Happy Daze

By RobinHood70 published May 5, 2018
A young gay couple invite their youth group counsellor over for a visit

Cast: Dan (1, 2) Jake (1, 2)

I was both excited and a little nervous about the guy Jake and I were having over this afternoon. I could tell that Jake felt much the same. I wasn’t really sure why I was so worked up—it was just the councillor from the youth group Jake and I both went to, nobody special. The two of us had invited him over just as a way of thanking him for all the help he’d given us over the last few months.

We’d started seeing Randy just to get a little help with our relationship. Where I was a total switch, wanting to both give and receive regularly, Jake was an anal virgin when I’d met him, and seemed to be leaning towards staying that way. That had caused a little friction between us as we’d gotten deeper into our relationship.

Jake had allowed me to try fucking him twice, but he’d been as tight as a drum, and he just would not loosen up for anything. It had been obvious to me that he hated having my cock in his ass, and both times, I’d pulled out and given up almost immediately. I’d never even gotten all the way in. It didn’t help that I was fairly long, coming in at seven inches (though he was longer still), so going all the way with me was going to be a bit of a challenge for a newbie like him.

In every other way, though, our relationship had been going great, and even though we’d only been going out for a few months at that point, we hadn’t wanted to end it over something that seemed so minor. In the short term, I was content to remain the bottom, but in the long term, I knew something would need to change.

I’d been a little reluctant to see Randy at first, largely due to the rumours that swirled around the youth group about him—rumours that he wasn’t qualified, that he was sleeping with half the guys in the group, and more outrageously, that he was into gerbling—but as Jake had pointed out, there were rumours like that about almost every older guy who ever had anything to do with the group at all, including guest speakers, the guy we rented the space from (who was completely straight), and the guy downstairs in the corner store where people went during the break. If any of the rumours about Randy had had any substance to them, he would’ve been shown the door a long time ago. That was one thing the group was very strict about—unless someone over the age limit had reason to be there, they weren’t allowed, and more than once, the group leaders had had to ward off some troll or the other.

Neither Jake nor I had been sure what Randy could do to help, but we figured it couldn’t hurt to try. He’d been seeing us both for the last few months, first together, then separately, and he’d helped us more than I could possibly have imagined.

A knock on the door brought me out of my reverie and my heart leapt as both Jake and I eagerly headed for the door to our apartment, though “hovel” might have been a better term for it. We’d only moved in together recently, but it was a sign of how much Randy had helped us that we felt comfortable getting our own place. With the job market these days, though, this was the best the two of us could manage.

“Hey, Randy!”, Jake greeted him, reaching the door first. The two of them exchanged a brief hug, breaking off as I approached so I could give Randy a hug myself.

“Thanks for coming!”, I greeted him. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day!” The sense of getting together with a new boyfriend surged when I hugged him, and I felt myself getting ever so slightly aroused. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why, though—Randy was definitely nothing special to look at. He was middle-aged and while not obese, he was clearly overweight. His hair was scraggly in a way that made him look unkempt, even though he was clean and well-groomed in every other way. Though he normally dressed a bit more professionally when he was at the group, today, he was wearing nothing more exciting than khakis and a print t-shirt. What’s more, he had a short cock, or at least it was on the short side of average. I wasn’t a complete size queen, but I definitely had a bit of a “bigger is better” mentality, and the few boyfriends I’d had so far had been average or better. I couldn’t see Randy’s cock at the moment, of course, but somehow, I was certain that he was shorter than either Jake or I were.

“Now, what kind of a greeting is that?”, Randy laughed, leering at both of us. “Compliant concupiscence.”

I had no idea what he meant with that last phrase, though it was something I’d heard him say a few times now. The words didn’t really matter, though. I felt odd all of a sudden, dazed yet elated, almost like I was intoxicated, though clearly not with alcohol. As I watched, Randy and Jake greeted each other again, this time exchanging a long French kiss, coupled with Randy fondling Jake’s rapidly enlarging crotch as he moved around behind Jake, taking up a highly suggestive position behind my boyfriend and continuing to kiss him the whole time.

“Ha! Good luck with that!”, I laughed. Randy looked up at me and grinned, beckoning me to his side with his finger. Our lips locked as soon as I was close enough, and I greeted him just as enthusiastically as Jake had. Randy’s free hand cupped my cock and balls, though that quickly became just my cock as it rapidly started to inflate, pushing his hand outward.

“Much better, boys! Now, why don’t the two of you get out of those clothes and we’ll go sit on the couch for a bit”, Randy suggested. Both of us grinned, first at Randy, then at each other, as we started to strip. Jake had a full hard-on at this point, and mine was about three-quarters, but it was rising rapidly.

When we joined Randy in the living room, it was obvious that we weren’t the only ones becoming aroused. The so-called couch was actually a loveseat, only meant for two people—a real couch would’ve taken up too much space in an apartment this size. Since I got there first, I sat, putting my arm around Randy, nuzzling into him and occasionally licking his ear affectionately.

Jake sat on the arm of the couch getting his cock fondled, but he didn’t stay for long. “Why don’t you get on your knees between my legs, Jake, and take care of things down there for a bit.” I watched eagerly, aroused at the idea of servicing Randy, but staying at his side. If he wanted me down there, I knew he’d let me know.

“So, how would you two say your sex lives have been lately?”, Randy asked as Jake fumbled our counsellor’s pants open and started kissing his entirely unimpressive cock.

“Excellent!”, “Great!”, we each said, overlapping one another.

“So, you’re both happy with how things are now?”, he asked.

“Yup”, we both agreed.

“And when was the last time the two of you had sex? Jake, you first, then go right back to giving me head.”

“Months!”, Jake said briefly, diving back onto Randy’s cock almost immediately.

“Yeah, not for months!”, I agreed as Randy started stroking my shaft. “Pretty much since we started seeing you”, I elaborated, since my mouth wasn’t otherwise occupied at the moment like Jake’s was.

“Not with anyone?”, Randy prompted.

“Nope, nobody.” Jake didn’t even bother to reply this time, seeing as I already had.

“Oh, Dan, how do you feel about seeing Jake suck my cock right now?”, Randy asked. “Does it make you jealous?”

“No, why would it?”, I asked, confused.

“It doesn’t seem sexual to you in any way? Him sucking another man’s cock?”

Another man’s cock would be totally sexual—I’d dump his ass if he ever did that to me! But I know he’d never do that”, I explained.

“But, he’s sucking my cock right now, Dan”, Randy pushed. “Doesn’t that upset you?”

“Of course not! That’s not sex…it’s just…like…a thing you guys do, usually at the group meetings, I think, like you and I do.” This wasn’t the first time Randy had asked about this, though it was the first time that Jake had actually been with me when he’d asked, not that that made any difference. I was at a bit of a loss as to why Randy didn’t seem to understand. I was happy to explain it to him as often as he needed, though. I was sure he’d get it one day.

“Okay, good. I just wanted to make sure you were okay with your boyfriend sucking me off, even though the two of you haven’t had sex with each other in months”, Randy pressed. God damn his hand felt good on my cock, but it honestly wasn’t about me. I was just happy he was enjoying the feel of my cock in his hand.

“Nah, that’s totally cool! It’s really taken the pressure off, knowing that we’re never going to have to worry about who’s top and bottom again”, I informed Randy gratefully.

“How do you think I feel?”, Jake spoke up, his tongue darting out between sentences to keep Randy happy. “No more pressure to be the bottom. I don’t ever have to worry about taking Dan’s seven-inch dick up my butt!”, my boyfriend explained. “It’s been an immense relief!”

“Says the guy who claims he has nine!”, I quipped. In reality, Jake was less than an inch longer than I was, and I knew for a fact that I was just a hair under seven. He was probably seven-and-a-half most days, maybe seven-and-three-quarters on his very best day. Either he’d measured from behind his balls instead of along the top like you were supposed to, or he just liked to think of himself as being more hung than he was. Didn’t really bother me how big he wanted to think he was, though, especially not now that we weren’t having sex anymore. Jake looked like he wanted to take me up on my wording, but he was far too busy with Randy’s cock to debate the issue right now. He’d even taken Randy’s pants off, so he could work on the counsellor’s balls as well as his cock.

At Randy’s invitation, I flipped on top of him, straddling his rounded middle and dry-humping the top of his stomach, curling my upper body down so our tongues could do battle. I could feel Randy’s hands on my hips, guiding me and encouraging me to drive my cock up against him. I smiled as they inched around to my butt, though. He was nothing if not predictable. At the youth group, we always stopped at a little butt fondling because the walls were thin and people would be able to hear us if we took it any further. Today, there were no such constraints. I’d known for weeks that Randy wanted my ass, and today, he was going to get it!

“Jake, dig into my backpack and toss me the silicone lube, would you?”, Randy requested. I could feel his finger circling my hole now, pressing ever so slightly in, but not enough to be uncomfortable.

“Just let your hole relax, Dan”, our counsellor exhorted. “From what you’ve told me, you’ve got more than enough experience, and even with no warm-up, I’m sure you’ll find that my cock slides into you quite easily. It’s the perfect size for it, in fact”, he suggested.

I’d never thought of it that way, but he had a point. I was hardly a slut, but I’d always had good control over my ass, and even with nothing more than his suggestion that he wanted inside of me, I was able to let it relax enough that I knew I’d enjoy having him in there. It might be a little tight at first, but nothing I couldn’t handle. He was just the perfect size to fuck my ass without any warm-up at all.

When Jake returned with the lube, he applied it liberally to Randy’s cock, then slathered just enough on my ass. Once he was done, he withdrew slightly, standing dazedly beside Randy getting his balls cupped and occasionally squeezed just enough that Jake would occasionally moan or pant in discomfort. Our beloved counsellor seemed to get off on that.

As soon as Jake was out of the way, though, I slid down Randy’s moderate paunch, grabbing his cock and positioning it to enter my ass. Just like he’d said, I was able to take him in easily, feeling his girth splitting my hole and demanding entry, but not uncomfortably so. Jake and I both fought with our counsellor’s tongue as I continued to ride his perfect-sized dick and Jake continued to wince from getting his balls squeezed.

I was so busy with that, I hadn’t noticed my boyfriend applying lube to his own ass and starting to finger himself. I knew he wouldn’t have done that without Randy’s say-so, but I’d missed the order completely in the ecstasy of getting a much more mature, knowledgeable, and experienced dick inside of me. His dick was like magic—easily the best fuck I’d ever had.

As distracted as I’d been, it took me a moment to process that. Jake—Jake of all people!—was voluntarily putting something up his ass. For just a moment, I had a surge of regret that it wouldn’t be me, but I knew that ship had sailed. It was definitely better this way, since he was obviously enjoying it far more than he ever had with me.

“Have I ever mentioned that your boyfriend has the most perfect twink ass, Dan?”, Randy asked me.

“No, I can’t say that you have”, I grinned as I continued riding his cock, feeling it throb inside of me as he lusted after my boyfriend’s ass.

“Well, he does…and I want it!”, Randy insisted, applying just enough pressure to my hips that I knew we were done now. I didn’t feel slighted in the least, of course. Randy had mentioned a few times that he found Jake even hotter than me, and he’d made sure I was totally okay with that. “I think he’d look better with his legs in the air, don’t you? Let’s head into your bedroom.”

The three of us marched rapidly down to the bedroom, all of us eager for Randy to fuck my boyfriend. When we got there, Jake hopped eagerly onto the bed, hugging his legs to his chest. Randy slathered Jake’s ass up, wiping the excess lube off on my stomach. It looked like Jake had shaved, probably another thing he’d done at Randy’s request, since he hadn’t been shaved the last time I’d tried getting in there.

“Compliant concupiscence”, Randy said, repeating the odd phrase from earlier. Something in the way he said it brought a fresh wave of desire over me, not to mention a strong need to please. I was ready to do whatever our youth group counsellor wanted at this point, though I obviously wasn’t the focus of his attention right now. But, waiting patiently and quietly for him to tell me what he wanted was its own way of pleasing him, so that’s what I did.

“You want me inside of you so badly right now, Jake”, Randy told my boyfriend. Both of their dicks were throbbing and leaking precum right now. “You’re a tight boy, so this is going to hurt, but it’s going to hurt so good! You’ve never felt anything as pleasurable in your life, and the pain will be easy to take, Jake. If ever it becomes too much, I want you to just stare into my eyes and relax, letting your hole relax as well.”

And with that, I watched as Randy slowly pushed his dick into my boyfriend. He had a far easier time than I’d had the times I’d tried, though it was obvious that Jake was in a good deal of discomfort still, and the two of them had their eyes locked right from the beginning. Without even looking towards me, Randy beckoned me to him again—he seemed to enjoy doing that—and with only the pressure of his hand, he got me dry-humping him once more. That was something I’d picked up about him over the months that he’d been helping us, he liked the feel of a hard, young cock against his body.

I was surprised when Jake met my eyes for a moment, maybe about ten minutes in, breaking eye contact with Randy for the first time since the two of them had started fucking. That was probably a good sign. It didn’t last long, though, before he went straight back to staring into the counsellor’s eyes. Noticeably, Randy was beginning to pick up speed, but it seemed to be nothing Jake couldn’t handle. He was having much better luck than I’d ever had!

After a few more minutes, Jake was able to break eye contact again, this time for longer. “Fuck, this is amazing!”, he gasped between thrusts. His forehead was beaded with sweat as he did his best to cope with the pain, but it was obvious that he was finally beginning to relax for our counsellor.

To my amazement, the two of them went at it for a little over an hour in total, Jake’s tolerance for getting fucked increasing markedly the entire time. Another twenty minutes or so after Jake’s first comment, he was interacting with the two of us regularly, only occasionally needing to look into Randy’s eyes now.

“What do you think, Dan? Doesn’t my cock look great in your boyfriend’s ass?”, Randy asked me at one point.

I hadn’t really thought of it until then, but I looked towards it when he prompted me to and I realized he was right. I could hardly take my eyes off of Randy’s cock pumping in and out of Jake’s ass now that I’d noticed it. I could totally see what he meant about Jake having the perfect twink ass, too. “That looks fan-fucking-tastic, to be honest!”, I admitted. “Almost makes me wish I was in there, but I know I wouldn’t look half as good, and he’d probably be stupidly tight with me”, I sighed.

Naturally, in his role as counsellor, Randy took it upon himself to help make me feel better, and the longer we talked, the more I realized not only that his cock looked perfect in my boyfriend’s ass, but that I no longer had any interest at all in getting in there myself. Jake’s mouth and ass were Randy’s now, just like mine were. That was really all there was to it.

I could feel Randy’s finger sliding into my hole as he continued fucking my boyfriend, his other hand gripping Jake’s leg for leverage. He was getting faster now, and I knew he was building up to cumming. Jake started making eye contact with Randy more towards the end, but I was surprised at just how well he did. Given time and practice, he was going to be a great little bottom-boy, just like I was.

I almost came myself when I saw Randy’s cock throb and he dumped his load into Jake’s hole, despite it not being a sexual thing in any way. It seemed so right that Randy should be in there now. No, that wasn’t quite it. It was his right to be in there now. Yes, that was it! It was Randy’s right to stick his dick in either of our holes whenever he wanted to, and now that we were living on our own, he’d be wanting to frequently—I was certain of it.

I understood now that the rumours about him fucking around the other guys in the youth group probably had a certain amount of truth to them, even if they were likely exaggerated a bit, but I was totally good with that! I looked at Randy as a sort of paragon of virility now, and a total top to boot—someone who had the absolute right to stick his dick in anyone he wanted. I was developing a newfound respect for the guy, in fact.

“Wakey, wakey”, Randy called as he got ready to go. Apparently, both Jake and I had fallen asleep on him.

“Oh god, I’m sorry! That was so rude of us. How long have we been out?”, I asked.

“Oh, pretty much since I got here, but don’t worry about it. You’re hardly the first boys to fall asleep the whole time they were with me, nor will you be the last”, he laughed, groping his crotch in a meaningful way.

I had no idea what he meant by that, but I didn’t really care. Jake and I both gave him a hug and a kiss goodbye. I had an odd desire to make it a much longer, lingering kind of kiss, coupled with an urge to please him. Now that I’d gotten to know him outside the counselling setting, I could see a certain masculinity in him that I’d never seen before—he struck me as a sort of “man’s man” that I really wanted to bottom for, despite my switchy tendencies. As much as I wanted to take things further, though, that would’ve been completely inappropriate with a youth group counsellor. Even if he’d been as interested in me as I was in him, counsellors had professional guidelines they had to follow.

Jake seemed to be having the same issues as I had, kissing Randy repeatedly and obviously wanting more, until finally, Randy himself broke it off, giving us both one last look before he headed regretfully out the door. If I wasn’t mistaken, he actually did want us as much as we wanted him. God damned professional guidelines!

Much of my interest in him had faded by the next youth group meeting, though there was still a lingering respect, even an admiration for him. I had that same sort of expectant feeling when I looked at him as I had the day he’d come over. I hoped he’d visit often!

“Hey, Dan, can I talk to you for a sec?”, my friend Mike asked. He was someone I’d always had the hots for—as did a number of other guys in the group—but one or the other of us always seemed to have a boyfriend, so we’d never hooked up, and somehow, I knew we never would.

“Yeah, sure Mike. What’s up?”, I asked.

“Well, there’s something I kind of want to talk to the counsellor about, but I’ve been hesitating because of all the rumours and stuff. I know you and Jake have been seeing him. What’s your impression of the guy?”, Mike asked me.

“Honestly, we both think he’s great! He’s really helped Jake and me these last few months, and despite what you might have heard, he’s never looked at either of us so much as once, at least not that I’ve ever noticed. And you know how jealous I am when it comes to my boyfriends. If I’d ever caught him looking at Jake, believe me, he wouldn’t still be here!”, I asserted. “Whatever it is you want to talk about, he’s definitely the guy to see. Don’t listen to all the rumours.”

“Thanks, Dan! I’ll see if I can get in to talk to him tonight”, Mike looked at me gratefully. “I appreciate the recommendation!”

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