The Window Washer Part III

By Anonymous published April 30, 2018
Dick's story reaches a final conclusion as all the pieces of the puzzle fall into their rightful places.

Dick was crying. He had good reason to. His boss had just dismissed him from his presence after a long 15 hour period of doing nothing but his boss’s will. He was still confused as to what was even going on. Earlier, when Eric had woken up to find his exhausted servant boy still slaving away, he commanded Dick to stop. He told his boy how his life would be, from this point on. This is what made Dick cry. This entirely horrifying night had only spared Dick’s sanity because the humiliation was private and unknown by anyone outside of the apartment. Now, Eric had commanded Dick to bring it to the real world, and to flaunt it to his friends and family. The slow transition over the next few months after that horrid night were psychologically torturous for Dick. He was forced to take less care of himself and not to, under any circumstance, shower. He smelled bad and needed a shave. His boss had also commanded him to buy adult diapers for himself. Eric had thought it would be degrading for his servant to have to walk around in his piss and shit all day. Despite the poor hygiene and bad smell, Dick’s looks remained stunning. Eric decided to take care of that. He forced Dick to give all of his current, attractive clothing to him in exchange for Eric’s disgusting wardrobe. The only clothes Dick had to wear now, were old, ugly, and dirty. He also commanded Dick to gain weight as fast as he could. He wanted Dick to know what it felt like when people hated your body. Eric thought that the extra pounds wasn’t enough humiliation, so he decided to up the anty. In Eric’s apartment, Eric was enjoying a beer and some television while his boy was under his feet, on all fours, serving as a footstool. Dick was wearing one of Eric’s old wife-beaters that still had several stains on it and showed off Dick’s new gut. He also wore a pair of ugly old jeans, old-man socks, and cheap sandals. Underneath all this was a sagging diaper, constantly full. “Hey Dick, tell me what you think Is ugliest about me, and don’t try to be sweet.” Dick hesitated. He didn’t want to be punished for insulting his boss, but he had to obey. “Sir, I feel that your…um…hairline is the ugliest.” Eric kicked Dick in the face. Dick flinched but stayed in his position as footstool. He had been commanded to stay put. "Well then. I want you to start doing something for me boy. " “Anything sir,” Dick started to tremble. He had stopped showering, was wearing the ugliest outfit he had ever seen, had gained weight because this guy, and was wearing a several day old diaper that was in desperate need of change. All this because that man made him. What could he possibly want to do to hurt him more? “From now on, every day, you will increasingly shave your head so that it looks like your hairline is receding.” Eric started to chuckle. Dick didn’t cry. He was simply stupefied. He knew that now that it had been commanded of him, he would do it to himself. He didn’t know if he could bear the humiliation. Since he had started changing, his friends had started to avoid him. His father kept asking him what was wrong. When the smell became overwhelming his father had started yelling at him. He didn’t understand why his son was acting this way. Nowadays, his father likes to pretend Dick doesn’t exist. They haven’t spoken in weeks. Dick’s old friends had started to joke about him behind his back as well. They hadn’t started doing it to his face, but he knew that when they did start, it would be brutal. His boss finally released him for the night, close to midnight, which was atypically early. Dick left to go to his apartmemt. He wanted badly to sleep and wake up to find that this was all some awful nightmare. He wanted that every night. Instead, Dick traveled to his bathroom, and picked up his razor which he hadn’t touched for months. He shaved the hair at top of his forehead. He instantly looked older and more pathetic. Dick stared at himself, in the mirror. He had a shaggy, receding, and tangled mop of hair on his head and a patchy beard below it. He was wearing the clothes of an old, drunken, failure and didn’t feel to different from one. His belly protruded depressingly and the squishy excrement sagged down his butt. He had destroyed his once beautiful body. A knocking on the door disturbed his thoughts of self pity. His father was at work on the night shift so Dick decided to see who it was himself. He opened the door to Wade, his oldest chum. Wade looked nervous, “Hey man. It’s been awhile. I just…uh… wanted to make sure you’re alright.” Eric had commanded Dick not to approach his friends or to go to there apartments. But he had said nothing about them coming to him. Dick sighed with some releif. At least not everyone had given up on him. “Come in man.” Wade looked a little hesitant at stepping in, but followed Dick into the living room. They sat on the couch where they used to play video games for hours and talk about how annoying their parents were. “I guess you could say I’ve been going through something.” Dick said, trying to come up with some explanation, without contradicting the orders of not telling anyone that Eric was behind it all. “Yeah we can all tell.” “Im sorry I haven’t hung out with you guys recently. I just have had some problems.” Dick was trying to figure out how to get Wade’s help in taking down Eric. This was his last chance. All he had to do, was to convince Wade to steal the amulet from Eric without directly saying it. It was going to be like charades. He hated that game. “Yeah I think the last time I actually saw you was a few months ago. I think you were drunk, cause you were wearing that janitor’s uniform, and you had a bunch of beer.” Wade let out an awkward chuckle, to try and release the tension in the room. “Yes that’s it,” Dick exclaimed. “What?” “My problem.” “That’s your problem? Being drunk?” “No. The other thing.” Dick was so close. He could see that Wade wanted to help him. Dick just needed to let him know how. “The janitor? You mean the dude we used to make fun of and stuff?” “Exactly. That’s it.” “How is he your problem?” Wade seemed seriously concerned. Dick was seriously messed up right now, and Wade wanted his old bud back. Dick answered, "The ruby necklace. " “What?” Wade had followed up to this point, but now he was lost. “Just trust me. My actions, my body, my clothes; it’s all because of that amulet.” Wade shook his head in disbelief, but he really wanted his friend back, so he continued, “ok, so this necklace. What’s so special about it?” “I can’t say, but you need to get it.” “Um ok,” this was not the weirdest thing that Dick had asked Wade to do. They had shoplifted many things together. They were, quite literally, thick as theives. “How do I get it?” "You remember the janitor’s apartment? " “Yeah I guess.” “He is probably asleep now. Its around his neck. I can’t say anymore.” “Why not,” Wade asked, still concerned. Dick looked to Wade, "Get the amulet and I can explain the entire thing to you. " Wade sat, still processing the conversation he had just had with his oldest friend. He wondered what to do next. Wade eventually made up his mind to help his friend, gave Dick a bro-hug, and left, on a mission. Dick waited with hope and excitement. When he had left his boss, Eric had been passed out cold on the couch. This would be a piece of cake for Wade. All Dick had to do, was wait. Dick’s cell rang. It must be Wade with the good news. Dick answered and blacked out.

Dick awoke. He was on the couch. The sun was rising. Had he been out for the entire night? His phone was laying next to his ear. He was trying to remember what exactly had just happened. Wade was on his way to get the amulet. He had gotten a call, and then everything went blank. Dick was confused. If so much time had passed, where was Wade? His apartment door opened. Dick stood in his excitement, expecting Wade. It was his father instead, coming home from work since it was the end of the night shift. “Shouldn’t you be working?” His father said to him. Dick’s head was starting to hurt. He didn’t work, unless his father new about his enslavement to the hotel janitor. And since when did his dad start talking talking to him again? “Boy, did you hear me? You should be working.” Dick’s head was swimming. He needed fresh air. He needed to get away from his father. Why was he acting so weird? And what was he talking about? Since when did he call him boy? Dick walked past his father and out of the apartment. He began walking aimlessly, not sure where he was going. Ahead, Dick noticed some people stepping out of an apartment. It was his whole gang. Dick approached the group of his friends. He noticed that Wade was with them. Did he get the amulet? Maybe he did but didn’t want to wake him when he saw Dick was sleeping. “Hey guys look. It’s the janitor boy,” Jake said. Dick stopped in his tracks. Why would he say that? “Hey janitor, shouldn’t you be scrubbing toilets or something?” Duke teased. Duke was always nice to Dick. What was going on? Something was wrong. Dick needed to get out of here. He needed to run while he still could. “Hey fatso. I think your late for a date with your girlfriend. I wouldn’t want your mop to miss your cringy-ass, dance moves!” Wade laughed at Dick. They walked on by, leaving Dick to stand alone, in pain. Something was wrong. His plan backfired somehow. Everything had become so much worse. He had become the very person who he used to tease, humiliate, and degrade for sport. Dick stood watching his old gang walk away from him. The peices of the puzzle began falling into place for him. He knew that he was never going to be friends with them again. It wasn’t there fault. They couldn’t help it. He knew that he had no chance at escape. So he simply watched as his friends turned the corner. Wade was the last to go. Dick thought he saw him glance back. Maybe it was just his halfway crazed mind imagining it.

“Better get to work, janitor boy,” a familiar voice whispered into his ear from behind him. Dick’s mind lost all thought. He had been beat. His mind, body, and soul had all been beaten into submission. Dick was no longer there. All that was left, was the blank and empty Janitor Boy. He only answers to the name Janitor Boy. His only clothes are his dirty uniform and the occasional diaper. He no longer uses restrooms, he cleans them. He is submissive and subservient to every man, woman, child, and animal for he is nothing but a lowly servant of the building. He works long and tiresome hours. He gets up early and stays up late doing his job. He sleeps in the janitor’s closet because that is where he belongs. All other residents of the hotel have been hypnotized into believing that the Janitor Boy is someone to humiliate, degrade, and use for amusement. The boy’s own father has been hypnotized into believing that this boy is nothing but the person to mock in order to make yourself feel better. The person you call when you have a mess that you don’t feel like cleaning up. The person you get when you want your shoes shined, your clothes ironed, your bed made, or your dishes washed. For he is nothing but a low, fat, and disgusting servant of the people, to be used by the people, and to be humiliated by the people for the rest of his life.

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