In space, no one can hear you moan

By mcbaer published May 19, 2018

After a space merchant vessel perceives an unknown transmission as a distress call, its landing on the source moon finds one of the crew attacked by a mysterious lifeform, and they soon realize that its life cycle has merely begun.

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“Doc, I’m telling you, there’s something wrong with the captain. With all those other guys who went down there to check on that signal. They look normal, but when you really talk to them…”

“Parker I assure you, I gave every one of them a thorough examination when they came back from the surface of the planet.”

“I know, I know… I told Sam the same thing when he first mentioned this. But look Doc, I think he might be onto something… I talked to Arthur and I really don’t recognize him anymore. They all keep saying that they haven’t found anything on that planet, but you don’t come back a completely different person only because of some ice storm. Maybe we should really think about contacting earth like Sam suggested… wait… Doc? What… what are you doing?”

Parker saw the doctor turning his head slightly sideways, as if he’d been listening to something, but the sick bay was completely silent, aside from the usual humming of medical equipment. He stood up and began heading towards the exit. The manner in which he walked was surprisingly swift, almost robotic, without any useless movements. When he reached the door he simply leaned towards the control panel and started pressing some buttons without even saying a word.

“Doc, talk to me. What’s going on? What the hell are you doing?!”

As soon as he was done tinkering with the door he turned around and began to undress while staring straight ahead with a perfectly expressionless face. Parker was shocked to discover that the man appeared to be completely naked underneath his lab coat. And what was even harder to believe, his entire body seemed to have started slowly growing in size as soon as he took it off.

“Sorry, others might suspect something if I tear it apart like the last time… oh… oh my… if only you knew how good this feels… no longer having to hide it…”

For the first time since he entered the medical bay Parker registered an actual change taking place on the doctor’s face. His lips twitched slightly, his breathing getting louder and more frantic. Soon growing deeper and turning into wild, uncontrollable moans of arousal as his muscles continued to increase in size. For these first few moments Parker was still too shocked to do or say anything, still having trouble fully taking in what he was looking at. He saw the doctor’s hardening cock rising from his crotch, just like his body, it was growing, already reaching nearly inhumanly large proportions. His huge, round nutsack started to slowly pulse and Parker suddenly screamed when he noticed something oozing out of the man’s erect member. It was a jet black, tar like substance that quickly moved down his shaft, enveloping his entire crotch and began spreading across his body.

“They can’t hear you… I’ve sealed us off… it shouldn’t take every long…”

The doctor moaned as the black goo continued to cover up his body, everything it touched swelled up even further, his abs and thighs all becoming impossibly large and muscular. Parker screamed for help, he was an engineer, he knew how thick they’d built the walls on this ship, nobody would be able to hear him, and yet he still couldn’t help himself. Was that an alien life form? Some fucked up space virus? He had no idea, but it definitely terrified the shit out of him. He ran towards the nearest control screen, trying to see if he could somehow override this whole lockdown. Hearing the doctor’s moans getting louder Parker turned his head towards him for a second, the black substance had already spread over his chest, inflating his pecs to an absolutely gigantic size. Nearly fully coating his arms, when he suddenly clenched his fists, flexing his gargantuan muscles to their limit and grunted as a large jet of the dark goo shot out of his long, throbbing member.

It splattered onto the floor in the middle of the room, but immediately began to coalesce, turning into a small puddle of liquid rubber. Parker gasped when he saw it move around as if it had a mind of its own, and then screamed when it began to rapidly advance towards him without any warning whatsoever. It was between his feet only a fraction of a second later. Without thinking, Parker tried to squish it with his boot, but it only crawled on top of it and then inside the leg of his pants. He could sense it travelling upwards on top of his skin, moving so swiftly that he didn’t even have a chance to try to seal it off. Felt it when it abruptly stopped and as it split in half, one part getting inside his ass, the other staying right over his crotch, and yet when he tore open his pants Parker still couldn’t believe his eyes when he found his cock covered by this paper thin sheath of perfectly black rubber.

Even despite the absolute shock and terror he was experiencing Parker still saw it getting harder, growing in size, together with his ballsack that already looked so much bigger than it was supposed to be. Parker instinctively reached out to wipe it off, but his hand only managed to move a few inches before he suddenly screamed, no, moaned as loud as he physically could when a series of powerful spasms paralyzed his entire body. It was nothing like he’d ever experienced, leagues ahead of the strongest orgasm he could ever imagine, except rather than providing a single burst of pleasure it kept on going. Parker collapsed helplessly against the wall and was barely keeping himself on his feet when he noticed the monstrous, hulking figure starting to approach.

The doctor’s transformation appeared to be nearly complete, the black substance had spread over his body all the way up to his now incredibly thick and short neck, enveloping it like a perfectly skin-tight bodysuit. Even though his face was still left completely uncovered, it had changed so much that Parker could barely recognize him. Looking much wider, more masculine, with a completely hairless, bald dome on the top of his head and a huge, black beard covering his mouth.

All Parker could do was helplessly thrash around as his body continued to writhe in pleasure when the giant lifted him up and turned him around. Grabbing him by his wrists and shoving him against the wall. Parker could see the black goo slowly creeping onto his skin around the doctor’s grasp. His arms were already starting to look so alien as they were being swallowed by this stream of shiny, liquid latex, but at the same time the way they felt was like nothing he’d experienced before. Each, tiniest muscle filled his mind with so much pleasure once they began to grow. Parker wanted to scream, but all he could do was moan as the doctor’s massive member poured even more of the corruptive substance onto his back, changing him further. His own cock was starting to drip as well, the precum getting darker as his balls swelled up even more, completely enveloped by the black tar.

It wasn’t spreading as fast as in the doctor’s case, but somehow that only made it more terrifying. The giant’s body was so unbelievably strong that no matter how much he struggled, it still had no effect whatsoever A part of Parker wanted it to be over already, another wished that this immense surge of endorphins coursing through his brain would never end. He did whatever he could to suppress it, but it only got stronger as his body continued to grow. Helplessly watching as his arms were being completely swallowed by the uniform, black surface, that made his muscles bulge, double, if not triple in size in a matter of seconds. Parker flexed them as hard as he could and realized that the rubber giant’s arms had just moved, if only so slightly, for the first time since he caught him within his grasp. He pressed on, encouraged to fight, as suddenly the idea of breaking the doctor’s hold didn’t seem so impossible to imagine anymore.

His arms grew wider the harder he pushed them, already nearly matching the latex giant in size, sets of muscles that Parker didn’t even know existed expanding across his back. He felt so strong, so turned on, that rush was absolutely intoxicating. His cock was spewing gallons of corrupted, jet black precum that immediately travelled across his body, changing it beyond recognition. Parker saw what was happening, his thighs becoming so wide he couldn’t even keep his legs right next to each other, muscles on his chest swelling to a truly inhuman, gigantic size, but he knew that he had to keep going. He was almost strong enough… soon he would be able to overpower his captor, push him against that wall and fuck him as hard as he wanted, fill him with all this liquid rubber that just kept on flowing out of his dick, do it over and over until he found a bit of release, no longer feeling so mindlessly horny anymore…

Parker moaned as a large jet of his corrupted precum shot out across his chest… watching it merge with the black mass covering his chest turned him on so much… his pecs instantly increased in size, turning into two massive slabs of muscle that protruded out of his chest. It felt so good he wished they would never stop growing… it was almost unreal to see it flowing down his shaft, spreading everywhere, augmenting his body wherever it went… Parker could tell that it wouldn’t be long before he’d completely submerged… and he could not wait, he wanted to be made perfect… just like the doc…

He knew that these thoughts did not entirely belong to him, but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to feel alarmed at all. It must have been that thing… it somehow got inside his head and was trying to control him. Parker could sense that it had a mind of its own, it was smart, way smarter than him or anyone else on this whole ship. So many people had already been converted, not just the doctor or the initial expedition crew, dozens were under that thing’s full control. Parker couldn’t even begin to imagine how it was possible, but he found himself connected to every last one of them. On some level he knew that this link had been there since the first drop of the black liquid had touched his skin, but back then it wasn’t strong enough yet. All it could carry over were some vague sensations that were gone as soon as they popped inside his head. And even now, they didn’t really differ from what he was experiencing himself… this thing made everyone so afraid, and so, so horny.

By now he could practically see through their eyes, almost read their thoughts… He instantly knew that the doctor had tricked him, there was never any chance that he could escape from here. By exerting himself so much, he only let it spread faster and take over his entire body. In his mind, Parker was still desperately attempting to bring himself to try to stop it, but he wasn’t the one in control anymore. It was that thing, the symbiote as the doctor called it in his thoughts, he was becoming merely a tiny part of it, just like the others. The goo was already creeping up his neck and he knew that it would only be moments before he would be completely submerged. Before he became like them, a drone ready to do anything it wanted in exchange for even a second of release after being kept in a state of overwhelming sexual arousal for what might as well feel like eternity. Not only was this nightmare never going to end, it was about to get unimaginably worse.

Parker heard all of those men begging for help as they watched how their own, enormous bodies broke out from under their control and started infecting their friends and fellow crew members. Turning them into horny, latex giants like themselves. Parker would never have suspected it, but the doctor was among them. So many had already merged with it to the point where they had become something else entirely, but he was still trying to resist it, a part of him was still human.

He could sense his shame and remorse over what he’d done, but it was nowhere near enough to stop himself from placing his monstrous shaft between Parker’s asscheeks and coating them in the black tar, forcing them to grow, get big enough to fully take it in. Parker tried to scream when he rammed it inside him, but his mouth was already a part of the shapeless, black surface that was slowly swallowing his entire face. That gargantuan cock looked like it was big enough to split him in half, he thought it would hurt, but it was the opposite…his hole was a perfect fit for it, as if his entire body was designed just for this.

The latex sheath tightened around his cock and slowly started to move, gently squeezing it as if he was being jerked off by some invisible hand. One that knew how to grip it just right, to make him feel as good as it was possible. His balls were churning, overflowing with the black, corruptive tar. There was so much of it, and he was already nearly as big as the doctor… soon he would have to start sharing it with others… Parker suddenly moaned and barely stopped himself from cumming at the thought alone…. He now knew what this thing wanted him to do. Parker felt it taking over the doc completely and making him pound his ass even faster as the rubbery sheath continued to contract around his cock. His impossibly massive body writhed in pleasure as his head was bombarded with countless images of other men being fucked like he was. Until today there hadn’t been a single time he looked at a naked guy twice, but now, these bearded, hulking monsters made out of pure muscle were the hottest thing Parker could imagine. He wanted to become one of them and then spread it further, do anything the symbiote might have wanted just so he could continue to fuck and make others like him… Parker screamed as his cock suddenly started to shoot, rocking his body with the most powerful orgasm he’d ever experienced.

An enormous torrent of shining, jet black cum erupted from its tip in every direction as the doctor pulled Parker closer against his massive, wide chest. Impaling him on the last few inches of his monstrously huge fuckstick, ensuring that not a single drop of the dark, corruptive liquid went to waste when he finally started to unload inside him as well. Parker was still moaning and writhing in pleasure, his cock shooting out the last volleys of cum, when he noticed a large pool of goo gathering at their feet. He tried everything he could to get away from it, but the doc firmly held him in his arms until it suddenly surged upwards like a huge wave, swallowing both of them, enveloping them in a huge, rubber cocoon.

Parker instinctively closed his eyes as everything went dark, he felt the doctor letting go of him, taking a step back and leaving him all alone, encased inside it. The thing somehow let him through but Parker found himself completely trapped. The liquid inside the cocoon was unbelievably dense, all his movements were suddenly so sluggish and only served to wear him down further. Any attempts to break free were grinding not only his body but also his mind to a complete halt as it grew foggier with each passing second. Parker thought he was falling asleep but just when it seemed like he was finally out, he suddenly saw something. It took him a while to realize what was it exactly… he’d watched a fragment of the video transmission from the surface of that planet right before it cut off, but that was different, it was as if he was actually there, right inside the heads of the people who went down there.

He could feel how anxious they were right after their landing, they all understood how unlikely it was to stumble upon another ship that far away from Earth. But it was only the captain and his first officer who knew that the signal they picked up on originated from anywhere but there. That’s why they were so determined to press on even after their radio connection got cut off completely. Parker sensed their hearts starting to beat faster as they approached the large rock formation that obscured the view of their destination. And then the absolute chaos erupting inside their heads when all their suspicions were confirmed as they passed it.

Even the first glance at the absolutely immense, oval shape resting on the ground was enough to make it clear that they were dealing with something completely alien. Many were tempted to turn around on the spot and run back to their shuttle, but their curiosity won out. They approached the ship in absolute awe and upon discovering a massive hole that likely was a result of a crash landing, they decided to explore its insides as well. They were nothing like any of them could have ever imagined. Unlike the clear cut, sterile interior of their home ship, the walls of the alien vessel looked almost organic, as if they were covered by a layer of thick liquid that had suddenly frozen mid movement. Parker knew that it wouldn’t be long before they found out what it was.

Ward was the first one to take some interest in the elongated, phallic shapes protruding out of the ground and the walls around them. A couple of the guys snickered inside their helmets, thinking about how closely they all resembled what one might have imagined aliens’ dicks to look like, but nobody dared to say that out loud as they silently attempted to figure out why they might have been there. They all appeared to be of completely different lengths, ranging from those measuring only a few inches, to a few imposing poles that were taller than even the astronauts inside their spacesuits. The manner in which they were scattered across the interior of the ship was so incredibly chaotic and seemingly random that it was hard to imagine they had all been placed there with any purpose in mind

Suddenly they all turned their heads, hearing Ward’s surprised gasps through the speakers in their helmets. He told them that he’d just seen some dark substance oozing out of one of the protrusions, but it had frozen solid as soon as it got exposed to the atmosphere of the planet. Parker heard him talking to himself in thoughts, about how it made sense, the readings were saying that it was over a hundred degrees below zero out there. Then he felt a small rumble under his feet and before he knew it a small jet of that same, black goo he saw earlier splattered across the visor of his helmet.

Ward screamed in surprise and then continued to scream even louder when he realized that it somehow made it inside his hermetically sealed spacesuit. When he had first seen it, back inside the medical bay, Parker had wondered whether that thing was intelligent, turned out all it needed was a few seconds to have Ward, their science officer and by far the smartest man he’d ever met fully within its grasp. It almost instantly discovered which parts of his body it had to stimulate to control him, not even that, to make him willingly tell it everything it wanted to know, in exchange for even a second of the absolute ecstasy and bliss it could provide him. Some of the men were running towards Ward wanting to help him, others were just trying to escape, but Parker knew that they weren’t going to make it out of this ship as themselves. The ground began to shake and suddenly every last one of the cock shaped poles exploded with a torrent of black goo, instantly enveloping them all.

Just as the symbiote began making them all fall asleep, lulling them deep into dreams of their own, Parker realized that he was starting to wake up.

He swiftly stood up and straightened himself. The human part of him wanted to look around in search of the latex cocoon that had previously enveloped his body, but he already knew that it was gone, every last drop of the black good it was made of had been absorbed into his new form. Knowing that he’d changed even further, there was an inclination to turn his head towards the mirror and look himself over, but there was no need for that either. Even if Parker did not have a complete mental image of how he currently looked like already, just taking a single glance at the doc would have sufficed. They were perfectly identical, as if pressed out of the same mould. Equal in height down to a fraction of an inch, and in their muscle mass to the last pound. Both with completely bald heads and thick, luxuriant beards, identically shaped and of the same, jet black color of the symbiote that covered their bodies. Only thing that set them apart were the few hints of their past selves that remained in their facial features, everything else had been altered to fit their new image of hypermasculine perfection with their heavy, prominent brows and wide, strong jaws.

Parker’s package was yet another thing which had grown to truly enormous proportions during his time inside the cocoon. As soon as he got a good look at the doc’s muscular form his inhumanely large fuckstick started leaking with rubbery precum. His balls were churning with a thick, symbiote laced load and he just couldn’t wait to relieve himself from all of it, preferably right inside of someone’s uninfected asshole. Parker understood that this was his purpose now, he was a horny, sex obsessed drone designed to spread the symbiote further. During his sleep, his mind had been thoroughly reprogrammed, He no longer cared about what his life might have led up to before he was exposed to the symbiote. Now all that mattered was fucking, keeping himself in a state of constant arousal and ensure that his massive ballsack never stopped producing more of that shining, black cum that was required to change others. Right now Parker was so horny, he was ready to fuck anything, even another already infected fellow drone like doc. And judging from all the black precum dripping from the doc’s raging hardon, he must have been feeling the same.

Unfortunately the thing controlling both of them wasn’t going to let them do that just yet. As soon as the doc made sure his conversion had been successful, he mechanically turned around, reopened the medical bay door and marched out into the hallway, without as much as a word or glance in his direction. Parker himself quickly found his legs suddenly starting to move as well, taking him straight through the ship’s tight corridors at a rapid pace. He heard voices coming from far away, screams for help, occasional deep moans of ecstasy as the still human part of Parker’s mind was trying to figure out what was happening, where was he being taken to, why was this thing making him walk around in this form. Before it took over his body, the symbiote appeared to be doing everything it could to hide, conceal its existence from everyone and only assimilated those who were absolutely essential towards taking it back to Earth. Now it appeared that its plans have changed, it was going to convert everyone on the ship into its horny, obedient servants.

Parker passed a few men with their massive bodies enveloped in black cocoons, some were still fighting and trying to get out, frantically clawing at the shining latex surface, but their movements were already getting sluggish, they were falling asleep and he knew that by the time they woke up, they would be just like him, only happy to obey. Parker slowly understood that all of this was his fault, the symbiote was still learning about humans, it did not anticipate that someone might suspect anything, if he never told the doc about Sam they might have made it all the way home without this happening to anyone else. But now there was no hope left, that thing forced the captain to seal off the command center and disable any form of outside communication, it was only a matter of time before every last lifeform on the ship was converted into a horny, rubber drone.

The still remaining human part of Parker wanted to feel guilty about it, but the symbiote wouldn’t allow it. It only forced his cock to throb harder, making him think of the orgy they were all going to have once everyone was converted into a hot, muscular drone like him. Parker couldn’t help getting so turned on by the prospect of fucking every single member of the crew over the next few weeks they still had left until the end of their trip. He didn’t even fight back too much when he recognized the familiar corridor leading to the living quarters and finally realized where he was being taken to. Sam had locked himself inside his cabin and the symbiote was going to use him to lure him out. Parker saw his massive, black arm reaching out towards the intercom installed inside the door of his friend’s cabin and pressing its button.

“Sam? Oh shit, those things! Those fucking things! Quick, let me in!”

“Parker? How… how do I know you’re not one of th-”

“Quit screwing around man! They were chasing me! Hurry up!”

This time around, it knew exactly what to say, how to make him sound so terrified and desperate. When he realized that the ploy had worked, Parker was so determined to fight it, to try to stop himself from going after his friend, at least give him a chance to see who was waiting on the other side of the door and shut it back down, buying him at least a few more hours as himself. No such thing happened, the door started sliding open and as soon as the gap was wide enough, Parker saw his arm shooting forward, grabbing Sam and securing him in place. He didn’t even have a chance to process what was happening or make a sound before his mouth was covered by Parker’s huge, meaty hand.

Thick, black goo began pouring off it as soon as it made first contact with his skin, its tendrils slowly spreading across his face and neck. Parker found himself taking a step forward and pushing his friend deeper inside his cabin. Their eyes suddenly met and he knew that Sam had instantly recognized him, it didn’t even seem like he was scared, only looked like he couldn’t believe that this was really happening and that it was Parker who was doing this to him. There might have been a slightly hint of hope that his friend was still somewhere in there, inside that bearded, latex giant, that he might hold back, let him go. Parker knew that won’t happen, but not only because he couldn’t resist the symbiote, he no longer wanted to.

When he first got a good look at Sam’s body, pure, without even a drop of the black oil on his skin, it was like some switch had been flipped inside his head. He no longer saw the man before him as his friend, only an uninfected human he had to fuck and pump full of his corrupting, rubbery cum. There was no more conflict, every part of him could not wait to do just that. Parker watched Sam thrashing around as he ripped open his uniform and grabbed his cock, coating it with the dense, liquid latex that was still dripping from his fingers. It instantly grew hard and started getting longer and thicker. Sam’s body continued to writhe, but this time in pure, sexual pleasure. He was already starting to look so hot, enormous muscles bulging out and expanding underneath the growing black surface on his skin.

Parker squeezed his cock a little harder and watched his entire body instantly tensing up as a huge volley of cum shot out between his fingers. Much to his disappointment it was still completely white, still human, but that didn’t stop him. Parker moved in closer and grabbed both of their cocks within his palm. The difference in size was enormous, but it was growing smaller with each stroke, Parker was turned on beyond belief, there was so much glistening, black precum pouring out of his monstrous tool. Most spreading across Sam’s crotch while the excess dripped onto the floor, forming a puddle around his victim’s feet. It crawled onto his legs and covered his calves as they started to grow, then got onto his thighs and made them endlessly expand with pure muscle until the entire, lower part of his body was nearly indistinguishable from Parker’s.

Sam was still trying to break free, flexing his already inhumanly large biceps as hard as he could, completely oblivious to the fact that it only resulted with his transformation into a horny, obedient drone progressing that much faster. But even though the symbiote was already covering most of his friend’s chest, giving him a perfectly sculpted set of abs and turning his pecs into oversized, hard, slabs of meat it still wasn’t fast enough to satisfy Parker’s overwhelming need to fuck. He watched Sam’s eyes going wide as he lifted him up and then saw them rolling into the back of his head as he slid his throbbing member between his beefy asscheeks, thrusting deep inside his hole.

Parker began savagely pounding his asshole, going at it as hard as he physically could, only encouraged to keep it up when Sam’s resistance started fading away as the last patches of the human skin below his neck were swallowed by the shining, black tar. He felt his body going limp and then when it moved again, Parker suddenly found it meeting his thrusts, impaling its needy hole deeper over his massive, throbbing tool each time. He watched Sam’s own, rock hard cock swinging around, together with huge, ripe ballsack and when he saw the first drop of perfectly black, symbiote infused cum appearing on its tip he could no longer take it. Parker pulled his friend closer and started to unload deep inside him, Sam’s immense, muscular body was instantly taken over by uncontrollable spasms of pleasure as own gigantic member proceeded to do the same, exploding with a torrent of corrupted cum. Coating them both and sealing him inside a cocoon of his own as he slowly passed out due to the sheer intensity of his orgasm.

Parker gently placed his friend’s lifeless body onto the ground, he couldn’t wait to go for a round two, but his conversion was going to take at least a few more hours to complete. Fortunately keeping himself entertained until then wasn’t going to be hard, he could already sense a few other uninfected crew members hiding out in this part of the ship.

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