Order Up: Second Helping

By Mitch_Corob published May 2, 2018
He can’t stop himself from going back to the diner for more burgers.

This story is based off of something I came across in deviantart (Big Burger Special). It’s a great story that you should definitely check out.

Cal’s unbuttoned cum soaked pants clung to his sides. He moaned as his greasy fingers rubbed his expanding belly. Cal clutched his belly as he felt his body expand. Jay grinned gleefully as Cal’s belly grew outward. Tom couldn’t contain himself as he moaned watching Cal grow. Tom’s fat nipples grew hard, practically poking through his tank top. Cal felt his belly grow, his shirt stretching to the seams. His belly grew so much his tight grease stained t-shirt clung to belly, just hiding his belly button. Jay salivated at the sight of Cal’s fledgling under belly.

Jay stopped grinding into Tom, instead focusing on rubbing Tom’s teats. Tom wriggled against Jay. His belly bounced against the counter. His face grew red, as Cal took in more of the even in front of him. He played with his new belly with his left hand, while his right squeezed his cock through his jeans. Tom’s moaning grew desperate, “Not here Jay.” He couldn’t stop his body from moving, “Daddy please.” Cal’s head twitched, as his sexual haze broke. Jay stopped, but slammed his hand against Tom’s shorts-clad cheeks. His blushing grew more intense.

“Yer right boy, can’t go scaring the youngin’ before he’s got a chance to settle in.” Jay came out from behind the counter, an obvious tent in his pants. Cal moaned as Jay got closer, backing away toward the door slightly. Jay held up his hands, “Now, now, no need to be frightened little thing. Come on in. You liked yer burgers, eh?” Cal nodded as he slowly made his way in. Tom stayed behind the counter adjusting himself. Every time he and Cal made eye contact, each would furiously blush. “I’m glad you did son. We use the best ingredients around, really makes for growing boys.” By now Jay was close enough to Cal that his solid lumberjack build almost touched Cal’s budding Buddha belly. Jay brought his hand to his chin, “accidentally” grazing Cal’s gut on the way. A groan escaped Cal’s lips when he made contact.

Cal’s pants grew tighter, as his cock started soaking his already damp underwear with pre-cum, again. Jay could not believe his luck. He already had a fat boy but now he might have a new pig boy too. He clapped his hands together, breaking the sexual self induced trance of Cal and Tom, “Well, you came in here for something, what’ll it be?” It was now Cal’s turn to blush. He took a half-step back from Jay. He looked over his shoulder but he knew nothing was there.

“Um, it’s just that, you know, they were so good, I was wondering if I could have one more?” Cal wondered aloud. He knew he didn’t have the money for another special, but maybe he could swing one. Jay took a step closer to Cal and put his arm around his shoulder. He squeezed the boy evaluating his growth.

“Of course you can boy! You ate it so quickly I’ll do you a favor. We can do buy two, get two free. Just for you.” Jay brought his face close to Cal’s to ensure the boy was listening. Cal nodded slowly, blushing even further. “Now let me get started on those burgers,” Jay said quietly. It came out in a hushed whisper, as if he was trying to elicit a sexual favor from Cal. Maybe that’s why Cal found his cock burping another load of pre-cum in his pants. Cal held the table for support as his new body shook with sexual heat.

Tom came around from behind the counter as Jay went back to the kitchen. Tom’s nipples were still hard. He sat on a swivel chair letting his gut and tits bulge out. His legs separated to accommodate his mass; but even with his gut, the bulge in his pants was still prominent to Cal. Cal wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take. He wasn’t sure he could even drive home after this. He felt like he was drunk from lust for these two guys and their food.

“So… I’m glad you like the food.” Tom said with a bit more confidence in his voice than Cal’s first visit. Cal didn’t realize he was rubbing his gut. He kept looking at the indent in Tom’s shirt where Cal thought his belly button should be.

“Thanks, yeah,” Cal mumbled. “It was the best burger I’ve ever had.” Cal told himself to lighten up, before the irony of his personal statement dawned on him. He laughed breaking the tension in the room. Tom looked shocked but blushed, “Your laugh is cute.” Cal smiled, “Thank you.” As the romance settled between the two, the aroma of the burgers leaked from the kitchen. The two boys continued to stare at each other as the smells tickled their noses. Each grew a little more comfortable in their positions. Tom grew more bold, accentuating his throbbing cock. He grunted a little, causing Cal to focus in between Tom’s legs. Cal licked his lips. Their eyes cloudy with lust. The air in the diner became thick with the smell burgers and musk.

Tom noticed something on Cal’s shirt, a burger piece that had not yet been devoured, caught in his shirts folds. He beckoned Cal to him. Hesitantly Cal got up from leaning against the diner tabletop. Fleetingly he wondered if this is what newly pregnant women like when they walked. He was so lost in this thought he accidentally bumped bellies with Tom. The two stared into each other’s eyes. As Cal went to back up, Tom quickly slide his hand down Cal’s baby fat back. He rested it just about his ass, so as not to intimidate him too much. Tom pulled Cal in closer, their bellies slightly touching. He smiled at Cal, who was still slightly shorter than Tom even when Tom was sitting.

“You’ve got something, right there.” Tom said, before his free hand grabbed the last bit of burger from Cal’s shirt folds. Cal nodded and went to take the burger bite with his hand. Cal pulled it back. “I’ve got this.” Cal looked confused before Tom brought the bite to Cal’s mouth. He gently opened his mouth, with Tom putting the bite in. Emboldened, Cal sucked on Tom’s fingers. Delighted, Tom gripped Cal’s new stomach and gave it a shake. The burger bite added three pounds to Cal’s gut, exciting them both further. Cal moaned against the feeling of the weight and Tom. Tom shook a little more, huskily whispering, “Oh yeah?” Cal nodded, biting his bottom lip, moaning.

Jay came out of the kitchen feeling pleased. He saw his two new boys playing with each other and he’s cooked some damn fine burgers. He brought the plate of burgers against the countertop next to Tom. The food broke the trance between Cal and Tom but neither backed away. They turned to a smiling Jay. Jay picked up his first burger, moving closer to the two. He brought the burger up to Cal before he shoved it into Tom’s. Surprised, he slightly choked before he started to feed. Cal felt the grip on his back loosen as Tom’s hands dropped to his sides. His cock strained against his pants as Jay shoved another bite into his mouth. Tom moaned helplessly, his favorite activity in full swing. Tom’s shirt grew tighter as he devoured more of the burger. Grunting and moaning, Cal watched, drooling slightly. He’d never felt so heavy from lust before, or maybe it was the food? He want so turned on he started to pant, like a bitch in heat.

Jay eyed Cal, “That’s it boy, you’ll be next. You’ve already had two burgers, need to feed yer big brother first. ‘Sides this burger would be too much fer you ta handle.” Cal nodded, eyeing to burger. It was four patties, smothered in cheese. It just fit in Jay’s big hand. He could see Tom was chewing endlessly on it. He looked to euphoric eating from Jay’s hand, almost mind-fucked from lust. Jay followed Tom’s gaze. “Oh yeah, love it when he gets like that too.” Jay rested his hand on Tom’s gut. He squeezed and shook it, causing Tom to moan and choke on his food. Without spilling a drop he jiggled and bucked his hips. Tom could only snort and grunt in response. Jay pulled back. He looked at Tom and then to Cal. “I have an idea. Here, watch him while you eat.” Jay handed Cal the same burger he’d eaten earlier. Full, greasy and delicious. Cal just nodded, bringing the burger to his face. He waited as Jay fed Tom, before he ate with Tom. They locked eyes, but only Cal was present, just barely. He followed Tom, bite for bite. Their moans filled the diner.

Jay could not believe his luck. He brought an arm against Cal and pulled him closer. Now Cal and Tom’s bellies were touching again. Cal creamed his pants for the second time that evening. Jay saw the build up, quickly shoving the burger into his mouth as he climaxed. Cal’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. Tom snorted joyfully at the smell of fresh cum. Cal’s pants began to sag down from the copious loads. The boys bit into the burger one after the other, their bellies expanding slowly, getting more prominent. Tom’s began to merge with his love handles, while Cal’s continued to be a sphere. Each of their tits grew harder than the could of imagined, while they remained fully and perky, almost standing on their own.

Tom finished his burger, slumping against the counter. He panted, occasionally grunting. Jay grabbed his fully expanded gut, and smiled. “Good piggy, good boy,” he said before kissing Tom, hard. Their tongues intertwined as Tom seemed to get high from Jay’s saliva. He was beginning to feel so good. Was it because Cal was there, watching. Jay took his moobs in hand and began to massage them, never relenting on his oral assault. Tom couldn’t take it, he came right there. It was so powerful, cum erupted out of his shorts, splashing on the floor.

Without thought Cal bent on a fours, diving face first for the cum. He couldn’t control himself. Jay could he control his pants ripping down his ass. Like a pillow escaping a too tight case, his new ass erupted from their confines. It bounced and jiggled from their freedom. Jay looked gleefully at the sight. He rubbed Tom’s head before picking up a third burger.

Jay locked eyes with Cal again. His gaze was powerful as he let the third burger fall on the floor. “Oops,” Jay said sarcastically, “I dropped it. That’s not gonna stop you, is it piggy?” Cal snorted involuntarily. His shirt rode up to his new pair of tits as he pushed his face into the burger bun. A small part of him thought it was disgusting to eat food off of the floor, but he couldn’t help it. Jay’s burgers were so good! He began to push his new ass back against the air, he was so horny from the burgers. As Cal continued, Jay got behind him and started to finger his ass. Cal squealed in protest, but the more Jay fingered him and the more Cal ate, the better it felt. Soon Cal’s jock covered cock was soaked through completely, before he released a torrent of cum both in the jock and on the floor. Cal squealed and grunted as he bucked his hips against Jay’s fingers. He brought his slick fingers to Cal’s mouth, which he happily licked clean. “Good job Piggy,” he said, wiping his hands through Cal’s matted hair. “You were a good boy, I think you deserve dessert, what do you think?”

His half lidded eyes, still cloudy from his cum and food haze, and face gave way to a dopey grin. Remaining on all fours, he eagerly nodded. “Yes please Sir. I’m starting to get hungry again,” he said before giving a quick and cute oink. Jay lightly slapped his butt before removing his jockstrap. He pointed to the cum stain on the floor. “You will boy, after you clean your mess.” Jay brought the strap with him to where Tom sat, fat and happy. They both watched Cal gleefully push his sexpot face into his cum stain. He licked and grunted, putting on a show for his two new sexual partners. He looked up at them before involuntarily cumming again, splashing against the floor. He dove into his new cum stream.

“Here you go boy,” an exhausted Joe said to a newly fattened Tom, “Open wide,” Jay shoved Cal’s jock into Tom’s mouth. Tom’s face lit up as his cheeks bulged from the taste. His eyes grew foggy as his face grew red with lust. The jock tasted of cum, sweat and grease. Tom cock exploded again, splashing more cum on the floor for Cal.

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