The Book of Power Chapter 5

By Richard Drew Kiss published January 5, 2014
Grant helps an old friends little brother get revenge on his tormentors.
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Chapter 5

I walked in-between the four boys. The leader of the group was a few inches shorter than I was, but was broader of shoulder. He had dark blond hair and grey eyes. If it was not for his build and muscle, I would not think he was attractive at all. Not sure if it was his look or his personality though. He did have very large feet I noticed as I have size 14s and his feet were bigger than mine. His Jeans were tight and only had a white t-shirt on under his letterman jacket, odd for the cold weather, but it showed off his arms I am sure. I picked his wallet out his back pocket and saw that his name was Brad Smith and I noted his address. I then found his phone. And as long as I was touching it it would work normally. I put his phone and his wallet in the inside pocket in my coat. So I could keep it strait.

The next guy was Latino and of caramel skin. And was short and very trim from what I could see no more than 5'10 and 150lbs. I took the wallet from his pants pocket lingering on the firm ass and saw his name was Thiago Javier Ramos, or T.J. from his school ID. He had on a Letterman jacket and a hoodie and for some god known reason soccer shorts and sandals in the dead of winter. He had short spiky hair and deep brown eyes. He was probably a second year senior as his ID put him at 19 years old to his friend Brad who was 17, almost 18 in a month. I found his phone in his front pocket and I felt his flat stomach as I got the phone out. I then put the phone and wallet in my right side pocket.

The third guy was obviously the muscle of the group. Only slightly taller than T.J., but it was as if someone took T.J. and Brad and combined the two together. He was a ginger with very red hair and a red beard on his face that a lot of older men would be jealous of, with freckles. It looked good on him. He was wearing a white muscle tee under-armor under his lettermen jacket. And some gray sweatpants on that showed off an impressive bulge. His phone and his wallet were both in his jacket pocket. His name was Jason Hogue and to my surprise he had about 700 dollars in his wallet in cash. Leaving the cash alone I put the phone and wallet in my back empty pocket of my jeans.

I walked over to the fourth guy. The bullied teen, and found his wallet in his front pocket of his loose fitting jeans. His name was Keith Daniels. To my surprise he was the little brother to someone I went to high school with, Nate Daniels. He was one of the few friends I had in high school and we remained friends until he went off to college and got married and has something like 4 kids and is on his second wife. He looked a lot like his brother, the last time I saw him he would have been 10 or something like it. Now he was 17 and from his wallet he was a student at UW. Impressive for someone his age, but if he is anything like his brother he is pretty smart. He stood shortest of the group at about 5'5 and weighed no more than a buck twenty. He was scrawny and probably had no strength at all. Thought an absent memory reared up...and I wonder if he has a big dick like his brother....I smiled at that thought.

Now this will be fun. I picked up Keith who did not weigh anything at the moment. It was as if I was moving him on an axis, and he simply moved where I wanted him to go. I could sit him down just put pushing him down and all his limbs moved easily. As soon as my hand left him no matter what the position was when physical contact was discontinued he would simply just freeze. Time flowed normally around me, and I could extend that to whomever or whatever I was touching.

I started with Jason, I don't know why, but I always thought the bigger and stronger you are the more fun it is to put you in your place. Even when I watched porn, I loved it when the smaller and weaker looking guy was in control. I took off his letterman jacket and set it on a table nearby. Then I raised his arms and with a little bit of trouble I took off his tight muscle shirt. He was so thick and tight. His chest was huge and even a little bit of reddish blond hair on his chest. I took a moment and just worshiped his muscles. It was even better as he was not aware of it. I laughed at that thought. I got very hard feeling his body. I wanted so much to have him flex for me, but no not yet. I then took his sweats and tighty whities off of him and just admired him. His dick while not long at the moment was very thick. The girth was impressive to say the least. I took out each phone and took a few photos of him naked, including my phone. I even posed him a few different ways. It was like taking a picture of a picture. He posed perfectly.

Next I did the same for T.J. undressed him and posed him and took photos on each of the phones. He had a nice uncut cock that was probably a grower, not a shower. But still very nice, and bigger than me. He was so lean and so well defined. It was very nice to look at. He also had the best bubble butt I have seen in a long time, next to Luke of course. I squeezed it a few times, just for fun.

Now lastly was the leader, king jerk himself. Brad Smith. I took off all his cloths and was surprised that he was a little chunky along with his muscle. It was probably baby fat that had not burned off yet. It was nothing much, but still layered on top of all his muscle. And there was a lot of muscle. He was probably very very strong, from the looks of him anyways. His dick was thick and long soft, probably around 4 inches or so at the moment. I posed him and took a few pictures. He was very photogenic. I could see him doing movies, or a reality show, or porn.

Now it was time for the plan. I started to very carefully posing each of the men into different positions. I started off with Jason the muscle on his knees looking up into T.J.s eyes with his soft cock in his mouth and Brad in the background watching, and took a picture on each of the phones. I was just about to move them into the next position, when another idea struck me. I stood between T.J. and Jason and placed my hand on both of them, and I unfroze them. For the briefest and smallest fraction of a second, so fast that to them it probably barley registered, but I am sure it did on some level. I then did the same to Brad.

I then reposed the three so both Brad and T.J. where in Jason's mouth. *Click*

Then I bent Jason over a bench and put T.J. up to him so it looked like he was fucking him, and Brad was sitting on the bench with Jason sucking him. *Click*

Then I reversed T.J. and Brad. *Click*

This continued for a few different poses. I would take the picture and unfreeze them for just a fraction of a second. It was like posing my own life size sex dolls. Sometimes fear was better mind control than magic. These pictures would insure that these boys would do as they are told. And the start of the next part of my plan, it was time to unfreeze Keith.

I painstakingly re-clothed the three boys. That was more difficult than I thought it would be, though not any less fun. I put them back into the same position they were in, roughly anyways, before I started to mess with them.

I walked over to Keith, not sure what to expect as I grabbed his hand and intertwined my fingers in his so he could not as easily jerk it away, and I unfroze Keith with a mental command. He first looked at his hand and tried to jerk it away as he was surprised that a sort of stranger was holding his hand.

I looked at him and said. "Keith calm down, I am not here to hurt you. Stop and look around you for a moment before you jerk your hand away."

He did start to look around, but he still was trying to get his hand away from mine, but after few moments his jerking slowed down and began to be more like a absence minded try to get free from my grip.

"Wha....what...what is going on?" He asked "They...everyone is um frozen..." Keith said looking around the boat.

"More or less," I replied to him.

"Are, are you doing this?" he stepped closer to Brad to look at him.

"Yes, I am. Impressive no? Oh and that's why I am holding your hand, to unfreeze you. Not cus I wanted to hold your hand mind you. You know, I have known you a long time. I was friends with your brother in high school."

Keith nodded, "Ok" He walked over to Brad, and pulled me a little closer as not to stretch his arm. Keith reached out and pressed Brad's shoulder and brad moved ever so slightly. He smiled. "This asshole has tormented me since we were both in the third grade." He said as he reached back and punched him hard as he could in the gut. Brad had no reaction what so ever. "Why I love him so fucking much I will never know." He said as he wiped a tear away from his eye.

I was surprised. I had no idea that Keith was gay. Granted I had not seen him in a long time, but it was still a surprise. I wonder if his brother knew. I took Keith's phone out of my pocket and handed it back to him. "Well this will make things much more enjoyable. Look at the photos." I said with a smile.

He took his phone and started to look at the photos. "Holy shit these are hot! Wow he is bigger than I thought he would be!" Keith said as he smiled looking at me.

"Yea I figured you could use those photos as leverage for him to leave you alone. I placed it on all their phones, and I have the photos on their phone as well.

"They have no idea what's going on right now?" he asked me.

"I unfroze them for a fraction of a second each pic...they will know SOMETHING is going on... no idea how they will react. I am eager to find out." I grinned.

Keith started to fondle brad with one hand. I could see in his jeans that he was getting hard. He was in bliss. "God I would love to fuck this asshole..."

A top...hmm interesting. I thought for a moment. "Yes, yes this will work nicely,"

"What? What will work nicely." He asked me

"I am going to give you a gift. The gift of revenge." I stood next Brad and placed my hand on his face. I gave a mental command and unfroze Brad.

First thing he did was double over in pain from the punch in the stomach. I tried to keep my hand on his face but I could not, and he froze again. I sighed. I reached out and touched him again. This time grabbing his shoulder tight and unfroze him again. He took a couple of deep breaths and stood back up. Before he could react I placed my hand back on his face.

"Obediat voluntati," I said with intensity. And Brad's eyes glazed over. "Do not move, do not speak, do nothing unless I tell you to Brad. Keith, take his hand. I will keep him unfroze through you. And do not say anything please."

Keith obliged. Happily I might add. I don't think he had any idea as to what was going on, but he knew something was going on.

After Keith took Brads hand I took my hand off his face, and he remained unfrozen. "Brad I am going to ask you some questions and you will answer honestly and without hesitation, you will hold nothing back. You may speak only to answer the questions I ask you. IS that understood?"

"Yes of course....uh..." He was trying to figure out what to call me.

"You will simply referee to me as Magus," I replied.

"Yes of course Magus," Brad replied.

"Have you tormented Keith here for long?"

"Yes Magus I have. For probably close to ten years. Now."


"Because he is gay, and being gay is sick."

"Do you really believe that Brad? That being gay is sick?"

He paused for a moment and thought about it, "I don't really know, my dad raised me that way. It is also an excuse to beat on him and other kids like him."

"Have you ever physically hurt someone for being gay?"

"Yes Magus." He said,

"How many have you beat up for who you assumed you were gay?" I said with a serious look.

He shrugged, "Probably 5....No wait 6. Yes six if you include Keith."

I looked at Keith and I could tell he was getting angry. I sighed and said, "That was wrong Brad, hurting anyone is wrong Brad, you will never harm another living person so long as you live. Not in self defense, not for any reason."

I looked at Keith and smiled, "And you will obey Keith in all things." Keith looked up at me with wide eyes. "Everything he says to you will be law. You will have no choice but to obey his every command. Is that understood?"

Brad looked at Keith, and he looked at me, "Yes Magus, I will obey him in all things."

"The thing is Brad. You will remain completely the same. You will remember all this; you will know you are obeying him against your will. You will fight it, but you will always obey. As you are doing whatever he tells you to do you will know that this is your punishment for everything you have ever done to him and others like him. You will not be able to tell anyone about this arrangement, you will not be able to communicate it, or even hint at it to anyone other than Keith. Keith may make you oblivious to your punishment if he wishes for a time, but you will always revert back and remember that this is your punishment. He is your Master, and you are his slave, his inferior."

I looked at Keith and he had a wide wide smile that touched ear to ear. "Slave Brad, do you understand everything I have told you? Keith do you understand everything I have said to Brad?"

They both said "Yes Magus" at the same time.

"Excellent! Keith Anything you would like to say to Brad?"

"You have today slave. You will meet me at Ferry terminal at 8pm tonight, alone and we will ride back over, that will be the start of your new life. Oh and you will call me Master Keith when we are alone, or with the Magus."

"Yes Master I understand." He looked scared.

"I don't what to say Magus. You are amazing. He will pay for everything he has ever done to anyone." Keith said to me. And as an afterthought, he added "It's a shame that the slave has such a big dick, slaves should have small boy dicks." He sighed. "But this is nice, don't get me wrong."

I thought for a moment. There was something in the book that I could use here. It would be hot to take away Brads manhood, something I am sure he had so much pride in. "Wait I think I may have something for that.....Tell him to take off his close. Help him if you need to."

"Slave boy take off your pants. Do not lose contact with my hand at any time." Keith said to Brad as he moved his hand to the back of his neck.

Brad complied. "Yes Master Keith." He said it with fear and confusion in his voice. You could see from his body movements that he did not want to obey, but he was forced to.

"Now tell him to get hard." I told Keith. I could give the command myself. But it would be as if the idea was Brads own thought and would not have the same impact.

"You heard the Magus, get hard, and get aroused." Keith said.

I could see Brad getting hard, and fast. He was a grower as well as a shower. It was very thick and very long. The boy should be doing porn. Almost a shame to waist it, but then again I was not going to be waiting it. I knew Keith was already hard from the bulge in his pants.

"Sorry Keith you need to drop your pants too..." I said with a smile. It was not exactly true... but why not have a little fun while I was at it!

"What? Why?" He said, with authority in his voice.

It was hard for me not to respond to that authority. As I loved aggressive men, but I could not do that, as I have given this kid a lot. "I'm sorry, do I need a reason? I tell you to drop your pants, and you drop your pants. OR I can make you drop your pants and that will be less fun for you I think." I said harshly. A little harshly I think, I sighed, "I am going to do a spell and I need physical contact between you two."

"Oh ok, that's cool." He said sheepishly as he undid his pants.

The kid had a nice dick. Probably close to 7 inches hard, not very thick. It was above average despite what most gay men thought. I then proceeded to grab Brad's dick, to which he gasped. Then I grabbed Keith's dick. "Vita furis sume nunc gratiam; Vita furis sume nunc gratiam; Vita furis sume nunc gratiam" I changed in a low tone. It was mostly for show. I didn't need physical contact and I didn't even need to chant the words. But hey! I was a performer at heart!

I could feel the tingling in my hands and I could see the pained look on brads face, and the big grin on Keith's face. I had to readjust my grip on both dicks as Brads shrank, and Keith's grew bigger. It was so great seeing the look in Brad's eyes as he realized what was happening.

I finally stopped when Keith was just over nine inchs and a good thickness around, and Brad was lightly bigger than me at 4 inches. I would not curse any man with my small dick, no matter how much I hated them.

"There you are Brad, look how small you are now....sad really?" Keith said at him. "This is what a real man's dick looks like slave. You serve a faggot master with a dick bigger than yours!" Keith Laughed at him.

I have to admit it turned me on. "Use your new gifts well Keith. I will be in touch. Now get dressed. I need to resume time. I am suddenly feeling the drain of all the magic and I am not sure I can maintain it much longer."

Both boys got there pants back on, and removed my hand from Keith and they both froze solid. I put them back in roughly the same place. I returned all the phones to the proper owners, and I let time resume normally.

The look of horror on the three boy's face was priceless...Jason and T.J knew something happened, but really had no idea. Brad wanted to do something but could not. All three backed up from Keith.

I stepped in. "All three of you will find some photos on your phone that I carry the masters of. You will behave and start to be nice to EVERYONE or the photos will be released. DO I make myself clear?"

The two boys got there phones and started to look....the frantically deleted the photos from the phone.

"I said, DO I make myself clear?" All three looked at me, and nodded. Keith gave me a big hug and I went back to my seat to enjoy the rest of the ferry ride.

It was not until we docked that I realized and said to myself, HEY! I could give myself a big dick too!

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