Jason was such a Jerk

By wiki
published September 7, 2013

School bully needs to be taught a lesson

Jason was always such a dick, he was at it again with his usual victim. Poor Max, Jason always liked to pick on him, he was very effeminate, and Jason used this fact to terrorize the poor guy. He needed to be taught a lesson. He’d just pantsed Max “I figured you be wearing panties you stupid fag!” laughed Jason as Max pulled up his shorts and walked away. I’d watched his antics from afar and finally had enough.

“Go on home and cry to mommy you stupid pansy!” laughed Jason as Max walked out of the building. You’d think someone who was 20 wouldn’t act so childish, but Jason and his pack of goons only picked on people they knew wouldn’t fight back.

I was ready to make my move. Jason talked to his buds for a few minutes and they turned and left as Jason went towards his car, me following behind him a few steps. He turned and looked back at me and flashed that winning smile of his, I had never had much to do with him even though we were on the basketball team together, so he didn’t see me as a threat.

He took out his keyfob and unlocked his truck throwing his backpack inside. I took this opportunity to make my move. I entered his mind and that was all it took he got into his truck and I got into the passenger seat. Jason was going to be in for a surprise.

Jason blinked a few times rubbing his eyes, “Ugh what time is it?” he said it was dark out. “How the fuck did I get home?” he stood up from his bed he felt really groggy as he made his way to his bathroom. “I guess I was tired?” he said to himself trying to rationalize how he’d gotten home. He glanced at his clock and saw that it was now 3 AM.

He flipped on the light and looked into the mirror “I need a shower” he said to himself then he saw himself in the mirror he did a double take “God…what the fuck?” Jason normally slept in his underwear, normally tighty whiteys, he got kidded by some guys for wearing em but he liked the way he looked in them emphasizing his bulge.

“How the hell did I get …” he said looking at his reflection he had on a black silk bikini brief that was extremely low cut and left nothing to the imagination.

… “Fuck this has to be some kind of dream.” … To make matters worse his damn chest hair was gone his pits too…

“No way!” He said loudly looking down at his crotch he could tell he was smooth there as well and he was fully hard for some reason. He pulled the front of the brief down and his cock slipped out his worst fears were confirmed.

His right hand brushed his dick and it was like an electric shock went through his body… “OoooH” he moaned as he slowly began pumping his dick… “Jesus Christ…” he said nearly overwhelmed from the sensation.

Jason knew he shouldn’t be doing this he had to figure out what was happening and what had caused this but it felt so good…

“Fuck me…” He said sounding more like an invitation as he began to pump on his dick which began to leak precum…in a massive stream. He was horrified seeing his reflection as he pumped on his cock but his facial expression was one of pure pleasure. He looked like some kind of fag in heat standing there wearing those faggy underwear and beating off. “Oh god feels so good…” as his left hand began to rub his ass crack. His left hand slipped inside the fabric and he brushed his asshole, it sent a shiver through his body, this snapped him to attention he never messed with his ass, that was for fags as he jerked his hand away… He could feel his orgasm building as he continued to beat his cock…" Oh god…" he moaned again.

“Jason, you okay?” Jason spun around towards the voice and his Dad was standing there in his underwear rubbing his sleepy eyes.

“Oh Fuck!” Said Jason half in a moan and half in shock as his cock began to spew cum. The first spurt fired off and hit Jason’s Dad right square on the crotch of his underwear

"What the hell…! …He said realizing what he was seeing as he began to fully wake up.

he and Jason were best buddies playing sports watching games and other stuff together and now his son had just shot cum all over his own crotch.

“Dad…Oh shit…” Said Jason in a half moan as his cock was still spurting as his right hand continued to jack out of his control.

The next spurt hit his dads bare feet. After another huge spurt hit the door his right hand finally quit jacking.

Jason was in shock…he’d just shot cum all over his dad… he stood there his hard cock still bobbing up and down with each pulse of his heart.

“Jesus Christ Jason!” Said his dad quickly turning away “Cover up idiot!”

Jason regained his senses and shoved his dick awkwardly back into the tiny pouch.

“I’m so sorry Dad, I didn’t know you were awake and I umm…” Jason was trying to think of an explanation to this awkard situation.

“I understand son, but god damn close your stupid door, and go to bed, we’ll talk later.” Jason’s dad shook his head,

“Please don’t tell mom!” pleaded Jason

“Don’t worry I won’t but that shit better never happen again do that in the privacy of your room with the door closed.” Said his dad as he turned to go clean that shit off himself, he wondered “When did Jason Shave his chest?”

Jason closed his door, and looked at himself in the mirror again, he pulled off the underwear and noticed he had very prominent tanlines he turned his back to the mirror to throw the underwear in the trash when he noticed his tanline on his ass was in the shape of a fucking thong! How the hell was he supposed to shower in the locker room tomorrow after practice. “Fuck me.” He said he spread his cheeks to see if he was bare everywhere and yep his asshole was smooth too. He was freaked out his dad had just caught him beating off but it was even worse he’d shot a load of cum all over him, and now someone had punked him somehow.

He washed off the spunk and turned off his bathroom light and grabbed a pair of his normal underwear put them on and climbed into bed his mind was racing still trying to figure out who had did this it had to be a joke … He lay there thinking as he drifted off to sleep.

His alarm buzzed it…he reached out and lazily smacked it and slid to the side of the bed. Jason slowly rolled to the side and stood up. The sun was just beginning to come through his blinds, as he rubbed his eyes. He needed to pee, he walked into his bathroom turned on the light. “Not again, this doesn’t even…” Jason was looking in the mirror again and as last night he was not wearing what he’d had on earlier. His briefs were gone now he had on a bright pink thong! Something majorly weird was going on, how the hell was this happening had someone snuck in his room? Twice? That had to be it, but why? He pulled the faggy piece of fabric off and wadded it up and wrapped in in toilet paper and threw it in the trash.

He didn’t want his parents finding something like that. Hell he’d shot a load on his dad already. “Calm down Jason, you’ll figure this out man.” He said as he took his morning piss shaking his head at his smooth body and those god damn tanlines. His dick looked bigger without the hair at least though that was no consolation as he shook off the last few drops and jumped in the shower.

He took a fast one, his body felt weird without any hair on it. As he washed his ass he was paying much more attention back there then he should but he was oblivious to his actions. He was rubbing his puckered hole like crazy, to anyone who’d been around they’d have thought he was wanting to get fucked. He kept at it his dick rose to attention as he spent a good two minutes paying attention to his asshole.

He noticed his hardon and thought nothing of it just morning wood. It was time to get ready for class.

Jason opened his dresser grabbed some normal underwear, “Alright now we’ll see who did that shit.” He grabbed some shorts and a T-Shirt pulled them on and went to his bathroom to fix his hair. As he brushed his hair he thought something looked different, crap it was his eyebrows like he’d had them waxed or something they were much more arched over his eyes… “Damn it.” He said rubbing his eyebrows, that was another thing like his lack of body hair that would be impossible to hide.

He Grabbed his backpack looked one more time in his full length mirror his legs looked stupid without the hair on them, he was just about to go back and change when his Mom yelled. “Jason get your ass in gear or you’ll be late!”

“Shit.” he trotted down the steps avoiding his mom, afraid she’d notice the changes, and threw his backpack in the back of his truck and sped away.

My spell had been thorough and the exact effects would be up to Jason. If he treated Max with respect and kept his homophobic remarks to a minimum they would fade with time, but if he kept to his old habits he’d not like the outcome. I saw him walking across the parking lot and waited for him to walk by, I could see a couple of changes already which made me smile, his legs were bare and I was sure he had other issues now.

Jason was soon in the building and his friends didn’t seem to notice or if they did they hadn’t said anything yet, he did get a couple of odd looks a few times from them as they talked before class. Max was in Jason’s first class that day and as luck would have it so was I.

I wanted to see how he’d react he didn’t know what was going on and I was curious as to whether he’d figure out what was causing the changes on his own.

Jason took his seat in the back of the class and was flirting with one of the girls in the class. Max came in and took his seat a row away closer to the front of the room. I was there watching from my seat in the corner of the room. I could tell Jason had seen Max come in the room.

Jason had been talking with Holly a girl he’d been trying to bed for a few weeks now to no avail. He saw that Pansy Max sit down and the thought occurred to him, “I’ll mess with that fag, that will probably impress Holly.”

Jason wadded up a piece of paper and threw it and hit Max “Heads up penis breath” laughed Jason as the paper hit Max in the back of the head. Holly Smiled, “Score” thought Jason then he felt a weird little jolt…

He wondered “What the hell was that?” he felt tingly for a few seconds it travelled throughout his body.

Jason smiled at Holly, and continued to talk to her, I was watching him wondering what had had happened?

My next chance to see Jason would be at our practice facility. We were both on the basketball team though we never really associated much outside of practice. Max was on the training staff as well.

I watched Jason closely as he made his way into the locker room not noticing any big change.

Jason was hesitant to change he’d have to explain his smooth body sometime might as well get it over with. He slipped off his shirt and his silky smooth body was on display. “I’ll just not strip off naked today” was his big plan no one said anything about his chest but he did get a few glances as he talked with his buddies.

He reached down to pull off his Shorts, grabbing them at the waist and pulling them down with one quick motion.

“HAHAHA! Nice underwear Jason!” laughed his buddy Mark pointing down. Jason looked and was horrified his boxer briefs he’d put on earlier were not there, he now had on a tiny bright Pink thong.

I smiled as Max peeked in Jason’s general direction. “I lost a bet with my brother” Said Jason trying to come up with some explanation for his underwear. He planned on grabbing his gym clothes and getting them on quickly but before he realized what he was doing he’d stripped the thong off and bared his bare crotch to his buds and anyone else nearby.

“Haha what the fuck Jason?” bellowed his buddy Sean pointing at Jason’s crotch.

Jason was horrified he wanted to cover up but couldn’t for some reason.

Ah now I could see what had changed.

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