By Reaping
published May 2, 2018

When a man can’t control his lust, he loses himself to his inner beast: a werewolf.

Despite how much you pray…

Despite who you pray to…

Despite wearing that silver cross pendant…

You know the wolf buried inside you wants to get out.

You couldn’t help yourself looking at the fine asses out there… The images of shoving your long and inhumanly thick werewolf cock down their hole while the beast within you comes out and makes you change… and grow… and crave more.

You can try bringing your hands together on the dining room table to pray, but in a deep corner of your mind, the wolf just burst out of laughter at you: “As if THAT’S gonna stop me!” In fact, it almost seems like it wants to get out even more to mock you and your pathetic boring human body.

Your short stubble grows out into a bushy beard. You chest hair puffs out thicker than the fur carpet next to your bed. You can see the silver cross pendant getting lost in that growing mat of black fur. You feel a lurch in front of you. Your chest expands and grows, pushing forward, straining that white t-shirt that fitted you just minutes ago.

Even sitting down, your view point rises higher as your spine stretches and makes audible popping sounds. That beast you confine into you is massive (much more than your human body is) and it fuels on your body’s ressources to grow bigger… taller… larger… lustier…

That bulge within your shorts grows tighter. The hem that used to hang loosely under your knees slips upward above them as you can’t help having your legs stretching longer… thicker… hairier…

You are sitting down and you feel yourself sharing the same view point as when you’re standing up… you can’t imagine how big you’d be if you were standing up now…

Your knees hit the underside of the table. Your feet outgrows the flip flops you wear. You completely forgot about them. Your heels touch the wooden floor while your swelling and stretching toes snap off the strap at the front.

You watch down at your hands join in a praying manner. They are so big now… fitting with your oversized body. The hair covering your arms is almost as thick as the rug on your chest… and it doesn’t stop growing either.

You really thought you’d succeed this time, but this optimistic hope was drowning in vain as claws grow out of your hands. Until now, the changes hadn’t taken much of your humanity: you could have still passed for a very tall and very hairy human being… but the beast inside had other plans.

With an animalistic whimper, your human soul falters away, giving place to the dominant beast anticipating its freedom. Claws grow out of your incredibly long furry feet, scratching the wooden floor with deep and large claw marks. Your knees raise taller, moving the table under your swelling arms. Your view point rises further up as your spine goes through another intense growth spurt.

You hear ripping sounds, but you can’t pinpoint the source. It could be the sleeves of your t-shirt ripping apart under the size of those bulging biceps. It could be the back of your shirt splitting apart as it can no more contain the enlargement of your massive torso and flaring shoulders. It could be the seams of your incredibly tight shorts giving out to your tree trunk muscled thighs. It could also be the tearing of the seat of your shorts, giving way to your thick furry ass and that growing tail of yours…

The chair under you creaks in complaints. Your weight has gradually piled on more and more as time flew by. You grew almost three times your original weight… and you feel it’s not even over.

Your ginormous cock springs free from the confines of those way undersized shorts and knocks the underside of the table with a loud SPAT, the force of the hit comparable to that of a bat hitting the furniture. You can’t help but drool as you pant. Saliva runs from your mouth and falls into the long wild beard that now connects all the way down your neck to your luxurious chest fur.

The hands that you so fiercely held together to pray lost all the strength they had. They undid themselves and fell limp on the table, their size alone surpassing any plate you have in your place. The bat of a cock presses harder against the table. You penis leaks and shoots profusely precum on the furniture and the floor.

The unholy thoughts of shoving that monstrous cock into someone crosses your mind. You can’t help it anymore: you’ve crossed the dreaded point of no return. You start gyrating your hips, feeling your cock frotting with the underside of the table.

The chair underneath you creaks louder as your ass grows firmer and bigger. Your back flares even larger. You are as large as two chairs. You hear more ripping sounds. New ones come from your chest pushing forward, forcing the collar of your t-shirt to tear down the middle.

You stretch a little further upward, looming over the small table now. Just before you fall down to the floor and break the chair, you leap on your massive paws. Your head bumps against the ceiling and plaster dusts on you. Your immense cock slips from beneath the table and slaps against your firm yet flat belly. Shots of precum hit the top of the table, then your torso as your dick bobbles up and down.

You glance down at it in an hypnotic way. Your teeth starts sharpening. Your ears start stretching into points. Your beard is now a clear mess, abnormally long and starting to crawl up on your cheeks, slowly covering your entire face under this fur-mask.

You sit on the table, a good-sized chair for your now towering body. Your large hand-paws grasp around the thick cock spewing infectious werewolf precum everywhere in the room. The air grows pungent, strong. The thing gushes even more as your hands grasp tighter around the flesh pillar. One drop hits your chin and your new longer tongue catches a taste of it.

It’s so rich, so lewd, so disgusting, so… inhuman… but you can’t help but want more of it. You bend down, trying to get your mouth closer to the tip of your own abnormally long cock. Another shot from the geyser-like cock hits your blackened nose. The smell is so strong it freezes you for a moment. You stand still and feel your jaw start pushing outward.

Your tongue licks the tip and then you grow almost instantly addicted to it. Your head lurches downward and you slip a good part of your cock in your mouth and start sucking yourself. You bob up and down, the colour of your eyes growing yellower with each movement. Your ears grow longer and taller, stretching above your head while your muzzle inches down on your cock, taking more of it with each suck. The big fuzzy balls under your cock slap on the table which creaks loudly with each of your movements.

You don’t care about the furniture anymore. You are one beast that desires nothing more than to please itself. Your tail wags happily behind you. It fluffs out longer as you get one last overall growth spurt. You are so close to cumming you don’t notice the last ongoing changes. Your flat belly firms more and grows some ridges of muscles. Your spine and legs stretches some more, making you even taller, your giant feet-paws touch the floor: height-wise the table surpasses the appropriate chair look to become a bit small for your gargantuan body.

And then you feel it. Hitting like a ton of bricks, your orgasm erupts into your mouth, overfilling it in only a few spurts… but it just keeps going and going. Your chest juts forward in one last lurch and your necks thickens so much that the cross pendant breaks and falls to the ground. Fresh werewolf cum slips from the sides of your maw as you can swallow no more. The musk inside the room intensifies by a thousand times.

A white rain paints the room and the table crumbles under your weight. Only five minutes later did your orgasm finally subsided. You pant loudly still and your massive erection barely has time to soften a little that it grows hard again. You lick your lips in hungry lust. You aren’t done tonight and you know that your next orgasm won’t be in your maw, but inside the first victim you will find on your way.

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