance you get. You’ll feel no shame doing this. Why feel shame for something that feels good?”

The next day when we were studying together, I noticed his hands strayed to his groin whenever he could. He was hesitant, but he also played with his ass sometimes in public. I would see him walking around campus and he’d have one hand in his pocket jiggling his ass from the side and the other messing with his phone. His crotch always looked a little chubby as he did. He certainly was tapping into exhibitionism. The world would slowly accommodate these changes, everyone who knew Peter or talked to him would acknowledge his behavior has normal.

Of course, he would be fully aware of what he was doing, of how his old self behaved—but he’d helpless to stop. That was the best part of all of this. Soon his groping turned more salacious. He would look around cautiously as he squeezed his half-hard cock in public. He would get bold as he played with his ass. He was paranoid and worried if people saw him, but no one acknowledged his behavior. They viewed as him being himself.

One day, we decided to go out to eat instead of studying. Just a “bro’s” night out at a close by bar. He was wearing some stylish basketball shoes, tapered denim and a checkered shit. His hair was coiffed to the right and he had that trademark preppy part on his head and some glasses. He looked deliciously handsome. Whenever a hot girl would pass his hands would shoot straight to his crotch.

“Shit, have you gotten some recently?” I asked, smirking as I took a swig of my beer.

“Nah man. Been too focused on lifting and studying. I’m pent up man,” his face went red.

“Do you even masturbate? Shit’s not healthy if you don’t,” I said passively, taking a bite out of my burger.

“I’d rather do the real thing man. I really don’t jack off like that. Can get addicting,” he said. He looked kind of tense. He really needed to release, properly. Apparently, my slips took priority over pleasing himself since him groping himself in public drove up his libido and only turned him on. I took it upon myself to give him a new Slip. I focused and tangled this suggestion into his thoughts as we made small talk, “Jack off when you get pent up. Go slow and build yourself up into your orgasm. Don’t cum too early, no one likes that. Bask in the smell of your mess. You’ll soon grow to love the smell of cum.”

We soon finished our outing and left the bar to go our separate ways. When I got home, I decided to scry on Peter once more. He was in his dorm room in nothing but a tee shirt, boxers, and his socks. The Slip I had given him earlier worked perfectly. He laid down on his bed and pulled out his pulsing red cock. He grabbed some lotion in his right hand and closed his eyes. He started slow, going up and down his shaft. It was slow and sensual, the gooey sound of lotion squelching in his hand as jacked himself off was heavenly.

He picked up in fervor and soon began to moan quietly. He was enjoying it. He was in ecstasy, a slave to his own pleasures. It was a solid 10 minutes before he got close to cumming. His breathing grew ragged, his hips started bucking and he moaned louder.

“FUCK!” he shouted as giant spurt of cum erupted from his dick. It landed on his chest, his stomach, his arm, his bed…his room most likely smelled like cum soon after. He laid there on his bed in the afterglow. The Slip was doing its job. He reveled in the smell, in the mess that he made.

“That was fucking…amazing,” he breathed to himself.

A month and some weeks later and it was now late October. Midterms had ended, and people were taking in deep breaths till finals came. I had no care in the world, I could have all of the world’s knowledge at my beck and whim, but I did like not knowing things—just to give myself some challenge. I was also pleased with Peter’s Seed and the rate of its growth. He was continuing his behaviors and the world was norming around him. He grew less and less paranoid and freely groped himself in public without fear but now it was time for something much stronger than a Slip. It was called the Nourish. When I feel as though enough Slips have been administered to change behavior, Nourishing is the further development of those Slips.

They are powerful. Much more powerful than the suggestions of Slips. These are the things that can disguise themselves as the individuals own thoughts when they’re really not. It’s sort of like a manual control, if you will. Like stopping and going at a traffic light as opposed to the yielding at a flashing yellow light. To create and enforce a Nourish, it has to be disguised as the individual’s own thinking. Thanks to the previous Slips, completing a Nourish would be easy. But to Nourish a Seed and Slips, you need to trigger the Seed each time. That would be the harder part.

We were once again studying for an upcoming exam in accounting. We decided to take a break. I was thinking of how to bring up the Seed’s trigger when we once again found ourselves on the topic of sex.

“Shit man, remember when you told me how it’s unhealthy to not jerk off? I do it at least once a week now. Best fucking advice you’ve ever given me. I feel so relaxed all the time,” he said. That would be due to the increased endorphins and dopamine in his system. The Seed had now grown and begun hijacking the chemical producers in his brain and glands. That was a good sign about his progress.

“Glad I could help. Feeling relaxed is great, isn’t it? Don’t be a weirdo who just jacks off by himself all the time though,” I smirked.

“I’m not. I had sex recently. Some of the best I’ve ever had…but can I tell you secret?” What’s a secret to me when his mind was an open book to me?

“Sure, go ahead. I’m good with that kind of stuff,” of course I already knew. Just last week he let a girl put a finger in his ass. He experienced pain, but weirdly felt pleasure.

“A girl…stuck her finger in my ass, man,” he said, a bit gravely.

“And?” I said, feigning indifference.

“And what? It felt good. I don’t know…does that make me gay?” he looked at me worriedly.

“Why are you asking me man?!” God, I deserve an Emmy for my acting skills.

“Shit I don’t know…the fact that it felt good scares me…” he said quietly. I rolled my eyes and smirked. This was going to be fun.

“It’s not gay if a girl does it, idiot! Shit, there’s guys who like their girls to do that and more. Touch their prostate and all, even eat their ass! I heard it gives the best orgasms,” I said. And it was true. I experienced a few prostate milking orgasms and blown away by the sheer pleasure of it all.

“Really? I heard of that before, but I thought it was for gay dudes,” he smirked, raising his eyebrow.

“Eh, think what you want. As long as you bend over and show me your ass,” I said, triggering the Seed phrase. His face went blank and he once again stood up and bent over, his ginormous ass in my face. This time, he didn’t return to normal. He was tranced. While other people with reality bending and mind warping powers can induce hypnosis frequently, I cannot. I can only induce a trance every once in a while. My powers are more invasive and therefore, if I tried to induce and suggest things it would undo all of my work and cause more resistance. An individual would know I was in their head.

While he was bent over, I decided to touch his ass a little bit. It was firm yet pliant. This small taste of his cakes made doing all of this all the sweeter. I prepared my Nourish and slid it into his mind, “You love playing with your ass. Touching it makes your cock jump in pleasure. Your ass is really sensitive, but your hole is the most sensitive. You’ll finger yourself and enjoy how your finger explores your tight sphincter.”

After Nourishing his Seed, he began to rise back up slowly. He sat back down, he was completely unaware of what I just said or happened. Our conversation continued right after, like I had hit the pause button and then pressed play.

“Get outta here! Can’t say it doesn’t sound tempting though…” he said quietly. I smirked and returned to working on homework and studying for accounting. The next time I scried him would be interesting.

When next I scried Peter, I came upon a scene of him lying on his stomach in his bed. He was wearing boxers and tee shirt, he just showered and was relaxing. His right hand was playing with his newly sensitive ass and moaning. And then it happened. He pulled down his boxers and unveiled those juicy cakes of his. I was hard and leaking instantly.

With his left hand, he parted his left cheek and slide his index finger past his hole. His hissed in pleasure. Soon, he slicked up his finger with numbing jelly he had in his bedside drawer and slowly inserted his thick index finger. His groaned in pain but soon moaned quietly from time to time. He pulled his finger out and pushed in once more. He then added his middle finger into the mix. He slid in and out of his ass. He soon changed positions and laid on his back with his ass hanging off the bed. He used his fingers to fuck himself as he jerked himself off.

With each insertion, he brushed up against his prostate which sent shivers down his spine and made his cock throb violently. He was reinforcing a new behavior, linking anal stimulation with pleasure. It was amazing watching him slowly undo himself. He began to moan louder as he continued prodding of his prostate. For 15 minutes he jacked himself off slowly before his balls started to churn.

His large walnut sized balls circled and pulsated, and he groaned in extreme pleasure. His vision was filled with stars as he finally came. What I’m sure was his largest load ever came spurting from his dick. It covered his torso once more and landed on his face. He was breathing heavy, and once again reveled in his own mess and the stench of cum and ass. He pulled his fingers out of his hole and sniffed them. He was intrigued by his own scent, an unexpected development from my changing of his behavior.

It was now December; the end of the semester was fast approaching. We completed our finals for all of our classes and thanks to me, Peter and I passed our accounting class with flying colors.

“This is so awesome man! You’ve really helped me. Not only in class, but you widened my horizons. Wanna take classes together next semester?”

“Sure man,” I smirked. We registered for classes together and soon it was going to be time to part ways. I decided that the Nourish I created within him was enough to last the two-week winter break. He would progress on his own. At some point, he would want something bigger and longer up in his ass. I decided to give a quick Slip after picking up on this, “Buy a dildo. Small one. Then gradually buy bigger ones. You’ll love having them up your ass, rubbing and stimulating your prostate. Your ass will slowly want bigger sizes, nothing outrageous though. Your love your hole being tight.”

Being home over break was rather annoying. I loved my family, but I’d much rather be alone watching Peter experiment with his ass. He probably was already using his newly bought dildo right now. After dinner, I retired to my room and began to scry. And I wasn’t let down.

Peter only had a shirt and some socks on and had a medium sized clear blue dildo in hand. It was late at night and he was in his room. He was lying on his back with his ass hanging off of the bed, his tree trunk legs propped up on a close-by chair and pile of laundry. He had the dildo lubed up.

He took a few breaths, “Fuck am I doing? I’m not gay…but…” he questioned himself but went along with it. His ass was hungry for something—an itch deep inside of him that needed to be scratched. It needed this dildo up his ass. Fingers weren’t going to cut it. He braced himself and slid the dildo into his tight anus. He groaned in pain. The smaller dildos went in no problem, but he was met with resistance with this larger one. It hurt, but it hurt so good. He soon was able to slide it all the way in.

“Fuck…oh shit…oh shit…it’s in…uhhhhhhn,” he moaned. He was trying to say as quiet as possible, so he wouldn’t wake his family members. He slid the dildo out slowly then slid it back in. He prodded his prostate once more and his inhibitions fell away. He began to slide the dildo in and out fervently. His moaning grew louder, he didn’t care if his family was asleep.

“OH FUCK! MMMMM!” he shouted, he was going to cum soon. He kept ramming the dildo up his ass and the split second he came his dad busted into his room.

“What’s going on in her—OOH!!!”

“OH FUUUUUCC—DAD?!” Peter screamed. His cock rocketed a massive load that hit Peter’s ceiling. It dripped down slowly on the boy as he blushed a beet red, he didn’t even bother to hide the dildo jammed in his ass for he knew he was royally fucked.

“I…should’ve knocked. Don’t worry, you only woke me up. Sorry, son,” his dad apologized and closed the door behind him. Peter was dumbfounded. The whole scene was bizarre, but it was hilarious to me. Peter slid the dildo out of his ass and let it drop to the floor. He was thinking why his dad didn’t kick out right then and there. But he soon forgot and drifted off to sleep as his cum continued to drip onto him from the ceiling.

Everyone returned to campus after celebrating Christmas and New Year’s. The ground was covered in snow, the grass underneath soon to be in bloom when the worst of winter had taken its toll. Just like my lust for Peter’s body. The Nourish developed naturally, his Seed now could control his thoughts. At any point in time he would randomly remember having something stuffed up his ass. Or him jacking off. Or him playing with his jiggly ass. Every thought made his cock grow stiffer and leaker harder than a faucet.

The process of turning a straight man gay is removing his inhibitions. Making him love anal sex and cock sucking more than being a straight womanizer. Men are simple creatures who are extremely pliant especially when sex is involved. Peter was slowly getting to the point that I wanted him to be at. It would soon be time for his first experience with the real thing. The next step after a Nourish is an Exposure. This is what solidifies all the previous behaviors. Remembering from David’s transition from gay to straight, his exposure was me fucking his face and ass.

While I would love to do that, I knew Peter would have resistance. I was only able to do that to David because I was forcing it all upon him. It came from revenge, and a Seed born of revenge and anger made the individual a plaything. Peter was a Seed born of care and lust; his would create a more loving cock slut who would cater to my every need whether it be emotionally or physically. So, I would have to rethink Peter’s Exposure.

I decided that his Exposure would be a bit more innocent. He would develop feelings for me and soon after, a ravenous want to suck my cock. It would be something he couldn’t explain except for all of the time we spent together. He would question it but, in the end, he would convince himself he was only gay for me. Of course, he would be fooling himself, which is exactly what I wanted him to do. An Exposure is rather easy to do. All I had to do was express interest. The Seed would take over his decision center and make everything I say seem rational. He would develop the feelings and urges and the thoughts all on his own just from me saying a few words. The thought that I would soon have complete and utter control over him soon delighted me. I couldn’t wait to get to class and meet up with him afterwards.

We were in our usual secluded spot in the library, just making small talk as we did homework together.

“You have a good holiday break?” I asked, finished up a small about me paper for class introductions.

“Yeah, it was pretty great. My dad caught me playing with myself though…it was kinda awkward between us before we left,” he said, blushing.

“Heh, playing with yourself? Why do that when you could have someone else play with you?”

“W-what?” he said, a bit flustered, “What…do you mean…?”

“I mean is there someone you like. Someone you want to play with your body. Tease it. Control it. Explore it?”

“Ummm…” he looked from side to side, as if he was having an inner turmoil. The Exposure was working. I was letting my mind connect with his as I stared into his blue eyes. He leaned forward, so close that our lips were almost touching. The Exposure was completely reliant upon him. The Exposure brought out latent feelings. The Seed was mixing up his feelings. What he thought was friendship and general like was really attraction. He couldn’t differentiate the two.

He leaned back quickly and was beet red, “I…I’ll see you later. I’m gonna go work out!” he said. He gathered his things and left, but not in a hurry. I stared after his ass as he left, and I made damn sure he saw me staring.

The Exposure had grown the Seed. It was now a Sapling. It wouldn’t take much for it bloom. I could feel Peter developing emotions for me. We soon started spending more time together. More “bro’s” nights out that ended with us staying over at each other’s dorms. Playing video games together. Going shopping together. Everything a couple would do, we did. His impaired decision making made him fall hard and he fell right where I wanted him.

One night, Peter was over my place. The ex-jock behemoth was laid out on my couch. He had gained weight. He had been working out and stayed eating big, he was now 350 of brawn of fat. It landed in all the right places. I was sitting on the other end of the couch. We had a movie playing, some random comedy. He and I weren’t even paying attention to it. I was staring deeply into his blue eyes. The second part of his Exposure was bound to happen.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked him, he looked flustered.

“I…I think your cute is all…” he mumbled back.

“You wouldn’t be giving me a look like that though. You would be more adoring. You look hungry. Ravenous,” I smirked. We had both had a couple of beers and I must admit I was a bit woozy, but I was still in control. Peter had a buzz going as well.

“Fuck, my mouth is so dry…” he smacked his lips quietly.

“Why don’t…” I started while shimmying out of my sweat pants, “You wet…your whistle on my cock?”

There was complete silence besides the movie playing quietly in the background. He looked at me, and then my throbbing crotch. He lifted himself up slowly and slid over to me on the couch. He laid down, so his large body was laying before me. He extricated by 10” cock out of its tight confines and gasped. I was proud of it, it was long and was as thick as a plantain. Most people didn’t expect a small guy like me to have such a large tool. He jerked it slowly, eliciting a moan from me. He smacked his lips once more when he saw precum dribble from the tip. I knew his mouth watering. He took my cock into his mouth and began to bob up and down.

He was rough, definitely an amateur at cock sucking. But he got better quickly after guidance from me. He swirled his tongue around the tip when came up and soon after the tip would be touching the back of his throat. He really didn’t have a gag reflex. Or maybe he practiced a bit on his dildos. Either way, I was in heaven.

His warm, wet mouth sucked and massaged my aching dick. I rarely touched myself during this whole process of making Peter mine. I was oh so horridly backed up. The way he was so eagerly sucking my dick made my balls churn faster and faster. I was getting so close.

“I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…FUCK!” I shouted. I held his head down as I thrust my dick to the back of this throat. The only thing he could was swallow my cum. I felt his mouth and throat work as he eagerly guzzled down the spurts of cum that hit the back of his throat. When I was done, I let him up. He licked his lips as he propped himself up on his hands. We kissed, our tongues swirled together as I tasted myself on his lips and inside his mouth.

We stopped kissing to catch our breath and soon after, he confessed himself.

“I wanna be yours,” he simply said. Good. Because him ingesting my cum would have another effect upon his body. My cum, like me, is also special. It induced a euphoric state in whoever swallowed which in turn, made them easier to bend to my will. It wouldn’t be long now.

Peter and I basically became boyfriends a few days later and he began to change every so slowly. His beard began to grow out and he began growing denser hair on his chest, arms and legs per my suggestions. He had really sparse hair from wearing compression leggings and socks to play sports so it all came back in full within a few days. His body gained definition, to where he was soon a muscular beast weighing 375 pounds. He was massive. His already gargantuan frame welcomed the new weight. He lacked some definition because of the fat that accumulated, but you could tell he was built like a brick shit house.

He changed his favorite underwear to jockstraps; his ass was now too big and constantly busted out the seat of his pants and underwear. So, I decided to go shopping with him; the weather was getting close to spring so I got him skimpier clothing. Of course, I didn’t use money and neither did he…we kind of stole it using my powers. When winter was over, I was gonna enjoy watching his massive, hairy body be exposed in such skimpy clothing. He expressed displeasure but complied when I said it would get me so hard to see him walk around in some of the outfits I picked for him.

One such outfit made him look like a gay, blonde Paul Bunyon. The red flannel shirt was tied at the bottom to expose his midriff, as he wore distressed daisy dukes with his jockstrap straps showing. He wore a soft grey beanie and black combat boots. He looked fucked delectable.

Soon he would have an itching sensation within his ass. He would want to get fucked by a real cock. And he would want me to do it. It was time just yet. I knew his Sapling was close to blooming. It had been a long year of watching and waiting and he was soon to be mine.

The final step I have named is Possession, where your will overrides what little remaining will your target has. They become completely obedient to you and do as you say with no questions asked. But it had to be done in a physical manner. The way I Possessed David were the pictures I took of him that he willingly let me use on occasion for the school paper. This gave me an idea for a way to show and enact Possession over Peter. I went to the local pet store and grabbed a large studded color. On the name tag, I named one “Petey” and the other “Cumslut”. This would signify his loss of his own free will.

If he put this on himself, he would give me rights to control him entirely. The thought excited me to no end. This would be the final step to claiming Peter as my own.

A few days later when classes ended, he was in place. It was now spring, the weather was warm, and he was in one of the outfits I picked out for him; a reflector jacket that could barely cover his pecs, skimpy nylon running shorts, and some tennis shoes. He looked like a hot jogger. I could smell his all too familiar musk as well.

“What’s up?” Peter said, as he sat between my legs.

“I…want to have sex. I want you to show me how much you want me to fuck you,” I commanded. Peter froze, I could feel his heart beat accelerate. He sprung up and scurried back to my bedroom, it was amazing how such a massive guy like him could move so quickly. I followed him back and was face down, ass up. I walked up and pulled his nylon shorts down. This was the moment I was waiting for, for so long.

I parted his titanic cheeks and began to eat out his hole. He moaned in ecstasy as I tongued and sniffed his ass. It sent me into overdrive. I smacked his ass and jiggled it as I continued eating him out. He laid powerless before me. It was quite bizarre looking; such a massive man laying submissively on the bed while an exponentially smaller man ate him out and who would soon fuck him. The roles were reversed, but Peter’s sex clouded mind could care less. The itch in his ass was being quenched by Chris tonguing his ass.

“Mmmh…I’m ready…please…fuck me,” Peter moaned hurriedly. I grabbed the collar from my pocket and lost my clothes. I handed it to him as he kicked off his shoes and socks.

“What’s this?”

“A collar. You’ll know when to put it on,” I smirked. I grabbed some lube from my bedside drawer and pushed him down onto his torso. He was so vulnerable like this, his massive ass jutting up just ready to be dominated. I slicked my dick up and slid in forcefully. He cried out in pain and ecstasy. I was going to enjoy riding his ass. I began to pull and push slowly, getting him used to my size. But I didn’t waste time ramming into his ass.

“Unnnnnnh, oh yeah!” he moaned, his voice was deeper, but he was vocal and loving every minute of it. Just hearing him react like this made me fuck him even harder. I was slamming into his ass, watching it jiggle and shake. I leaned forward while fucking him and began giving him hickeys on his shoulders and his neck. I brutally laid into him, claiming his ass as my own. I grabbed a fistful of his hair as thrust into him.

“Yeah you like that you little fucking Cumslut, hm? Can’t be called Peter anymore…to masculine for such a little bitch. All this size and you’re crying in pain. So much stronger and bigger than me, but you know who’s in control, hm? You just want to get fucked brutally by someone like me,” I hissed in his ear.

“Mmmmyeah, call me Petey…call me a Cumslut…make me yours,” he moaned.

“Yeah, all this size, and yet you love a big fat dick up your ass don’t ya? Fuck you’re so tight. Look at you, you big bitch. Look at you, taking dick from some three times smaller than you. All you can do is moan, huh?” And moan he did. His tight ass was warm and juicy and everything I imagined it to be. I needed to cum soon. This was all getting to be too much. The final thing would be him placing that collar on himself and giving himself fully over to me. I could almost see his Flower blossoming.

I couldn’t hold it any longer, I came deep inside his ass. My vision went black as I saw the Flower in his fully bloom. Petey came soon after me, soiling my bedding and coating his torso in cum. I laid down on his broad back, huffing and puffing. We stayed like that as my hard dick went limp inside of his ass. I soon fell asleep.

I woke up to movement, Petey had rolled from under me. He stood in front of my mirror. His hairy, thick, lumberjack body looked beautiful in the moonlight. He held the collar in hand. He raised it up and bound it in place around his neck with the name tag showing. The world froze for a moment as I felt myself have an out of body experience. I felt Petey’s free will flowing into me. A few more seconds and the world returned to normal. Petey looked over at me and smiled.

“Master,” he cooed as he came back to bed and gathered me in his arms, “I would do anything for you. Anything.”


Me and Petey were walking to class. I was in tan Birkenstocks, a cute light blue tee shit and mint short shorts that came to my mid-thigh. Petey was dressed in his studded collar, a cut off tee shirt, and daisy dukes with his jockstrap strings showing. He looked obscene as he carried both of our bags, but no one paid us any mind. This was normal now. Petey’s bulge was bundled up and strained his daisy dukes, and his ass overfilled the too small bottoms seat.

Just then, a black guy crossed my vision. He was thick, looked about 5’10 and probably weighed 200 at a glance. The thing that caught my attention? His ass. It was like a shelf, jutting out and giving an almost perfect 90-degree angle. It was currently eating the seat of his pants, and I surmised that everything he wore ended up in his crack. It seems that I had indeed found a rival to Petey’s ass.

“Petey, what say you to a brother in cum?” I asked. Petey looked down at me. His breathing got a bit ragged as his bulge got bigger until his cock was poking outside of his tiny daisy dukes, flat against his cushy stomach.

“Sounds hot, Master,” he replied.

“Good.” We changed direction from heading to class to following after this new prospect. If I wasn’t careful, I would soon end up with a harem. But then again, would that be so bad?

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