By crayle published April 25, 2018
Aquaman infiltrates the Mad Doctor's lair.. and gets a surprise!


(Note: This is the Silver Age Aquaman: Blonde, smooth-shaven and uncomplicated)

The odd creature swam closer, beaming thought waves as it came. Aquaman regarded it in surprise: Soft flesh-pink all over, mostly fish-shaped, but with a bump on its dorsal side, large and round… almost like a well-shaped human butt!

On its chest were two round bulges that could have passed for human breasts, and its face was humanoid, only the gaping wide, big-lipped mouth and huge round eyes making it fish-like.

“Another UMLF! (Unidentified Marine Life Form) Aquaman glubbed. “The ocean is certainly full of…. Wait! What’s it trying to tell me?”

Renegade Scientist….<« Came the thought-wave »>…Capturing my species for study…. You must help us….. C!B@M#L$J%K%V&S*<<<

The thought waves became more complex, filling Aquaman’s brain with confusing concepts… but as his mind cleared he knew he must help his Marine Friends!

In no time, Aquaman had swum to the large steel mesh fence surrounding the renegade scientist’s sea lab and was scaling the fence unobserved—he thought.

“They assume the fence is impregnable, so they don’t lock the inner doors,” Aquaman told himself, wondering how he knew that. “There are no guards, either, so I can easily slip inside and see what’s going on!”

Inside the building was a vast assortment of fish tanks, big machines with flashing lights that went pocketa-pocketa and everything else you’d find in a mad doctor’s lair. But then Aquaman’s eyes widened as he saw one of the UMLFs hanging limply from a hook!

But closer inspection revealed it wasn’t an UMLF; it was a rubber costume made to look like one!

“This is how they lure their victims in here,” Again, the thought came unbidden. And right after it, another idea from nowhere:

“I can get inside this costume and hide in one of these tanks! They won’t suspect a thing, and I’ll find out what they’re up to!”

The costume looked complicated. And tight. Aquaman decided he would have to strip naked before he could begin to get into it. Immediately, he slid out of his costume and pitched it into an incinerator “Can’t leave any evidence!” He chuckled to himself.

Then he noticed some pills on a shelf beside the UMLF-suit. “Of course! These help the wearer’s body conform to the dimensions of the suit.” He immediately swallowed a handful and began sliding into the suit.

Even with the body-shaping pills, it wasn’t easy. Below the waist there was a single tail that squeezed his legs tightly together. A cut-out in back exposed his bare butt, but also lifted, squeezed and shaped it into cute round globes. Above the waist, some strange sort of zipper closed automatically, pinning his arms in a cross-straght-jacket position, squeezing his smooth chest out through two openings in the front, into a sort of breast-like shape. And the mask seemed to cover his face of its own volition, forcing his mouth to conform to the gaping, thick-lipped fish-look.

The eye holes proved to be high-tech cameras, enabling Aquaman to see from his own vantage point and through the eyes of cameras mounted about the room. Using one of these, Aquaman got a look at himself and…

“Eeek! I’m NAKED!”

True enough, the UMLF-suit had turned the hero of the seas into a bizarre, sensuous, feminine-looking and undeniably nude creature! A tiny pouch he hadn’t noticed before squeezed Aquaman’s male parts into a ridiculously small and unmanly package jiggling laughably below his waist. Above that, two perfect round breasts winked their nipples at him. In back, a sexy pink bottom wiggled invitingly. And the mask on his face looked somehow alluring, the wide lips and large eyes conveying a sense of vulnerability and invitation.

And perhaps most shameful of all, the color of the costume blended imperceptibly with his own flesh, rendering him nude!

“I’ve got to hide!” The former hero’s mind filled with panic. Instantly, he started flopping across the floor, doubling up at the waist to raise his bottom high, then lunging forward to land with a loud “Plop!”on his shapely new boobs. It was awful—especially when the cameras showed him what a silly sight he made!

But at last he reached the edge of a large observation pool and dove in. Somehow the water made him feel freer, less awkward as he wiggled his new tail and moved smoothly through the familiar environment. But it didn’t help his feelings of vulnerable confusion any—especially not when the lights around him came up, and Aquaman saw he was surrounded by a jeering, laughing crowd!

Instantly, he dove for the bottom of the pool, but even here the cameras mounted on underwater drones followed him and the hoots of the crowd echoed through speakers in his ears.

Then he heard a “PING!” and saw a pink light flash above. He stared at it a moment…. Just long enough for a penis-shaped drone to plunge itself between his butt-cheeks!

He gasped and lurched, and burned with shame, twisting about to try and hide it as the crowd above, watching his underwater antics on monitors, guffawed and mocked him mercilessly.

The “Ping!” came again. And the light blinking somewhere above the surface. Aquaman watched, warily, motionless.

And then the drone in his butt delivered an electric shock! Aquaman bucked his hips, moved upward, and the shock stopped.

Another “Ping!” and the flashing light above. This time, Aquaman swam straight up to it, and was rewarded by a pleasant vibration in the pouch that held his shrunken manhood!

Everyone cheered as Aquaman broke the surface, exposing his nudie-boobs and cute face to the crowd, along with teasing glimpses of his bare, shapely bottom-globes. He dove for the bottom at once.

And got another shock in that sexy tush!

Back to the surface, rewarded with a teasing tingle in his captive genitals, Aquaman looked around and saw the stands were filled with a raucous, punk-looking crowd in SM attire, interspersed with what seemed to be every villain in the DC Universe and a few guests from Marvel. At the edge of the pool, Lex Luthor, in brief swim trunks that showed off his hairy chest and legs, was addressing the crowd.

“…used a telepathic water drone disguised as an UMLF to implant the thoughts in HIS mind,” Luthor was saying, “Then the silly-fish-brain did the rest HERself!”

More laughter rocked the arena. Aquaman wondered just for a second, “Did Luthor call me HER?” and then the light flashed once more, focusing his attention on his manly captor.

Luthor held up a rubber penis, real-looking, thick, and over a foot long and flung it gracefully into the water at the far end of the pool. Aquaman looked on in incomprehension. Then


His bottom jolted with another electric shock! Tears came to his fish eyes. What did they want? This was all so unfair!!

The light flashed again on Luthor. Again he pitched a rubber cock to the far side of the pool. Suddenly Aquaman understood. Instantly he swam to the far side, picked it up in his mouth and returned it to his captor, jumping half out of the water to drop it between Luthor’s muscular legs.

“Good girl!” The crowd cheered and Aquaman got another rewarding crotch-tingle. He felt the nipples stiffen on his breasts as the lights flashed and Luthor threw another dildo.

And so it went for almost an hour. Aquaman learned to catch the dildoes in the air, sucking them down into his mouth lewdly as he returned them to his master. The crowd hooted as he learned to kick his tail vigorously enough to hold himself upright, almost clear out of the water for short periods and shake his bobs and booty, dancing for everyone to see. And they went wild as Luthor sat on the edge of the pool, lowered his trunks, and ordered the once-super-hero to suck him off!

Over the next few weeks, Aquaman learned new tricks—and more demeaning ones, like how to suck bigger, thicker cocks. His electric butt plug was eventually removed and he learned how to use his shapely butt and boobs as instruments of pleasure for his male trainers.

His diet now consisted of penis-shaped globules filled with nourishing cum. His trainers would pitch them for him to catch, gobble down, and nod his head in happy satisfaction. Inside the little pouch, his own manhood ached for release but all he ever got was more teasing till his world became a blur of constant cock, frustrated desire and conditioned response.

Sometimes Luthor would amuse the crowd by showing off his intelligence-guided fishing rod. A flick of the rod would spin out a line with special hooks: Sometimes clamps that would fix on Aquaman’s nipples and pull him squealing around in the water. Sometimes a loop that encircled his tiny penis-pouch and wiggled it around, to be derided by the audience. Or, worst of all, a special butt-hook that would lift him completely out, wriggling helplessly like a cock-slut as Luthor guided him to a lucky male spectator for oral service!

Then, long after time had lost its meaning for Aquaman, the JLA raided Luthor’s Marine Compound!

“Well, they all escaped, “ Flash said. “But at least we disrupted whatever fiendish plot was being hatched here.”

“What could it have been?” Superman surveyed the place with his telescopic X-Ray vision. “And what in the name of Krypton is THAT??”

He led the heroic group to an observation tank where the disguised Aquaman was wriggling frantically to get their attention.

“I think it’s a female Sea-Sucker, ” Green Lantern said, “From the water world of Umlof. Some of the other Green Lanterns told me about them.” He used his ring to project images of the creatures of Planet Umlof, swimming, feeding and fucking.

“Is that all they do all day?” Flash asked.

“That’s it. By our standards they are stupid creatures, but on their world, they’re the dominant species, and… well, the Males are incredibly randy!”

“And hung like elephants!” Wonder Woman giggled.

“Planet Umlof is off-limits to the Federation, “ Green Lantern continued, “No other civilization is allowed to land or interact with the Sea Suckers. We really should return this girl to her home.”

Aquaman wriggled more furiously, trying to object.

“Look at her!” Stargirl giggled, “Looks like she’s anxious to get back to those males.”

He shook his massive bobs and girlish butt “NO!”

“And their giant cocks,” Wonder Woman smiled. “I don’t blame her! Did anyone bring the Teleporter Ray?”

He tried to show everyone the tiny pouch that held his frustrated manhood captive – not even Atom noticed it.

“Right here!”

He screamed into the water. All that came out was a feminine “Mew! Mewwww!”

“Three… two… one… There she goes!”

And as the protesting former Champion of the Oceans was whisked off to the life of a feminized animal, the assembled heroes smiled with the satisfaction of a job well done.

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