The One With The Flip Flops

By Seamus
published July 19, 2013

Jake puts on a pair of flip flops after discovering that his own shoes have been stolen.

Jake had spent the morning by the pool at his apartment complex. He had had Friday off and decided to work on his tan a little bit and stay cool. Since most people were at work, he hadn’t seen anybody else. That’s why he was so shocked when he got out of the pool and discovered that his shoes had been stolen. His t-shirt and towel were still draped over the lounge chair, but the beat up old tennis shoes he had worn to the pool were gone. He looked around but saw nobody. The sun was already strong, so the pavement was blisteringly hot; the walk back to the apartment was going to be unpleasant. He grabbed his t-shirt and towel and took one last peak under the lounge chair to see if his shoes had somehow slid underneath. They hadn’t, but there was a pair of flip-flops that he would have sworn hadn’t been there a minute before. He fished them out from under the chair and slid his feet into them. They were at least four inches longer than his feet. He felt like a kid playing with some grownup’s clothes. At least they’ll keep me from blistering my feet on the way back to the apartment, he thought.

After walking a few steps toward home, his feet started to have a funny aching feeling. He didn’t think much of it, but walked a little slower than usual. As he reached his door, he saw his neighbor Chad. “Hey, man. You out of work already?” he asked.

“Yeah. You too?”

“I had the day off. The schedule was slow, so I volunteered to take a long weekend.”

“Nice. Want to come in for a brew?”

Jake and Chad hung out from time to time, so the invitation wasn’t out of left field.

“Um… sure. Let me just drop my towel and get out of these gigantic flip-flops…”

“Don’t worry about it. You can always drop your stuff back home later, and I expect any shoes you wear would be as big as those flip-flops. They look like they fit just fine.”

“Dude, I’m a size eleven. These have got to be a…” he broke off as he looked down at his feet. When he had put them on, his feet had been way too small for them. Now it looked as though his feet had grown during his walk because they filled the flip-flops entirely. They looked enormous. This can’t be happening, he thought. I must have been out in the sun too long.

“How about that beer?” Chad extended the invitation again.

“Uh, yeah. Sure.” Jake sounded a bit troubled. As he walked through the door into Chad’s apartment, his feet and toes started to itch a little bit. Great, he thought. I’m probably catching something nasty from these things. Chad was in the kitchen pulling two beers out of the fridge.

“Where can I drop these things?” Jake asked. He was starting to feel strange and he wanted these things off of his feet so that maybe he could start feeling normal. Of course his feet hadn’t grown.

“Why don’t you just relax? Here, have a drink and you’ll feel better,” Chad said pressing a cold bottle of Bud into Jake’s hand. He put his hand on the back of Jake’s shoulder and led him inside toward the living room. “You look fine. Maybe you had too much sun. I’ll bet you’ll feel better after you sit down for a bit.”

Jake took a big gulp of beer and sat down on the couch. He felt somewhat confused and his feet were itchy. He was starting to feel turned on too, and that made no sense at all. Jake began to flush with embarrassment as he felt his cock stiffening in his swim trunks. There was no way Chad wouldn’t notice. “My feet…” Jake said weakly, wanting to try to keep Chad from noticing his hardon and thinking that he was a queer. He wasn’t a homo. Didn’t he have a girlfriend? Somehow we wasn’t so sure. Why was he getting all worked up in Chad’s apartment?

“Here, put your feet up on the coffee table,” Chad said.

Jake lifted his massive feet onto the table- Christ, they had to be like a size 15 or 16! As he did so, he caught a glimpse of them and was shocked to see that the tops of his feet had grown a covering of dark hair and his toes even had little tufts of hair on them.

“I think you can take these off now. Let me rub those for you,” Chad said as he pulled the flip-flops off of Jakes big, hairy feet. He began to massage them with his hands and Jake felt pleasure surge from his feet, up his legs, fueling the throbbing in his crotch.

Jake moaned in pleasure as Chad began to rub both of his feet.

“What are you doing to me?” Jake asked weekly.

“Just relax and enjoy this. Your shorts tell me you want this as much as I do,” Chad said as he leaned toward Jake’s feet and began to lick one of Jake’s long, furry toes.

Jake tried to shake Chad off, but only managed to press his long feet into Chad’s face.

Chad moaned and began to lick the soles of Jake’s feet as he started to rub at the bulge in his own crotch. He reached back up to Jake’s feet to press them into his face. He pulled them down to his mouth so he could suck on the toes and get off on the feeling of the slightly damp soles of Jake’s feet pressed into his face. He opened his mouth and sucked on Jake’s big toe while Jake moaned in pleasure.

The sensation of his bud kneeling in front of him sucking on his enormous, hairy feet was unbelievably hot; Jake didn’t know what was going on, but he didn’t want that sensation to stop. As he watched Chad taking each of his toes into his mouth, it seemed like the patches of hair on his feet were growing, stretching up his legs. He felt an itching sensation as the light coating of hair he had had on his calves became thicker and fuzzier. The hair climbed up his thighs and into his swim trunks where he could feel the same itching sensation as it moved up his crotch and ass.

“Let’s get those off and get a look at you now,” Chad said. He reached up and tugged at the waistband of Jake’s trunks. Jake lifted his hips, and the suit slid down his furry legs. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He had just trimmed his pubic hair this morning, but it was all back now. Actually, there was even more than Jake had ever had before- it looked like his bush had grown an inch or two higher toward his waist. It was ridiculously thick too, hiding his full balls. His curved cock was so rigid that it pressed itself up against his abs The swollen head of his cock leaked precum into the thick treasure trail that was filling in as the itching sensation faded away.

“What’s going on? How did you…”

Chad moved closer to Jake’s crotch. “You’ve already got a good sized dick, so we’ll leave it as it is. Let’s see what we can do about these though,” Chad said as he buried his face in Jake’s thick, new bush and began to tongue his balls. Jake could feel them becoming fuller, heavier. He couldn’t see what was happening, but somehow he knew that they were growing.

“Now let’s make them hang down lower so they aren’t covered by all that beautiful hair. If they hang down as low as your dick is long…” Chad trailed off as he took one of Jake’s balls into his mouth. Jake felt a strange tugging sensation as his scrotum began to stretch. Chad gently dropped the one ball and moved on to the other. The tugging sensation came again, and when Chad let go of his second ball, Jake could feel his heavy nutsack resting on the sofa.

“Now you’re ready,” Chad said standing up. He unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor, revealing his own thick blonde bush. His hard little cock pointed straight out from it, dripping precum.

Jake stood up, his low hanging scrotum filling him with new sensations. He looked down to see that his sack hung down about nine inches between his legs, and his balls looked like two jumbo eggs. He stepped forward until his dick was pressed into Chad’s blonde bush. He didn’t feel confused anymore, just horny as hell. Chad grabbed Jake’s cock and rubbed it against his own smaller scrotum. Still holding Jake’s stiff nine inches, Chad led him away from the sofa. “Lie down on the floor,” Chad directed.

Jake stretched out on the floor, his big hard cock pointing straight up toward his chin. Chad produced a small bottle of lube from the pants he had discarded and began to oil up Jake’s dick before straddling it. With one hand, he rubbed the head of his friend’s dick against his butt hole. Jake’s hardon was practically screaming, all he could think about was how badly he needed to cum. He twitched his hips upward and the head of his dick sunk into Chad’s ass. Chad flashed a triumphant grin and sunk down until his balls were resting in Jake’s full bush. Jake began to buck his hips up and down, and Chad met his thrusts, jerking his blonde dick. The sensation of Jake’s big dick pounding into his ass was amazing, and Chad came first, spraying Jake’s chest with hot cum. The orgasm made Chad’s ass clench tightly against Jake’s dick, and the spasms sent Jake over the edge. With a roar, he shot what felt like a quart of cum into Chad’s hole. Chad stayed in position, savoring the feeling of Jake’s dick inside of him.

“Did you like my present?” Chad asked nodding mischievously toward the flip flops which were on the floor by Jake’s head.

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