Broken in and Entering

By Tkhon published April 16, 2018
A burglar gets caught and decides to have some fun

“Oh shit.”

Kirk knew for sure now, someone was in his apartment. He’d heard a few bumps earlier but dismissed it, but that last one was too loud to be “nothing”. It was lucky he was even up ths late. He hadn’t even taken off his clothes yet. But now he didn’t know what to do. Should he confront the person? He figured he should at least get ready in case those footsteps he could hear clearly now ended up getting any closer. He grabbed a his gun from his hiding spot and tiptoed out his bedroom door. Sure enough, there was a burglar in the house. He wore a mask so the only detail he could make out was some messy stubble on the man’s face. He was going through one of the cabinets in Kirk’s living room, clearly he didn’t know he’d be found out. He was also clearly unarmed.

“Hey!” Kirk raised his gun. The burglar turned. Beneath his mask Kirk could see his eyes widen in surprise. He reached into his jacket pocket and for a moment Kirk was terrified that he’d made a potentially fatal misjudgement. But the burglar didn’t pull out a gun, but rather what looked like a pocket watch attached to a chain. It dangled lazily in front of him and…

Kirk was now standing in a slightly different location than he had been a second ago, but he didn’t worry about that. The burglar was still standing across from him, but he no longer seemed like a big deal for him to worry about. In fact he was so unconcerned that he decided to toss his gun onto the couch. It wasn’t loaded anyways.

“Cluck like a chicken.” The burglar said, suddenly.

Kirk felt like that was a good idea. In fact he found it really appealing. The moment a cluck escaped his lips he felt really good. He felt even better when the burglar suggested he act like a chicken. Flapping his “wings” and scratching at the ground. Sometimes he just have to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, he thought, like acting like a chicken. The burglar commented on how chickens could also be called cocks, and how reasonably that means the good feeling from acting like a cock would make Kirk’s dick hard. That was true, Kirk thought to himself as he flapped around, his pants tenting obscenely as he pecked at the ground. Acting like a cock made his cock feel good!

Kirk blinked. He wasn’t sure about this. The burglar was sitting on a chair not far from him. Normally he only stripped for chicks, but he needed money and the burglar was offering him a tonne. He gulped and began seductively walking forwards him, doing his best to look into it. He seductively raised his shirt and rubbed one of his pecs. He moaned a little for his client and let himself get a little hard in his pants. He raised his shirt over his head while sensually rubbing himself. Then came the hard part. He turned and tried to… show off his ass. He wasn’t really sure what to do so he just wiggled it a bit. He knew what girls liked in a man’s ass, but guys? That was way out of his area of expertise. Still, he glanced backwards to see the burglar was clearly enjoying himself. He had a weird grin on his face and an obvious tent in his pants. This made Kirk feel bold. Maybe he was so good he could even appeal to guys! Feeling a bit more into it now he unzipped his pants, turning slowly and seductively back towards the burglar as he dropped his pants. He rubbed his package with a grin when he suddenly had an idea. He reached around back and began massaging and spreading his butt cheeks. He got really into it and before he knew it he was bent over in front of this man rubbing himself in his underwear. Whenever he glanced back he couldn’t help but appreciate how much the burglar was enjoying watching him. He never got this kind of appreciation from women. He had been unsure at first but now he was warming up to the idea with doing this with guys more. It seemed like they could appreciate what he had going on better than a woman ever could. When the burglar suggested he remove his underwear he actually felt like that was a pretty good idea. He never went that far with women, but he wanted to do something special to commemorate his first time stripping for a guy. What better way than to show him his dick and his naked ass? And maybe then they could-

Kirk blinked. He was standing naked in his living room. Obviously that was because he was going to have a shower. Which was weird because he was actually facing away from the bathroom door, like he was doing something else a moment ago. Either way, he was just glad that those noises he’d heard had turned out to be nothing. Now even though he was pretty sure he had a shower in the morning, he just wanted to go run some water on his back. Because of the stress he reasoned. He was just starting to relax as the water rolled down his body when he heard the door open. The burglar he’d heard walked into the room with a confident smile. Something about the way he looked him Kirk made something stir inside him. This guy may be a no good thief, but damn he was attractive. As he walked toward the shower confidently Kirk realized something else. This was a huge turn on. He hadn’t thought about it before, but he’d always found the idea of being caught all vulnerable like this by a burglar to be super hot, hadn’t he? He was completely at this guy’s mercy, and he knew it. The fact that this guy was going to steal his stuff and might steal his virginity made his dick as hard as a rock. He was as straight as they come, but who could deny the appeal of being taken advantage of by a manly stranger?

Any further thoughts were interrupted when the man roughly grabbed Kirk’s wet shoulder and pulled him in for a kiss, which he didn’t resist at all. He slumped submissively into the arms of the man who was robbing him blind, unable to contain his lust. Before he knew it the burglar had his hand on the top of Kirk’s head, slowly guiding him down to his penis. He’d never so much as thought about sucking a man’s dick before, but being forced to by this raw masculine burglar was the most appealing thing in the world to him. He thought about how humiliating it would be to swallow the cum of a man who had broken into his home with the intent to take his stuff. It was too good.

Kirk rubbed himself roughly with his towel. His shower was mostly a blur, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d just done something incredibly manly. It was late in the night by now but he felt GOOD. He had a bit of a swagger as he made his way out of his bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist.

He almost hit someone on the way out. It turned out the sounds he’d heard earlier were something after all. A pathetic little thief. He looked down at the man. Not bad to look at, Kirk thought, but he couldn’t tolerate scum like that. He grabbed the burglar aggressively, knowing exactly what he would do. He shoved the man into his bedroom.

“I’m gonna fuck that sweet ass of yours, sound good?” Kirk growled. He could almost feel testosterone flooding through his body. The burglar snickered, but to Kirk this registered as fear. He roughly pushed the burglar face down onto his fed and began removing his clothes. Carefully, he didn’t want to damage this man’s clothes. Then he began to make his move. It was strange, he’d never even thought about doing something sexual with a man before, but seeing this cute yet manly guy had given him an irresistible desire to fuck men. Despite this he felt like he knew what to do, almost like someone had explained it to him. He got on his knees and licked the burglar’s big sack. He looked at his cute inviting and no doubt warm hole with a smile. In spite of himself he was warming up to the little guy (not that he was actually noticeably smaller than Kirk himself). He had a soft spot for hot troublemakers, he supposed. While playing with the man’s balls with his hand, he extended his tongue and began licking the burglar’s ass. He needed to lube it up to make the fuck more comfortable he knew. The burglar was laughing hard now, but Kirk ignored it, enjoying having this guy at his mercy.

Kirk stood back up and got into position. Slowly and steadily he mounted the burglar, and began a steady thrusting pace. The position he’d chosen didn’t exactly feel great, but he knew the burglar would love it and at some point that had become his priority. Kirk felt a huge swell of affection for the guy. He just wanted to make him feel good. Just being given the opportunity to fuck such a hot manly guy was reward enough for him. And so they continued at their lazy pace for some time. Until a new idea formed in Kirk’s head. He smiled, he’d come up with a great way to teach this boy a lesson. He exited the burglar’s hole, who seemingly expected this to happen.

“Aight boy, I’ll cut you a deal. I’ll let you keep the stuff you stole, but you’re gonna fuck my ass. Hard. Right now.” And without pausing to see if the burglar would agree, he dropped onto all fours on the floor. The burglar didn’t waste a minute, he began hammering Kirk’s ass with abandon. It hurt, but Kirk knew it was what he wanted.

Kirk was sitting in a chair in his living room. For some reason he knew he didn’t want to leave the chair no matter what. Cum was leaking from his ass. He was flushed. He remembered being hypnotized by the burglar when he had discovered him. He remembered all the bizarre and embarrassing things he made him do. His face burned a bright red with anger and embarrassment. He saw the burglar, sitting nonchalantly on his table, half hard dick laying flopped to the side. A red haze filled Kirk’s eyes. He was careful not to leave the chair, he really didn’t want to do that, but besides that he flew off the handle. He shouted obscenities at the burglar, though he was careful to not be too loud, in case the neighbours heard. He called the man a sick pervert, and a freak, and hundreds of other names. Finally exhausted Kirk stopped, panting softly.

“Really? You think all that?” the burglar said mockingly, “I think it’s a good thing I changed you.”

Kirk found himself agreeing. It was good this burglar had changed him.

“You used to be so full of yourself, thinking people shouldn’t take your stuff if they want it. It’s way more natural to be turned on by someone stealing from you.”

Kirk again found himself agreeing. Only a jackass was so attached to their possessions that they’d be mad if someone stole them. It made way more sense to get turned on by that.

“And I got you to get over yourself and let you become a hot playmate for guys.”

Kirk smiled. He was so glad that he was out of that phase where he tried being straight. Fooling around with guys was all he really wanted.

The burglar smirked, “and uh, yeah, clucking like a chicken turns you on. You do it whenever you masturbate. And uh… you crow like a rooster whenever you cum.”

Kirk agreed with that too.

“Now help me get your stuff in my car. If you do a good job maybe I’ll steal YOU and introduce you to some of my friends.”

Kirk thought that sounded like a great idea. He unplugged his TV and helped his friend carry it down the stairs.

Kirk never saw the man who broke into his house again, but he always left his door unlocked in the hopes of being robbed again. He also began cruising for guys regularly. He became infamous in his local gay community for the “weird chicken stuff” but most were willing to overlook what they assumed was a weird kink for his expertise in the bed, and near uncanny knack for roleplay.

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