Order Up: First Bite

By Mitch_Corob - conorrobmitchell@gmail.com
published April 30, 2018
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A boy finds himself hungry after a long weekend at an EDM festival. What will the lonely diner bring?

This story is based off of something I came across in deviantart (Big Burger Special). It’s a great story that you should definitely check out. If it’s good/people like it, I’ll continue.

Cal had left the convention hours ago, windows rolled down with the wind whipping through his sandy gold hair. He still had about a while before he got home. EDM music played in the background. He was lucky that he spent his 23rd birthday at the convention. At the four day event, days seemed to stretch together. The usually shy, lithe guy found confidence he didn’t know he had among his people. A smile crossed his face as he remembered a particular conversation he had with an older artist he was fond of.

As he thought of the fact he had the artists number in his back, he realized he was starving. Cal had only brought nibbles with him because he thought surely the convention would apply food. Sadly, they had not so he was stuck eating his three oranges and granola bars sparingly. Between that and the free water, Cal’s 5’7 120 pound frame, had barely held up. Cal’s favorite part of the convention was the going away dance. He’d let his body go on the dance floor, but he found himself accidentally bumping into the artist more than once. With his small frame and hunger, he’d felt the alcohol more than once. Even though he was still riding the weekends high, his body was craving food. He was both dreading and looking forward to pulling off at whatever exit was next to buy some crappy fast food to hold him over until he got home.

As Cal was zipping along, he noticed a sign for a “Jay’s Burgers, Open 24 hrs, Gourmet…” he didn’t have time to read the sign and didn’t bother to slow down. ‘Food!’ he thought. He absentmindedly pushed on the gas harder, the exit coming up fast. He pulled in warily. He saw it was a “diner” attached to a large house behind it. Really it was a sun room/portion of the house dedicated to the “diner”. He wondered how they could be successful in such an odd location. Looking behind it, Cal could see there was an unlit modest house. He wondered if it was the owners.

Cal was a wary of the location, especially with the dark house in the back, but the place looked too well kept to be sleazy. He pulled into the grass lot and into the spot next to the “diner”. His car the only one, which only skeeved Cal out more. Cal was both excited for food and creeped out by the scenery.

The inside of the little place was well lit. It had a nostalgia to it of a different time period with pastel blues and tinted off-white/yellows. One thing that made Cal chuckle was the chrome. Chrome everywhere. Cal’s nose were assaulted by the distinct smell of delicious burgers as soon as he walked in. There were three small booths that seemed unused but still clean framing a single counter in front of a window to the kitchen. Beside the register on the counter sat a young guy, looking only a little older than Cal with styled black hair, some of it falling into his eyes. He wore a white tank top and had his chin on the counter, eyes half closed. The bell to the front door rang as Cal entered. He perked up, full of energy to acknowledge a customer. As he stood up Cal was shocked. Underneath his adorable face was a full round gut and a full chest. Cal blushed at the sight.

The kid began to move over to the register, “Hi there, sorry about that,” he glanced down at his big gut, noticing Cal could not take his eyes off of it. “My name’s Tom, what can I get for you?”

Cal was clearly hypnotized by Tom’s belly while the young man had asked the question. Cal fumbled for his words while bringing his eyes hastily to meet Mark’s, ”Uh, hey, could I…” before a deep voice eclipsed his own.

“Is that another one of those geeky guys? This one’s a little later, but they were coming in in droves before!” A lumberjack of a man, probably mid-30’s, leaned through the kitchen window, a wide grin plastered across his bearded face. Everywhere had a light dusting of sandy red hair, expect his face which was deep auburn. “Hey there, I’m Jay, welcome to my home. We’ve the premier, and only, burgers for fifty square miles! You were at that comic-y convention I bet! I have a friend who is one of the artists there. Made sure he recommends this place every time it’s in town!” He came out from behind the kitchen, standing close to Tom.

Cal stared at the hulk of a man, before recollecting himself. “Yeah, I was up there all weekend! It was a great way to celebrate my birthday,” he said, his mind catching up with him.

“Oh yeah? Your birthday huh? Then we’ve got to do something special for ya boy!” Jay said happily, “Actually Tom here wanted to go, but I made him stay because I needed the help. he chuckled, patting Tom on the chest. Tom blushed, and Cal watched his soft chest jiggle. “Very glad we could be here in to celebrate ya.” Cal picked up on Jay’s southern twang that noted and skipped throughout his voice. “We’ve got a special that’s just special enough for you! Our gourmet burgers at fast food prices, will have you begging for more because our product is straight from honest to goodness farmers from the area. Plus we even got vegetarian! Can’t compete or beat our quality of Daddy Jay’s. Tom, now I don’t see the sign out?” Jay squeezed Tom’s tit before letting him go. As quickly as a boy his size could move, Tom ducked under the counter and pulled out a sign printed on computer paper and mounted on cardboard. It only had the words “2 for 1 special” on it, making Cal smirk.

“That’s really great,” Cal said, hoping that gourmet didn’t mean expensive. Maybe he could use his birthday as an excuse? “How much would they be?” he asked, walk away.

“The special is six bucks,” Joe spoke. “And if you pay seven we throw in a bottle of cola!” Tom chirped. Jay grinned. “There we go, boy? I forgot that myself. You would though, can’t help loving our two for one days,” and Jay let out a belly laugh while Tom brightened up like a fire engine. Jay turned to Cal and spoke, “Yeah, Tommy-boy started helping me earlier this summer. He swore up and down he wouldn’t let himself lose an ounce of his fitness regiment, or have it be interrupted by my burgers. Then last week rolls around and he can’t help but try his first one. He got himself hooked. Now you’d never know he was my beanpole just earlier this month” and Jay laughed again. Jay rested his hand on Tom’s gut, giving it a light shake. Even though his hand rested there, Tom’s belly continued to jiggle. Tom was embarrassed but let out an audible moan. Jay grinned ear to ear, “See, nothing excites my boy more than the thought of our burgers!”

Cal couldn’t take his eyes off of Tom’s engorged midsection. Cal couldn’t picture him growing so big so fast. His belly shaking was like a hypnotic pendulum. Cal couldn’t bring himself to admit it but it was hot. Jay eyed the new boy with a toothy grin. He leaned into Tom’s ear, “I think we got ‘nother one just like you.”

Tom blushed even further. “S-so, what can we make for ya?” Cal shook his head and averted his gaze to the 2 for 1 sign, his cheeks getting a little red as his thoughts kept going back to Tom’s gut. His eyes began to cloud from a sexual haze, “I think…yeah, the special it is, that’s such a good deal for two burgers and a soda. I’ll take it, definitely with cheese please.”

Jay jumped, “Coming right up, birthday boy. I’ll make it real special for ya” He ducked back through the window.

Tom gave Cal his soda to hold him over. As they stumbled through awkward chatter about the festival, the aroma of burgers wafted through the diner. Cal dipped his cola, finding the sugar had an almost draining effect on him. He couldn’t help but stare at Tom’s chest and perky nipples as he ate. He didn’t realize his own body bloated, ever so slightly or that his pants grew in tightness. He found himself responding to Tom with simple, one word answers. Their conversation would pause when the smell of burgers became too strong. Tom’s pants grew tighter from the aroma. The chubby boy would chub up at the thought of eating another burger. Before they knew it, a bell chimed and Jay leaned through the window again and chirped, “Order up!” the containers to Tom. He came out of the kitchen as Tom “That’ll be seven dollars please,” he asked cheerfully, most of the awkwardness fading from his voice. Cal paid, before turning to go. His eyes caught Jay’s who came close to Tom again, resting his arm around his shoulder. Cal could swear Jay was grabbing Tom’s chest, flicking his finger across his tit.

“Th-thanks so much, you guys are lifesavers,” he said before turning on his heel. Jay returned, “No problem, little guy! You enjoy those burgers, come back real soon!”

Cal responded, “I’ll definitely remember this place, smells amazing, thanks!” as he stepped outside. He got into his car, as his fingers ripped through one container. As he opened the box he could see the burger was massive! It had two patties with cheese oozing from over and between them. The burger was shimmering with a thin layer of burger grease. Cal found himself nearly drooling from the sight and smell. He grabbed the burger with both hands and shoved the side into his waiting mouth. The first bite brought waves of juicy goodness, and Cal found himself moaning for more. Cal could barely think as he found himself shoving more and more of the burger into his mouth. He barely finished swallowing before he took another huge bite. Grease ran down his chin as his eyes grew foggier. The burger smelled like sex. Hot, and delicious sex. The juices ran down his throat, his belly groaning with happiness. Without acknowledgment or fear Cal failed to notice his belly it was growing with each bite.

It was slow at first. Bite by bite he continued to expand. Cal’s once flat stomach began to bow outward. He chest became sensitive to the touch. His tits poked out of his tight t-shirt. Little by little, his belly pushed forward. His pants grew tighter as his ass grew fatter. He wrestled his hand away from the burger to touch his cock, which drooled with pre-cum. Love handles sprouted from above his hips, budding over the sides of his jeans. By the time Cal had reached the last two bites of the burger, it looked like he had eaten a soccer ball whole. Atop his gut rested two rosebuds of fat, tits perked from the sexual fever of the food.

He swallowed the last tasty morsel of his burger, grinding his cum churning cock into his hands He let out a fair sized burp and a small moan of contentment. He licked his greasy fingers clean, snorting slightly. As he leaned back in his seat with his eyes closed, feeling sated for the moment after his bout of gluttony, he noticed some pressure. His eyes snapped open as his hand brushed against his shirt, pushed very far out from where his stomach had been when he had begun his small feast. He looked down, his face contorting into a look of pure horror.

Resting in his lap was now a decent belly. Just as he was moving his trembling hand to feel his round belly, there was a pop of his jean button giving way. His belly rushed forward another inch. Cal whimpered, his eyes wide in disbelief, slowly rubbing his new fat. He couldn’t believe how good it felt as his hand made its way up and down his new weight. His chest throbbed, causing a moaning Cal to touch it. His moans grew louder and more ecstatic as his tits quivered in his touch.

Cal was lost in the sensation. He started to pinch and squeeze the fleshy blob attached to him. Cal though he might cum. He was close. He grinded his cock against nothing as he slowly bounced on his babyfat ass. His fledgling love handles shook as he thought of Jay and Tom. The bigger men that were a foreign dream to him, now a reality. As Cal continued he realized a terrifying thought; he was getting hungry again.

His dick pulsed at the thought of being so turned on by getting so fat and still being hungry. Cal glanced over at the other container on his passenger seat. He still had another burger.

Cal couldn’t help himself. He flung his door open as he grabbed the styrofoam container. He hands scratched at the top of the container as Cal took his remaining will and flung the box atop his car. He huffed and almost creamed his pants from moving his new body. He hoisted himself out of his car, not used to his new body mass. Cal semi-waddled back to the entrance of the diner. He couldn’t opened the burger box as he entered, panting from the motion against his cock and new baby belly.

The bell rang as he entered the diner, altering Tom and Jay who stopped motionless. Before a moaning Cal stood Tom, with his shirt still on and fat gut resting on the counter. Jay stood behind Tom, his burly arms holding up Tom’s fat chest like a bra. He locked eyes with Cal as he grinded against Tom. “Told ya we had us ‘nother piggy,” he grinned as Cal helplessly shoveled the burger into his mouth. Cal grunted between burger bites, as he came in his pants, his eyes never leaving Jay’s gaze.

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