By Throne published May 15, 2018
Cheaters never win. Especially not when they try to get help from a gay classmate, to use a mind enhancing technique to pass a college exam.


Harry didn’t like the gay guy in his college dorm. But the little wimp was some kind of super brain and it was rumored that he had access to an accelerated learning technique. So Harry put his homophobia aside, grabbed a couple cold brews, and headed for Tom’s room. At least the fairy was alone, so Harry wouldn’t have to contend with two of them. Nobody wanted to room with the sissy. When Harry got to his door, he stood there for a moment, one can in his hand and the other tucked under his arm. He took a moment to steady himself and then knocked. Tom opened the door and stood there eyeing him suspiciously. Probably thinking about all the times Harry had sneered at him, made half-heard comments, and tried to turn others against him. Most of the guys in the building were more tolerant. But Harry’s best buds agreed with him.

“Hey, bro,” Harry said, forcing himself to smile. “Thought we could share a drink and talk. Mind if I come in?” Without waiting for an answer he pushed past.

The new arrival was slightly taller than the resident. Tom had straight auburn hair that reached almost to his collar and he dressed in a style that could be describe as either metrosexual or just plain faggy. Harry was on the swim team, so he preferred his hair in a crewcut. He also used a depilatory to keep his body smooth everywhere, because it made him feel like a big time swimming competitor. Tom closed the door.

He said, “Does this have anything to do with my research into the manipulation of brain functions?”

“Hey. How did you know, buddy?”

“Because you’ve been asking around about it. Somebody passed the word back to me.”

Jeez. Harry wondered if one of the dudes he’d talked to was secretly queer. The thought made his nerves vibrate with repulsion.

He admitted, “Yeah. Sure. It’s just that I’ve got that Math thing coming up and it’s going to be a real ballbuster.”

“Well,” Tom allowed, “it is going to be difficult. And I do have all my review notes stored in my computer. I could use the process in conjunction with them.”

“You mean I’d have to read all that stuff?” Harry asked unhappily.

“No. I dictated them all into an audio file. So I could use them while I relax or even sleep.”

“So you’re cheating too,” Harry concluded.

“Not really. I’m reinforcing what I’ve already learned. I intend to get a high grade so I can obtain a research grant. I mean, an additional grant from the corporation that is already supporting my research.”

“Whatever. But you can help me. Right?”

“I can do something for you. We’ll just need to get your mind in a properly receptive state. Those two beers should do it.”

“Aw. One of them was for you, my man.”

“Not a problem. I have a nice bottle of wine chilled if I want anything.”

“Well all right, all right,” Harry enthused. He set down one beer and popped the top of the other, immediately taking a long swallow. “Let’s get this show started.” To himself he silently added, “So I can get away from you ASAP, Princess Twinkle Toes.” He settled into a well upholstered wing chair, thinking about how he would never have a piece of furniture like that in his place.

Tom went to his bedroom and returned with a simple metal band that he placed around Harry’s head, just above his pale eyebrows. For a moment he gazed into those blue eyes with an inscrutable look on his face. Then he produced a control from his pocket and attached the wire that ran from it to the encircling ring. When Tom worked his fingers over the control’s keys, Harry felt like he was listening to words he couldn’t quite discern. He finished the first beer rapidly and started in on the second. Soon they were both gone and he was feeling relaxed. Tom fussily took the beer cans and scurried off to the kitchen with them. When he returned, Harry’s eyelids were fluttering.

“I see everything is working well,” Tom noted. “And that you’re ready to begin learning your lesson.”

“My math lesson,” Harry said dreamily, the effects of the device slowing his reaction time and making him docile.

“Let’s not worry about that,” Tom said calmingly. “Let’s not worry about anything. I’ll just talk and you listen closely to everything I say. Listen to my voice, Harry. Hear what I’m telling you. Remember it all. It’s vitally important for you to hear my every word.”

Harry gave a slight nod. He tried to agree but talking would take too much effort. With a contented smile on his face, he took in what Harry was telling him.

“You agree with everything I’m suggesting. You will obey whatever I tell you to do. When you wake up all of my orders will be deep in your mind, so deep that you cannot reject them. And you will also do anything that I tell you to do after that. For starters, why don’t you take out your cock. You want to do that. You want to show it to me. Even though you’re straight and hate the idea of me admiring it, you can’t stop yourself.”

Tom had seen Harry in his abbreviated swimsuit. It hugged his attractive package. Now, when he opened his pants and freed his penis, the watcher was not disappointed. He was going to have so much fun controlling that dick, along with every other part of his victim.

A while later, as Harry came around, he was startled to find that his cock was protruding from his pants. He moved to stuff it back inside but was stopped by Tom’s words.

“You don’t want to put that away, Harry. You want me looking at it. Like I told you while you were… resting.”

“I do,” the seated student said uncertainly. “But you’re… And I’m not…”

“But you have a powerful urge to explore new parts of your sexuality. I told you about that in detail. And that just thinking about it would get you hard.”

“No, man. I’m not that way.”

He looked at his captor. At Tom’s crotch. His snug jeans made it plain that he was well equipped between his legs. Harry twitched. He felt his penis responding. His hand moved toward it. He took hold. With just a few strokes he had his tool standing up. Slowly he stroked it’s six inches. He could hear himself breathing deeply. This was all wrong. The last thing he wanted was to be in any kind of a situation with a pansy like Tom. Even so, he kept staring at the other student’s groin, licking his lips, and manipulating himself.

Tom stepped closer to him. “You want to take my cock out now. So just do it.”

Harry tried to prevent himself but his muscles wouldn’t obey. With quivering hands he opened Tom’s jeans and gently eased them down. Then he lowered Tom’s pale yellow jockey shorts. He goggled at the standing guy’s prick, which was somewhat bigger than his own. Without being told to, following more of what he had been told while in a trance, he reached out and gingerly made contact with it. He applied feathery touches until it was fully erect, a proud seven inches. His lips quivered as he craned his neck, bringing his mouth closer. He extended is tongue and made contact with the slit at the tip. His stomach rebelled at what he was doing. He watched in horror, as if he was looking through someone else’s eyes, while the flat of his tongue ran back and forth against the underside of that despised but irresistible organ. He got his lips around it and held it in his mouth, with the thought that this was what he craved, even though the rational part of his mind was telling him that was a lie.

Just then there was a firm knock at the door. A masculine voice said, “Tom. I left my place as soon as you called. Can I come in?”

“Nobody else out there?”

“All clear.”

“Then join the party, Dick.”

Through the door came a tall and broad-shouldered figure. His black hair was short and neat, his T-shirt and cargo shorts showing off his well developed limbs. He went straight to Tom, who turned is head so they could kiss. Harry was repulsed by the open display of man-to-man attraction. After the show of affection, Dick looked down at Harry, who was suckling on the end of Tom’s member.

Dick swore quietly. “This is the SOB you told me about. The ‘hater’. And that gadget of your obviously worked on him.”

“No problem. He coming to understand that he can’t resist any cock that’s put in front of him. But he also knows how much he hates himself when he sucks one. Or does anything else like that.”

With a chuckle, Dick said, “And he’ll listen to me like he does to you.”

“I made sure of that. Even showed him a picture of you.”

“The nude one?”

“Well, first that sexy portrait. And then that even sexier full body shot.” Still talking to Dick but locking eyes with Harry, he went on, “And I’m sure he can’t wait to get up close and personal with that rectum-wrecker of yours.”

“Hey,” Dick objected. “I never wrecked you.”

“No. You only spoiled me for other guys. But you’re always gentle with me. We both know what would happen if you didn’t hold back. And I’m sure that’s something you’d like to try.”

“Well, I won’t say no.”

“Great. But first I want to feed him his first load of spunk.”

The two standing men could read Harry’s inner conflict through his outer yearning. He was taking in more of Tom’s shaft. It was as if he had no gag reflex. And he didn’t. Not since Tom had told him it was gone. Harry swallowed until Tom’s balls were against his chin, neatly trimmed bush on his nose. He moaned with both need and shame. Tom’s hands went to either side of Harry’s head as he switched from being sucked to using that accommodating mouth like an anonymous hole. As Tom panted from the nearness of his orgasm, Harry’s eyes went wide with dread. Why wouldn’t this nightmare end? He was still thinking that thought when Tom pulled most of the way out and discharged all over his tongue. Thick salty cum oozed down the back of his throat. It appeared at the corners of his mouth. His training was triggered belatedly and he remembered to swallow. Strangely, he felt a pang of regret as he gulped down those precious bodily fluids. Part of him wanted to keep them in his mouth longer.

Harry sat there, stunned by what had just happened. He shook his head fractionally in disbelief.

Tom told him, “You’d feel better if you took off that shirt.”

“Yeah,” Dick contributed. “You like to be naked in front of guys. It gets you all hot. Even though you’re humiliated, too. And get rid of those pants.”

Harry got up and stood there shakily. He removed his shirt and draped it over the arm of the chair. Then he sat to until and take off his shoes, which he set carefully aside. Finally he rose again to peel down his pants and shorts, stepping out of them. Harry’s hairless figure was fully exposed. His cock was still rigid, a drop of clear wetness on its end.

“Yo,” said Dick. “Wipe that sticky stuff off the tip of your Johnson before it can drip. And…” He thought for a second. “… lick it off your finger.”

Plainly disgusted, Harry did it anyway. The other two relished his inability to resist.

Tom said to Dick, “You’re really getting into this.”

“I know what I want to get into the most. It was okay with me when you had him suck you off. Are you all right with me cramming his tailpipe?”

“I’ll enjoy every minute of it. And like I said, you don’t have to hold back.”

Dick put his arm through Harry’s. “Let’s go, lover boy. You’re a real pushover. Aren’t you?”

“I… suppose I am,” the newly initiated student said. He put his opposite hand on the back of Dick’s solid forearm. “But you don’t mind.” Was that a hint of flirtatiousness?

He went willingly to the bedroom, even though his mind was racing with thoughts of escape. He couldn’t believe that he had just used his mouth on a cock. And that there was a load of cream in his belly. All too soon he was alongside Tom’s bed. Dick said he wanted to be undressed and Harry got busy, pulling his T-shirt up and off. He gaped at Dick’s muscular, hairy chest and dared to kiss it several times. Then he sank to his knees to get him out of his shoes and those cargo shorts. When Dick had nothing on except boxer shorts, Harry hesitated. He was savoring what was to come, simultaneously stalling while he hoped for a miracle to rescue him. Then, his willpower under Tom’s sway, he got his fingers under the elastic waistband of those shorts and slid them down.

Harry goggled at a cock that would have turned heads in any locker room. Straight guys would have been envious. Gay men would have been the same, as well as interested. There was an abundance of jet pubic hair. Harry whimpered as he took the nine inches gently between his hands and elevated it to deliver a worshipful kiss to the heavy balls hanging below. Between that and pressing his lips to it, up and down it’s considerable length, he quickly got it hard. It passed the ten inch mark and boasted an especially large knob. Harry shuddered.

“Go ahead,” Dick invited. “Show how much you like it. How appetizing it is to you. Even though you keep wanting to grab your clothes and run away. Look at you. Naked. Your body all hairless and sleek. Pretty well developed in a trim way. Like you want to get guys to check you out. And you can’t lose your own stiff one. Tsk, tsk. Looks like you’ve crossed over to the gay side.”

“No,” Harry sobbed. “Please let me… let me… get on the bed.”

“Sure. That’s exactly where I want you. Buns up, kneeling. You might want to grab the pillow, in case you have to bite it. I’m going to ride you hard and you’re going to be thrilled. Best of all, after I’m done you’re going to want more of the same, all the time.”

Harry got up. He stood there hugging himself. It was obvious that he was fighting not to get onto the mattress. But his conditioning won out and he assumed the position. He even wagged his butt invitingly. Tom opened the drawer of the bedside table and produced a jumbo size tube of lube. Dick applied a generous dollop to the ends of three thick fingers. He got one of them against Harry’s tight virgin hole and worked it against the clenching muscles playfully. Harry mewled and pushed back against the insistent fingertip. Dick chortled as he alternated that movement with short jabs that almost but not quite penetrated. Not until he had Harry writhing did he enter him up to the first knuckle. The second. And all the way. In no hurry, he put the other two slippery fingers with the first. After several minutes of ass play, Harry heard himself murmuring.

“What’s that?” Dick wanted to know. “Are you talking to me? You must be talking to me. Because I’m the only one back here. Speak up, ass boy.”

“Please,” Harry begged. “I want it. I can’t wait. Shove your cock in me.” There was excess saliva in his mouth and he made wet sucking sounds. “Please.”

“If you want it that badly, I’m here to help.” Dick got behind him on his knees and took aim. “Take a deep breath, Mary. I’m going to pop it in. And then you’ll be Mary popped-in.”

While Harry was momentarily distracted by the wordplay, Dick gave a hard thrust of his powerful hips. It jammed the thick head past the tight ring, with three wide inches following. Harry was too shocked to make more than a strangled sound. He pulled the pillow against his lower face and, when a second battering ram movement buried the remainder in him, he did indeed become a pillow biter. His muffled groans sounded with every piston motion of that unfailing weapon. The vocalizations soon morphed into cries of pleasure.

“Don’t stop,” Harry pleaded. “This is incredible. I want it. I love it. I love your amazing cock.”

Dick was happy to grant his wish. He plowed him fiercely, until Harry was on the verge of swooning. Just then Dick let himself go, blasting a heavy load into his squirming butt-boy. Harry convulsed. His hips jerked several times. The two of them sank down, still joined. Tom sat alongside his lover and they shared a triumphal kiss. A few minutes later, Dick withdrew, wiping himself clean on Harry’s cheeks.

Harry muttered, “No, no, no.” But he followed that with, “More. Please.”

He rolled onto his side and the other two saw the telltale puddle he had left under him. Tom pointed out, “You really got off on that. So much that it made you shoot. Look at the mess you left on my sheet. Now get your sissy tongue down there and lap it all up like the slut you are. Do it, Harry. Harry Harlot.”

The changed student altered his position so he could follow that nasty order. Having just emptied his balls, he was less in a sexual mood. His hetero self gagged as he slurped the spunk. He attempted to gather his thoughts and try to figure a way out of this disgraceful scene, but his need for more was already rising, taking over his mind once more. He retrieved all his own white sauce and choked it down. Dick gave him a hard slap on the ass.

“Now you stay there,” he advised. “Think about all the fun the three of us had. And how much you’d like to replay every second of it over again. We’re going to have some wine. I’d offer you a glass but I know you don’t want to wash away what you’re tasting right now. It’s your favorite flavor.”

The couple left the bedroom. Harry lay there, possessed by the knowledge that he had been truly made over. Tom had taken him from straight to gay, with some competent help from Dick. Except that now Harry was drowning in mortification. He had become everything he had formerly despised. And knew he couldn’t stop being that way. He heard the two of them laughing and made a vow to himself that he would never succumb to their seductive efforts again. He was still concentrating on that when they returned.

Dick got on the bed alongside him. He hip-bumped Harry to make more room. Once the bigger man was in the center of the bed, face down, he yawned.

“Hey, Harry,” he said sleepily. “I want to take a nap but I need help with some tense muscles. My ass needs a deep massage. Why don’t you see what you can do?”

Harry meant to refuse but the words got caught in his throat. He put himself up on his knees between Dick’s outstretched legs. Those long, well built, hairy-in-all-the-right-places, legs. His hands went to Dick’s firm protruding buttocks and began to knead them. He fought an internal battle to make himself halt. Instead, he kept inhaling hard, capturing the mingled scents of Dick’s sweat and the compelling man’s recent ejaculation. There was another smell, not as pronounced, yet drawing him nearer. It was the earthy musk rising from the cleft between those tempting butt cheeks. He brought his face closer to snort the loamy richness of it. His head spun.

“I hear you sniffing my ass,” Dick declared with certainty. “And I can tell you want to get your nose down in my crack. You want to get high on my funky odor. And you want to use your mouth on me back there. Don’t you?”

“I… I don’t… I mean…” Harry sniffled. “Yes. Please.”

“Not until you ask for it. And tell me what that makes you. Let’s hear it.”

“I want to put my face between your buns and (choke) use my mouth (gag) on your ass. Please let me. I’m nothing but a… a butt muncher. An ass kisser. Licker. I want to – " His stomach heaved but its contents, including Tom’s spunk, stayed down. " – to put my tongue… inside.”

Dick sighed. “I guess that will have to do, dick-breath. Really burrow in there. I don’t want Tom to be able to see your face. And don’t let your tongue get lazy. Give me the full treatment. Lick. Rim. And jab it all the way in.”

Hot tears ran down Harry’s cheeks as he failed to say no to the greatest indignity yet. He wedged his face between those firm but pliant ovals. Deep in the valley, he felt around blindly with his tongue until it found its goal. Harry though about his lost heterosexuality as he licked that receptive anus. He thought of how he had just been violated in the same place. The tip of his tongue made small circles. He forfeited the last of his pride as he drove his taster in to the maximum depth he could achieve and slid it in and out, in and out. All his buddies would reject him now. He would have to leave the swim team to avoid embarrassing hard-ons in the locker room. He made his tongue dance inside Dick’s rump.

“That’s good,” Dick congratulated lazily. “Now I’m going to drift off for an hour or two. You just stay where you are and give me pleasant dreams. When you hear me breathing deeper and you’re sure I’m asleep, slow down to just rubbing your nose against my hole, giving it an occasional kiss and saying words of love to it. You’ll be doing that a lot from now on. Because eating ass, worshipping buttholes, is your absolute biggest thrill. Isn’t that true?”

Harry stopped probing but only long enough to assure Dick, “Yes, Sir. I wish I could do this again and again.”

“You will,” Dick promised. “You definitely will.”

And Tom sealed the deal with, “We guarantee.”

Harry knew it was the truth. He would be trapped in an inescapable cycle of perversity and the resulting shame. Just like right now, he told himself as he gave one especially tender kiss to Dick’s pucker before returning to his more vigorous adoration. Already his was thinking of all the affectionate words he would say to it and how they would intensify his already abysmal disgrace.

(Some reviewers of my previous post said they would like to see a mind-controlled guy deeply humiliated while fighting against his mental enslavement. So what do you all think of this one?)

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