The Book of Power

By Drew Kiss
published December 27, 2013

Grant finds a book of power and changes his life forever!

This is my first mind control story. I plan doing a lot with this story. Any feedback will be welcome.

This is rough and un-edited but I wanted to get it out first thing!

Richard Kiss

Chapter 1.

Grant walked into the bookstore in the out of the way shop that he had never been in before; even though he lived in this tiny town for over ten years. The woman behind the counter smiled at him and gave the customary greeting of helping him find anything he needs. It was a small shop, cozy and quirky all at the same time, with a mix of new and used books. Grant had not stepped into a book store since he got his Kindle four years ago. He realized almost instantly how much he missed the smell of books.

He browsed the rows of books that seemed to be in no real, logical order. Stephen King’s “The Stand” sat next to a Farmers Almanac from 1977. He came to a section about easy weight loss, and improving your life. He paused a moment to take a closer look at those, as Grant always needed to lose some weight and improve his life. If it was not for his family money that he inherited he probably would have been working some crap minimum wage job. As much as he loved college and was great at it, it just never seemed to stick. Depression lead to laziness that lead to him dropping out. That cycle repeated itself three times since Grant graduated high school 12 years ago.

High School was hell for Grant. Standing 6’4 by the time he was 14, and always on the chubby side. People always were cautious of him. Maybe it was the fact he was gay, and living in such a small town, people at that time picked up on something that maybe they did not understand and made them feel uncomfortable. He was teased, picked on; even physically beat up one or two times. He contemplated ending it all a few times, but something always stopped him. The feeling that he was meant for more, that he was special in some way but people could not see it yet.

“Grant.” Someone whispered in his ear, bringing him out of his day dream.

Grant turned around, but no one was there. The women who greeted him was deep in a book, and the voice had a very masculine male voice. As he was looking around for the voice he saw a book. It caught his attention immediately.

Grant walked over to the bookshelf and looked at the book and knew without question that it was the book he was looking for all his life. It was leather bound with no title on the spine. He reached out to pick it off the shelf a title appeared in gold gilded lettering “Praecantatio”. Grant pulls his hand back with a slight gasp. He looked to were the lady was reading her book and she did not look up.

The thing about Grant, he is very smart. He spoke perfect Latin. He knew it was a book of Sorcery. A subject he was always fascinated by. He figured it was the real deal, the way the title only appeared when he was about to touch it.

Grant grabbed the book and a surge of energy entered his hand and it felt amazing. It was like the best sex, the best food, and the best movie you have ever seen in your life all mixed into one sensation. He gasped loudly as it overwhelmed him almost completely. Luckily it was not hard for Grant to hide his small erection he got from the energy. He looked back over at the lady and she did look up at him for just a moment before going back into her book.

Grant opened the book and read the inscription, in Latin.

‘To the man who finds this book, I pass all my knowledge onto you. I have seen this event and know you will do a lot of amazing things with the power that is held in these pages. Page one will show you and test you. If you leave the place you find this book without doing the first spell, the book will kill you. So if you found this book on accident I suggest you put it back on the self.’

Grant smiled at the translation, and turned to the first page.

‘Virtus consilium’ the power of suggestion. Grant looked at the instructions, committed the words and instructions to memory. He looked at the woman at the counter and smiled, knowing what to do.

He walked up to counter and placed the book down. The women looked up from his book and when she made eye contact with Grant he spoke the words.

“obediat voluntati” I spoke to her, and felt the power of the words as I spoke them. They were simple words. Obey my will. But now they had power behind them. She looked at me intently without a word. “You will give me this book free. Telling him it is not a book from your store anyways. After I leave you will forget I ever came in here.” As he finished the instructions, he had an idea, “Also when you forget me you will become very happy, energetic and have an amazing week.” He broke eye contact with the women feeling the spell take hold on her.

The women looked at the book; she didn’t touch it, only looked at it intently. “Sorry sir this is not one of our books. Why don’t you give it a good home?” She smiled, looking at Grant.

Grant didn’t say anything; he just took the book and left the bookstore with a huge smile that touched from ear to ear.

Chapter two

Grant walked into the local coffee shop that was open late. It was almost empty with one young man behind the counter and an older gentleman on a laptop in one of the big comfy chairs near the window. Grant walked up the counter, and to his surprise it was Luke working this evening. He didn’t notice it was his secret strait boy crush until he got close, as he was wearing a baseball hat with the store logo printing on it, and a baggy chef type coat. Both new since the last time Grant came to the coffee shop a few weeks ago.

“Hey Grant”, Luke said with a friendly tone that always sent shivers up Grants spine, “Have not seen you in a few weeks.”

Grant smiled, “I was out of town for a while looking for a new job,”

“You leaving us then?” He asked, with what almost sounded like real disappointment in his tone. Grant after all was a very good tipper when it came to Luke and his piercing blue eyes and abs you could still see through that baggy chef jacket.

“No no no. Didn’t have any luck really. Nice Jacket by the way….” he smiled sarcastically.

Luke laughed softly. “New owners, trying to class the place up”, he said as he ran his fingers through his hair as he lifted the cap off his amazing head of dark hair, “You want your usual?” He asked Grant.

Grant smiled and nodded. And the boy who should be in catalogues modeling underwear, not sloshing second rate coffee on a small island outside Seattle. He was just a tad taller than Grant, standing around 6’5. And was well muscled and had a tan even though it was winter, and he didn’t use any tanning beds. Grant new because he asked him once, his was response was “good genes I guess” And damn was he right!

Luke finished his coffee and handed it to him. Grant of course tipped him 200% on the 4 dollar coffee. Luke smiled and went back to cleaning. Grant found a table in the back of the shop and sat down. Almost forgetting about the book he had in his hands, totally pre-occupied by the most handsome boy in the world standing not 15 feet from him.

He opened the book and read past the first spell. Grant was caught a little off guard when he noticed for the first time most of the book was blank. He was not sure what to make of that. There was one more page past the first spell. And it took Grant a moment to translate the page.

This book will grow with you, this book will teach you. Do not get ahead of yourself. Do not try spells you are not ready for. As you unlock more of your power more pages will become visible. If the next set of spells have not shown themselves to you, it is simply because you have not mastered the full potential of the previous set of spells. This will prevent you from killing yourself, killing a subject, or killing the world. I do know that when you get this book, magic will be almost non-existent in the world. This does not mean magic works less, or is any less powerful, quite the opposite. Magic is a river. Every wielder of magic is a dam on that river. The more powerful you are the closer to the source your dam is, and everyone less powerful than you must get their magic from your run off. And as I can see it right now, you are the only dam on that river. I don’t know if this will always be true, as in my time magic begets magic. Your rediscovery of the river may awaken other people or things and lead them to the river as well.

Also of note: When the book is not in use. Simply use the command abscondo, and the book will vanish. Aperio will make the book return to you. While most people will not be able to read the book at all, anyone with the potential of magic can read and use any spell you have uncovered and know its true potential and take it from you by force. Be on the lookout for other spell books as well. A will worker is only as good as his memorized spells, and will be less powerful without his book.

With no more pages revealed Grant closed to book and said with quite force. “Abscondo”, the book of spells folded in on itself several times until it was gone. “perfectus!” Grant exclaimed.

Grant sat a moment and sipped his espresso through the whipped cream, and thought. He looked at Luke, and he looked at the old man on the laptop. The plan came to him and he smiled, mischievously. He stood up from his coffee, wishing it was stronger, to give him some liquid courage and walked over to the old man sitting alone on the comfy couch.

As the man looked up at Grant he spoke, “Obediat voluntati”, and the man’s eyes glazed over and awaited his words. Grant looked back to see if Luke was paying attention and he was watching something on a tablet with head phones in. “Do you have some place you can go?” Grant asked the man.

“No, my ride won’t be here for an hour.” He replied without thought.

Grant sighed. He could not just make the old man leave, it was cold and he would not be that cruel. He thought for a moment and spoke, “You will not notice anything that goes on in here. Nothing that happens will catch your attention. Nothing short of a fire will you move from your spot, or notice what happens in this coffee shop starting now. You will stay this way until your ride arrives where you will go back to normal and think nothing out of the ordinary happened here. Do you understand me?”

“Yes of course” He replied, and went back to his laptop.

Grant tried to get his attention again. Tapping him, placing his hands in front of the laptop, but nothing. Grant smiled and turned back around and walked to the counter where Luke was sitting watching what looked like a movie.

Luke looked up from his tablet and took out his earphones. “You want another one Grant?” He asked.

“Obediat voluntati” Grant said nervously at Luke. He could feel something happen, but it was different, there was resistance. Luke looked at Grant puzzled.

“What kind of coffee is that?” Luke asked.

Grant took a deep breath, shook out his nerves and stepped around the counter to stand much closer to Luke. Luke looked startled as Grant came around the counter to stand so close to him. He started to back away when Grant again said, this time with much more authority, “Obediat voluntati”. He could still feel a resistance, but from the fact that Luke stopped backing away Grant could tell it was taking hold. Grant was only a little surprised that Luke had such willpower and resistance, again a testament to what a waist it was that he was here and not doing something more profound.

Grant stepped even closer to Luke and placed both hands on his slightly stubbed face. Drew him closer to his eyes and again said the words of power, “Obediat voluntati”. This time Grant felt all Luke’s barriers melt away completely. Grant could feel that the words of power took over Luke completely. The Skin contact is what did it. The Connection is what put Luke in Grant’s power now.

“Luke I want you to relax, nothing will harm you while I am with you. You are safer than you have ever been in your life. You trust me more than your best friend, and know that I, more than anyone you have ever known in your life knows best as to what is good for you. Isn’t that true Luke?”

“Yes of course, why didn’t I see that before?” Luke wondered out loud.

Grant noticed how while under the spell people spoke and acted normal. Unlike a normal hypnotic state that makes people drawl out their words and act sleepily. “Good Luke. You will always answer my questions truthfully and never think anything I ask you is unusual. This spell will not ware off, you will forever feel this way towards me unless I say otherwise. Lastly you will do anything I tell you to do, thinking it is a good idea, and a completely normal thing to do no matter how odd it is.”

“Of course Grant, after all you do know best.”

Grant smiled, adjusting his hard-on in his pants so it would be more comfortable as he spoke one last command to Luke, “One last thing Luke. If I ever say the word ‘glacio’, you will immediately freeze in place unaware of anything around you with the exception of me and await my next command. And how does that sound Luke? You understand everything I have said and asked of you?”

Luke smiled and said, “Of course Grant. Thank you for this so much! You are amazing!” He sounded so happy as he spoke.

Grant looked at his watch and saw that it was later than he thought; it was almost time for the coffee shop to close. “He don’t you need to start closing up shop?”

Luke looked up at the wall clock and smiled. “Thank god! This day was so long! Yea I have a bunch of stuff I need to do! You can hang out if you want!”

“Yes I think I will stay,” Grant said with a smile. As what he made sound like an afterthought he added, “You should probably do it naked…don’t you think?”

“Hey yea! That will make it easier to clean! That is a great idea Grant thanks!” He said as he started to disrobe right there in front of Grant.

“If you get cold you can just turn up the heat.” Grant smiled.

Luke was already halfway done unbuttoning the baggy chef jacket and finished as he took it off revealing a tight plain white t-shirt. And Taking that off quickly showing one of the most well defined bodies Grant had ever seen in his life. Luke’s pecks where nice and firm, but still big enough to show off the muscle. To Grant’s surprise Luke did not have a 6pack abs, no he had an 8pack. He was so well defined it was as if he was sculpted from slightly bronze marble. He was so lean, but so muscled it was almost too much for Grant to take.

Luke smiled as he started to take off his pants. “Yea this is so much better!” With his pants removed he lowered his boxers, revealing an amazing cock on Luke. It was at least six inches soft, bigger than Grant when he was hard. Grant could not take it anymore he let out a small moan and gasp and he came in his pants without touching himself. The boy he had obsessed with for more than 2 years was naked in front of Grant, and it was better than he could ever imagine.

Grant knew he could do more with Luke, but knew that tonight in this place would not be special enough for this boy, so he was content to just watch him close up the shop naked. The way his muscles moved and just how limber and strong the boy was. Oh to be nineteen again, Grant thought to himself.

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