Two Heads Plus One

By Tom Gungy published May 16, 2018
Two brothers have had a rocky relationship since the elder of the two had graduated. Little does the younger brother know that there may be an outside influence responsible.

The front door slammed shut. Damien panted from exertion as he scrambled to lock the door. His shaking hand fumbled with the small lever. Damien cursed the widget for his clumsiness as his fingers’ failure to seize it translated to inanimate obstinance in his panicked mind. After one, two, three tries he heard the secure click of the lock coming into place. Damien allowed himself a sigh of relief. He slumped against the door, clasping a still shaking hand to his forehead, He heard his heart thumping in his chest from the pure rush of adrenaline. His eyes closed in relief.

“What’s wrong?”

Damien’s pounding heart jumped into his throat at the sound of the voice. He straightened to be bolt upright. His raw fists clenched for another fight. Through his wide, bulging eyes, Damien surveyed the room. His brow furrowed when he saw the source of the question. On the couch of the living room sat Ben. A cursory glance of the boy’s surroundings would inform a person of Ben’s mental prowess. He shared the couch with several other assignments he was working on all at once. A stack of textbooks easily stood two feet tall. It was enviable enough that he carried a perfect report card through all of his advanced classes, but Damien’s brother also maintained a youthfully masculine physique through his after-school career in basketball. He was actually the team’s star player, to rub salt in the wound.

“None of your damn business,” Damien needlessly growled at his brother.

Ben’s concerned expression quickly dissipated as did his momentary care for Damien. It was getting harder and harder for Ben to feel anything for his pigheaded brother. Ever since he’d graduated from high school Damien had become a total ass. Their father had planned to pay for his college tuition, no strings attached, but Damien never even bothered to pick a school. Instead he disappeared every day. He never bothered to tell either Ben or his dad where he went, and while their father tried to remain optimistic, Ben saw more of Damien while his dad traveled for work, leaving the boys alone for days at a time. Ben saw Damien come home looking bruised and beaten. Sometimes his clothes were cut up or he came home bleeding. At first Damien’s dire appearance after a day away had scared Ben, but the aggressive way Damien pushed him away left Ben feeling numb to his plights. Now he felt like he often hated his brother as much as Damien hated him, though Ben still had no idea why Damien treated him so loathsomely in the first place.

“Fuck off, fag,” Ben snarkily returned.

Damien paused in the doorway of his bedroom before looking over his shoulder.

“Go piss yourself, nerd.”

Damien slammed the door. He didn’t see Ben blush beet red at his remark, but Ben hadn’t seen Damien blanch at his. Instead both brothers simply grew more bitter at the other for their stinging insults. Ben continued with his homework. Damien threw himself onto his bed, exhausted from the day’s trials. Before he knew it, Damien was fast asleep.

Damien woke up sometime later to notice that it was dark outside. He glanced at the alarm clock on his bedside table. In florescent green, the display read “1:00 A.M.” Damien’s tired eyes squinted to see if he’d read correctly, wondering what he was doing up at this hour. The bright luminescence of the full moon shined through the open blinds of his bedside window, lighting Damien’s ill-organized bedroom in an eerie glow. Amidst all the clutter Damien almost missed the strange figure at the far side of the room. Damien peered into the shadows when he saw it. He didn’t recognize it as any of his random possessions though. It stood at least a disturbing four or five feet tall and seemed to stare at him from the darkness. The longer that Damien stared at it in his half-conscious state and wondered what it was the bigger it seemed to become. It wasn’t growing though. Damien leapt to his feet when he realized that the shape was actually drawing closer.

Ben had been trying to get to sleep since his brother’s comment, but it bothered him. Damien never used to say such cruel things. He knew how much Ben’s condition bothered him. Every time he rolled over trying not to think about it he was reminded by the plastic of the mattress protector crinkling under him or the rustling of the absorbency briefs covering his loins. Ben was bitterly mulling over how most boys his age wore boxers to bed when he heard a loud noise from his brother’s bedroom. A brief yelp of pain followed as Ben flung the covers from his body and raced out of his bedroom wearing only his briefs. He didn’t even knock before throwing his brother’s door wide open, entirely disregarding Damien’s value of privacy. Despite himself though, Ben was concerned for his brother again, and this time he saw that he had every reason to be.

In the light of the moon Ben saw a strange and horrific scene. A great canine beast of awe-inspiring size was on top of Damien’s bed. It was beautiful and strangely alluring in its own way. It’s coat was a velveteen shadow, and it’s wild red eyes held an otherworldly intelligence that Ben couldn’t comprehend. The thing’s eyes so mesmerized the young eighteen year-old that he nearly disregarded the monstrous event before him. Something in Ben compelled him to gaze into the eyes of his brother, which conveyed great pain and fear. Only Damien’s eyes could plead his brother for help though. The canine’s soft shadows enveloped the struggling boy’s mouth and restrained his straining limbs. He fought with all his might against the beast inhibiting him and wanted to scream for Ben to do something, yet Damien’s brother merely stood in the doorway, slack-jawed in some sort of horrified trance as his eyes returned to those of the beast.

All the while, Damien screamed into the muffling shadow for another reason than his desperate pleas for help. A surge of burning pain emanated from his ass. The The moment Damien had rose to confront the beast it had overpowered him with a mighty lunge, sending him onto the bed to be easily pinned and mounted by the canine monster. The pain was immense. The beast pounded brutally at Damien’s asshole. He felt like he was on fire, and from the way the beast shoved it against Damien’s pained ass, it was easy, though mortifying to discern the beast’s intentions.

Damien was trying to silently plead for Ben to look at him again to help somehow when he felt it. There were fireworks of pain cascading from his backside. Damien screamed and began sobbing in agony as the knot stabbed into his anus. Damien felt the breeding beast lean in closer to him. The shadowy fur pressed against hi back, as if to offer reconciliatory comfort, as the canine eased his panting maw next to Damien’s ear. At first Damien feared, amidst the great deal of pain, that the beast might bite his face. Then he saw the ominous, intelligent glow of the canine’s eye out of the corner of his. As Damien gazed into the eye he felt the pain dull. Time seemed to slow. The eye consumed all of his focus.

“Damien, no!”

Damien heard his brother’s voice rang out clearly in his head, yet he had heard nothing. His brother still stood petrified in the doorway. His lips hadn’t budged. Ben’s voice had been unmistakable though. Then he heard a menacing growl in the same way.

“It’s too late,” the growl brokenly enunciated like a dying animal with a broken jaw. “He’s mine now, just like you.”

“B- Ben?” Damien thought and then heard the words similar to how his brother or the other voice, inside his mind.

“Damien!” Ben responded loudly, if that made sense. “Don’t listen to him!”

“Already so afraid of the big, bad beast, boy?” with a broken growl and a glimmer of laughter in its ensnaring, red eye. “I wouldn’t worry too much about your brother. He’s been listening to me for a long time. Haven’t you fag?”

Memories came flooding back to Damien unbidden. He remembered his long walks to the middle of nowhere after he graduated. He remembered the secrets that weighed down his heavy heart while thinking of the future. He remembered the voice that called to him in his deepest miseries. He remembered why he never remembered where he’d been everyday and why he lashed out whenever anyone asked him. He remembered the soreness in his ass. He remembered the pain. He remembered the humiliation. He remembered the beast.

“Oh, god,” Damien murmured in his mind as his sobbing began anew.

“What did you do to him?” Ben shouted.

“Nothing, really,” the beast bemusedly answered. “I may have called, but your brother is the one who came. Those with the most demons always seem to find me, and when dear Damien here came to me during one of his useless, soul-searching strolls, I became his newest demon.”

“You see, Benny boy, fools like your brother come to me and find it very hard not to tell me all of the dirty little secrets that weigh them down. I offer them my ear, and they bear their hearts to me. Some days I’m a little rougher than others. I take pleasure as a demon, riding my victims like their previous demons never could. I give them real, physical scars, but they always come back because I take their real pain. I make it real while I ride them, but the rest of the time their dirty secrets and sorrows are sullenly forgotten.”

Damien felt strange. The shadows around him began to convene over his body. His panting breath blew warmly into Damien’s ear. He felt the velveteen shadows begin to envelope him, and though he mentally he was mortified at the process, his limp body bore no more resistance than it did against the monster’s breeding. As the shadowy fur overwhelmed Damien he felt the same soft warmth sink into his very mind. His thoughts became doughy, malleable and soft, as his body became one with the beasts.

“Where is he?” Ben shouted from within his mind. “What did you do to him?”

The beast’s body shifted and changed with the otherworldly shadows. A long, slender leg with the proportions of its human counterpart but the shape of a canine’s swung over the corner of Damien’s bed. It was swiftly followed by a second. Ben could identify Damien’s lithe chest above the appendages, but it was covered in shadowy fur as well. The arms bore the same deformation as the beast’s legs but with prehensile paws, unlike those that had replaced the feet. A disturbingly large, knotted cock throbbed from the creature’s crotch, but most monstrous was what was above the beast’s shoulders: two canine heads.

“Don’t be rude,” the beast telepathically chided. The beast stood from the bed with alien grace and paced towards the younger brother. The head to the left was identical to the right, yet while right-most’s eyes held his transfixed in that familiar stare, the left head didn’t look at Ben. Instead it seemed to stare past Ben. A blissful smile was affixed to his furry muzzle, and unlike the red eyes to his right, the left’s eyes lacked the enrapturing spark the other’s did. In fact, they were decidedly dull and listless.

“He’s right here,” the broken growl possessively declared with a gesture of the right head to the left, “and he belongs to me now. Isn’t that right, fag?”

“Yes, master,” Ben heard Damien’s voice in his head, yet it sounded so meek and subservient.

“You like me riding your body like this, don’t you Damien dear? You can still feel my knot firmly planted in your fag hole, and you love it, boy.”

“Yes, master,” Damien mentally moaned.

“If you hadn’t guessed,” the beast now addressed Ben, “Damien dear’s big secret was that he wanted all the other handsome boys at his school to fuck his cozy little fag ass, but he didn’t know how to say it. Instead he graduated and came to me so I could show him the proper way fag boys like him are treated.”

This elicited more telepathic sounds of pleasure from Damien while Ben was left to cope with this jarring piece of information. He had never once suspected Damien of being gay. He looked up to his brother in terms of masculinity, though he’d never admit it. Ben himself had never been averse to gay people. He had instead suspected that Damien was offended by those of alternate sexuality. The fact that Damien struggled with his sexual identity filled Ben with an odd sense of pride and sympathy for his brother.

“Damien, you have to fight him!” Ben pleadingly urged his older brother. “This isn’t you!”

“B- but it’s where a dirty fag like me belongs, sir,” was Damien’s meek reply.

“That’s right, Damien dear,” the beast encouraged his subservient prey. “Now why don’t we see what’s riding Benny boy, shall we?”

“Yes, sir,” Damien agreed with an element of excitement that sickened Ben. The two circled around as one body, the left head’s grin showing how clearly Damien was happy to please his master. The throbbing knot in his fag hole served as a now constant reminder of his place and complacency in it. Now that the beast and Damien shared a body it was like they were two parts of the same mind, so Damien knew exactly what the beast wanted. Likewise, the beast knew everything Damien knew, so upon looking at Ben’s padded rump from behind, a spark of recognition arose between the newly connected minds.

“Ah, so you lack control,” the beast alluringly stated as eased his muscular chest against Ben’s back. Damien’s newly knotted cock throbbed against his brother’s diapered bottom.

“What do you mean?” Ben asked, alarmed and bewildered by the beast’s sudden change in tone.

“Like a newborn babe, you lack the simplest control over your body, control that any other boy your age would have.”

Ben suddenly knew what the beast was doing. He steeled himself against the beast’s words, yet despite himself, he blushed heavily. He knew he couldn’t let the beast get to him. It was the only way to save Damien.

“Shut up,” Ben returned with as much muchisimo as he could manage standing in nothing but a diaper.

“If it were not for your intimate failure as an adult,” the beast continued unfettered by Ben’s token response, “you might even be considered a man by those who really knew you. I bet that when you get your basketball uniform on before the game most of the other guys on the team, most men themselves at this point in their lives, see your unique underwear and see the truth.”

“I don’t even wear them during the day,” Ben smugly replied. No longer had the words left Ben’s mind that he felt a heavy weight on each shoulder. A glance to his left revealed a canine head resting on his shoulder. It’s eye seemed dull and full of lust. It was groaning in pleasure as the thrusts against Ben’s diaper increased in speed. The Ben glanced to his right and saw those engrossing, red eyes.

“Are you sure?” the beast questioned.

At first Ben was confused by the beast’s question, but as he looked the red eyes the diapered boy’s confusion turned into a throbbing wave of doubt. He didn’t remember wearing diapers during the day. Then as he stared longer into those blood-red irises, Ben couldn’t quite remember wearing his usual boxers during the day either. He couldn’t remember the specifics of changing in the locker room for basketball or gym. He didn’t even recall what came before putting on his pants in the morning. Any memory of wearing underwear faded as he mentally groped for some mental evidence of his previous statement. All he could really remember was wearing diapers as underwear while going to sleep, but that left so much unaccounted for. Had he really worn diapers during the day all this time?

“Confused, Benny boy?” the beast gently prodded with a dubiously hospitable smile. Ben nodded absent-mindedly. Between the beast’s mesmerizing assault on his mind and his sudden forgetfulness, he wasn’t in a state for any intelligent conversation, so the beast continued.

“Let me help you, baby boy.”

Ben continued to nod as he wracked his manipulated mind for answers. He was so inwardly focused that he barely noticed the tendrils of shadow drawing over his rigidly stiff body with serpentine sensuality. Damien’s humping picked up more speed than ever. The elder brother was heavily aroused, knowing what was to come next from his parasitic master’s thoughts. Damien began to pant and moan into his brother’s ear at the erotic pleasure of helping his master to bring Ben asunder. Damien wanted Ben to be brought under his master’s control like himself. He wanted to please master and show Ben the best happiness he now knew. He wanted to help Ben know his place.

“Thatta boy, let yourself know what you are,” the beast lustily growled, “baby boy.”

The shadow overtook Ben, and then he remembered.

“Oh, god…”

The memories of underwear, having been erased from his mind, were seamlessly replaced by the shadows seeping into his mind. He recalled that every morning he had put on a thick pair of diapers under his pants. They were often so big that many people could tell what Ben was wearing under his trousers, leading to many embarrassing situations for Ben. The shadows didn’t stop at the memories Ben had lost though. They quickly overtook Ben’s other memories as well, corrupting them in the shadow.

Ben remembered that he hadn’t stopped wearing diapers since he was was a toddler. He never became potty trained. It wasn’t from the lack of his parents trying either. Ben knew that he was the real reason his mother left, and he knew he deserved everything he got for it. He remembered his father telling him that a destructive child like him didn’t deserve the privilege of using the restroom. Ben regretted the rocky relationship he had with his father ever since. Nobody liked that Damien was a dirty faggot, but nobody even took Ben seriously as a baby boy. He’d been held back several times in school because all of his teachers insisted he was too little for “big boy” classes. He’d tried out for the basketball team hoping that people would start taking him seriously. The coach let him on the team but only because he thought Ben looked cute with his basketball shorts barely fitting over his diapers. He was designated as the team’s bench-warmer, a task he was very good at given how often his seat was filled with his own bodily refuse.

The beast smiled as the muscles of their chest became more chiseled and well formed. Their physique became one worthy of the beast by his estament, and he was pleased by the newest addition to their heady collection. Looking to his right he saw a new canine head protruding between his and Damien’s. Ben seemed just as happy as Damien by his dumb smile, but his eyes were quite different from his brother’s. Instead of a dull, dazed look, Ben had an expression of childlike ignorance. The beast smiled at seeing it, but the smile faltered as his tail flagged.

The beasts felt it in Ben’s mind before it happened, but it didn’t make the event any more pleasant. The beast hadn’t previously noticed that in addition to their new head, the beast also had been fitted with an exceedingly thick diaper. The beast’s legs were splayed substantially at the thighs in order to accommodate the diaper’s thickness which already caused minor uncomfortability for the beast. It didn’t help that when their tail flagged the seat of the diaper became filled with a hot load of feces.

“Benny boy,” the beast growled, “stop at once!”

Ben’s head turned to the beast with a simple expression of bliss on his face. It was clear that he didn’t understand, and even more disturbingly, the beast found that the arm on his side rose without his volition. The appendage disregarded the beast’s resistance to the motion as an outstretched thumb shot into Ben’s mouth all the while. Then the beast heard another rustling, crinkling sound. Looking down he say the far arm, Damien’s was groping the front of the diaper as it became soaked with piss.

“Fuck yeah,” the beast heard Damien moan aloud. It quickly became apparent to the beast that despite his riding the now warped and perverse brothers, it was entirely up to them were they went. What came as a surprise to the beast was how good it felt to have the wet diaper ground against their erect cock.

“Perhaps there was something to journey being more important the destination of the ride after all,” the beast mentally growled in pleasure.

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