Experiment a Little

By Tkhon published April 24, 2018
The journal of a man as hypnotherapy changes him to be more willing to try new things

Excerpts from the journal of Zander Davis

Day 1

Hey doc. Dunno what you want me to write in this. Just got through my first hypnotherapy session with the missus. I guess you want me to explain that? Well, you did make it clear these will be private. The wife isn’t happy with our sex life. Says she wants us to “experiment” more. To get her to stop nagging me I agreed to this. Gotta say, I’m not exactly feeling like I wanna run out and try a bunch of weird bdsm crap or whatever. Actually I just feel tired. Though I guess you did say that was probably going to happen. Actually you said I could do some stretches that would help so I think I’ll go do that.

Day 7

Second therapy session today. Can’t put my finger on it but I think I do feel more adventurous now. Or have I always been that way? It’s hard to say, but the idea to going outside my comfort zone isn’t so scary anymore.

Day 8

We decided to give something a try tonight. I let the wife take the lead. I wasn’t sure what she’d want to do, but I didn’t expect her to ask me to rubs my pecs. Except she called them tits. Believe me doc I told her where I stood on that one! But still, rubbing my pecs wasn’t bad or anything. Didn’t even really feel weird. Guess that hypno stuff really works!

[Note: Records indicate the word “pecs” was originally written as “tits” before being quickly changed]

Day 13

Third session, and it was pretty long today. Asked if we’d tried anything so we explained I’d tried rubbing my nips. I remember you smiling and asking how I liked it. I’m still embarrassed by how I practically shouted that I loved it. I don’t even remember liking it that much when I did it, but I totally did. Honestly I didn’t expect to get that much out of trying new things. But like you said, I just had to let go of my inhibitions.

Day 15

Today the wife came home with a surprise. Two dildos. I told her we’re going too fast, but ultimately when she suggested I just need time to think it over I agreed to do it tomorrow. What was I thinking?

Day 16

Just when I work past my issues with playing with a fake cock, my wife goes and springs another one on me. I assumed the smaller of the two was meant for me, but, well, you know. As my darling wife was so nice to point out, it was a fair bit smaller man my own piece of meat, but that wasn’t much of a consolation for my poor ass. It’s weird, her dildo was so small I swear it barely even stimulated her. But whatever, if this is what she wanted, I could get used to this. She told me I have to start using the dildo regularly.

Day 27

I was too embarrassed to say anything at today’s session, but when the doc helped fit a butt blug inside my hairy ass I felt really grateful. We explained that I’d tried using a dildo and I’d gotten pretty used to it by now. Doc seemed happy about our progress. Then he said something that really stood out to me. He started talking about how manly it is for a guy to have their back door stuffed. You know when someone says something you hadn’t thought of before but it just makes sense? So when he started talking about how guys who are really confident in their masculinity wanted to be full as often as possible I couldn’t help but ask. And Doc if you’re reading this, I really appreciated your compliment about my manly, hairy ass. Man even now I can feel the plug back there. There’s something so dignified about a big manly guy like me with a plugged ass.

Day 28

At the request of the old ball and chain I’ve agree from now on whenever I fuck her I’ll fuck myself with a dildo. I bet she thought I’d say no, but the joke’s on her, I’m confident enough in my manhood for this. Besides, I honestly feel a lot better with something inside me. It’s weird to think I ever used to go without.

Day 32

Today was interesting. During our session this morning the wife suddenly decides the next thing she wants to try. A threesome. Luckily for us, Doc knew a guy interested. If he hadn’t been there to help us we probably wouldn’t have been able to set this up the same day. When we got home with me stripped down at his command. He commented on how manly I looked with my butt plug in which surprisingly actually made me get a little hard. He took the lead and it was easy to follow. It’s like he knew what we wanted to do. While I worked my girl from behind, she sucked his dick. One thing led to another and soon me and the guy were making out over her while he fucked. It was weird, but exciting. Almost enough for me to get past my misgivings about another man’s dick being in my wife. But again it was like he read my mind. He let me continue fucking, but also got me to suck his dick instead. Eventually be both blew our loads on my wife and we all left satisfied.

Day 34

Today during out session it came up that I really might as well stop wearing clothes during these things. I mean, the Doc has already put a butt plug in me, there’s nothing left to see. Anyways today we were talking about the kinds of things we’d like to try in the future. Fantasies we have. I’ll be honest I don’t really remember what my wife said, or what suggestions Doc made. But I do remember for the first time talking publicly about my fantasy to have sex with a whole bunch of women at once. Surprisingly my wife was pretty chill about it, though for some reason I can’t really understand at the last second I requested there be some big hairy guys there with me too. At the time I said it would make me feel more comfortable, but now I’m not so sure.

Day 37

Well, today was the big day. It didn’t go how I expected but it was still pretty great. I dunno how the doc did it but while my wife had a spa day, no less than twelve incredibly hot women showed up. Not only that, about half as many buff hairy guys showed up too. You gotta let me in on your secret some day doc! Anyways the weird thing is even though this has been my fantasy practically ever since I hit puberty… I didn’t do it with anyone! It was the weirdest thing. At first I didn’t know what to do with all these people in one room, so I sat down. They all started fooling around together and next thing I know I’m watching my own personal porno! These guys were pros, I think, they each took two women in their arms and started doing all sorts of stuff together. They were so in charge. I couldn’t help but take in the smooth rhythm of their hips, their soft gasps, the way their manly asses clenched around their butt plugs. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Needless to say I came away very satisfied.

Day 45

Today we had another threesome with that buy from before. We actually met with him a couple times before but I only thought to write about it this time because he tried something different. Straight into it he got me down on all fours and then, get this, he licked my butt! Apparently it’s called “rimming” and while it felt weird at first I got used to it after a while. Honestly I think it’s because he had to take my butt plug out to do it, so it felt comforting to have SOMETHING take its place. Speaking of which, this actually got me to notice that my hole has actually gotten a bit looser thanks to the ol’ plug. I can’t put my finger on it but for some reason I just get this feeling that my hole being like that is a good thing.

Day 51

The Dov gave us a bit of “homework” today. He wanted me to think about what the core to being willing to experiment in the bedroom really was. I’ve been thinking about it all day so I could write about it here. I think the key is obedience. I’ve been thinking about it. By just trusting and obeying people, my wife, the men we bring home, and of course the doc, I’ve managed to do so much more than I ever thought possible. Doing whatever someone says is just so easy, so simple. It’s a bit erotic, too. Don’t tell my wife, but the concept of taking orders from a big hairy manly guy has started giving me a hard on.

Day 57

Today was a rollercoaster to say the least. After hypnotherapy while talking about fantasies again Doc suggested I might like to watch my wife get fucked by another man. I can still remember how angry I was for a second, but then the Doc said something to me and the idea honestly started to grow on me. That’s when things got weird. A big guy from the other room came in and without any pretense started to ravage my wife. She told me to go sit on the doctor’s lap and I complied easily. I felt so comfortable with his warm body pressed against mine. He kept whispering things in my ear but all I could focus on was that huge dick roughly slamming in and out of my wife. Throughout our session I actually realized how natural it was for my wife to be fucked by another man. She wanted us to experiment, this was experimenting. Still there was something about this moment. Something I’d have to think about.

Day 59

I called the doc today. After thinking things over I realized I wanted to experiment with guys the same way my wife was. Doc laughed and said he’d be happy to arrange it.

Day 60

So today I got on my knees right next to my wife and got fucked in the ass. Thoughts have been bouncing around in my head all day, I have to write something, even if I regret it. The guy was cute I guess. Looked kinda like a cowboy. He was so hairy and manly, but friendly too. Rough as hell in the sack though. I thought my as was ready, but I’ve got a lot to learn. It’s just. I dunno. I felt like I should have been more disgusted. Having this guy who practically oozes testosterone come along and use his hole like some woman… it should be humiliating. But ever since I thought about it that way I can’t keep it out of my head. The idea of being used. The idea of just being a hole to some hot and hairy guy. Even the idea of being mocked by these guys… it all sounds kinda appealing. The notion of taking on a more submissive, more “female” role with a man… just doesn’t sound so bad. I keep imagining being wrapped in some guy’s big powerful arms.

I don’t know what to do with these thoughts.

Day 64

During today’s session my wife and Doc decided I should sit on Doc’s lap for the duration. He also made a request. He told me I should start calling him “daddy”. I thought it was weird at first, but he explained it was a pretty normal thing to call a big buff hairy guy like him. Especially in my case since I was clearly so comfortable sitting naked on his lap. So it makes sense, but I think it’s a little weird. I’ll call him daddy face to face, but here I’m just gonna keep calling him “Doc”.

[Note: records indicate the word “doc” was repeatedly switched back and forth to “daddy”. A deleted paragraph details what he describes as a strange desire to refer to “doc” as “daddy]

Day 66

After today’s session the wife and I tried something new again. I’ve been pretty open in my previous entries but for the first time I honestly feel almost too embarrassed to say. But I have to mrite these for Doc.

Okay, so… I kissed her on the cheek.

It’s not that I was sliding my tongue down her throat or anything! Just a quick little peck. Still though, trying new things can be hard sometimes. Oh, but I guess besides that I did meet up with some guys and rim each of their hot hairy asses one at a time. Then one of them came on my feet before putting my socks back on which was incredibly relaxing. It’s nice to do some stuff I’m more comfortable with with some friendly guys to wind down after dealing with the wife’s weird experiments.

Day 69

Another experiment with the wife. Today we hugged each other. Afterwards I went to meet up with Doc. I should have known with the whole “daddy” thing but the man is super into treating me like I’m his son, which he explained to me is perfectly normal. Today he had me and another guy roleplay one of his favourites: he was teaching us the “birds and the bees”. Today “dad” taught me and the other guy how to suck each other’s dicks at the same time. I really shouldn’t joke. Daddy’s lessons are pretty helpful. They definitely don’t teach you how to be someone’s sexual plaything in sex ed at school, which I was starting to find weird since it was the natural role fo hairy manly guys like me or Doc’s other friends to be toys for guys like Doc. Without people like him, guys like me would never realize our hair back doors were meant to be stuffed. Or that our mouthes were meant to swallow hairy dicks. Or or tongues to lick hairy pecs. Really just if a guy was hot and hairy it was only natural to service other hot and hairy guys. I guess you could say I have a “type”.

Day 73

Today the wife and I took things even further. Today we’ll be watching a movie together. I’m pulling for “Brokeback Mountain”. I don’t know what it’s about, but the guys on the thumbnail remind me of some of the guys I hook up with. Which actually reminds me, I just got back from visiting with this other guy. Remember the guy I said reminded me of a cowboy? Him. Turns out he’s actually way into that stuff. He got me to act like a horse and then “rode” me all around. He said “yeehaw” and everything. He told me if I was a good horsie he’d let me taste his carrot, so I did my best, neighing and whinnying and galloping around. I was a good horsie and got my reward. Normally I’d like to do something normal and relaxing like that AFTER a weird experiment like watching a movie with the woman I love but, I shit you not, he had an honest to god RODEO to get to. I’m not kidding.

Day 123

Today marks the last day of hypnotherapy, though I’ll be seeing daddy a lot more in the future I think. I have to say, it was a complete success. Admittedly we don’t get it on as much as we used to, I usually just do regular stuff like hook up with guys, and she doesn’t really do anything sexual these days, but sometimes we’ll mix things up with something really kinky, like making eye contact. Anyways, I’m have to head off. Daddy organized a big send off for my final day. It’s going to be hard work, 24 hours at this bar he own, where need to get as many guys off as I can. I have to admit, while it’s nice the wife and I learnt to experiment a little in our sex life, it’s nice to do something normal every now and then, like get gangbanged by a bunch of anonymous guys at a bar. Anyways, goodbye, this will be my last entry.

[Legible entries end here. The majority of the pages are unreadable as they are soaked in cum]

(Hey guys as usually leave a comment I like knowing I’m reaching people)

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