The Brood

By rubbrsome published November 1, 2013
Three men are trapped inside a house as their home is invaded by unknown creatures.
"Do you think they can smell us?" Mark hissed.

The fear flooded through my blood like hot adrenaline. I had no idea what was happening. Other than my best friend and I were hiding inside a cubby hole located behind my closet. There wasn't much space, and the two of us were pressed up against each other. I couldn't tell if it was me that was trembling, or maybe it was Mark.

It was complete chaos now. Just days ago, my life was completely normal. And then overnight, the world changed. But I honestly don't know how or why. Some say it's an alien invasion. Others say some kind of genetic mutation or virus. Then there's the new species evolution theory. But honestly, we don't know what caused it. And as absurd as it is to believe, we are actually hiding from giant lizard creatures.

I haven't seen one yet. But the news stations have described them. Reptilian creatures of unknown origin. More than seven feet in height. Green, scaled skin. Razor sharp claws. Rows of teeth that are probably poisonous. And an unsatiated need to hunt every human being down and do god-knows-what.

It's ridiculous, I know. But it doesn't change the fact that I'm hiding in the back of a fucking closet with my boyfriend, and praying that thudding drums that is my heartbeat won't be heard.

Below us, there are several footsteps moving across the bottom floor of our condo. I hear several things move. Then something falls to the floor and shatters; I think it's the end table's lamp. The sharp sound pierces the silence making me tremble.

I keep waiting to hear Ryan scream from the bottom floor basement. He's a friend of ours that just happened to be visiting during the crisis. As Mark and I made a dash for the staircase, I saw Ryan run for the basement door. For a split second, I thought that was a stupid move because he's going to be trapped down there. But now I think the second floor isn't really that much better. But now that we've been hiding here, I still haven't heard them find Ryan. Maybe he made the smarter choice after all.

Mark's arm is around the back of me, and his hand is gripping the side of my torso. He tries to reassure me, but it's not working very well. The two of us have been watching the news and we know that whatever's causing this isn't slowing down. We were told to stay inside, lock the doors, turn off the lights .. all that crap. But only a couple hours later, something was hitting our front door like a freight train. And now here were are in our present pickle.

All my senses right now feel razor edged. With every footstep, I can literally imagine what they're doing downstairs. And when the first sound hits the staircase, my heart leaps into my throat and I almost scream. No matter how much I will it, it doesn't keep the sounds from coming up the stairs. And within seconds, I can feel a new presence on the second floor with us. Mark squeezes me tighter.

Then there's the unmistakable sound of hisses and sniffing. In my mind's eye, I can imagine giant lizards sniffing at the floor, picking up the traces of my human scent. I hear the creature hiss and then resume its sniffing. It moves forward straight into the bedroom we're hiding in. As it enters the room, it gives off another very loud hiss, and seconds later, we hear another creature come bounding up the stairs to join its partner.

I know we've been caught. My breathing comes in gasps. And it's only seconds later that the closet door opens and a green claw reaches through the clothes, grabs Mark around the ankle and yanks him out. For a split second, I'm actually hopeful that I'll be spared but then I feel something strong grip me and pull me out.

I'm dragged across the carpet on my back. Looking straight up, I see the green lizard standing over me. It's enormous. Its massive yellow eyes with black slits stair down at me with ravenous hunger. It immediately pounces on me, using its two claws to secure me at the wrists and pin me to the floor.

I can't see what happened to Mark; he's out of my point of view. But I can hear what sounds like kicking and screaming coming on the other side of the room. I make no effort to even look though. My eyes are completely focused on the predator on top of me. Its hot breath beats down on my face, and it gives off a guttural hiss of delight.

I expect any second for it to sink its fangs into my neck or something, so I'm actually surprised that I'm not dead already. Then quite quickly, and using a combination of its claws and fangs, the beast attacks and shreds my clothes. It directs it focus at my belt and pants. And within seconds, the bottom of my shirt and the upper part of my pants have been shredded. My cock has been exposed. And I'm not embarrassed to admit that it's somewhat damp from recent urination.

It hisses again, moves it head down close and sniffs. I give an audible gasp as its prehensile tongue slides out from its mouth and begins to flick at my penis with its forked tip. For a split second, my brain actually remembers that snakes smell through their tongues. But before I can think more on this, the tongue wraps around my cock, and pull it up towards its mouth. The tongue's tight grip on my dick causes the blood to get trapped, and I launch into an immediate hard-on. If I wasn't so scared, I might actually find this pleasurable.

I actually want to fight back, but the lizard still has me secured by the wrists. So there's really nothing for me to do. I can only writhe and squirm my hips as the beast pulls my cock up into its mouth. Again, I expect any second for my dick to be torn off. But instead, I feel the tiniest of pinpricks. I watch in wide-eyed horror as the lizard lowers its jaws, and with its razor tipped fang, it actually penetrates my ball-sack and pierces one of my testicles. There's an immediately injection of warmth that quickly escalates into a raging inferno: it feels like my balls are on fire. For a split second, it retracts it fangs, but then just as quickly it comes back down and pierces my other ball. The heat explodes again and I feel fire radiating out from my groin.

I'm barely aware that the lizard releases my wrists. I only know this because I can feel my hands grabbing at my balls. The action is instinctive but it doesn't do anything to take away the pain. I half expect my hands to be covered in blood, but the actually isn't any. The only thing I feel, other than excruciating pain, is my balls literally swelling up like balloons in my hands.

As I lay there, feeling as if my balls are about to explode, I'm staring up at the lizard. It continues to look down on me. It makes continue hissing and something like a chuffing sound. I don't know what it's doing, but it seems quite pleased with itself. Then it looks across the room, and hisses some more. Then another lizard creature comes into my field of view.

The only thing I find strange about this new lizard is that it is actually carrying something. It has it tucked into the crook of its arm: like the way you carry a football. It seems very protective of the object. Whatever it is, it's green and large. It's not a perfect sphere, but it appears about the size of a large watermelon. The new lizard hands over the object to the lizard that captured me. And as the object is passed between hands, it actually moves.

But "moves" might be the wrong word. Uncoils. Unwraps. Opens up. Those might describe it better. The thing, originally shaped like a large watermelon, suddenly changes shape. And what I'm staring at now is so horrific that I actually start to scream. The green object unravels itself and now is approximately two meters in length. It's now some kind of elongated snake with a bulbous head. The bulbous head is probably about the size of a coconut, and it scares me because it seems to be pulsing and beating like a heart. With its extremely long body, and bulbous head, I somehow see this thing for what it really is: some kind of six foot long lizard sperm.

Before I know it, I'm flipped over onto my stomach. The lizard that brought the sperm is holding me down and pinning me. I cannot see. But I feel it tracing its razor claws against the crack of my ass. It slices through my jeans as if it were butter. I feel the lizard's hot breathing on my ass as it is exposed. For a split second, I hope the impossible. Maybe the sperm won't work cause it's clearly too large for my asshole. There's just no way something that big is going to fit.

But as I feel the lizard force the sperm between my ass cheeks, I know something is wrong. The sperm's head is perfectly malleable. It's squirms and slimes its way in. And my mind somehow recalls a nature show in which I watched an enormous octopus squeeze itself through the most impossible holes and crevices. Because it had no bones, and since it was pure muscle, it could force itself into anything. And like the octopus, that's exactly what the sperm does. Its shape contorts and adapts. It's not without pain. But my asshole offers no resistance, and the sperm penetrates inside me within seconds. The head fills my ass and my entire body reacts violently. The lizards hold me down, pinning my arms and legs down. The two of them hiss in pleasure as they watch the sperm's tail thrash back and forth.

I cannot describe what is happening to me. My entire body is on fire. At first it was my balls but now it's everything. I don't know why but I'm suddenly feeling very tight. I wonder if it's because two lizards are on top of me. But then I begin to wonder if maybe my clothes are too small. But then, for a split second, I turn my head and I actually catch a glimpse of Mark. He's lying on the other side of the room, and like me, he's face down on his stomach. My view immediately focuses on six foot long tail coming out of his ass, and thrashing about like it has a life of its own. But once I get over the fact that he has a tail, I actually begin to take in that he's turning green and growing before my eyes. It's like watching an old episode of the Hulk on TV. As he continues to grow, his clothes can't stretch anymore. Then he gets tiny tears that continue to rip wide open, revealing the green skin underneath.

That's when I feel my own clothes begin to tear and rip. It's so tight, that I'm actually pulling to get my own clothes off. Maybe it's because my clothes are already half ripped, or maybe I'm stronger than I think, but they come off pretty easy. I can't but notice that my skin is turning a deep shade of green. But before I can give it much thought, the lizards flip me over again on my back, and I'm staring straight up at them. I should be scared that I'm fully naked under a giant lizard, but that the nakedness doesn't scare me. For some reason, I'm suddenly very hungry and that thought baffles me. I'm not actually hungry and it takes me a second to realize what I want. I'm not hungry for food but I want the lizard to do something. And again I'm baffled because why would I want the lizard to do anything to me except leave me and Mark alone?

I don't understand it. I don't know what I want the lizard to do. But for some unknown reason, I watch as I reach out my own hand towards the lizard's head. And I'm startled to see that my own hand has turned completely green. Not only that, but my fingers have elongated and massive transparent claws are beginning to grow outward like curled knives. I gently stroke the lizard's face and it purrs with pleasure. And before I know what I'm doing, I respond with a guttural hiss of my own.

I'm appalled because somehow I know that I've actually told it something. It's a language. And I have no fucking clue why I understood it. But I told it bond with me and complete the process. I tell my brother that there is another hiding in the house, and we must make more. I'm astounded again: I just called this thing my brother and I've totally betrayed Ryan.

No sooner am I appalled by what I've done, than another thought overtakes me. The new thoughts tell me that there's nothing wrong. I will give into my primal urges and submit. And then the hunger overpowers me again, and I'm hissing at my brother to bond with me now. The lizard responds by hovering its body over me, positioning itself so that its crotch is directly over my face. The lizard's crotch is only a green, scaled bulge of where his cock and balls once were. There's a massive bulge like when a man wears a wetsuit.

I'm not exactly sure what the lizard expects me to do, but as soon as he lowers his bulge towards my face, I react on my own. Before I know what I'm doing, my mouth is sucking on the lizard's crotch. I feel my tongue protruding outward and teasing it. I suddenly want to see it. I have an overpowering desire to see my brother's cock take me. So I pull my face back a little, and I see my enormously long tongue, with its forked tipped, flicking teasingly at my brother's crotch. Suddenly a slit appears along the scaled surface of the bulge. And then the slit spreads downward and opens like a two door hatch. My brother's massive green cock emerges like a snake of its own. As the cock slides out, the bulge swells more as his balls begin to produce massive amounts of seeding.

I'm hissing some more. I'm telling him that my transformation is nearly complete. My balls are converted and ready.

My brother positions his cock over mine. I look down and I'm actually pleased that my own cock has transformed; it looks like the green, scaled reflection of my brother's. As the lizard's cock tip touches mine, the piss slit actually opens up and swallows mine like a snake devouring its prey. Both the lizard and I give off hisses of pleasure as his cock slides downward until its rests up against the base of my cock.

I watch as I wrap my green arms around his body and pull him in close. Again, I'm surprised by my actions. It's like my body is acting on its own, and I'm only observing ... like I'm suddenly a spectator. But everything feels so good and right. Both my brother and I continue to hiss but this time it's not really a language. It's more feeling of pleasure, delight and excitement.

Then my brother begins to move. Very slowly at first, he rocks his hips up and down. As he moves, I feel his cock slide up and down along my own shaft. I feel myself leaking precum into his body. The fluid is being absorbed like a drug. I don't know how I know this; I only know it's true. I look up into my brother's yellow eyes, and his black slits are so razor thin. They look like tiny black needles. He is completely in the zone. He continues to pivot himself in perfect rhythm. Without meaning to, my tail wraps around his waist and reinforces the movement he's making.

The pleasure is perfect. I can feel everything he's feeling. We're in some kind of physical and mental sync. His mind is joining mine, and in the process, I feel the last traces of my humanity dissolving. My only desire is to feel pleasure and breed. I feel that he has produced enough seed for several more hosts. He has already pushed himself past endurance and ready to unload.

Both our cocks are hypersensitive almost to the point of pain. So we both let go, and I feel him explode his cum into my ball sack. But balls immediately begin to swell and absorb his cum. My brother isn't done. He gives several more thrusts, pushing several more squirts of cum into my balls. With each thrust, my balls expand and begin to produce.

And then he is done. I know it because my tail releases him. He pulls himself back, and I watch as his cock retracts back into his body. The slit on his crotch reseals itself, making the wetsuit-type bulge. I know his cock will remain locked inside until the next seeding. Then I look down at my own cock and see that the area has transformed just like the lizard. My cock retracts downward, and I see the skin begin to seal itself around my crotch. Within seconds, I have a perfect green, scaly bulge like my brother.

But I can still feel the pleasure inside my balls. There's an intense warmth and heat that I've never felt before. This isn't surprising because I've never had lizard sex before. And strange as it is to describe, the pleasure stretches from my balls, into my ass and to the tip of my tail. I look at my tail and immediately see that it has doubled in thickness. As I watch, the tip of the tail splits down the middle and I suddenly have two tails.

Somehow I know what to do. I hiss at my brother protectively near me. I look around the room, and I notice Mark who has now completed his transformation and seems to be waiting for something. I hiss at him and he immediately reacts by coming over to me. The brother, that seeded me, hiss menancingly at Mark but doesn't attack. I hiss orders and tell them relax. Both of them immediately respond and lower themselves near me.

By now, my ass is tingling. I feels like I'm being fucked from the inside out. My tail is vibrating so much, that I want my cock to explode and just release itself. Instead, I reach out with my claws and pull at one of the tails. My ass explodes, and I want to cum again. I pull the massive two meter long sperm from my ass, and hand it to my brother . As I hand it to him, the sperm curls itself up into the shape of a watermelon. My brother carefully cradles the sperm into his arm and gently sets it aside. No sooner have I passed it to him, then I feel my balls, ass and tail explode again. It's like cumming all over again. This time, I pull and hand the newly formed sperm off to Mark. He, like the other brother, cradles the sperm in his arm and allows it to fold itself up into its watermelon shape. We repeat the process over a dozen times, and in the end, we have many sperms ready for new hosts.

I look over and see a nice stockpile of sperm/eggs hidden inside the closet door. I hiss orders for Mark to protect them. He immediately obeys and positions himself near the stash as their guardian. He is silent but his eyes tell me that he wants nothing more than to go on the hunt. This immediately reminds me of Ryan, and I grab one of the sperms, and cradle it in my arms. Although it's newly made, I know it's already ready for implantation. I quickly make my way out of the room, downstairs and towards the basement door. I give a couple sniffs of the air, and Ryan's scent floods my nostrils. My eyes narrow to tiny black slits, and the overwhelming instinct feel pleasure and to breed overtake me.

I have no thought in my body. I'm reacting on pure instinct. Before I can think, I'm pinning Ryan to the floor. His clothes have been shredded and my forked-tongue is tasting his cock. I know everything about him. He cannot produce the sperm, but he will still make an excellent soldier. In my arms, the sperm unravels itself. I hiss in pleasure as I watch my prey squirm helplessly as I push my sperm towards his asshole.
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