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rubbery alien life forms have landed on the planet their objective the invasion of earth

Part 1 The arrival.

Every one on the earth was excited about the major meteor shower that night it was supposed to be the biggest ever observed. Matt Parker was a member of the science club He was also a member of a fetish group called rubber crazed each had a very strong fetish for rubber gear. Matt was wearing some of his rubber gear under his clothing. The club had 10 members all males from the local high school only 6 of the members were there waiting for the event that night.

Totally unaware that hidden among the meteor shower alien invaders would soon land on the planet earth. They would wait until the meteor shower would reach its climax then they would secretly land their ships on the earth. undetected as planed. As Matt was observing the meteor climax he could hear some of these aliens speaking to him. One of the selected locations these aliens would arrive was very near where the science club was at. They told him where he could find their ship .

As the meteor shower now reached it total climax massive amounts of these meteors could now be seen as the club was taking many photos of this event . That was when the alien invaders had arrived among the meteors they landed their ships throughout the planet hidden. Matt Parker was the only one who knew where the alien ship had landed. As the others were busy filming the event Matt headed toward the location of the alien ship.

Matt then found the alien ship as he was told he would as he approached it the center of the ship opened up Matt then went inside to the main control room of the alien ship. He now could hear the alien voices inside his head he was instructed to enter the next chamber of the ship there he found a large pool of what look like liquid gelatinous rubber substance. The alien voice instructed Matt to remove all his clothing which he did. Than Matt inserted his hand into the pool of the gelatinous rubber which then started to travel up his arm and was spreading throughout his body then he was instructed to enter the alien cocoon which opened up for him. Matt climbed in the cocoon as it closed down over him. He could feel the alien rubber like substance encasing him after an hour the cocoon opened up and the newly formed rubber alien life form emerged. The alien life from went over to the view screen and activated it so it saw the other members of the science club. It thought " these will all make suitable rubber drones " .

The alien then took a large container and filled it the living alien rubber from the pool. Than the alien once again took on the human form of Matt Parker then exited its ship. The alien knew that another from the group was also a member of the fetish group rubber crazed he would be next to be taken over. Now in the human form the alien made contact with the other member through mind contact. The other human went toward the direction he was told to go there he found Matt standing there. What do you want Matt ?

Matt said " inside of his mind come with me " The other fetish member followed Matt to where the alien ship was at. Then Matt said " remove your clothing then lay down. Andrew did as he was told to he took off all of his clothing then naked he laid down. Matt then assumed his true alien form and mounted on top of Andrew. He then started to make out with Andrew first kissing him as he was making out with the human the alien also was fucking the human as well. Andrew could feel the aliens sex tool making penetration up his ass hard as it pumped and humped him until Andrew started to turn into the same rubbery alien life form. The 2 aliens continued their rubber sex orgy for about an hour. After that time they both got up then enter into the alien ship. They went into the main control room and looked at the view screen at the other humans. Matt said " the other humans will soon join with us. Bring the other 4 humans to the ship for conversion. Yes leader.

Andrew went back to the others their he took out his alien weapon and shot the 4 humans they fell unconscious then he placed small metal disk on each humans neck and they were transported inside the alien ship . The humans were placed inside clear tubes then the first 2 were taken to the pool of alien rubber their clothing was removed. Then both were pushed into the black alien pool as they sank down below it. After and hour later 2 new living rubber alien life forms had now excited from the pool. The other 2 that were left inside the clear tubes saw the 2 black rubber life forms moving toward them each one opened the tube then removed the 2 other humans then brought them to the black pool. They said what are you going to do to us? The aliens said remove your clothing humans if you wish to live. The 2 humans did as they were told to now stand naked now what they said. Then the aliens pushed both into the black pool of rubber as they both sank as the rubber pulled them down. After awhile 2 more living rubber aliens emerged from the pool. Now we will turn these humans into rubber drone servants the hive must be created. Yes leader these male humans from this place they call a school will be the first place to start. Yes and I will convert these other special humans from the group called rubber crazed. Begin to create the rubber drone suits from our pool of living alien rubber. We will make the molds to make these suits of living alien rubber. There is also a group here called the Aquanauts they teach what they call on this planet scuba and use rubber suits. I will now contact the others of our kind who are now on this planet we soon be ready for phase 2

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Category: alien   Tags: #alien #rubber #mind control
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