By rubbrsome published September 13, 2013

While chasing an enemy alien, a group of humans stumble upon a much greater predator.

“What’s the last thing you remember?”

It takes my brain a moment to process the question. It’s so hard to get my brain to focus on something other than that enormously large Quad laying over in the corner. Every bone in my body trembles in fear; I had never been so close to one before. I can’t tear my eyes from its massive four meter frame: all pure muscle. I know, without a doubt, that if the fucker wakes up, it can tear all of us apart without breaking a sweat.

There’s a sharp sting of pain as the Captain smacks me lightly across the face. “Hey! Don’t worry about him. Whatever brought us done here must’ve got him too. Now just focus.” The Captain snaps his fingers a couple times, grabs my face and brings my eyes up to focus directly on him. “Now what do you remember?”

I’m lying on my back, and I can feel the surface underneath is warm and slimy. The Captain is squatting on his haunches, almost directly over me. And as I look at the Captain, I suddenly realize that he’s dirty. It’s quite a shock. Usually he’s always so clean. He’s uniform is always pressed and starched. But now … I’ve never seen him like this. There’s splotches of black slime caked on his face and chest. Then my eyes really take him in and I’m suddenly aware that the Captain is naked. What I thought was a black shirt is really a mixture of his chest hair and more slime on his chest. But he’s squatting next to me, and I’m suddenly privy to his slime covered cock dangling almost over me.

“Don’t make me hit you again.”

“Not necessary, Sir.”

“Good.” The Captain reaches out a hand, offering to pull me up off the ground. “Now report.”

The man’s strong. Before I can blink, I’m yanked into the air. My legs are wobbly but I quickly find my strength. I grab onto his shoulders for support, and for a split second, I’m a bit embarrassed because I’m suddenly aware I’m touching him.

“Well, Sir,” I begin by pointing a finger at the enormous alien lying on the ground. “We were chasing that Quad. You had clipped his starboard engine, and he was making a run for it. He went for the planet’s surface. You wanted to go after him. Get a confirmed kill. The planet was scrambling our scanners, but we finally zeroed in on the Quad’s fighter. You assembled a team; you, the Doc, Meegs and me. We came down on a Lander and located the Quad’s ship. But it had been hours and we figured he must’ve run for the hills. We were tracking him, and his trail led into a muddy swamp.”

My head goes fuzzy. I’m trying to remember what happened next. “There was something big. I thought it was the Quad. But it didn’t have four arms. It was like a beast. It came out of the swamp. Came right out of the black mud. It pulled the Doc down. And, then I felt something wrap around my legs. I got sucked under. And then … that’s it … you were waking me up.”

The Captain nods. “Yeah. That’s all I remember too.”

“Where are the others?”

The Captain nods over to the other corner. “They’re out cold.”

On the opposite side of the chamber, my ship mates lay on their backs. Like the Captain, both of them are completely naked. Their bodies are partially covered in the slick slime. I hesitate and finally ask: “If you don’t mind me asking, Sir, but why are we naked?”

“I have no idea, Private. I woke up and found that our clothes were gone. Not only that, but that we are trapped in some kind of chamber with a hostile Quad. Probably the same fucking Quad that we shot down.”

I look over at the alien. I thought it was asleep but now I realize that he moving very slowly. And more than that, I hear a distinct purring come from the thing. His movements and sounds unnerve me. Every fiber in my being is on high alert and I take several steps away from it. I want to run like hell, but when I look around, I see that the Captain was right: we are in some kind of chamber. The room is about twenty meters wide, and there are no exits or windows. Every surface, whether it’s the floor, walls or ceiling are coated in the wet black slime.

I turn back to the Quad. He’s too close. He’s too big. All I can think of is what he’s going to do to us when he wakes up. Without knowing it, my body begins to tremble. The Captain puts a hand on my shoulder and squeezes. “Come on, Private. Help me wake the others.”

It doesn’t take long. Before long, the Doc and Meegs are on their feet and the four of us are comparing notes on what happened. They don’t remember much. The Doc said he felt something with tentacles wrap around his legs before pulling him down. He’s uses much more technical words, but pretty much all of agree on the same thing: that we’re fucked.

During all this time, the Captain searches for an exit. But it’s very clear that there’s no way out. I can’t tell if we’re in some kind of underground air pocket, or some kind of slime-covered room. All I know is that the air is breathable, and that there’s a big fucking alien in here.

The Captain then begins to probe the walls. He sinks his arm through the wall until the mud-slime reaches to his shoulder. “It’s not solid at all. But it’s not a liquid either. It’s thick.”

“We could be in some kind of air pocket,” Doc suggests, “Maybe underneath the swamp.”

The Captain pulls his arm out. It’s completely black, like it’s been dipped in paint. He shakes his arm, trying to fling some of the slime off but it sticks to him. “We could push through these walls, but if it’s an air pocket, we don’t know which direction to go. Or how deep we are. We’d be going in blind and probably suffocate.”

Meegs chimes in. “But we got to do something, right? We’re going to run out of air.”

Another shot of panic hits me but it’s the Doc to the rescue. “Well this chamber is large enough that we can probably last a day. I think our biggest worry is the thing that brought us here.”

Meegs laughs with incredulity. “That’s our biggest worry? Hey Doc, aren’t you forgetting about the giant angry Quad right over there. I say we’re pretty much fucked when it wakes up.”

We all turn and look at the Quad. It’s been the elephant in the room that we’ve been ignoring. But then the Doc says something that surprises the rest of us. “It’s not going to wake up. It’s in a coma.”

I can’t believe it, but before long, I’m actually standing right next to the Quad. I’m listening to the Doc explain why he thinks the Quad is in a coma. But in reality, I’m staring at the alien behemoth next to me. My eyes take in its massive quadruple legs (or are they arms). We never knew whether these aliens have four legs, or four arms. They use them for both running on, and ripping the heads off humans. We’ve clocked them running at 58 klicks per hour, and lifting over eight times their body weight. It goes without saying that they’re pretty fucking powerful. And then it suddenly hits me that whatever took the Quad out, was probably the same thing that dragged us down here. And suddenly I understand why the Doc says that there’s something bigger to worry about.

“Hey!” Meegs is pointing at the Quad. “I didn’t know Quads had tails.”

I look at where he’s pointing. I hadn’t noticed it because the massive alien is half submerged in the black slime. But sure enough, there’s a tail. The tail slithers back and forth, almost the Quad is wagging itself in its sleep.

The Doc gets down on his knees, practically right on top of the Quad, and begins digging into the mud-slime. Using his hands, he is scooping the mud off the alien and slowly revealing more of its massive body.

“Hey Doc!” the Meegs jumps back. “What are you doing?”

“I need to know what that is.”

Meegs chuckles. “I told you what is is, Doc. It’s the tail!”

The Doc stops digging for a second and looks up at Meegs. “Quads don’t have tails. Now get down here and help me.”

There’s a long pause as the three of stand there watching the Doc. I’m a bit confused because the Doc just said that Quads don’t have tails. But my eyes are telling me something different. Cause I’m looking at a tail right now, and it’s moving back and forth. So then I’m beginning to wonder: if that’s not a tail, then what ….? And then suddenly it feels like I’ve been kicked in the balls.

“Meegs! Private! Help him get the mud off it,” barks the Captain. “We need to figure this out.”

My knees bend and then I’m literally on top of the Quad. I can’t believe it, but I’m actually straddling on top of one of its four legs/arms. I’ve cupped my hands, and I’m trying to scoop out the slime. The four of us work together and we dig around the Quad. But it’s not easy. For some reason, the slime around the Quad doesn’t seem as slick and gooey like the walls. In fact, the Quad’s slime actually feels like it’s hardening. But we keep at it. We work. Scoop, dig, scoop and dig. After a while, I actually forget that I’m naked and on top of my greatest enemy. All my fear is gone and I’m focused on following the tail to its source.

It takes a while, but we finally get there. And as far as I can tell, it’s definitely a tail. The tail is the same exact color as the Quad, and the skin of it feels like the same exact texture of the Quad’s skin. Meegs must’ve come to the same conclusion: “I hate to break it to you, Doc. But it looks like a tail.”

The Doc gives that look again. “I assure you: this is not a tail.”

Meegs throws his hands up in frustration and walks away. The Captain looks frustrated: “Meegs! Get back here.”

“I got to take a shit, Captain. And I figure I need a little privacy.” And he continues to walk off to the other side of the chamber.

The Captain watches Meegs leave and then returns his attention to us. “Don’t worry about him, Doc.”

The Doc doesn’t seem to listen. Instead, he’s continued to scoop out the area around the tail. But it’s still difficult. The slime is still congealing. For a moment, the doctor stops scooping and looks at his slime covered fingers. He then sniffs the black substance. Then he massages both his hands together, working the substance between his fingers. “I don’t understand this stuff. On the walls it’s practically a liquid, but it’s turning into a solid on the Quad. It’s almost like it’s …”

Suddenly there’s a scream. It’s Meegs. Meeg is screaming! “No! Oh my God, NO! Get it off! OFF! NO NO NO!”

The three of us jump to our feet, and run in Meeg’s direction. Because the chamber isn’t really that big, we find him within seconds. The man is lying on his back, and he is wrestling with some enormous black snake. For a brief second, I stand there and watch as Meegs has the snake griped in both of his hands and his desperately trying to pull at it.

But I don’t understand why Meegs is pulling at it. It’s so strange. He’s trying to pull it down between his legs.

“Get it out of me! It’s in my ass!”

And suddenly I understand. The snake is up Meegs’s ass. That’s why he’s lying on his back, and he’s pulling at it.

The Captain and Doc leap in and try to help. They yell for me to jump in. And then the three of us are pulling with all of our strength. Meegs is lying on his back with his legs fully stretched apart. The snake-thing is about a meter in length and as thick as a power coupling. We pull and pull but the thing isn’t budging an inch. The Doc gets his head in, and I see how the snake-thing is totally entrenched in Meegs’s ass.

Meegs is squirming on the ground. His movement seems involuntary. His legs were jerk and twitch, and at other moments, he’ll arch his back. As he spasms slightly on the ground, he tries to explain what happened. “I was just taking a shit. I was squatting right over there, and then I felt this thing shoot up inside me.”

The snake-thing moves and whips slightly. Meegs’s body shudders and he tries to crawl backwards away from it. Meegs screams: “It’s in me. I can feel it. It’s moving up. It’s digging into me! Get it out! GET IT OUT!!!”

The doctor gets in, and I can’t help but get my own face down between Meegs’s legs. The doctor wraps his fingers gently around the snake. His fingers are about four inches away from Meegs’s asshole. And as the snake whips and squirms, Doc’s fingers slowly move up towards Meegs’s asshole. The snake-thing is burrowing its way into Meegs’s body.

“Doc!” yells the Captain. “Talk to me! What the fuck is going on here?!”

“Don’t talk,” yells Meegs. “Get it the fuck out of me! Oh God! Get it out!!!”

It’s all chaos. The Captain and Meegs are both yelling. I stand up and take several steps back. The whole thing is crazy. I can’t believe what’s happening. We’re naked and trapped inside some kind of chamber. Our enemy that doesn’t have a tail but does have a tail is in a coma, and he’s in here with us. And now a snake creature has shot up my crew mate’s ass and it doesn’t want to come out.

But then very strangely, everything goes quiet. All the yelling has stopped and there’s a guttural moaning. I don’t understand why the moaning has stopped and why I’m now hearing moans. The Doc and Captain are on their knees, directly over Meegs’s body. And from where I’m at, I can’t see what’s changed. So I step forward, sink to my knees and crawl up besides Meegs.

The moaning is coming from Meegs. As I kneel, I’m instantly aware that my crew mate has a massive hard-on. I’m staring at his erect cock, and the sight of it, along with the moaning leaves very little to wonder. Meegs is having sex with the snake thing in his ass. I understand that. But I just don’t understand why.

Then the Doc speaks. “His scrotum is enlarging.” I watch the Doc grips Meegs’s balls. The Doc fingers and massages the man’s nuts. And inside me, my own stomach contracts at the violation of this act. But the Doc has no inhibitions. All he cares about is Meegs. He turns to us and says: “I can feel it. The creature is in his scrotum. It feels like it’s bonding with the testes. Almost like they’re fusing together. Difficult to tell them apart.”

Meegs moans again. This time, I look at his face. Meegs’s eyes are closed but his mouth is open. He’s breathing hard. Without meaning to, I place my hand on Meegs’s bare naked chest. I can feel the man’s heartbeat pounding hard. “Holy shit! It feels like his heart is going to explode!”

The Captain moves fast. He pushes the doctor away from Meegs’s balls. I watch him grab the snake-thing and try to pull it out as hard as he can. “Come on, Doc! We got to get it out of him!”

As I’m leaning over Meegs, I’m suddenly very aware that his moving now. I watch as Meegs, with his eyes still closed, reaches out with his slime covered fingers and grabs at his own cock. The slime acts as a lube, and he slides his fingers up and down over his shaft. The Captain and the Doc continue to pull at the snake-thing, completely unaware that Meegs is jacking himself off. But I watch Meegs as his pumps his fist up and down. I can still feel his heart racing underneath my fingers. And then I feel his body begin to rise as he arches himself back, readying himself to fire.

And then Meegs does explode. His cock explodes a massive burst of black slime that showers down on the four of us. I feel the liquid hit me in the face and on my chest. I think my mouth must’ve been open because I’m suddenly tasting something new. I try not to think about that now. Instead, I look down, I can’t tell it apart from the old slime (that’s been on me) from the new black cum from Meegs. I’m stunned. I got Meegs’s cum on me, and I honestly don’t know what to do about it. I look toward the Captain and Doc. Maybe they’ll know what to do. But they’re just kneeling there, staring at Meegs’s cock.

When I finally get around to looking back at it, I think I understand why they were staring at it. Meegs’s cock is flowing. And when I mean it’s flowing, I mean it’s like the faucet is turned on and it’s not stopping. His cock is still standing fully straight, and a river of black slime is pouring out. Both of his hands have stopped jerking himself off, and they’ve fallen limp at the base of his shaft. The river of black cum has already coated his hands and pooling up around them. His two hands are have submerged underneath the black cum river.

I’m too stunned to move, so I’m glad the Doc does. First, he reaches up and takes Meegs’s pulse. Then, he returns to the balls and fingers the sack. I notice that Meegs’s balls are really huge now. For a split second, I’m actually envious but then I remember the circumstances. Then, (and as amazing as it sounds) the Doc begins to finger and examine the black cum pouring out of Meegs’s cock. He scoops up and handful, brings it to his face and sniffs it. “Hmmmm,” he mutters to himself.

“What?” mumbles the Captain.

“It’s already starting to congeal.” The doctor holds up his black cummed stained fingers, and slowly spreads his fingers apart. The black cum seems to thicken slightly as the fingers spread.

“What does that mean?”

“I’m not sure,” the Doc answers. “But crewman Meegs has been infected by some kind of parasite or symbiote. I’m not sure which. And the Quad is also infected. What we saw was not a tail; it was another one of these creatures.”

There’s a moment of silence. Then the Captain speaks. “Do you mean … the congealing. When we were scooping the slime off the Quad … it wasn’t slime but the Quad’s cum?”

Doc actually grins. “That’s right, Captain.” And then he looks down at his naked body, and then turns his gaze on our naked bodies. “The four of us are completely covered in Quad and human cum. In fact, I think it’s safe to assume that this entire chamber is covered in the stuff.”

I look around and everything is black and slimy. I realize I’m kneeling in black cum. I’m naked and covered in black cum. But there’s nowhere to run.

The three of us try to get a grasp on the situation. We stare at Meegs for a long time. But there’s really nothing new to see. Our crew mate just lays on his back, slowly writhing his naked body in the slime covered floor. His cock continues to flow endless amounts of black cum, which is congealing around him. No matter how much we shake him, he doesn’t seem to want to wake up.

After examining Meegs several times, Doc wants to get back to the Quad. So we move the party over to the unconscious alien. Even though we’ve been gone for maybe a half hour, the scene doesn’t look the same. When we had left, we had scooped out the slime … sorry … the Quad’s cum from around its body. What we thought was a tail, was actually another alien creature penetrating the Quad’s body.

But now, the Quad’s body is almost completely encased in its own cum. As I walk up to it, my first impression is: “Who put the Quad in a sleeping bag?”

“Holy fucking shit!” mutters the Captain.

Because the Quad is over four meters in length, and most of its body is encased, the Doc has difficulty telling the orientation of the body. Only the ends of its powerful legs/arms are uncovered. “I think this is where its head is. So … the snake thing should be about right there.” He points to a indistinct area that looks just like the rest of the cum covered body.

The Doc continues. “I think it’s generating some kind of cocoon.”

I already know this. When you look at it, it seems pretty fucking obvious. So I mutter: “But why?”

Doc shakes his head. “I don’t know. It can be anything. Maybe the snake creature is like a spider. It encases its prey within a cocoon, and then eats from the inside out. Or … it could be forcing its prey to undergo some kind of metamorphosis. I just don’t know.”

“But if I were to guess,” the Doctor leans in to examine the Quad’s uncovered limbs, “I think the creatures ….”

Just then, a creature bursts out from underneath the slime covered floor. For a brief second, I see its bulbous head. It looks like an enormous tadpole, but the head has strands of wires branching out in every direction. It shoots directly up in between Doc’s legs aiming itself towards Doc’s asshole. Caught by surprise, Doc falls backwards over the Quad and his legs spread apart … an easy target.

The creature misses Doc by an inch. But as Doc lands on his back, his body is in that awkward position because the way he landed on top of the Quad. The creature turns very slowly, orienting its head towards Doc’s asshole.

I want to move and help Doc, but I’m frozen to the spot. I can’t help but stare at the creature. It’s definitely some kind of snake thing, over a meter long. The end of it disappears into the soft slimy floor. But my eyes follow its body back to the head. Along its bulbous head, thousands of wires, or almost worm-like antenaes wriggle and direct themselves at Doc. Or more precisely, to the target between Doc’s legs.

Before I can move, the creature shoots. But before it can connect and attach, the Captain lunges forward and seizes the thing just below the head. He grabs the thing with both hands, trying to pull it away from Doc’s body. But as he pulls, I notice that the creature’s full body pulls out of the floor, and its long body begins to wrap itself around the Captain’s torso and legs.

The creature moves like a snake. It begins to slither and trying to force itself out of the Captain’s grip. The Captain falls to his knees as he tries to pull the thing off of him. The Captain screams: “Shit! Grab it. The fucker is strong!”

The Doc is still trying to clamber off the Quad’s cocoon, so I jump in grab at the snake-thing. But its body is wrapped tightly around the Captain’s chest and thigh. I try to get a grip on the thing, but it’s hard to get my fingers around its body when it’s pressing hard against the Captain’s body.

Then I hear the Captain yelling: “I’m losing my grip! Its head is moving. Grab it’s head! The head!!!”

The creature is forcing its way over the Captain’s shoulders and down his back. The Captain, unable to bend his arms that way, just can’t keep a grip. I can see that the bulbing head, with its thousands of antennae are directed downward towards the Captain’s ass.

I’ve been digging and trying to get a grip near the Captain’s stomach. But I see the Captain’s about to lose his grip, so I scramble like made to get around the Captain and grab the creature before it goes down his back. But I’m not going to make it in time. All of this is happening so fast. I feel like I’m moving in slow motion in comparison to the creature’s speed.

But just then, Doc jumps in and seizes the creature. I don’t know what happens. If I had to guess, maybe the Doc didn’t have a good grip or maybe he’s not strong like the rest of us. But the creature slithers from the Captain’s body and over onto Doc’s. I watch as the meter long snake wraps around Doc’s torso, working its way downward, slides easily over Doc’s crotch and disappears between his legs. The Doc screams as he feels the bulbous head penetrate his asshole. Inside, the thousands of antennae explode outwards, attaching themselves and fusing to any nearby nerve clusters.

The Doc falls backwards and lays down on his back. The creatures is still wrapped around his body and Doc seems to be hugging it. He’s breathing heavily. “Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit. I tried … too fast.”

The Captain and I recover and we pounce on the Doc. Maybe we weren’t fast enough to help Meegs. Maybe there’s still time for Doc. So we grab at the creature and pull. Inside, the antennae have followed the nerves to Doc’s spinal cord. They wrap around the giant nerve and have already created a permanent bond to the host’s Central Nervous System.

Doc is mumbling, “Can feel it. Inside me. Moving.”

I watch as Doc lets go of the creature wrapped around his chest. His hands move down to his balls. His fingers squeeze and probe. “Yes. It’s just entered.” His eyes wince in pain. “It’s just penetrated my testicle. I can feel it fusing … becoming one organ.”

“Holy shit, Doc!” yells the Captain. “What can we do?”

“Nothing. Nothing you can do. It’s happening too fast. What happened to Meegs … what happened to the Quad … it’s going to happen to me.”

The Captain refuses to accept this. He keeps pulling at the creature that’s forcing its way up the Doc’s ass. For a few seconds, I watch him struggle with it. But I can clearly see the black snake inching up into Doc’s body. As it forces its way up, Doc writhes and twitches. He’s trying to get comfortable, trying to accommodate the intrusion of the alien symbiote. In my desperation, I kneel beside him and actually try to hold him. Maybe if I can just hold him tightly, it’ll help him in some way. Doc actually crawls backwards, and slides up against my body. I wrap my arms around him in a bear hug. Looking over his shoulder, I have a perfect view as his cock hardens and erects itself.

Then the Doc gives out an extremely loud gasp and takes several mouthfuls of air. “It’s connecting to me. I hear it … in my brain.” The Doc closes his eyes and his body relaxes. “Joining us … together … one … organism.”

I watch. It feels like it’s in slow motion. Just like Meegs, the Doc reaches out and grips his rock solid cock. His slime covered fingers slips up and down. His whole body rocks up and down, and since his practically sitting in my lap, his rubbing my own cock with his lower back. I’m hard and I can’t help it. I can’t tell if there’s the black slime on my cock or if I’m leaking pre-cum.

I try not to think too much about it. Instead, I focus my eyes on the Doc’s blackened fingers as they glisten up and down his shaft. I can feel his muscles tenses as he nears his climax. He body gives a massive shudder and then suddenly relaxes as his cock showers a massive fountain of black cum. His head slumps back, and his entire body goes limp. The fountain of cum rains down, coating Doc’s body and showering the front of the Captain. I get spared the brunt of the explosion since I’m behind the Doc.

There’s a moment of silence as the Captain and I take in what just happened. We both watch silently as Doc’s cock begins to pour out the endless supply of black cum. The liquid is pouring down the side of Doc’s crotch and actually beginning to soak around my body. I know the stuff is going to start congealing so I have a sudden urge to get him off me. I roll the both of us over on our sides, and I’m actually hesitant to let him go. But I do. As I pull away, Doc seems to right himself back and the hardening cum quickly begins to encase his crotch and spread to other areas of his body.

“Goddammit!” The Captain then gives off a massive yell that only echoes slightly within the chamber. He stands up and turns around.

I stand up also, and like him, I turn around trying to find some kind of solution. We look around but like before, there’s no exit and no place to run to. The Captain runs to the nearest wall. Like before, he plunges his hand in to the soft surface. He’s breathing hard. “I don’t think we have much choice. We’re going to have to just chance it.”

I understand what he’s saying, but it just doesn’t make sense. “We don’t know which way to go. Or how far. We can’t. We’ll die.”

“Better to die, and let those things get us!”

“Captain!” I plead. “There’s got to be another way!”

And suddenly I hear movement. The two of us turn and we look. Only a few meters away is the Quad’s cocooned body. The body, which looked like it had been covered in a sleeping bag, suddenly is writhing and moving. The four meter long form pulsates and gesticulates. The Quad’s limbs appear to be pushing against the inside of the cocoon’s membrane, which causes it to stretch like black tar. As the membrane stretches, it becomes almost translucent and you can see the Quad’s body just underneath the surface.

The sight of the Quad breaking free is too much for the Captain. He turns to the wall and plunges his whole body in. I’m completely shocked. It looked like the wall literally swallowed him. I thought perhaps there would be an imprint of his body, but it simply returns to a flat surface. But as I stare for several moments, I see a soft rippling effect along the surface of the black slime. I’m tempted to jump in after him.

Just as I’m about to step forward, a body comes crashing back at of the wall. The Captain falls back into the chamber, and I see a black snake has wrapped itself around his body. Like before, he’s gripped it just at the neck. It’s bulbous head and all the antennae orient themselves towards the Captain’s asshole.

“Help! Grab it! I can’t hold it!”

Just as I’m going to step in and help, there’s a ripping sound behind me. I turn and watch as one of the Quad’s arms stretch the black membrane to its limits and tear through. The Quad’s three fingered hand stretches out in the open air and rip the remnants of the cocoon off its body. It’s newly blackened body glistened like glossy oil. The sight of the transformed alien causes fear to flood me. And I take a step against the slimy wall, trying to will myself to be invisible.

The Captain continues to plea for help. The Quad hears the Captain’s screams and turns its head towards the sound. I watch as the Captain loses his grip, and the creature slithers its way down his body and forces its way into the Captain’s ass. His body gives a shudder, falls to its knees and lays down. The Captain still has the creature gripped by its tail but he doesn’t really seem to pull it out. From where I stand, I have a clear view of the Captain’s balls enlarging.

And then I hear a guttural growl. I’ve been so focused on the Captain, I forgot the Quad. I turn my head and discover that it’s staring right at me. Its silver eyes are focused on me. Before I can even think, it pounces. Its four arms/legs spread out like a net, grabbing me perfectly at my ankles and wrists. Before I know it, I’m spread-eagle on the floor. It’s like a giant spider, spreading me apart and closing in for the kill.

Looking up, I notice a large pulsing sack. It inflates and deflates like some strange breathing lung. Complete instinct tells me that this is the Quad’s balls. I don’t know how I know this, but I just do. And as I watch its balls pulse, a orifice directly next to the balls begins to expand and a slime covered cock emerges. We never knew how Quad’s reproduced but suddenly I’m seeing it happen right above me.

The Quad’s black glossy cock slides its way out of the underside of the body, and the organ’s sheathe pulls back down its shaft. I can see thick veins the branch upward along the shaft and the tip is already oozing black pre-cum.

As I’m staring at the cock, my mind is drawing a complete blank. I can do nothing. I stare upward and try to think of something … anything that I can do. I turn to the Captain for help, but just as I look, I feel a shower of his black cum rain down on me. I watch as the Captain’s cock turns into a cum fountain, and he lays down to be cocooned.

I look back up at the Quad over me. Its black alien cock is enormous: far too big for my asshole. But it doesn’t seem to care. It’s orienting over my crotch and zeroing in on my asshole. I stare again at its pulsing balls, knowing that it’s going to pump all of its contents into me. Then the Quad lowers its cock down and just as it centers on my ass, one of the snake creatures emerges from the tip and shoots into my ass like a bullet. I feel the creature penetrate and enter me. But only a second later, the Quad pushes its own cock up against where the creature entered, and it too, forces its way into my ass. My asshole stretches more, and my entire body fills up from both Quad and alien symbiote.

The Quad tightens its grips on my wrists and ankles. Above me, and I can see it rocking back and forth, pumping its cock in and out of my ass. For some reason, there’s no pain. My asshole seems to stretch and accept the alien penetration with ease. I feel the pressure in my balls expanding. And my entire body feels as if it’s suddenly come alive like a hot wire.

I glance down. My cock is rock hard. It’s standing straight up. More than anything, I want to grab it and pump it.

There’s a connection. My thoughts are connected. The Quad hears them. Letting go of one of my wrists, the alien scoops up a large puddle of cum off the floor. Then lathers my cock with the cum, and with its fingered hand, begins to jack me off. The slick cum acts like a stimulant and rockets my pleasure to the next level.

I feel the alien in my thoughts. It’s penetrating both mind and body. Distracting me with pleasure. Telling me we are one.

The Quad forces its pleasure on me. As it jacks me off, it resumes its fucking by rocking its body back and forth, forcing the alien cock in and out of my ass. With our minds joined, I feel the pleasure from the Quad’s body, and also my own hypersensitive cock. It doesn’t take long. Since we are a connected organism, we both explode at the same exact time. My own cock showers a massive volcano of black cum. It shoots up, hitting the Quad and rebounds back down on me. But my orgasm is nothing compared to the Quad’s, nor is my ejaculation. The orgasm literally overloads my mind and knocks me into the induced coma. But looking through the Quad’s eyes, I’m still able to see the Quad’s cum come flooding out my ass like a dam has suddenly burst.

The Quad retracts its massive cock and suddenly the connection is changed. My mind begins to be reprogrammed and rewired for new purposes. I’m no longer hard-wired directly to the Quad’s brain, but I’m still connected telepathically. And at the same time, I’m also suddenly connected to a reprogrammed version of Meegs, the Doc and the Captain. Our five minds linked and suddenly joining a larger collection of nearby organisms. Our five smaller minds join the larger whole.

Still looking through the Quad’s eyes, I watch it pull its cock out of my ass. The cock is still shooting off massive amounts of the black cum. The Quad grabs its cock within one of its hands and continues its pleasure by jerking itself off more. As it does so, it purposely shoots its cum on my unmoving body, sealing me inside my cocoon.

As I sleep, I feel both my body and mind begin to change. The large group of organisms penetrate my thoughts and reshape me to do their will. I understand my new purpose. We have two ships. One is damaged but still repairable. We can now leave this planet.

I don’t know how long I’m asleep, but I suddenly awaken and tear through my cocoon. The thoughts of the others are inside me. I can hear them urging me to wake up and begin. I know that Meegs, the Doc and Captain are awake and already waiting for me. The three of them, frozen like statues, are standing in the chamber. They don’t need to talk because I hear them perfectly. They tell me the Quad has already left to begin his new purpose, and they are waiting for me so we can begin ours.

I pull off the last of my cocoon. It pulls free like a second skin, and then I finally stand up and stretch. My new body is amazing. I look down and take in the perfect form I’ve been given. My glossy black skin is like polished stone. I look at the others and our minds join as one. Pivoting in perfect unison, we turn toward the wall. We step through, our bodies sinking into the soft matter. This time, there is no question. We know the exact direction, and exactly how far it is to get there.

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