The Boy Next Door

By Willie Cici published April 26, 2018
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Jonathan's daughter met the new boy who moved in next door . . .

Jonathan Howard parked his vehicle in the subterranean garage of his condominium. He had moved to his condo about four months ago, after his wife had passed away. The memories that lingered in his home were too much for the 44-year-old father of two daughters. His youngest, at boarding school, did not mind his father’s decision. The oldest, Caitlyn, did not understand her father’s decision to move into a new home. Jonathan could not understand Caitlyn’s obsession with their former home. The time she spent in that home was minimal. They moved to the home when Caitlyn was twelve. At fourteen, she went to boarding school and at 18, college. Nonetheless, she protested her father’s sale of the home. Her relationship with her father had been rocky ever since.

In purchasing his condominium, Jonathan made sure to secure a property that both his children could enjoy. For the time being, during the extended college Christmas Break, Caitlyn spent the holidays and January with her father.

As Jonathan stepped out of the elevator, he found a curious character standing in the hallway of the condominium, near the threshold of his home. The young lad was tall, tanned, and beautiful. His sculpted chest and core did not need a shirt. His crisp, tailored jeans clung to his lower frame. He leaned against the granite wall of the condominium, his left leg bent, his bare feet sturdy and steady. His thick brown hair and eyes softened the young lad, offering him a cute boy-next-door demeanor. (To see the young lad, click here).

“Can I help you?”, Jonathan said.

“I’m waiting for Caitlyn.”, the young lad said.

Jonathan’s ear suddenly perked. “My daughter, Caitlyn?”

The young lad adopted a more rigid pose. “You must be Mr. Howard. I’m Josh Morgan.” The lad extended his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. Caitlyn speaks highly of you.”

“The accent is East Coast.”, Jonathan quizzed the lad.

“I moved here about two months ago. I needed to get away from … family issues.”, Josh replied. “I met your daughter the other day at Starbucks. We seemed to hit it off. We were going to the condo’s pool to spend a late evening … if that’s okay with you.”

“No. That’s fine. She’s 21. I trust her. You are …”

“I’m 23, Sir.”, Josh finished Jonathan’s sentence.

“She’s still in college. I expect her to finish.”, Jonathan added. It sounded misplaced, but Josh understood the implication.

“I understand, Sir.”, Josh said. In the meantime, Caitlyn exited the condominium wearing a one-piece bathing suit and a light cotton hoodie. She kissed her father and walked with Josh. The two rode the elevator and headed for the pool.

Jonathan walked into the vacant condominium and prepared a light meal for himself. As he sipped a glass of merlot, Jonathan watched his daughter and Josh from the balcony of his condominium, content that the youngsters were innocently enjoying the balmy California weather.

Two weeks have passed –

“Mr. Howard, there’s a detective here who wishes to speak with you.”, a voice spoke via intercom.

“A detective?”, Jonathan said to himself. “What the hell is that about?” As the clock read 11:50am, Jonathan grabbed his jacket and walked out of his office. He said to his assistant, “Jackie, where’s the detective?”

“In the conference room.”, Jackie said, pointing towards the conference room.

As Jonathan walked towards the conference room, he realized who had come to visit him. “You must be bored or lazy to come see your old college buddy.”

The detective turned around and faced the door. “Bored. And hungry. Where are you taking me for lunch?”

Jonathan bro-hugged his friend. “Good to see you, Gary. Let’s go.”, Jonathan said. The two college friends walked out of the conference room and rode the elevator to the ground level. As the friends walked down two blocks to Jonathan’s favorite bistro, they reminisced about old times. Once they were seated and reviewed their menus, Jonathan asked, “What’s the visit all about, Gary?”

“I’m in a new assignment. Megan’s Law Unit. Community Notification.” Jonathan adjusted himself in his chair. Gary retrieved a print-out of a photograph from his padfolio and presented it to Jonathan for review. “This is Rory Morgan. He was convicted in Ohio for aggravated sexual assault.”

Jonathan studied the photograph of Rory Morgan. Except for the hair color and the tattoo on his right arm, Rory Morgan could pass for Josh Morgan’s twin. Suddenly, Jonathan realized the purpose of his visit. “Gary, you’re advising me that I have a Megan’s Law offender living in my condo.” Gary nodded yes. “And dating my daughter, Caitlyn.”

Gary’s eyes bugged out. “You gotta end that now.” Gary explained the details of Rory’s conviction. Gary shocked Jonathan with the details of Rory’s crime. The waiter approached the table to take the men’s food order.

“Gary, do you mind if … I have to get home. Caitlyn has a date with this criminal this afternoon.”, Jonathan said, apologizing for his behavior.

“Jay, I understand. I wanted to tell you in person. Not get some letter in the mail.”, Gary said.

“No. I understand. May I keep the photograph?”, Jonathan asked. Gary nodded yes. “I appreciate everything you’ve done. We’ll do this lunch tomorrow. I promise.”, Jonathan said, as he rose from the table and hurried back to his office building. As he walked into the parking garage, across the street, Jonathan called his assistant and explained the situation. Within thirty minutes, Jonathan arrived at his home, only to find Caitlyn and Josh ready to spend another sunny afternoon at the condominium pool.

“Get away from her. Now.”, Jonathan shouted.

“Dad! What are you screaming about?”, Caitlyn answered.

“He’s a liar and a rapist.”, Jonathan answered.

“No. I’m not.”, Josh replied, calmly. “My brother is.”, Josh shook his head, embarrassed.

Jonathan faced Josh. He looked at Josh and then pulled out the photograph that Gary had provided. He examined both. “You look …”

“Identical. We are. My brother and I are identical twins. Except my piece of shit brother had some kind of mental break down. Drugs, tattoos, you name it. Then, he ended up in prison. The notoriety was too much. I couldn’t get a job when I graduated from college. I had to get away.”

Jonathan wanted to believe Josh. The photograph depicted a tough skinned, tattooed scum bag. Rory looked so much older than Josh. Josh’s youthful vibe, appearance and demeanor looked nothing like the rapist in the photograph.

“I have to check this out, Josh. So, please … abide by my wishes and let the afternoon pass.”

Caitlyn stared at her father. “Since you’re home, why don’t you chaperone?”, she said, nonchalantly. You’re already home.”

“That’s a great idea, Caitlyn. Spend a day away from the office.”, Josh said. Caitlyn nodded to her father, as if to say ‘yes’. “Mr. Howard, go grab a pair of trunks. We’ll be at pool side, waiting.”

Jonathan appeased Josh and his daughter by entering the condo, rushing to the bedroom and changing into a pair of bathing trunks. The business executive had not vacationed in years, let alone spend a day at the pool or the beach, despite his proximity to the Southern California coast. After a sunny day at the pool, Josh invited Jonathan and Caitlyn to his home for dinner. Father and daughter accepted the invitation.

Josh opened the freezer and retrieved the clear, white liquor from the freezer. He found two tumblers and poured the liquor into the tumblers. “It’s a licorice tasting liquor from Serbia. I think it’s called ‘socacha’.”

Jonathan and Caitlyn sipped the clear liquor. “This is good.”, Jonathan said. “It’s got a kick.”

“Yeah.”, Josh said. Jonathan waved his tumbler, as if to day ‘where’s yours?’. Josh replied, “I don’t drink. Rory’s problems scared me, so I decided to forego alcohol.”

Jonathan and Caitlyn sipped the aperitif. Jonathan felt a slight buzz after the first sips but continued to enjoy the liquor. As he finished his aperitif, he looked at his daughter, who seemed dazed, but silent. “Caitlyn, are you okay?”, Jonathan asked, noticing his daughter’s silence.

“She’s fine. Caitlyn, go home and play with that new toy I gave you.”

“Yes, Josh.”, Caitlyn said. Jonathan wanted Caitlyn to stay. He tried to rise from his seat but found he could not move. Jonathan watched his daughter leave Josh’s condo.

Josh locked the door of the condo and walked back into the dining room. He stood behind Jonathan and whispered into his ears. “The serum has many stages. It first attacks the nervous system by freezing muscles and movement. The next phase will attack your mental powers. Not your intelligence. That remains, unless I remove it. For now, it remains.”

Jonathan wanted to scream but could not. He listened to Josh’ narrative. He was not worried about his safety, but Caitlyn’s.

“When I moved here three months ago, I met your daughter. And then I met you. You were so sexy, so dreamy. I had to have you.”, Josh said. “I learned a lot about loving men in prison. Prison did not make me gay, but it made it appreciate the touch of a man. In prison, I honed my skills. Before I moved out here from Ohio, after ditching parole, I decided to change my appearance. I moved to Vegas and lived there for a couple of months, working as an escort. Made tons of dough fucking desperate women and men. I earned enough to pay for cosmetic laser surgery. I took care of the tatt and some age lines. That and four hours a day in the gym took care of the body. Time in the Las Vegas sun gave me a sexy tan.” Josh walked around the table and faced Jonathan. “Ain’t I sexy, Jonathan?”

Jonathan wanted to scream but could not form the words. The muscles of his face and his throat rendered him mute. Suddenly, he felt a surge of heat course through his veins. His eyes bugged and his entire body stiffened like a surf board.

Josh returned to his post behind Jonathan. “And now, for phase 2. From now on, every time you see me, you will have this insatiable desire to have sex with me. You will suck my cock, swallow my cum, take my cock up your ass. You will love it because you are secretly gay and gay men have sex with each other. Your cock is getting harder and harder as you stare at me because you are gay.”

Jonathan’s cock did stiffen and tented the front of his trousers. The words swirled in Jonathan’s empty mind. Josh filled Jonathan’s grey matter with new commands, new desires, new life rules.

“If your cock gets hard staring at a guy, that means gay. You are gay.”, Josh said, as he lowered his trousers and stroked his meat. “You want cock. You live for cock. You need cock.” Josh walked around the table and faced Jonathan. His engorged beast filled the palm of Josh’s hand. His mushroom head spilled out for inches. “You want this cock. You need this cock. You live for this cock.”

Jonathan stared at Josh’s cock. He could feel movement in his limbs and his hands. He shook off the sleepy feeling in his arms and sat straight in the dining room chair. His eyes glistened as admired Josh’s cock, getting harder, thicker and longer with every stroke of Josh’s hand. “I want cock.”, Jonathan muttered.

Josh smiled. “Phase 3, Acceptance.” He walked towards Jonathan and wiggled his cock near Jonathan’s lips. Jonathan kissed Josh’s cock head, licked the piss slit, and swallowed Josh’s semi-hard cock down to the base of the shaft. Josh smiled. “Very good, boy. Nice mouth.” Jonathan smiled as Josh face fucked the dazed and confused. “This is going to be fun.”

Two months have passed —

Jonathan exited the parking garage of his office and drove his sports coupe towards his condominium. He parked the vehicle and rode the elevator to his condominium. As he entered his condo, Jonathan listened to telephone messages from his two daughters. Caitlyn had returned to college for the Spring Semester, just as Josh had planned.

As Jonathan walked into this bedroom, he stood before the mirrored closet and slowly removed his clothes. Jonathan knew that he had to perform for Josh. He tweaked his nipples, coursed his hands upon his rejuvenated cobble core and sexy frame. Josh made sure that Jonathan regain his love affair with physical fitness. In no time, Jonathan’s body shed years of fat and regained its former glory. (To see Jonathan, click here).

As Jonathan shed the last item of clothing, he heard a familiar voice. “Nice.”, Josh said. He was standing in the corner, watching Jonathan strip, loving every minute of Jonathan’s debasement. As Jonathan turned to face Josh, he fell to his knees and crawled towards his lover. Josh stood in the corner, wearing his jock strap, feeling the blood surging to his cock. Jonathan fondled the basket of Josh’s jock strap and whipped out Josh’s massive cock. He licked, he nibbled, he swallowed. Josh loved it. The power with which he dominated Jonathan made him hard.

Josh led Jonathan to the bed and positioned him doggie style. He loved the feel of Jonathan’s ass on his cock. The gnarly flesh and contours of his anal cavity pleasured Josh like no other. He bumped and grinded Jonathan to a frenzy. (To see Josh and Jonathan, click here).

As Josh fucked Jonathan’s ass, he remembered the times that he was forced on his knees in prison, forced to suck a dick that he did not want to pleasure, force to rim ass after ass. When the prison psychiatrist experimented with truth serums, trying to reform Josh’ personality, he learned all about the effect of these serums and their potential. The former college student studied and learned everything he could about the serums the shrinks used on him.

Josh swore that he would never submit to another man’s authority, ever again. When his parole officer demanded a blow job, Josh decided to abscond from parole. Armed with his knowledge and his lust, Josh made his way to California, working as a male prostitute to unsuspecting women and men in Vegas and Reno, earning thousands. He knew he needed to tone his physique. He knew he needed to lose the tattoo. He need a makeover. None other than Beverly Hills would do for the enterprising rapist.

Josh’s cock had grown a bit limp. He pulled out and face fucked Jonathan. “Get me hard, bitch.” Jonathan sucked his lover. He loved the touch and feel of Josh’s cock in his mouth. Even when Josh brought friends to join them in bed, Jonathan savored a fleshy cock. In a flash, Josh felt his cock hard enough to resume ass fucking. “Good boy. Give me that ass.” Josh hopped around the bed and shoved his rock-hard cock back into Jonathan’s prepped and wanting asshole. With a fury, Josh banged Jonathan, his balls slapping against Jonathan’s buttocks. Occasionally, John slapped Jonathan’s buttocks, the noise resonating throughout the wood and granite lined bedroom.

Finally, Josh felt the surge, his nuts churning, ready to blow a streaming wad of cum. He filled Jonathan’s ass with an ounce of cream, which spilled from his gaping hole. Josh fingered Jonathan’s wet, dripping ass, and fed the sliding cum to the dizzied Jonathan, still on his knees.

“Good boy.”, Josh said. “You want more?”

“I want cock. I love cock. I need cock.”, Jonathan said, his voice robotic and dazed.

Josh smiled. “And you shall have it.” Josh laughed. “Every day.”

Months later, when the authorities finally caught up with Rory Morgan, aka Josh, everyone in the condominium could not believe what they heard. They all said the same thing to the authorities: “He was so cute. He was the perfect boy next door.”

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