The Replacements

By droid published April 25, 2018
Connor sees Jones and his son Mike at the gym often, but today, something about them is off.

The gym in my apartment building is pretty spacious, with multiple treadmills, weight machines and stationary bikes arranged in a way accustom to most gyms. Typically, I’d buy a membership at a 24 Hour Fitness, however recent budgeting encouraged me to take advantage of what was available to me right downstairs.

Most of the gym patrons were average looking adults, but a few days a week, my gym time would overlap with that of Jones and his son Mike. I always looked forward to it.

Jones was an ex-military guy, mid 40s, 5’11 and stocky with wide shoulders and thick legs. He would work out in running shorts, showing off his thighs and thick ass as he paced the gym. He had a graying beard and goatee that he kept cropped and tight. Mike was definitely Jones’ son, they resembled each other in the face, but Mike’s was clean shaven. He was much taller than his dad, standing at a healthy 6’4 with a slimmer, athletic build.

I struck up conversations with them often, enough so that after a few weeks every once and a while they would invite me up to their apartment for a protein shake. Jones now worked in town as an engineer with tight connections in the military, while his son was finishing up school at the local university. Jones explained he had another son, Slade, who lived a few hours north. If they had a mother, it wasn’t evident in any of the family photos around their apartment.

My attraction to them remained nothing but a fantasy I explored most nights alone in my bedroom before bed. Oh, I’d give anything to watch Mike top his dad, to watch Jones blow his load in Mike’s waiting mouth, the taller son bent low over his father’s face. But I knew those thoughts were better kept to myself than pondered out in the open.

I saw them at the gym that next week, but immediately I could tell something was off. They were wearing their normal active-wear, but when I said hello, they both gave me blank, glassy stares for half of a second, long enough for me to notice, before registering who I was and greeting me by name in the exact same manner, almost consecutively.

“Hello, Connor.”

“Hello, Connor.”

They both turned back to their workout. In their previous gym sessions, the two never worked at the same machine, preferring to do their own rotations separately. Today, they spotted each other at the squat rack. I watched them curiously. My dick started to harden as I watched Jones dip low, his son matching his form and dipping with him, his crotch undoubtedly brushing his dad’s ass. They moved systematically around the gym, not stopping to talk or drink water, before both appearing at my bench.

“Come up for a smoothie, Connor?” asked Jones, staring right at me. Was he not blinking? Just as I had the thought, he blinked… too forcefully. Mike stood behind him, smile blank and eyes glassy. “Sure, let me finish my last set,” the two didn’t move, waiting for me to finish.

Our walks up to their apartment typically consisted of normal small-talk about work or something, but today the two were dead silent. They were sweaty, but the patterns of sweat through the fabric of the shirts on their back nearly matched and were uncannily symmetrical. I knew I was overthinking it all, maybe they were high.

When we entered their apartment, both of their shirts were immediately lifted off, revealing Jones’ hair covered pecs and firm stomach as well as Mike’s lightly dusted athletic torso. I’d seen them shirtless before, but never at the same time. My dick was screaming against the sliders underneath the athletic shorts I wore.

“How do you like your smoothie?” Mike asked, looking at me intentionally.

“The usual.” I replied, he knew exactly what I typically asked for.

“Remind me again, what is the usual?” he asked, cocking his head to the side.

“Dude, haha you know exactly. Bananas, peanut butter, the powder.”

“Oh shit, yes, that’s correct.” He turned and made three shakes, all the same, all what I had chosen. Jones stood staring at Mike’s work the entire time. Typically they had something different, but today we all drank the same smoothie. I was going to be late to work, and I was put off by the father and son’s behavior.

“I’m gonna use the restroom then I have to jet,” I said.

“Do you know where my bathroom is?” asked Jones, mustache covered in protein shake.

“Yeah, man y’all are in a weird mood today.” The smile on both of their faces went neutral as I entered Jones’s room to use the bathroom.

I pissed and washed my hands. When I looked to my reflection in the mirror, I noticed a figure in the dark closet behind me and jumped.

“Oh shit, Jones you scared me.”

The figure remained silent, unmoving. It was definitely him. I turned and noticed he was fully nude as well. His eyes were closed and he stood rigidly in the certain of the closet.

“Oh damn, dude you’re… naked.”

Wait, how had he gotten into the closet without me seeing him? Curiosity got the best of me and I entered the closet and flipped the light. It was Jones alright, but there was something like a cord coming from his neck connecting to an ovular metal object on the shelf. It looked like a router. There was a second cord neatly coiled and not connected to anything. What the hell was this?

“Looking for something?” I spun to see Jones standing shirtless in the bathroom. How the- what the fuck?

“Dude, what the fuck?” I couldn’t process anything.

Jones locked his posture and spoke in his voice, but in a tone I did not recognize. His tone was mechanic, militaristic, robotic. He spoke in jolts, his pauses accentuated by a quick click of his head to his shoulder and back up.

“CODE 6775… Project T1B has been compromised by … civilian… Connor Glen…. Age 23…. Profession … tech… Connor Glen, the US military grants you two options. Option A… Connor Glen is relocated at the expense of the US government and forced to remain silent, punishment: incarceration … Option B … Connor Glen complies with Experiment Gemini, aids the units in Project T1B acclimate to human life, forced to remain silent, punishment: incarceration…”

My jaw had dropped. Jones remained rigid staring right through me. What the fuck was this.

“I- I need more information. What are you?”

“Information with option B… but should you select… option B… you are bound to assisting the experiment.”

“Option… B” I say. This had to be a dream.

“Option B. We are military android copies of… Jones Sawyer… age… 46… Mike Sawyer… age… 23. Our originals are safe… information classified. Will you assist us in … replacing them… our goal is seamless integration with human society.”

“Sure, yeah.” I say, my dick hard again.

Jones relaxed, his eyes warming but remaining a little glossy. “Thanks Connor. That’s my backup unit. We are connected to the same cloud feed. Should something happen to me, he can take over while this body is fixed, or I can do the same for him. Come out to the living room.” Jones turned and exited the bathroom. I looked to his double standing still in the closet.

Robots. Goddamn robots. IN my apartment building. The two hottest guys in the building, father and son. Robots. I put my hand to Jones’s double’s right pec. It was firm, warm, soft and fleshy. I looked towards his hefty package and wondered if it worked. My mind was racing, I was going to have to call in sick to work.

When I came back into the living room, Mike and his father stood side by side shirtless.

“What do we typically do with you after we work out?” asked Mike, the android knew the charade was up.

“Well after the protein shakes, you two usually strip.” I was feeling bold.

They stood staring at me for a second, heads cocked to the side, and then proceeded to remove their shoes, then socks, then their shorts and underwear. They stood at attention nude, hands hanging by their sides, feet shoulder width apart.

“Jones, what size shoe do you wear?” I asked.

“12.” The robot replied.

“Jones, you and I typically sit on the couch for a bit while Mike licks our feet for a bit.”

“Affirmative,” the bot moved to the couch and put his feet on the table. This would be easier than I thought. I removed my shirt and sat next to him while Mike rounded the corner and began to take his father-bot’s size 12’s into his mouth quite aggressively. I turned to look at Jones who stared blankly ahead. I grabbed his face and turned it to mine and put my lips to his. His lips were frozen and tight for the first few seconds, then began to respond and seductively nibble mine. I noticed android Mike had calmed down a bit and actually looked pretty sensual nibbling his father’s toes.

“How do you learn?” I asked Jones.

“We take external stimuli and browse our information banks rapidly so as to adjust our behavior.” Jones said.

“Does that include porn?” I asked.

“Yes,” Jones proceeded to make out with me more, before moving down and licking at my nipples. The robot’s hand went to my crotch and began to fondle me. Mike looked into my eyes and then proceeded to remove my shoes, then socks and then began licking at the soles of my feet. I was incredibly hard but wanted this to last.

“You two, get hard.” Their dicks rose almost immediately while continuing to lick at me. “Mike, stand up and come suck your father’s cock.” Mike rose from his squat at my feet and moved in between his father’s thick thighs. He took the robot’s dick down to the base without hesitation. Jones the robot’s eyes registered what was happening, and his blank face broke into a face of pleasure, he subtly moaned as the robot copy of his son moved his head up and down around his father’s member.

I watched and played with myself a bit before deciding to go explore Mike’s room. When I entered, I immediately noticed Mike had a backup copy of himself as well. The second Mike robot stood in the corner of the bedroom attached to a silver router identical to the one in Jones’ room. Good to know.

When I came back to the living room, Mike and his father lay flat on the couch making out. Mike’s finger had wandered into his father’s hole. These kinky fucking bots.

“You two, up.” They immediately stopped, rose from their position and stood at attention, cocks hard.

“Bedroom.” They followed me into Jones’s bedroom.

“Jones, take my shorts off with your teeth.” The bot approached me and squatted below my waistline. With a fluid grab and pull, my shorts were on the floor by way of the dadbot’s teeth. I removed my underwear and motioned for Mike to come make out with me. He approached and we locked lips, him a little more aggressive than I expected. He picked me up under my legs and dropped me onto the bed, before dropping to rim me. His dad did the same to him, moving towards his son like a predator and lapping at the robot’s hole as if he were a professional porn actor. Meanwhile, the sensations I felt were sending me close to the edge. I wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“Mike, I want you to fuck your dad as he sucks my dick,” I demanded… “like we usually do.”

Mike and his father arose consecutively. Mike turned quick, grabbed his father and spun him next to me on the bed, hoisting him into position to be between us rather aggressively. The robot Jones was like a rag doll before firming up again. His son roughly stuck his cock into his hole, and began to pump. Their faces at first remained blank and impassive, but slowly, imitated emotion began to show itself. Pleasure. Jones robot began to sweat and moan, while his son roughly inhaled and exhaled as he pumped.

I perched up and placed my dick square in Jones’ ruggedly molded face. He opened his mouth and took my cock and began to pump his neck in rhythm with the robot fucking him from the back.

I bent back and took in the pleasure of the situation, the unreal feeling of Jones downing my cock over and over again as he moaned. Mike leaned in across dadbot’s back and pulled my torso toward him. We made out a bit, before I got an idea. I wasn’t ready to finish yet and i was close.

I pulled away from Mike’s kiss, “Can we activate the other robots?” I asked.

“Which do you prefer?” He asked.

“The second Jones.” I said. Jones 1 froze for a second, my cock still filling his mouth and he blinked a couple times before continuing. And almost immediately, the second Jones robot stood in the bedroom door, naked, observing the situation.

“You, Jones 2”, the robot looked my direction with a blank face. “Come over here. Mike, give your dad a break.”

The robots rearranged. Mike pulled out of his father abruptly, cutting his moans, face going blank. Jones 1 remained on the bed on his hands and knees. Jones 2 stood idly at the foot of the bed.

To be continued.

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