Steer (4)

Series: Steer
By rubbrsome -
published April 25, 2018
4173 words

In the conclusion, Sam learns the truth about his father.

For the next several hours, Sam and his father talked. The communication wasn’t as fluid as Sam had hoped. Every time he asked a question, the answer appeared on the black figure’s chest. It seemed that his father’s body was coated with some kind of mimetic alloy. It could mimic metal, plastics or rubber. And with sheer thought or willpower, his father could manipulate his new skin. And by doing so, raised lettering would appear on his chest to answer Sam’s questions.

As unbelievable as the new skin was, it had its drawback. The biggest of which was that Sam could not see his father’s face. “But if you can manipulate this skin, can’t you shape it into what you looked like? If you can just make a mouth, then maybe you can talk.”

His father held up one figure as if gesturing: One second. Let me try.

Sam watched as the faceless man’s skin began to ripple. The surface of the face was smooth, suggesting there was no nose, eyes or mouth. The younger man watched as the black figure tried to manipulate his face but it was all to no avail. In the end, his father just shrugged as if saying: Oh well. I tried.

While the black figure seemed perfectly fine not being able to generate a face, Sam was extremely frustrated. After years of living among the service bots, it was hard for him to disassociate this one bot and think of him as his father. They all just looked alike. And none of them had ever spoken a word; it made them less human and more alien. If only Sam could see a face, or hear a voice, it would help him believe and know that this one figure was actually his father.

The two of them continued to talk. And again, Sam’s frustrations grew. The next frustration was trying to understand what had happened to his father. “What do you mean you don’t know?!”

Again, the black figure just shrugged. It seemed that his father couldn’t remember arriving on the space station. He felt like he had just been here, and at the same time, had no idea how long he had been here. Details such as the passage of time, locations, and citizens that he had worked with, held no importance to him. He couldn’t recall specifics of what he had been doing for the last ten years. And he had no idea how he had been turned into a service robot.

Sam wanted answers. “Did you miss me?”

The black figure hesitated. And then slowly, the faceless person shook his head. The man patted his chest as words appeared: HARD TO EXPLAIN. MY LIFE FEELS LIKE A DREAM. I KNOW I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. BUT AS I SLEEP, MY MEMORY OF YOU FADED AWAY IN THE DREAM. OTHER THINGS BECAME MORE IMPORTANT TO ME

Sam’s eyes were filled with tears. The answer he was being given didn’t make him feel any better. Somebody had taken his father away from him. He wasn’t getting any answers on why this happened, and the answers that he was being given was making him feel like shit. “What’s more important than your family? Than me?”


Sam wiped away a tear. He was angry now. Somebody had made his father forget him. “What’s the new reason? What’s more important than me?”

This time, there was no hesitation. Two simple words appeared on his father’s chest: TO OBEY

Sam’s angered spilled over. He was going to fix this. He had to fix this. There had to be some way for him to get his father back. He may not be able to get the last ten years back, but he was going to start living with his father from this moment on. He wasn’t going to let his father slip through his fingers again. “There has to be some way to fix this. We’re going to figure this out.”

From behind him, there came a voice: “Sorry, Sam. There’s nothing you can do.”

Sam spun around to see Alan leaning against the doorway. He had never heard his best friend return, and had no idea how long he had been standing there. “Alan! Did you know about this?!”

Alan shook his head. “No. I swear I didn’t. I actually just found out about it.” Alan seemed to hesitate. He was trying to find the right words that would make his friend feel better. “My dad just told me. He noticed that our bot was gone, and he knew he had to tell me.”

Sam seemed skeptical. “You just happened to find out now? Right when my dad appears? Awfully convenient.”

“Well he’s the Governor of the station. He knows when a bot is about to go offline. I didn’t know it was your dad. I swear I didn’t know that. He just knew you were going to freak when you’d find out that the service bots are actually humans. You’ve never really liked the bots before. And this was just going to make it worse. But ….” And Alan gestured to the black figure “…. Seeing that it’s your dad takes it to a whole new fucked up level.”

Sam looked back at the figure that was his dad. “But he’s back now. And we can fix this.”

“Actually, we can’t. The process is irreversible. He can’t go back. And …” Alan hesitated. “And you need to forget about all of this.”

Sam’s mouth dropped open. “Are you out of your fucking mind?! You are! You’re fucking nuts!!!”

Alan’s face had never looked more serious. Gone was the carefree Alan that enjoyed messing with his best friend. As Sam just spent the last several hours with his dad, Alan also spent these hours with the Governor, understanding the importance of the service bots. Alan tried to explain it. The Governor had helped Alan understand. And he was now trying to help his friend understand. “They can do things that we can’t do. But there’s a price. You see?”

“No!!! I don’t see!!!” Sam yelled.

“The station had to be built. They were the ones that built it. It took an intense and focused labor force to do it. They had to have perfect coordination. They had to be equipped with tools. We couldn’t use normal men. We needed …”

“You needed slaves! That’s what you needed: slaves.”

Alan raised his hands up, trying to calm Sam down. “You need to be careful, Sam. You can’t be going around saying that the bots are slaves, and you definitely can’t let anyone know that they are humans. You need to forget all …”

“The fuck I will! You’re out of your fucking mind if I’m just going to forget all of this, and let everything go back to some fucked up hunky-dory life! I’m going to fix my dad. I may not be able to fix the others, but I’m going to fix my dad.”

Now Alan began to lose his patience. He had already told Sam that there was no fixing this. And he needed his friend to get a clue. “You can’t!!! I told you: you can’t! Don’t you get it? They’ve been programmed. They are robots. They’re not made of wires or metals. But in their heads, they’ve been programmed, and they can’t go back.”

Sam looked at the black figure again. In all this time, his father seemed perfectly content as Sam and Alan argued. Even though that they were talking about him, his father never felt the need to interject his opinion into the conversation. Sam was beginning to wish that his father expressed some kind of emotion … for him to get angry and fight for his independence. “Why? Why can’t he go back?”

Alan tried to explain. “It’s in his programming. He said it himself. His purpose is: to obey. That’s all he cares about.”

Sam shook his head. “No! He cares about me! He woke up and recognized me! He cares about me now!”

“You said it yourself. ‘He woke up.’ But he’s going to go to sleep again. His programming is going to take over, and it’s like he’s going to go to sleep. And when he does, he’s going to forget about you. And he’s going to go back to being my Otto.”

As soon as Alan said Otto, he knew that was a mistake. Having Sam remember his father as Otto was not the right way to calm his friend down. Otto was a robot. Otto was a thing that Alan fucked. Otto was not Sam’s father. “Fuck this shit. And fuck you!” Sam stood up, and looked at his father. “Come on, dad. We’re leaving. We’re getting out of here and I’m going to find somebody to fix you.”

Sam made for the exit. As he neared the door, the sensor activated and it slid open. Directly on the other side of the door was another service bot. It appeared identical to his father. The bot was pure black. Its face was featureless, having been hidden behind a smooth metal surface. When Sam saw the bot blocking the door, he stopped in his tracks. He turned back to his friend. “What the fuck? What’s this?!”

“That is the Judas Steer.”

Sam turned back to the figure standing next to him. The robot remained perfectly still, and blocked Sam’s exit. It looked impassively down on the smaller human. It almost seemed to have no interest in Sam’s existence.

“And what the fuck is a Judas Steer?”

“My dad had to explain it to me. When the bots were programmed, they were programmed to follow one bot. In the entire group, there is one bot that is the leader. The leader is called the Judas Steer. It’s the dominant. Its thoughts steer all the submissives. You see, all the bots are linked mind to mind. But it’s the Judas’s steer’s mind that influences all of them. Whatever he thinks, the others do. He places them into a submissive state. He makes them compliant. He makes them obey. And you’re dad is a submissive.”

The black figure that was the Judas Steer stepped quietly into the room. Sam seemed to realize what was about to happen, and tried to push the figure back out into the corridor. But the figure was too muscular, and far too strong to be pushed back by a human. The figure took several steps into the quarters. Then its face focused directly onto the bot that was Sam’s father. Then just ever so slightly, it tilted its head downward as if focusing its gaze on Sam’s father.

The effect was instantaneous. Before, the figure that was Sam’s father was slouching. His head was cocked to the side, as if trying to understand what was going on. And his arms were crossed in a natural defensive posture. But as the Judas Steer focused on submissive bot, it suddenly began to stand at attention. The black rubber bot stood ramrod straight, its arms feel its side and it took on a perfect posture. Within seconds, the father’s programming reasserted itself and its human qualities were now dormant.

Sam understood. With his eyes wide in horror, he screamed: “NO!”

Then Sam rounded on the Judas Steer. He moved to attack it. “I’ll fucking kill you!” And with those words, he launched himself at the black figure. But the figure sensed the attack. It simply grabbed at Sam’s hands, and interlaced its own fingers with the human’s. Sam looked up to see that the bot had grabbed his hands. And then he watched as the bot altered his black flesh, causing the fingers to merge. Within seconds, his hands were encased in some kind of rubber mitts.

Sam still had some fight in him. Even with his hands restrained, he made another desperate effort. He was staring at the Judas Steer face-to-face. He pulled his head backwards, and then launched it forward in a furious head butt. There was a loud crack as his face connected with hard metal. The Judas Steer had altered his flesh to mimic steel. And as Sam cracked his face forward into the bot, he knocked himself out.

Alan was stunned. He had watched everything. He tried to get his best friend to calm down. But nothing seemed to be working. Nothing was going to plan. And now, he knew it was too late for his friend. And he watched helplessly as event began to unfold.

Before coming back to their new quarters, Alan’s father had explained the reality of the station’s bots. And before coming back, the Governor had taken the Judas Steer and given it its orders. The bot understood its programming. It understood what the Governor wanted. And it would obey.

The Judas Steer held onto the human. As the unconscious Sam was held in the Steer’s arms, the black figure turned its gaze and looked at the quiet statue that was Sam’s father. Suddenly, as if hearing a voice, the other bot began to move. The black figure that was Sam’s father approached his son with hands outstretched. Its black rubber fingers morphed into metallic blades. And within seconds, it shredded all of the human’s clothes, until Sam was fully naked and vulnerable. Once the human was naked, the figure then morphed its fingers into smaller, more precise blades. It then used its hands to feel around Sam’s body. Everywhere it touched, body hair fell to the floor. It took less than a minute for Sam’s body to be rendered utterly hairless. But once Sam’s body was ready, the bot took a step backwards, allowing its fingers to return back into rubber.

The Judas Steer positioned the human. Alan’s back was directly pressed up against the bot’s chest. The human’s hands were still restrained alongside the Steer’s hands. As the Steer placed its feet directly next to Sam’s, black bands shot out and lashed the human’s ankles to the robot’s.

Sam began to stir. He looked up, trying to get his bearings and understand what was happening. He quickly discovered that he couldn’t move. His legs were fixed, and seemed to be tied to something. And his arms were outstretched. Sam tried to turn his head, and get a good view of the Judas Steer that was standing behind him. “What the fuck? What the fuck?”

Alan finally spoke up. “I tried to talk you out of it. But my father … he ordered the Steer …”

“Get it off me! Order it to let me go.”

“I can’t,” Alan tried to explain. “I tried to talk you out of it. But you wouldn’t listen.”

As Alan talked, the bot that was Sam’s father began to move. It stood directly in front of his son. And as he stood, it appeared that its cock bulge began to grow. The black bulge grew outward. The rubber ballooning out. But then it appeared that the cock detached from the service bot and stuck straight outwards towards the naked human. The silent robot looked down, and with both of its hands, it grabbed its own cock and began to pull. As the robot pulled on its cock, the rubber shaft began to elongate. Within seconds, the cock had nearly doubled its length.

Sam eyes widened in horror. It looked like his father was stretching his cock, and about to tear it from his body. But then, to his surprise, he realized that the robot was removing some kind of device. For the briefest of seconds, he saw flesh. As the cock stretched, there were gaps in the rubber. And human flesh was underneath the black rubber. The robot was removing some kind of cock sheathe. But as it pulled and removed the sheath, the rubber rematerialized over the robot’s cock and resealed it.

Alan was speaking: “Your father doesn’t need it anymore. He’s already programmed. But my father said .. he said … that you can … you can wear your father’s cock sheath.”

The robot turned the cock and ball sheath around so that the base of it was aimed directly at Sam’s cock. Without saying a word, the robot reached forward and aimed to slide it directly onto his son’s cock. Sam tried to squirm away, but his body was being tightly restrained by the Judas Steer. He couldn’t take his eyes away from the black device that was about to be put on his cock. And his eyes widened even more when he saw it open up and begin to slide its way onto him.

At first, he felt something cool and slippery being put onto him. It was almost like silk. Or even water. But then, to his horror, he felt something slip its way down into his piss-hole. It moved so fast. In a blink of an eye, he could feel it worming its way down in his cock and into his balls. As the sheath slid down onto his cock, he felt the base of if wrap around his balls and lock onto him.

But something else was in his balls too. He felt his balls beginning to throb. Suddenly, wave after wave of pleasure was beginning to stir into him. He suddenly knew what they were trying to do. Sam opened his eyes, and he stared furiously at his friend: “I won’t! I won’t!”

Alan stared back. His own cock was hard. He couldn’t resist. He reached down and slipped his hand into his pants. His fingers felt the precum as he began to leak. “You can’t resist. They’ll break you.”

“Like hell they will!”

Sam focused on his anger rather than the pleasure. He wasn’t going to let them have him. He could hear the pleasure calling to him, but he let his mind fill with rage.

Standing directly behind him, the Judas Steer held onto the human. It saw what the submissive bot saw. It knew that the sheath was attached and locked on. And yet, the Steer did not sense the human’s thoughts. It tilted its head slightly to the side and considered its option.

Both Alan and Sam could not see what the Judas Steer was doing. The robots crotch was pressed up against Sam’s bare ass. But even though Sam couldn’t see anything, it thought he could detect a growing bulge. It was as if the Judas Steer was inflating its cock. The Steer’s cock began to inflate outward, growing until it finally detached from the bot’s abdomen. Then it extended itself outward into a full erection.

Sam could feel it now. And his rage faltered. He could feel the Steer’s cock. The thick rubber cock moved like a snake, slithering its way between Sam’s ass cheeks and pressing up against his asshole. “No! NO!”

But he couldn’t resist it. The rubber cock pushed its way in and penetrated him. Once inside his ass, it began to inflate and swell. As it filled him, it pushed directly on Sam’s prostate and began to stimulate him from the inside. Like a piston, the Steer’s cock began to pump forward and backwards like a piston. The Steer didn’t even need to rock its hips. Its cock fucked Sam’s ass like a machine. Like a robot.

Sam tried his best to hold onto his rage. But now he was feeling aroused. The intense pressure on his balls was begging to be released. His rage began to falter as pleasure took over. Then to his horror, Sam watched as the figure that was his father, reached its black hand out and grab onto Sam’s black cock. As the robot grabbed the sheath that covered Sam’s cock, its rubber fingers merged with the sheath’s rubber. It look like the robots rubber arm was directly linked with Sam’s cock. And suddenly, the robot’s fingers began to vibrate and hum with a ferocious intensity.

Sam tried to squirm. But there nowhere for him to go. Behind him was the Judas Steer with its cock fucking his ass. In front of him was his brainwashed father, jacking him off with his fingers melded into rubber cock. Before he knew it, Sam’s toes began to curl and his back arched. His cock exploded hot cum into the sheath. He gave a guttural cry as he felt his balls empty.


And suddenly Sam’s voice was silenced as something seized his thoughts. He sensed another presence in his mind. Sam didn’t know what it was, but it was telling him to be quiet. To be calm. To relax and be still.

Sam’s body went still as suddenly the black material encapsulating his cock began to grow. The rubber material began to slip down the cock and cover his groin. Soon, it looked like he was wearing rubber shorts, then leggings. The black material slipped up the human’s abdomen, covering his torso. Then it found the boy’s arms, slipped downward turning his fingers into black, rubber gloves. Then it finally began to creep up his neck, over his jawline and around his face. All this time, Sam continued to cum into the sheath. Orgasm after orgasm consumed Sam’s thoughts. As the black cum-laden material began to cover his face, Sam would never again see the world with human eyes. As the black turned his face into a featureless robot, and before his mouth was sealed shut, the last words Sam said were: “ …. yes …. to obey …”

The room was suddenly quiet. Sam’s orgasmic moans were suddenly silenced. And a third black robot stood quite still. The Judas Steer and the submissive bot released their newly formed brother. The Steer uncoupled from the robots wrists and ankles. It retracted its cock out of the robot’s ass and pulled it back until it formed into an impressive cock bulge. Meanwhile, the submissive bot turned its hands back into normal fingers and let go off the new robots cock. Then the three robots stood perfectly at attention and waited receive orders.

“Holy fuck!” cried Alan. The boy’s heart was beating rapidly as he just witnessed his best friend turned into a mindless robot. He had since pulled out his own cock, and held it with his hands. A long thin strand of precum was stretching between the cock-tip down to the floor.

Alan looked down at his leaking cock, and realizing that he needed to get off. By instinct, he began to order: “Hey Otto. I need you to …” But then the boy stopped and considered. He stepped forward. Both the Judas Steer and Otto stepped aside as the human made contact with the newly created robot. The thick rubber flesh felt like it was humming. Almost as if the human trapped inside the robot’s flesh was vibrating.

Alan cupped his hands around Sam-bot’s balls. Then he stroked the thick rubber cock. “How about you, Sam? I’m going to need you to get me off.”

The newly formed robot said nothing. It stood perfectly still. It didn’t move and remained frozen as if a statue. Then Alan remembered what his father had said. He had been told that it would take several hours as the human brain was reprogrammed. It would be a short time before Sam-bot began to function appropriately.

Alan smiled. He stood directly behind his friend. He felt the strong shoulders, and wrapping his arms around the robot’s body, began to tweak the rubber nipples. Then reaching down, he was able to guide his cock into the robot’s asshole. Alan bit his lower lip as he felt the tightness of the robot’s virgin hole. Then he let out a gasp as his cock slipped inside and he filled his friend for the first time. “Oh Sam. I think we’re going to have some fun.”

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