By crayle published April 23, 2018

Batman must escape from the Joker’s trap – in a Gay Sauna!


The time: 9PM on a summer night The place: Gotham Fur Storage Warehouse

“Hold it, Joker, I’ve got you now.”

Bat man laid a steely hand on the Joker’s gaudy shoulder and spun him around.

“Oh no-o-o-o!” Joker squeaked in mock alarm as his men kept removing the expensive coats from their racks “It’s Batman, boys! What will we do??”

Suddenly the flower in Joker’s lapel spritzed a lavender-scented lotion in Batman’s face. The costumed crimefighter blinked in surprise.

Batman’s first instinct was to deck his arch-foe and tackle his myrmidons. But suddenly a voice in his head seemed to whisper, No telling what was in that! I better get out of here before it takes effect!

Instantly, Batman spun around, vaulted to the door and outside to the waiting Batmobile. For just an instant, he asked himself why he was fleeing so shamefully, and burned with embarrassment. But then the voice said, Got to get out of here now before that spray has some awful effect!

But as he drove quickly away from the scene of the crime, the voice came again to his brain: Wait a minute: What if there are nanobots with tracking devices in that spray! Joker could learn the location of the Bat Cave!

“No,” He said to himself, “I can’t go back there like this. But how….?”

Suddenly a plan occurred to him. Quickly, Batman parked the Batmobile, scaled a nearby building and swung across the rooftops to the roof of an all-night gym and sauna called “The Meating Place.”

No one will look for you here. The voice said, But you can’t go in there wearing your crimefighter costume!

As if of its own volition, the plan continued to take shape. Batman stripped off his costume right down to the skin and tossed it into a corner.

“Now,” he smiled, “All I have to do is sneak into the showers and wash this off, and then I’ll be safe!”

Totally naked, the un-caped crimefighter opened the door and tip-toed barefoot down the stairs. For just a moment he felt frightened and disoriented and terribly vulnerable like this, but then the voice said The showers are on this floor, and he felt comforted again.

Timidly, he cracked open the door and peeked out. The coast was clear, but at the far end of the hallway was a big glass door leading out to the street. Anyone passing by could look in and see him naked! Feeling terribly embarrassed, he snuck down the hall to the locker room, where at least his nudity might not be noticed.

Sure enough, the locker room seemed filled with naked men. Tall, muscular, their massive physiques towering over even Batman’s well-toned body. A couple of them smiled down at him and a few even sneered as he snatched some toiletries from a shelf and scampered into the showers.

Don’t they all look so big and manly? The voice asked, And so sexy!

Suddenly Batman noticed he was erect! These guys were turning him on! He blushed furiously and grabbed a bottle marked ASTRINGENT. This will hide your shameful state, the voice whispered.

He rubbed his crotch furiously, ignoring the male snickers echoing around the showers. His manly parts tingled, then began shrinking. It’s working! The whisper continued, Use some more!

Soon his 3-piece set was no bigger than a child’s, and the guys around him were laughing outright. Batman snuck glances at them, secretly eying their massive tools and trying not to admit his mouth was watering at the sight. He felt a terrible yearning to kiss and suck just one of the formidable cocks around him!

Do something to take your mind off it! the voice hissed. Quickly, Batman picked up a bottle of DEPILATORY and began working it vigorously into his skin, showering and re-applying till his body was smooth as a baby’s. Then he followed this with lavender-scented oil, soothing and softening his pale pink flesh.

And if the guys in the shower were laughing before, now they were positively howling! As Batman tried to leave the room, they blocked his way, snapping towels at his smooth, round bottom and guffawing as he squeaked “EEEK!” and scampered daintily about.

As his toes touched the wet tiles, his feet went out from under him, and suddenly he was sliding across the floor on his knees, face up – straight into the crotch of a towering black man!

“What’s a matter, Sweet Cheeks? You hungry?”

YES! the voice whispered, You have to have it!

Suddenly Batman found himself kissing and licking the huge black tool before him, eagerly, as if it were the most desirable thing he had ever seen! He opened his jaws wide, wider, desperately trying to accommodate it. All around him, male laughter and cat-calls echoed in his ears till they burned with shame,

“Go for it, Pansy!”

“Eat that sweet meat!”

“Shake that money-maker!”

The naked nemesis of evil burned with shame—but he couldn’t make himself stop! Obediently, he wiggled his bare butt and stretched his jaws even wider, instinctively relaxing his throat to take in more of the massive black shaft. Strong fingers grasped his ears, twisting and manipulating his whole head, pumping fast, faster… And then his mouth was filled with warm, gushing cum, and it seemed he couldn’t get enough!

Finally the hands released him, and he slumped back, exhausted.

“Once you taste Black, you never go back!” The smiling giant chucked him playfully under the chin. “Now get your pansy ass out of here!”

Blushing, bewildered by what had just happened, Batman tried to rise, slipped again, and ended up crawling out of the showers through a forest of hairy, muscular legs. Once back in the locker room, he wondered for a second, then Locker 69! the voice instructed, and he went obediently to the locker indicated and began dialing a combination he somehow knew.

Inside was a long, luxurious full-length sable coat, high heels, cosmetics… and a tiny Hardsteel cock-lock!

Somehow Batman knew he must put everything on. First the heels, then the confining chastity device, then the makeup…. With a skill that surprised him, Batman applied nail polish, lipstick, rouge and eye shadow, till his face looked soft and demure. He combed and moussed his hair into bouffant curls…

“No one will recognize me now!” He slipped into the fur coat and luxuriated in the feel of the satin lining against his smooth chest and bottom. His teeny-peenie strained inside its metal prison as she swished out of the locker room, down the hallway, then out the door onto the street, heels clacking on the sidewalk.

“Now I can get back to Wayne Manor and forget this awful…” He started to say to himself. But just then He saw a tall, muscular, bat-caped man standing on the corner—grinning widely at him!

“Hi there, Bat-Cheeks!” The caped figure raised his cowl to reveal the clownish countenance beneath.

“Joker!” Suddenly Batman’s mind cleared. The whispering voice went away and he realized…

“You did this to me!” His voice seemed soft and effeminate as his long-lashed eyes looked down at his womanly near-nude body. “What else have you done?”

“I’ve taken your identity… and more!” The Joker sneered, “I’m now the costumed crimefighter, playing both sides of the street. And I’m running Wayne Enterprises!”

“But how—“

“You don’t think you were really in there just for a few hours, do you?” Joker bragged, “That spray distorted your sense of time, as well as your sexual orientation. And over the last several days, I’ve been steadily stripping you of everything you own: your wealth, your identity…” His hand snaked inside Batman’s coat and playfully flipped the cock-lock. “I even control your sex-life! The only things you own now are that coat and high heels!”

“I won’t let you do this!” Batman’s voice raised a full octave and he stamped a high-heeled foot. “I’ll stop you! I’ll… I’ll….”

“You’ll give me a kiss!”

Suddenly Batman felt himself melt into Joker’s strong arms, felt his red lips pressed against the Joker’s as a tongue invaded his mouth. His nipples hardened and his captive cock strained agonizingly in its prison as he responded to the manly embrace. To make things worse, he teased the hapless hero’s nipples till his victim felt weak in the knees and clung to him for support.

“Hee-heeeee!” The Joker’s laugh was like a triumphant bugle call as he released the changed champion and looked him up and down.

“Let’s see now…” he mused gleefully. “Out on the street like that, you’re obviously a hooker. And that coat looks like stolen property. So I guess I’ll turn you in for soliciting and possession of contraband—should get you about five years as a bitch behind bars!”

Batman quailed in terror at the thought. But just then he heard someone say, “The lady’s with me, Batman.” And felt himself embraced by a pair of big strong arms!

“Just couldn’t stay away from me, could you, Pansy?” It was the massive black man from the shower scene, and he put a powerful arm over Batman’s soft shoulders and drew him close. “You can just call me SIR, Baby!”

Batman looked around for the Joker, but his old nemesis had gone, leaving him alone with his new Master. For just a split-second, he wanted to resist, to fight somehow….

But instead he felt himself tingle—unwillingly, but intensely!

“What-what will you have me do…. Sir?” He asked meekly, shivering in his scanty, effeminate attire.

“We’re going back to my place for a while,” The Master gestured and a long black limo swooshed up beside them. “I’m gonna teach you some tricks, and see how fast you learn—and how willingly!

“If you please me, I’ll keep you around. Hell, it might even be a kick to marry you! Imagine, me, having Batman for a sweet submissive wife! Or if you don’t like that, I got some friends who can put you to work on the street, specializing in taking Black Cock!”

Batman felt his knees weaken as his new Master swept him into the car.

“Like I said: Once you taste Black, you never go back!”

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