By Tkhon published May 16, 2018
Sometimes a straight guy just really needs to prove he's gay to help a new friend out

“I just have to go freshen up, when I get back maybe you can tell me about your house? Like the bedroom?”

Ryan grinned. Hook line and sinker, all his usual tricks had worked and now this chick was practically waiting to open her legs. He was pretty sure at this point there was no woman alive who could resist his charms.

“This seat taken?”

Ryan heard a man’s voice off to his right. He’d found a secluded little table in the bar to take his lady friend, and her jacket and purse and drink were still at the table, making it obvious there was another person there, but there WAS an open third seat. Ryan opened his mouth to make an excuse for why than man couldn’t sit there when he continued speaking.

“You’re fine with me sitting here, yeah? Thanks.”

Ryan found himself nodding along. Of course he was okay with some stranger sitting down at his table. In fact it felt kinda important that he let him do just that. He felt an odd sense is satisfaction as the slightly older man wearing a stylish jacket sat down in the empty seat, even though he didn’t really do anything.

“Listen buddy, you gotta help me out.”

Of course. He had to help this man, there was no other way of looking at it.

“I just saw this amazing chick, absolute bombshell, 10/10 no questions asked walk away from here,” Ryan realized he must be referring to the girl he’d spent the last few minutes charming, “buddy, you gotta help me, you gotta be my wingman and set us up.”

Ryan thought for a moment. The idea of being a wingman for this guy was incredibly appealing. It sounded way more satisfying than taking this chick home and fooling around. The more he thought about it, the more into the idea of setting up his new buddy with the girl he’d been after he became.

“Okay, what do I do?” Ryan asked.

“It’s pretty simple really. All you have to do is tell her you’re gay and point her in my direction,” the man explained, “the name’s Garth by the way. And you are?”

“Ryan,” he replied slowly, going over the instructions. It seemed simple enough. Hopefully the girl wouldn’t be gossipy and spread this around, make people think he’s ACTUALLY into dudes. But that was a risk he was willing to take for this stranger. Garth. He smiled as the girl returned from the bathrooms.

“Uh… who’s this guy?” the girl looked worried and annoyed.

“Just a friend of his, you won’t mind me being here, trust me.” Garth replied confidently.

“Oh sure, if you’re just his friend that’s cool,” the girl replied cheerily, before turning to Ryan, “so, are you ready to get outta here and have some fun?”

“Oh… well… about that,” Ryan blushed slightly, “listen uh, I’m sorry if you got the wrong idea but… I’m… well I’m gay. Sorry.”

She raised her eyebrow quizzically.

“Really…? Well… that’s a shame I guess…” she seemed saddened but not particularly upset.

“But listen, maybe my friend can… uh…?” Ryan gestured towards Garth.

“Oh! Well uh… sure? And you ae?” she perked up almost immediately. Ryan began to wonder if he’d dodged a bullet thanks to Garth.

“The name’s Garth, and you?” Garth replied with a smile.

“Cherry. So… you wanna get a drink or?” Cherry chirped happily.

“Sure thing babe, but… you sure Ryan over here is actually gay? I feel like you want proof.” Garth stated matter of factly.

Cherry blinked.

“Hm… yeah, how do I know you’re really gay and not just trying to ditch me?” she turned her attention back to Ryan.

“Dude! What are you doing! She was buying it!” Ryan whispered covertly to Garth. Garth just smiled. Ryan turned to Cherry, “okay what do I need to do to convince you?”

“Oh… uh… I don’t really…?” despite wanting proof Cherry didn’t seem to know what she actually wanted Ryan noticed.

“How about you kiss a guy?” Garth suggested. Ryan balked at the idea, but he continued, “you need to prove it, it’s the only way. Kiss me.”

Ryan nodded. He may not like it, but there was no other way he could convince her. Goaded along by Garth he was guided until he locked lips with the man. Up this close he couldn’t help but notice the slight spicy scent Garth had to him, though that didn’t really matter to Ryan. Still it made the experience slightly less tolerable. It wasn’t a bad smell by any means.

Their make out session was short, to Ryan’s relief, but hopefully it was convincing. It certainly seemed that way until Garth opened his mouth.

“I can see it in your eyes, you’re not convinced, are you Cherry?”

“No… no I’m not.”

“Dude! What’re you doing!” Ryan couldn’t keep quiet this time.

“What’s the problem, bro?” Garth looked bemused, “you love proving you’re gay.”

Well that much was true. He may be straight, but he really loved proving to people how gay he was. There was something immensely satisfying about convincing people he didn’t like cunts, that he was a fan of dicks. He took any chance he could to do it. Now that he thought about it he wasn’t sure why he had been mad at his buddy just seconds ago. If anything he was doing him a favour.

“Now, do us a favour and give us a peak at your ass. Just bend over and lower your pants just the way you like it and let another guy inspect that hole of yours,” Garth suggested.

Ryan slowly began to do so. They were in a bit of an hidden corner of the bar, but no so hidden they couldn’t be seen. It would be obvious to anyone who looked what he was doing. Still, he liked doing this, exposing his ass just a little so a guy who have a look. There was nothing gay about it, but Cherry didn’t have to know that.

“Man you’ve got yourself a hairy little ass, bros,” Garth beamed, “I bet you love your cute hairy ass. And I bet you love it when other guys have hairy asses too.”

Ryan nodded. It was funny, even though he was only pretending to be gay, he did genuinely like think his ass was cute, and he did like it when other guys had hairy asses too. It was just way more manly and natural. He noticed Garth reach into his pocket and pull out a phone and snapped a picture of his exposed ass. This raised a few alarms in Ryan’s head, but another part of him pointed out that this could lead to more guys seeing his ass, which he liked the sound of.

“Ryan loves guy’s butts so much gets turned on by his own ass!” Garth exclaimed. He held his phone in front of Ryan. Immediately Ryan’s eyes zeroed in on the picture Garth had just taken. It was such a good angle on his cute fucking ass! Ryan loved that. He felt his dick harden a little. He’d always had an interest in guy’s backsides, and whenever he caught a glimpse of his own back door he couldn’t help but throw wood. It wasn’t his fault he had such a cute hairy ass!

“What, still not convinced?” Garth was saying. Ryan hadn’t even noticed he’d closed his eyes in contentment but when he opened them he saw Cherry shaking her head. Garth and I shared an exasperated look before he continued, “okay, okay, maybe we need some help. Hey you!”

He was calling to a husky older man nearby. He must have been twice Ryan’s age, Ryan realized. The large, full-bodied, intimidating man lumbered towards them. Ryan was freaked out. He wished the man would leave.

“You look like a guy who loves provin’ other guys are gay,” Garth was saying.

The tall muscular man blinked for a moment, then spoke, “Hell yeah I am! Who’s askin’?”

“My friend here. Could you do us a favour and show us what you’ve got goin’ on? In particular I bet you’d like to show us your ass.” Garth spoke like he was having a casual conversation.

“Yer damn right I do!” the man bellowed, blushing slightly. He wasn’t sure where these thoughts were coming from, but there was no way he was going to let his confusion show. He aggressively, yet clumsily removed all of his clothing, briefly teasing his bulge under his boxers before going completely commando. He couldn’t wait to help prove this stranger was gay, that was all that was going through his mind as he bent over and presented his hole to his audience.

Ryan had to admit he liked what he saw. The man had a nice muscular and hairy ass. It looked great. He started to lighten up on the guy, just a little. After all, he was willing to drop down on all fours naked for Garth just because he asked him to, he must be a decent guy.

“Cute, huh?” Garth elbowed Ryan, “by the look in your eye he’s the hottest guy you’ve ever seen!”

Ryan blushed. Garth couldn’t be more right. Seeing this raw man’s man in such a vulnerable pose was like nothing Ryan had ever seen before. Everything about him, his muscular hairy body, his nice dangling balls, his cock swaying back and forth underneath him, not even hard yet but already decently sized. The way he looked back at them with a lopsided grin, like he just wanted to hang out, his trimmed but still kinda messy beard. Ryan had never seen a man in this light before.

“Very nice. Why don’t you sit down, mister…?” Garthe questioned.

“Cole,” the man grunted, getting up.

“Great, Cole. There’s only three seats so you’ll have to share with Ryan over here,” garth continued cheerily, “don’t worry, he used to sitting on older naked men’s laps.”

Ryan felt his embarrassment rise. While yes it was true that he’d sat on the lap of more than a few older gentlemen, and as such it wasn’t at all strange to him as he stood up and let Cole take his seat, before lowering himself back onto the Man’s hairy thigh, but why did his buddy have to go broadcasting something like that?

Garth, noticing Ryan’s expression, chimed in, “what’re you acting so embarrassed? You ain’t exactly shy about it!” he turned to Cole, “and for that matter, he can’t help but play around with a guy when he sits with them like this, but you’re fine with that aren’t you, Cole? You love it when boys are curious about your body.”

“I… yer damn right!” Cole roared, adopting a more relaxed position, “this body is all yours… boy…”

Cole flicked his tongue, like he was tasting the word “boy” and deciding if he liked it. Ryan set about his usual routine, feeling around Cole’s body, squeezing his pecs, rubbing his thigh, pressing his face into his warm comfy pecs. He reached down to feel his ass when-

“Woah there boy! What do you think you’re doing?” Cole was blushing again as he pushed Ryan’s hands away.

Garth chuckled. “What’s the problem Cole? If you’re gonna help prove my buddy is gay you’re gonna need to be less protective about your hole. Besides, my boy LOVES guy’s asses so much, especially hot hairy ones like yours. You know your ass is hot right? And you want it treated right?”

Cole paused from the information overload, but this guy was right, about all of those things… and yet…

“Do you need proof of how much he loves your ass?” Garth pressed.

“…yes.” Cole responded slowly.

“Alright, get down on all fours and show off your ass again, what comes next will make you feel good, you know why?” Garth leaned down, Cole could feel his hot breath on his ear, “because you’re gay.”

Cole’s eyes widened for a fraction of a second before settling. Of course he was gay. He knew that. He was a big hot gay man with a hot hairy ass, and he was loved helping to prove other guys were gay. And because of that he knew from the bottom of his heart he would enjoy whatever happened next.

Garth turned to explain what to do next to Ryan. Next thing Cole knew he felt something warm and wet at his hole. He couldn’t help but grunt at the feeling. Just as Garth had told him, it was an amazing experience, he loved it almost more than he could put into words. This strange new experience that felt so wrong yet right. Except it wasn’t a new experience he realized, as Garth started talking about how a hot gay man like Cole must get his cute hairy ass tongued by hot studs all the time. This was true of course, Cole began to realize. Nothing like a good rimjob, Cole found himself thinking. His hot hole deserved nothing less than a tongue bath. As Garth continued Cole also began to realize he loved to return the favour. As Ryan’s tongue probed deeper he found the idea of tonguing a man’s ass to be less and less repulsive, gradually becoming appealing. There was something so intimate, yet macho about two men sharing their asses with each other. According to Garth even straight guys did it. When Ryan retreated from his ass and presented his own hole to Cole he couldn’t wait to get to work.

Nobody knew exactly how long passed, but Ryan lay on the ground wrapped tightly in Cole’s arms. Garth had explained to Ryan that nothing made him feel safer than being the smaller spoon to a big hairy man, and in turn had told Cole that he had an innate desire to protect big hairy men. This was all, of course, true. The patrons of the bar started to make a fuss, but Garth was able to make them understand that everything happening was par for the course at a bar. Guys did this sort of thing all the time, and they were free to watch of course.

Despite all this, Cherry was still not convinced that Ryan was gay.

“I mean, straight guys do a lot of this stuff too. It just seems weird to me,” she said.

And so Ryan came up with a plan. He called it a great plan to Ryan and Cole knew that must be true. So when he said Ryan would have to fuck Cole in the ass, they were confused, but sure he would explain himself.

“It’s pretty simple really. Cole’s gay so he takes it up the ass all the time. He loves it so much, I’m surprised he’s not wearing his butt plug right now, so he must be feeling pretty empty,” Garth began.

Cole rubbed his hole absently. He wasn’t sure how Garth knew about his butt plug, but he WAS mad at himself for forgetting to wear it. He ass felt surprisingly tight considering that, but Garth helpfully reminded him that it was because he’d been slacking off when using it. Cole’s embarrassment grew as Garth reminded him that a man his age shouldn’t have a hole that looked like it didn’t get used. He should look experienced and mature.

“Luckily, Ryan here is more into your ass than I thought possible. I can’t blame him when you’ve got a hot hairy ass like that to show off,” Garth continued, “so you get yourself a good dicking, and my buddy gets to prove to this lady who has been waiting very patiently that he’s a dick lover.”

Now that he had explained it, Ryan knew this was a great plan. He would help out this incredibly hot guy and help out his buddy at the same time. And as a reward he wold get the satisfaction of serving two incredibly cute guys. With no more doubt in his heart, he aligned his cock head with Cole’s slicked up hindquarters, and slowly pushed in. All the while Garth would remind them of things. Like how Cole liked it rough, he enjoyed the pain of his tight hairy hole being broken in by a big hairy dick. How having his dick and balls so close to such an amazing hairy ass was a dream come true for Ryan. How he felt overwhelming gratitude that this hot, mature man would offer himself up like this. For Cole’s part, he remembered he was humble, he was happy if some hot guy could get use out of his ass… no… his body. As far as he was concerned it was nothing special, just helping out a nice young man with a cute ass.

“Look at you two,” Garth said with a smile, Cole and Ryan lay on the ground panting, cum leaked from Cole’s hole, “you almost look like you’re a couple.”

Cole and Ryan’s expressions changed almost imperceptibly. They liked the idea that it looked like they were together, even if they weren’t. After all, first and foremost their goal was to prove that Ryan was gay.

“Wait, don’t tell me,” Garth interrupted Cherry when she opened her mouth, “you still don’t think Ryan’s gay because a true gay man would take it up the ass?”

She paused before nodding her head yes.

“Well, Ryan, you heard the lady,” Garth remarked theatrically. For the first time in a while, Ryan felt like there was something concerning about this situation. But that wasn’t important, so he pushed it from his mind. He has an ass that needed filling.

In the end Cole was pretty pent up and blew his load not long after he managed to fit his big dick into Ryan’s now cum filled hole.

“Now do you believe he’s gay?” Garth asked Cherry, but it was more of a formality at this point.

“Yes, I think so. I wasn’t sure at first, but seeing him get plowed by a big hairy guy convinced me.” She replied like she was explaining the forecast.

“Great, let’s go back to my place then, babe,” Garth replied cooly, wrapping his arm around her. Suddenly Ryan realized what was wrong. He wanted to go out with this girl, and somehow instead he found himself wrapped up in some bizarre sex scenario with a stranger. His ass ached and he was humiliated, and now this asshole was going to walk off with the girl that was rightfully his? He started to run after Garth when he felt Cole grab his shoulder.

“Y’know, boy, I’m not totally convinced you’re gay, personally,” he smirked, stroking his dick as it began to harden again.

Ryan smiled and got down onto his knees. He’d prove he was gay, no matter what. As many times as it took, with as many men as necessary. He looked over to see Garth, with Cherry hanging off him, talking to a group of burly men at the other end of the bar. They looked over at Ryan and Cole and smiled. Ryan smiled back. As many times as necessary, he thought.

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