The Forced Offering

By rubbrsome published May 19, 2018

An innocent rubber enthusiast finds himself held captive by the newly created soldier drones.

Chris’s entire night had taken an unexpected turn. One that he was still trying to understand and get ahold of. It had all started at the monthly bondage party that he and his partner hosted. During most parties, there could be up to thirty guys, all thirsting for some kinky leather and rubber fun. And in most cases, the guys always left with theirs thirst and hunger satiated.

Tonight, Chris had been told by his partner that he was to wear his favorite rubber catsuit, the knee high leather boots and the rubber gas mask with blacked out lenses. He had happily complied with his partner’s request. And once he had put on the requested outfit, an electric butt plug had been inserted up his ass while other electrodes were attached to his cock and balls. Chris soon found himself strung up and suspended, his body writhing under electric stimulation and made public for all the other men to view and admire.

Chris was unable to do anything while he was suspended. Both his wrist and ankles were being restrained by leather cuffs, and those were attached to chains hanging from the overhead beams. So he relaxed as he felt the other party goers taken turns fondling and exploring his body.

But it was some time later that Chris sensed that something unusual begin to occur. After being suspended for over an hour, he suddenly started to hear a commotion going on around him. There seemed to be shouting and yelling. He could hear the rapid steps of people running all around him. And several times, it felt like people bumping into him as he began to swing back and forth from the suspended chains. Inside the gas mask with blacked out lenses, Chris could only turn his head around in confusion, completely unable to tell what was going on. It seemed like it took several minutes for the loud commotion to eventually die down. It wasn’t completely silent however; Chris could still hear the muffled moans of people nearby. If he didn’t know any better, Chris thought it sounded like a large group of guys being gagged. During all this time, the electric stimulation continued to edge Chris but didn’t push him over the edge to shooting his load. His mind was being torn between the thrill of electric stimulation and the confusion of the sounds going on around him.

But before he could think much on what he was hearing, he felt hands suddenly begin to undress him. He found this quite unusual. First of all, he had expected that he was going to be milked before his suspension was over. And he had never before been undressed while still being suspended. And almost immediately, alarm bells sounded within his head as he felt his rubber catsuit being torn and ripped from his body. Something was definitely and seriously wrong. That suspicion was confirmed when the butt plug was violently ripped from his ass and the cock and ball electrodes yanked away. Chris found himself screaming, his arms and legs flailing as he continued to remain restrained within the suspension’s leather cuffs.

Finally, he felt the insensitive asshole begin to unfasten his rubber gas mask. Chris planned to kick the shit out of whoever destroyed his favorite catsuit as soon as got out of the suspension. But as the gas mask was loosened and removed from his head, he only had a split second view before his world went dark again. For the briefest moment, what he saw was a room full of naked men laying side by side on the floor. All of the men seemed to be restrained by leather or rubber restraints. Each of them were wearing black mitts and socks that seemed to be lashed together. And each and every one of them wore latex hoods, masking their faces. All of them seemed to be awake, wriggling and squirming, as they lay side by side along the floor.

If the sight of his bound rubber friends hadn’t scared him, then it was what he saw next. Because of the party, the lights were lowered and subdued. But moving all around the darkness, Chris saw the strangest thing he could never imagine. The shadows were moving. They came out of the darkness. At first, his innate fears thought they were monsters. But they had humanoid form. They made no sound and never talked. Chris watched as one of the shadowy figures drop one of the naked men on the floor and line him up against the other. The shadowy dark figures were everywhere and surrounding them all.

Chris barely had a chance to view all this before he felt a dark hood suddenly placed over his own head. His entire view went completely dark, and he found it difficult to breathe. The hood was so tight that he couldn’t open his jaw enough to scream but could only give loud moaning complaints. Whoever had done this to him wasted no time by unshackling him from the chains, and then binding his hands together in the rubber mitts, and then his feet together in rubber socks. Chris felt his body hoisted over somebody shoulders and then lowered to the floor. Shaken and scared, he tried to roll sideways but soon found himself butted up against another naked and restrained individual. Trying to roll the other way, he ran into another man. Chris envisioned all the party goes, naked, restrained and hooded like some sort of twisted and kinky version of a can of sardines.

The muffled moaning of the men continued until, one by one, the room got quieter and quieter. Then Chris felt his body lifted up and thrown over somebody’s shoulder and taken to what he did not know. The muffled moaning never seemed to end. It only got louder, then quieter, then louder again. It was extremely disorienting because he couldn’t seem to make sense of what was happening. He seemed to understand that all of the party goers had been removed from the location and taken god-knows-where. But how they were transported was a mystery. Chris’s first fear was that this was some kind of government plot to punish the BDSM community. Maybe it wasn’t the government but instead some kind of ultra-extreme religious group. His mind began to frantically try to make sense of what was going on.

Then Chris seemed to sense that however he was being transported had finally stopped. And again, he felt himself placed over a figure’s shoulder and carried. As he was carried, he was very aware of the growing noise. It seemed to get louder. He seemed to understand wherever he was being carried to, it was the source of the noise. Underneath the hood, he could hear that the noise was a mixture of shouting, moaning and even intelligible words. Some of the words he could actually understand.

“Oh my god! Oh god! Oh god!”

“I can’t stop! I can’t stop!!!”

“Yes! Please yes!!!”

Chris felt his body lowered down and placed on the floor. Instinctively, he rolled sideways but he felt a hand reach out to prevent him from rolling. Then, there was a hand on his face. He felt the man’s fingers seize him by the front of the face. And suddenly, Chris could see again. As the hood was removed, Chris gasped for air. He hadn’t realized exactly how hard it was to breathe until the hood was off him. And it took the next several seconds to regain control of his breathing.

As he got his breathing under control, he tried to make sense of what was happening to him. He looked around but it didn’t help. It only added to his confusion. None of it made any sense. Laying on his back, he stared upwards into a massive black tree. Its trunk seemed to stretch upwards for hundreds of feet. Numerous branches radiated outward from the trunk, each branch containing one, single leaf on it.

But then he sat up, trying to look around him. All around the base of the tree were the many party goers. Most of the men he recognized, but there were also some that he didn’t. Like him, most of them still had their hands and feet restrained inside these unusual rubber mitts and socks.

It was still hard to make sense off all this. There was a lot of activity going on. Chris watched as more of the shadowy men walked towards the tree. Each of them carried a naked man over their shoulder. The figures would drop the naked men and remove the hoods. But then, Chris realized, the manner in which they moved the hood was … what? How was that possible?

Chris could only describe it as how he saw it. The shadowed figure would place his hand directly on the captive’s face. The black hand then seemed to meld with the material of the black latex hood. And then, as impossible as it seemed, the latex hood seemed to be sucked up and siphoned into the shadowed figure’s hand. The man never pulled the hood off. It was if the rubber of the hood rejoined the rubber of the shadowed man’s body.

None of it made sense. Chris watched as more and more of the shadowed men dumped more and more naked captives at the base of the tree. All around him, naked men writhed and wriggled as their hands and feet remained bound. Those that weren’t bound by their hands and feet were doing something else entirely. And again, it just didn’t make any fucking sense.

There were naked men straddling the massive roots of the tree, and it seemed like they were fucking it. These men’s asses bounced up and down as their cocks seemed to penetrate the root system. Chris watched as black vines entered each of these men’s asses. More vines would seize them by their wrist and ankles. But despite being fucked in the ass and restrained by their limbs, these men never stopped fucking the roots.

Then there were the others. If Chris thought fucking the roots was bad, then he hadn’t seen the others. The last of the men were all jacking off. Chris lay directly next to one of them. Dave, another leather enthusiast that he had known for years, was frantically pumping his cock with his hand. Chris watched as a black slime was slowly oozing from Dave’s cock and dribbling down his shaft like an oil well. Dave looked directly at Chris with his mouth open in orgasmic bliss. Then Dave’s eyes rolled upward, revealing their whites, as he continued to moan in pure pleasure.

“Dave! What?!”

Dave heard his name and saw Chris. “Oh god, Chris! I …. It’s so good. I … I can’t stop. I got to get it out. It’s ….. Oh OH OH GOD!!!!” Dave rolled his head side to side as he continued to pump his cock, as more and more black cum spewed outwards. Chris watched as Dave’s blackened balls swelled and doubled in size. He realized that if his friend didn’t constantly milk his balls they could very well explode. He watched, captivated, as the black cum oozed down Dave’s cock and begin to spread outward over the crotch and coat his naked body.

As he watched his friend grow dark in body, a fear crept over him. “Where’s Mitch? Dave!!! Have you seen Mitch?!!!” Chris fear immediately went to where his partner was at. He needed to find him.

But Dave was too busy jacking off his cock; he only continued to moan and writhe has the black cum began to crawl up his abdomen and down his legs. As his legs began to turn a glossy black, Dave began to kick and squirm. Then he would arch his back, lifting his body upward as the polished rubber began to crawl upward.

Chris looked at among the horde of naked men and shouted: “Mitch! Mitch! Where are you?!”

Then he heard it. He heard his name. Somewhere in all the yelling, moanings and groans of orgasms, Chris heard Mitch. It was coming from one of the men that was straddling the tree’s root. Chris had just enough time to turn to see the back of Mitch’s body. His lover’s ass was bouncing up and down as he watched a large black vine snake its way into his asshole. Mitch ass stopped momentarily to let the vine sink its way in before he resumed his fucking of the root.

Before Chris could react or call out to Mitch, he felt something on him. Turning his head, he watched as one of the shadowed men stood and loomed over him. There were no features on the man’s face. But Chris could still feel this man’s intense gaze and focus upon him. Then with his immensely dark foot, the man stepped directly on Chris’s chest, pinning him to the floor. With his hands still bound, Chris could do nothing but writhe and gasp for air. He tried to wriggle free but the weight of the man was too much for him. Looking up, he wanted to scream for the man to get off him but he couldn’t muster the words. As he looked upward, he was vaguely aware that the shadowed man was stroking his own cock above him. Then Chris watched as black cum shot from the man’s cock in ribbons and falling downwards into his open mouth.

The hot cum landed on Chris’s tongue, and the taste of it seemed to awaken something inside him. His eyes instantly dilated to their fullest, turning them almost completely black. As more and more cum shot into Chris’s mouth, he suddenly found himself trying to anticipate its flight path and catch it. He didn’t want to miss any by chance.

Chris was vaguely aware that a second shadowed figure was reaching down and unbinding his feet and hands. He got the faintest sense as the rubber socks, that were binding his feet, were sucked back up onto the shadowed man’s body. Then the man reached out and put his hands over Chris’s rubber mitts. Instantly, the mitts began to dissolve and return back into the rubber man’s body.

Now free, Chris sat up with his mouth wide and continued to catch the first man’s cum. He couldn’t wait anymore. He crawled forward on his knees, placing his mouth directly on the black cock and began to suck. The shadowed figure rocked back and forth, face-fucking Chris and forcing more cum down the human’s throat. Chris’s vision swam as he felt himself seized by the back of the neck and dragged toward the tree.

He barely knew what was happening when he felt the two shadowed men place him directly on top of one of the trees massive roots. The shadowed figures were on each side of him, each of them grasping him by one of his hands. They seemed to be placing him or guiding him to a specific spot on the root. Not really understanding what he was supposed to do, Chris let the men take him to where he was supposed to go.

Then Chris knew he was there when his hardened cock slipped inside something. Looking down, Chris saw that his cock was now penetrating the root. He watched as the root seemed to move, sliding up onto his cock and taking him. The two black figures let him go, allowing Chris’s naked body to fall onto the massive root. Now free, Chris straddled the root, trying to position himself and force his cock deeper inside the hole. He barely registered as vines wrapped around his wrist and ankles, binding him down and restraining him. Chris was too busy as he began to thrust his body up and down, trying desperately to fuck. He only gave pause as he felt something slip into his asshole, pushing hard against his prostrate.

It was too much at that point. Everything was just too fucking much. The taste of that cum, the stimulation on his cock, and now the pressure in his ass. His balls begged for release. And Chris broke within seconds. His orgasmic high was so much that Chris barely felt the slimy pulp of mass slip into his pisshole and burrow its way into his balls and begin to nest. The vines binding his wrists and ankles released him and Chris found himself falling backwards as black cum began to explode from his cock. As soon as Chris had finished using the root’s hole, two more dark figures placed another naked man’s cock into it.

Chris didn’t care. He looked up and watched the dark men guide the naked man’s cock into the root. Chris’s hands were acting on their own. With both of them, Chris was pumping his cock in fury. His balls seemed so full. Something was in his balls. The pressure was too much and he needed to keep releasing. If he had looked down, he would have been astonished to know his balls had turned black and swelled as if a water balloon.

Chris kept orgasming. His cock kept shooting cum after cum. His head rolled from side to side, and his mouth stretched wide as loud pleasurable moans burst forth. How was this possible? How could he have so much cum?! Looking at his cock, he watched as the black liquid oozed down his shaft and pooled at its base. The pleasure kept building and his balls kept swelling. It never ended. Again and again, he kept shooting ribbon after ribbon. Chris’s hand pumped furiously as the cum began to crawl up his belly and down his legs. Minutes went by and Chris’s orgasm kept rising. He kicked his legs as the black rubber slime moved their way down and slipped over his feet. At that point, with his legs completely coated, he arched his back and continued to squirm. The rubbered cum continue to crawl over his naked flesh. As the black rubbery cum rose and coated his nipples, Chris gasped in pleasure at the tickling sensation. Finally, after nearly an hour of one long, sustained orgasm, the cum began to crawl over his face and seal Chris within his rubbery shell.

Chris finally released his cock. His hands fell to his side as he panted in exhaustion. For several minutes, his body lay prone, enjoying the rush of endorphins coursing through his veins. He stared upwards into the massive tree, fascinated by all the movement going up it. It looked like the tree was crawling with ants.

[ …………………… ]

Chris heard it. He didn’t know what. A whisper. The faintest voice. Trying to tell him something. That he needed to do something. But what did he need to do?

It wasn’t hard for Chris to guess. Very slowly, Chris sat up. He looked down at his hands, legs and body. They were coated in pure, polished rubber. His muscles stood out in perfection. He marveled in its strength and beauty. And he suddenly realized, he never felt better.

Looking around him, Chris saw a massive horde of naked men. Their bare, human flesh seemed pitifully weak compared to his. So imperfect. He felt both sad and happy for them. Sad that they were imperfectly human. Happy that they would soon be … what? What would they soon be?

And then, for some reason, Chris knew what he had to do. He looked up into the tree rising above him. What he had mistaken for ants crawling up the enormous trunk were actually men. They were hundred and hundred of rubber men rising up into the air. Instinctively, Chris bent his legs and jumped. Shooting like a cannon, he bounded nearly a hundred feet skyward and landed perfectly onto the tree’s trunk. There, he was joined by his rubber brothers. There were so many of them, that they were actually crawling on top of each other. Thousands of naked rubber bodies scrambled their way upward, searching for something.

Chris climbed. It was a rising river of rubber men. He went with the flow. Hundreds of feet above the ground, he continued to climb with the others. They passed branch after branch. He seemed to know that these weren’t the right one for him. And when he reached the right height, he turned horizontal and went out onto one of the branches.

At this point, Chris seemed to understand something. When he had first looked up into the tree, there had only been one single leaf per every branch. But as he crawled on hands and feet out onto the branch, he watched a thousands of clear crystal pods growing out of the black branch. Looking down, he saw that there were now thousands of black leaves nestled on every branch. And more were continuing to sprout forth.

As Chris passed by several of the black leaves, he realized they were leaves at all. They were men. Men in black cocoons. Men being transformed. If Chris mouth wasn’t sealed up inside his new rubber face, he would have smiled. It all felt so right. This was all so good.

Chris crawled forward, eyeing his very own transparent cocoon. All the men crawling along the branch seemed to know exactly which cocoon belonged to them. They proceeded forward with single-minded order. As Chris approached his transparent pod, he crawled downward, slipping his rubber body through the opening and into its elastic sack. Finally, he detached his rubber foot from the branch and let go. He fell into his pod, and felt the opening seal itself up. Immediately, he felt the tight compression as the rubber membrane began to shrink and constrain his body. Chris fought it at first. Not to resist, but instead to simply reorient his body correctly.

He wasn’t exactly fast enough. His body was still oriented downward when the massive black vine found his head. The thick tip of the umbilical opened up as if a flower, revealing a razor-sharp needle. As needle stabbed into the pod, connecting to the back of where Chris’s head met the neck. From there, the needle slowly extended upward into Chris’s brain, as hundreds of miniscule tendrils began to burrow and reprogram. Chris’s body jerked and spasmed. As other veins crawled over the cocoon’s outer membrane, more of them pierced and penetrated his rubber body. As they connected and bonded, Chris began to slow, relax and submit.

One by one, all the cocoons hanging from the tree began to slow and become still. The pods, once crystal clear, slowly dimmed, turned gray and began to go dark. Chris’s mind was a bustle of activity. New information was being driven into him. He marveled at the new information flooding his mind. He understood that what he was being told was of vital importance. So important that he would have to forget everything he had once known. Everything that came before would be discarded. Even his name and who he was didn’t matter anymore.

Chris understood perfectly. He didn’t hesitate or show any fear as his old personality faded away and was erased. The newly created soldier drone craved the new purpose it was to be given. As it looked down hundreds feet, it marveled at how full the tree had become. It was no longer bare. The soldier could barely see the ground now. All along its view, thousands of pods containing new soldiers were programmed and perfected. The drone watched until its pod dimmed completely and became solid blackness. As the pod became black, the soldier seemed to feel the last of its humanity drain away. It’s mind lost all emotion and became focused solely on its newly programmed purpose. Then the drone closed its eyes, allowing its mind to join with the others and unify in one collective consciousness.

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