Chris from IT

By Willie Cici published May 13, 2018
Donovan can't keep his focus at work. It all started a month ago . . .

“How did I ever end up in such a boring job? Thank God, it’s Friday.”, Donovan said to himself. The 25-year-old computer programmer preferred to live his life riding the waves as he did in his youth. The surfer dude unfortunately had to face the grim reality of adulthood. He rose from his one-bedroom apartment, just off Westminster, near Venice Beach. Donovan would never live away from the ocean. He paid $400 a month more in rent for the privilege of living near the beach. The surfer-turned-computer programmer could not survive without the ocean’s waves.

Friday at the computer design firm meant ‘hip casual’ attire. Donovan would not disappoint his fans. He sported a well-crafted, sculpted frame. Clothes looked incredibly sexy on Donovan. Today, surfer dude Donovan was on full display: tight worn jeans, a clean, crisp white muscle shirt and flips. He showered quickly, let the air dry his hair, applied some pomade, and grabbed his sunglasses. As he readied to leave his apartment, his good friend from the office, Chris, called him on his cell, insisting to ‘skype’ instead of voice calling.

“Can you stop by ‘The Pen’ and grab some coffee?”, Chris asked.

“Sure.”, Donovan replied. (To see Donovan, click here).

Donovan ended the call and hurried out of his studio apartment to his vehicle, a refurbished 1972 Chevy Chevelle convertible, titanium silver. For Donovan, the California life demanded a convertible. As the wind swept through his hair, Donovan cruised along Venice Boulevard, stopping at ‘The Pen’ for some over-priced coffee, a chance to flirt with Deandra, the sexy little blonde with the most incredible ass, and head to the office before 9am morning call.

As Donovan walked into the main atrium of the office, a restored factory building, one of the many restored buildings along Venice Boulevard, he met his immediate superior in the lobby. “Good morning, Mr. Harrison.”, Donovan said, as he juggled messenger bag and coffee tray.

“If I looked like you, I would dress like that every day.”, the man said.

“Mr. Harrison, you’re a … handsome man. I’m sure you could …”

“Donovan, youth and verve fill those jeans. I’m too old.”, Harrison said. “And, again, for the umpteenth time, please call me Kevin.”

“Kevin, the hard deadline on Project 10?”, Donovan asked, trying to change the subject.

“June 15. We’re ahead of schedule, I think.”, Kevin replied.

“If I can just finish the last part, we could be 90% complete by Monday or Tuesday. Mental roadblock.”

“You should go surfing. Clear your head.”, Kevin said, as he walked away.

“This weekend. I will.”, Donovan answered. As Donovan entered his office, he sat at his computer and continued his work on Project 10. As he reviewed some written reports, the contents of which were not online or in electronic form, the screen saver of his computer activated. Donovan noticed a new screensaver. Ever since his friend Chris became the IT person, every month or so, he updates the screen saver on every one’s computer. The screen savers were always swirling spiral images or hyper-geometric patterns. The color display on this screen saver caught Chris’ attention. He stared at the screen saver, enjoying the rotating flashes of color and design. (To see the screen saver, click here).

“Donovan, you up for lunch?”, Connor said. Donovan did not reply. “Donovan, you up for lunch?”, Connor repeated a little louder.

“Nah. I’m heading to the gym.”, Donovan said. He turned to his desk and noticed the time: 12:35. “Where did the time go?”, Donovan thought to himself. Donovan was concerned. Lately, his lack of focus and concentration were costing him time on Project 10. This project would earn him a promotion. “Not if I keep day dreaming.”, he thought to himself. Donovan could not account for the last two hours that morning. He grabbed his keys and headed for his gym a dozen blocks away from the office.

As Donovan undressed in the locker room, he became distracted by the fit and trim men dressing and undressing in his gym. Donovan’s admiration turned lustful and arousing today. His jockstrap barely restrained his healthy rod in place. Donovan could swear that his cock became harder and thicker the more he stared at the male patrons at the gym. He never entertained sexual thoughts of men, but today, could think of little else.

Donovan returned to the office, opened a yogurt, ate his fruit-filled lunch and resumed his work. Once again, as he spent time away from his keyboard, the screen saver activated. Again, the spiraling colors enticed Donovan to stare and watch the screen for hours.

“Donovan, we’re heading out to ‘Archers’. You going to join us?”, Chris said. Donovan did not answer. “Donovan.”, Chris repeated. Again, no response. “Donovan, wake up.” Donovan turned away from the computer screen and stared at Chris. “We’re going to ‘Archers’. How about it?”

“No. I’m … I’ve got a date.”, Donovan said. “I’ll see you around.” Donovan stared at the watch: 5:35. “What the hell?”, he thought to himself. Donovan gathered his messenger bag, hurried out of his office and headed for his car. He knew he had somewhere to go but did not have the particulars in his mind. As he started the ignition of his convertible and revved the engine, Donovan had a thought. He smiled, nodded ‘yes’ and peeled out of the parking garage, driving down Venice Boulevard, turning left on Lyceum Avenue, heading for Washington Boulevard. At the intersection of Lyceum and Washington, Donovan spotted the sign atop the building near the intersection: ‘The Lyceum’. The whitewashed building sported a blue trim and murals of Greek gods and athletes engaged in various sporting endeavors. He had heard of the legendary bathhouse but would never have thought about entering its male-only domain. Today, Donovan thought otherwise. He parked his convertible in the adjacent lot and walked towards the front door of ‘The Lyceum’. He entered cautiously not knowing what to expect, but confident that he wanted to enter and experience the bathhouse.

The front desk attendant, a cute, sexy lad, greeted Donovan. “First time?”, the attendant asked. Donovan nodded yes. “I’m Curt. Let me explain the rates and services we offer.” Curt described the features of the all-male spa. Donovan opted for a locker. Curt escorted Donovan to the locker and provided the newbie a clean towel and a small bottle of lube. “Just in case.”, Curt said. Donovan looked confused. “Our patrons are … frisky and may approach someone they think is … just as frisky. Be courteous if … you’re not frisky.” Donovan nodded yes. Curt stared at Donovan, caressed Donovan’s chest, and said, “I’m sorry I’m on duty tonight.” Curt walked out of the locker room leaving Donovan to undress.

Donovan crossed the threshold of the locker room. A patron, standing with his back to Donovan, turned to stare at the newbie. His jockstrap framed his curvy buttocks. His smooth, slightly tanned skin glowed from the overhead light. His baseball cap obscured his face. (To see the patron, click here). When the patron winked, Donovan hurried to his assigned locker, undressed, and placed his clothes and valuables in the locker. Next to him another patron was undressing. Donovan leered at the sexy youth, his taut physique framing his sexy body. His member pointed outward, thick and hard, clearly feeling the blood swirling about his groin. (To see the naked patron, click here).

Donovan wrapped the towel about his waist and walked out of the locker, opting to start his spa experience at the pool. In the large tiled room that house the pool, Donovan found a row of lounge chairs that surrounded the pool. He removed his towel, draped it upon an empty lounge chair, and placed his locker key necklace underneath the towel. Donovan dove into the pool, making sure not to disturb anyone enjoying the pool. After swimming for about thirty minutes, Donovan climbed out of the pool. Nearby, there was an open shower. Donovan rinsed his body of the chlorinated pool water. He found his towel, dried his body and placed the key necklace around his neck. With towel draped about his waist, Donovan decided to enjoy the sauna.

As he entered the sauna, Donovan felt the dry warmth and smiled. He enjoyed the soothing heat of the sauna. Inside the sauna, he found two patrons enjoying the privacy of the sauna. The two patrons, studly young men, naked and tanned, took advantage of the privacy and cast aside their towels. One of the studs stood upon the wooden bench in the sauna while the other licked and swallowed the standing stud’s hefty tool. (To see the two studs, click here).

Donovan reclined upon the wooden bench, several feet away from the two studs pleasuring each other. Donovan removed his towel and enjoyed the soothing heat of the sauna caress his sculpted, ripped body. He closed his eyes and relaxed. As Donovan lay upon the wooden bench, he heard the door of the sauna open. The cold air dissipated the intense heat of the sauna. Soon, he felt the presence of another patron, seated on the wooden bench. Donovan opened his eyes and saw another patron, much older than Donovan, but in good shape, seated on the bench, a terry cloth towel wrapped around his waist. The older man stretched his arms. Donovan could not refrain from staring at the sexy older man, his chest lightly coated with salt-and-pepper hair. His chest still had its curvature, but the cobbles of his core were not distinguished.

“Hi.”, the man greeted Donovan.

“Hi.”, Donovan replied. “I’m Donovan.”

“I’m Kevin.”, the man replied. Kevin removed his towel. Donovan stared at Kevin’s flaccid member, resting on the fold of his thigh. He felt the blood rushing to his own cock. Slowly, Donovan graced the palm of his hand on his cock. Donovan noticed Kevin also fondling his junk. Donovan rose from the wooden bench and knelt near the seated Kevin. Kevin smiled, wiggled his junk and invited Donovan to lick the tip of his cock. Donovan felt Kevin’s member fill with blood and stiffen, as he coursed his tongue along Kevin’s shaft and suckled upon his dangling juicy balls. “Nice.”, Kevin said, as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the warm, velvet touch of Donovan’s tongue. Donovan wrapped his lips about Kevin’s shaft and sucked Kevin’s semi-hard cock. “Nice.”, Kevin repeated.

As he sucked Kevin’s cock, Donovan heard the door of the sauna open again. A surge of cool air filled the sauna. Donovan noticed two men, closer in age to Donovan, take a seat next to Kevin. The two men quickly removed their towels and lay upon the benches, positioned for pleasure. Donovan thought he recognized the two men, but gave it no further thought. Minutes later, another man – the naked man Donovan admired in the locker – entered the sauna, naked, carrying his towel around his shoulders. The man sat near the kneeling Donovan and began to suck Donovan’s cock. For the next fifteen minutes, the five men feasted upon each other’s cocks, letting the heat caress their bodies. Kevin moaned as he felt his body ready to orgasm. He pulled his cock out of Donovan’s mouth and shot his load upon Donovan’s chest. The two men, astride in a 69, blast their wads down their throats.

Kevin kissed Donovan and said, “Thanks.” He grabbed his towel, wrapped it about his waist and walked out of the sauna. The stud sucking Donovan’s cock continued to tongue massage Donovan until finally Donovan bust his nut down the stud’s throat.

“What’s your name?”, Donovan asked, as he pulled his cock out of the stud’s mouth and wiped his cock with his towel.

“Connor.”, the stud replied. As Donovan walked out of the sauna, Connor followed Donovan out of the sauna, towards the hot tub near the showers. Donovan and Connor stepped down into the hot tub and soaked in the warm, bubbling waters. Two other patrons, young, fit and handsome, stood near the hot tub. Donovan thought that the young studs resembled the two college interns at his office, but he quickly dismissed that notion. (To see the young studs, click here). When Donovan waved to the young studs, they joined Donovan and Connor in the hot tub. Soon, the four found themselves fondling each other and stroking each other’s cocks, enjoying the buoyant bubbling waters of the hot tub.

Near 2am, Donovan and Connor entered one of the showers, bathed and returned to their respective lockers. Donovan spent after almost six hours of continual debauchery. From the hot tub, he landed in someone’s private room, where several patrons partied and caroused. After he changed into his clothes, Donovan exited the bathhouse and drove to his home near Venice Beach.

The next morning, Donovan woke at the crack of dawn. He wanted to test the waves and surf that morning. After three fun-filled hours on the beach, Donovan returned to his home, showered and changed into some exercise compression gear and drove to the office. Donovan wanted to finish the work he had hoped to complete on Friday but did not because of his inexplicable lack of focus and daydreaming.

As he walked into his office, Donovan noticed that he did not turn off his computer. The screen saver flashed its array of dazzling lights. Donovan sat in his chair and turned to face the computer. He stared at the computer monitor unable to take his eyes away from the screen. (To see the screen saver, click here).

Around 6:30pm, a member of the cleaning staff entered Donovan’s office. “What are you doing here? On a Saturday?”, the staff member said. Donovan did not answer, so intent on the spiraling images of the computer screen. The staff member approached Donovan, shook him and said, “Wake up!” When Donovan turned to stare at the staff member, he said, “What are you doing here? It’s Saturday night.”

“Saturday night?”, Donovan exclaimed. He looked at his watch: 6:35pm. “What the fuck was I doing?”

“Looked like nothin’.”, the staff member said.

Donovan stared at the staff member and said, “Thanks. Have a nice weekend.”

“You, too.”, the staff member said.

Donovan walked out of his office and headed for his vehicle. He took a moment to think. He wanted to go home, but something inside him and said otherwise. He started his car’s engine, drove out of the parking lot and headed towards Venice Boulevard. He drove to his gym, worked out for about an hour, and decided to forego showering. As he drove his car down Venice Boulevard, at the intersection of Lyceum Avenue, he turned and headed for the Lyceum and Washington. He parked in the lot next to the ‘The Lyceum’ and entered the bathhouse.

Curt, the front desk attendant, greeted Donovan. “You here again? Boys loved you yesterday.” Donovan handed the attendant the fees for a locker, but the attendant said, “Maybe you should get a room?” Donovan nodded yes and handed the attendant the additional money for a room. The desk attendant escorted Donovan to the first available room, provided Donovan with a fresh towel, and a package of condoms and lube. “You’re gonna need ‘em.”, Curt added, as he winked and strolled out of the room.

Donovan stripped out of his sweaty clothes and walked bare ass to the showers. After an uneventful shower, he returned to his room, donned his jockstrap, placed the door key necklace around his neck and walked out of his room. He walked about eying the patrons, smiling and keeping his cool. The hallway was packed with patrons. Most of the guys wore jockstraps. Many patrons walked naked. (To see the packed hallway, click here). As Donovan made his way through the maze of jockstrap buttocks and filled, swinging baskets, he read a sign: ‘Sun Room’. Donovan opened the door and entered an open-air room, lined with lounge chairs. There was still an hour of sunlight which filled the open-air space, creating warm and secretive shadows around the room.

Astride one of the lounge chairs lay a man, naked, his beautiful body, tanned and fit. Donovan felt his cock react to the sight of the naked man. (To see the naked man in the Sun Room, click here). Donovan decided to recline on a nearby lounge chair, face up and wait for the naked man. As Donovan reclined, he turned to his left and stared at naked man. He stroked his cock slowly, not wanting to disturb the naked man.

“Hey!”, the naked man said, smiling.

“Hey!”, Donovan replied.

“What’s your name?”, the naked man asked.


“I’m Chris. I’m glad to see you made it.”

“Never came here before … yesterday.”

“Did you have a good time?”, Chris asked.

“Yeah.”, Donovan answered.

Chris turned over and lay on his back. His cock, erect and proud, rose like a flagpole. Chris wiggled his cock and said, “Don’t make me beg.” Donovan placed a folded towel on the ground, knelt on the towel, and leaned over to suck Chris’ cock. “Nice mouth, boy.” Chris’ words encouraged Donovan to suck even more, making sure that he could smell Chris’ musk at the base of his shaft. “Yeah. That’s it. Don’t stop. Just like I …”, Chris whispered, but cut himself short. He did not want to risk anything, not after months of planning and execution. Donovan’s relentless blow job produced a quick result, as Chris stroked his cock and blast a wad upon Donovan’s waiting lips. Chris grabbed a hand towel from the floor and handed it to Donovan. “Wipe yourself.” Donovan cleaned his face and chin.

Chris rose from the lounge chair and escorted Donovan towards the heated pool, foregoing towel or clothes. The setting sun activated the glowing lights in the sun room, inviting other patrons to enjoy the secluded space. Chris and Donovan enjoyed the heated pool with the other patrons, many of them Donovan’s colleagues, the studs Chris entranced with his screen saver spirals, the studs that Chris wanted to entrance and seduce at his refuge, ‘The Lyceum’, the studs that Chris wanted on their knees sucking his cock and taking his cock deep in their ass. As the night progressed Chris checked off each and every office stud from his to-fuck list. After Donovan, Chris seduced Connor, then Kevin, then the two interns, and then Donovan and Connor, in Donovan’s room.

As the moonlight filled the California sky, Donovan gathered his belongings, dressed and exited ‘The Lyceum’, promising Curt, the cute stud at the front desk, that he would return.

The next morning, Donovan woke early, as he did every Sunday and spent the early morning hours surfing on his beloved Venice Beach. He carried his board home, hosed his body, wet suit and board, stripped and walked into the rear entrance of his apartment. After he showered, as Donovan was dressing, his cell phone rang. Donovan answered the call. “Hey, Chris! What’s up?”

“Listen. I have a friend. She wants to meet you. Can you send me a pic?”, Chris asked.

“Sure.”, Donovan answered.

“I need a dick pic. She’s a whore.”, Chris said.

“Sure. Not a problem.”, Donovan replied.

“Good. Talk to you tomorrow.”, Chris said. When the call ended, Donovan walked into his bathroom, lowered his compression gear, and snapped a photo. He texted the photo to Chris with the message ‘Hope this works’. (To see Donovan’s dic pic, click here).

Chris received Donovan’s text message and pic. He smiled. Donovan had no clue how much control Chris had over Donovan.

For months, Chris infiltrated the entire office downloading the screen saver spirals and programming Donovan and a handful of colleagues to comply with any request Chris made. Then, he rewired his coworkers to become gym hounds, making sure that they honed their physiques to near perfection. Finally, Chris entranced Donovan, Connor, his boss, Kevin, and three others and lured them to ‘The Lyceum’ to join the revelers at the bathhouse.

After he received Donovan’s text message and pic, Chris forwarded the text to his friend, the manager of ‘The Lyceum’, on call. After several minutes, Chris received a phone call. “The next time he comes in, offer him a discount membership.”, Chris said.

“Really?”, the manager asked.

“Yeah. First time discount. Next time, full rate. Got it?”, Chris said.

“Sure. The guys you’ve sent over were hot. We’ll take care of them.”

“I’m sure you will.”, Chris said, ending the call. He walked into his bedroom and stared into the eyes of his lover. “I told you this would work. In one weekend, you make over $500 more that the last. Word got out about the new hotties at the ‘Lyceum’. The bathhouse will turn a profit in months. Plus, I’ll get you more members. There’s another dozen hot guys at the office I can … invite. And, once I sweet talk the cleaning company people into letting me in to the other offices in my building, I’ll have another thirty, forty studs.”

Curt smiled at Chris. “I don’t know how to …”

“Sure you do.”, Chris replied, as he lowered his pajama bottom, climbed upon the bed and nestled near his lover. “Sure you do, partner.”

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