Part 1

By Sir Skinny published April 20, 2018
A self-centered jock becomes the center of attention at the gym

Part 1

I am a daily gym goer. I never skip a day. That’s not to say I’m some sort of bodybuilder. On the contrary, I’m one of the smallest guys there. The reason I go to the gym so frequently is the view.

As a chemistry professor at the university, I get a free membership to the campus gym. There are many college students (grad and undergrad) that use the facilities, but there are also faculty members and people from around the community that use this particular gym, so there is a good mix of people in the building at all times. My targets, however, are the younger muscleboys.

Anyone in the range of 18-30 years old is fair game for me. My routine usually consists of slowly changing in the locker room (to take in the view for as long as possible), going upstairs to the smoothie bar (to kill some time and avoid loitering complaints from management), going onto the machine floor to use whichever elliptical is located behind the guy with the best ass that day, stretching out in the free weight room, using tiny dumbbells in there while I ogle at some hotties, returning to the locker room, soaking in the steam room and sauna, changing, and going home. Sometimes when I’m feeling extra cavalier, I’ll grab one of my sexy students in the weight room and offer my services in spotting them as they pump their iron.

On most days, I have an overall good time at the gym. Plus, I get to store some mental images for my spank bank. However, my days get ruined when I see hack at the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, Jack is a beautiful specimen. Actually he’s one of the sexiest guys at the gym. Weighing in at approximately 200 lbs, this 5’10" hunk’s body overflows with muscle. His enormous pecs burst out of his flimsy tank tops crying for attention. His oversized chest is topped off with beautiful, delicate, quarter-sized nipples that beg (in my mind) for my attention. His giant stature tapers down to a tiny 29" waist, creating a sexy v-shape outline. This only draws more attention to his massive arms and shoulders. Below his waist sits an incredibly large, sculpted bubble butt, always wrapped in tiny running shorts that hug his rear perfectly. Watching the muscle hunk work out leaves me speechless. There is one annoying drawback to Jack’s perfect body. He clearly uses steroids.

The evidence for his steroid use is not only found in his tiny bulge (not an issue for me) but also in his roid rage. Jack dominates whatever area of the gym he inhabits. If you are on the machine he wants, you had better get off if you know what’s good for you. If you are at the drinking fountain and Jack gets thirsty, you better run! This bully gets what he wants one way or another.

Jack’s bullying ways didn’t affect me until it came to my post workout time in the locker room. If Jack wanted to use the steam room or sauna after his workout, he made everyone else leave each respective facility. Jack would come downstairs, strip off his workout gear, throw it on the ground, and barge into the steam room, yelling “get out of here you dirty old fags, it’s Jack’s time!” More often than not, the men that were forced to evacuate were old enough to be Jack’s father, if not, grandfather. The punk would then enjoy his soak, leaving everyone else (including me) to wait until he finished.

After about the tenth time of this happening, I got fed up. Something had to be done about this insolent musclebrat. I got to thinking and came up with a solution.

Every day for two weeks, I came into the gym at a different time, prepared with my materials in case Jack was there. Finally, our schedules matched up, and I saw him in the weight room. Upon seeing him, I dashed to the supply closet to throw on a pair of the maintenance crew’s coveralls. Once disguised, I went down to the maintenance room for the steam room and sauna. Setting up my chemicals, I kept the door open to listen for Jack, in case he came too early. Just as I set everything out, I heard the locker room door burst open with a bang, followed by Jack’s voice yelling “WHAT’S UP BITCHES?!” I had to act quick, since he was about to enter the steam room. I quickly dumped my special compound into the pipe leading to the steam room just in time for Jack to bark his orders to the other gym patrons.

Smiling to myself that I had timed out my plan perfectly, I changed out of the maintenance clothes, went back into the locker room and prepared for stage 2. As I changed, the disoriented older patrons who had been using the steam room, looked on at the steam room door as blue gas filled up the space and seeped through the cracks in the door. After 15 minutes, Jack emerged, muscles glistening with steam and sweat.

With a smile on his face, the butt naked hunk headed for the sauna. As he entered, the patrons began to gather their towels and exit the sauna.

“No, you guys go ahead and sit down!” Jack cheerily offered. “take a seat!” Confused but unwilling to disobey the bully, the older gentleman sat back down. It was then that I decided to join in the sauna fun. “Sure! The more, the merrier!” exclaimed Jack.

For the next five minutes, Jack not only engaged in but led a friendly conversation with the astonished older men. It was after this time that I felt comfortable enough to make my move.

“Jack, is it? Would you care for a shoulder massage? You look like you had an intense workout today,” I offered. The others’ eyes bulged out of their heads at my offer.

“That sounds lovely, professor,” Jack said.

The massive muscleboy piveted, offering his back to me so I could work over his shoulders. As I massaged the beast, he let out some moans and some “oh yeah’s” and “that’s the spot’s”. Meanwhile the others looked on aghast at the spectacle. Smirking at them, I decided to be bolder. I swung my leg around the muscleboy’s body, positioning him between my legs. Scooting closer to him, I pressed my groin up to his naked, seated bubble. Running my hands past his shoulders, I began to grope and massage his biceps and triceps. Once I reached the base of his arms I made sure to extend my pinky fingers out just enough to briefly caress his nipples.

That must have put the muscle boy over the edge, since he moaned out an “oh God!” At this point, I looked over at the three other men in the room, and all of them were hard and not-so-discreetly rubbing their members under their towels. Abandoning all pretenses of a massage, I dove into groping his pecs and playing with his nipples. This caused the moaning Jack to involuntarily kick out this leg.

With quick reflexes, the oldest of the three other men–probably 65 with a gut and plenty of wrinkles– grabbed the jock’s foot before it could fall. He leaned over and delicately began sucking at Jack’s toes. The other men began openly masturbating at the sight of this.

Meanwhile, as I toyed with Jack’s chest, I got hornier and more domineering. “you like that son? Yeah? You like it when we control your body? You like when we play with you and make you our toy?” All that the muscleboy could do was moan. I kissed down his neck and played with his ears with my tongue before deciding to switch it up.

“Who here likes to eat ass?” I asked the others.

“I’ll do it!” said the bearded man in his mid 40s with enthusiasm. With that I stood Jack up and walked him over to the bearded man, keeping him standing as I had him bend over slightly to part his two perfect globes. The bearded man looked on lovingly at the nearly hairless hole sandwiched between the muscular cheeks before diving in. He began feasting on the jock hole, diving his tongue in to explore the cavity between French kissing the pucker.

“You, how about you work over his nips,” I ordered the 65 year old who had been servicing Jack’s feet. His height would be perfect for orally stimulating Jack’s muscle tits. The old man quickly got to work.

“Do you want to service his boy cock?” I asked the remaining man, in his 50s with a Tom Selleck mustache and a paunch.

“Sure! It’s more like a clit though!” said the man, referring to both the boy’s submissive nature and the size of his member. Once the third man began working on the tiny cock, flicking his tongue over the head and easily deep throating it, I marched back over to Jack.

Grabbing his face, I startled the moaning boy into looking directly into my eyes. “you like this, don’t you boy?” He moaned agreeingly in response. With a slap to his face I barked, “the correct response is ‘Yes Sir.’”

“Yes Sir!” replied Jack fearfully.

“Good boy,” I praised, grabbing the back of his head and pulling him in for a kiss. I shoved my tongue in his mouth and explored the orifice, letting him know who’s boss. This was followed by me pulling back and spitting directly into the stunned boy’s gaping mouth.

“I wanna cum!” cried Jack.

“Sorry?” I feigned incomprehension.

“I want to cum, Sir! Please?”

“Fine fine. Get off the boy!” I snapped at the others. They obeyed me, surprisingly enough. I laid Jack down on the sauna bench, spreading his legs. I placed the 65 year old back on foot duty. I instructed the 50-something year old to finger the boy. The bearded man was now responsible for nipple stimulation. Finally I went back to Jack’s face, now laying down and looking up at me. The bodybuilder began jerking off his tiny dick.

“You like this, don’t you boy? Are you going to cum soon?”

“Yes Sir!” moaned Jack.

“You thought you were the alpha male of the gym, didn’t you? But look who’s the real faggot now!” I yelled, spitting in his open moaning mouth. With that I stood up and began jerking my cock a foot or so above his face. After a few minutes, Jack got close to cumming, further exciting me. At last, I was pushed over the edge. I exploded with one of the biggest orgasms of my adult life right into Jack’s mouth and across his face and chest.

This initiated a chain reaction of Jack cumming, followed by the others. As I came back to reality after my orgasm, I looked down to see that Jack had swallowed my load, while the others licked up the rest of the mess created by all of us.

Finally coming down from my high, I said to Jack, “come on, boy. I’ll give you a ride home. We can shower you off there.”

“Thank you sir,” said my new pet project. The alpha was no more.

End of part 1.

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