Triggers Planted

By babiedboi published April 14, 2018
Corporate executive has no idea that a trip to his company's doctor would expose him to hypnosis - soon his deepest secrets would be revealed and used against him.

“Say hello to Justin, my new assistant.” You were almost speechless. Before you stood this young, handsome man. Fine, chiseled features, smooth complexion, and strong, muscled arms! He was exquisite! Justin followed the psychologist into the therapy room, with you close behind. You couldn’t take your eyes off the way his trousers highlighted his tight, round butt, and noticed he may not even be wearing underwear. He seemed the epitome of the clean-cut, all-American athlete. You’ve been subjected to a subtle combination of mind-control technology and drug therapy over the past few sessions. The Doctor could now induce an almost trance like state where you were virtually helpless. It just seemed like you almost lost all control over your inner thoughts as you drifted through the dreamlike conversations. Soon, he was calling you “Timmy” and again demanding your inner-most secrets. Justin had taken off his suit coat, revealing a white dress shirt that emphasized his muscular torso. He sat opposite your couch, slowly adjusting his manhood inside his pants. Try as you must, you couldn’t take your eyes off him. “Are you staring at Justin’s cock, Timmy?” the Doctor asked. You fell deeper into what seemed a dream-like state, and felt compelled to answer truthfully to his questions. “yes….he has a big cock.” “You’d probably like to see his cock, like a naughty little boy, wouldn’t you, Timmy?” You nod, blushing. You felt so embarrassed by that question, but you DID want to see it! “Does that make your little ‘tinkle’ nice and hard, Timmy? Do you have a little ‘stiffie’ growing right now?” Your cheeks flushed, you slowly nodded ‘yes.’ You seemed to get even harder as the Doctor used such childish words like ‘tinkle’ and ‘stiffie’ to describe your erect penis. How could he shame you like this in front of this guy?!! “If you are a sweet and absolutely truthful little boy, maybe Justin will let you see his cock.” the Doctor laughed, and Justin brought his hands to rest on his crotch, framing the outline of his impressive ball sac. Almost painfully, you nodded. That is what you wanted to see. But you burned red to admit it! “Very well. Justin, Timmy seems to be quite interested in seeing your cock. I think he likes men’s cocks, isn’t that cute? Will you indulge this naughty little boy and show him a bit more?” He motioned Justin to stand. Justin rose from his chair. The absolute picture of a wholesome young man. He finished unzipping his pants, reaching inside and pulling out his soft cock. He smiled innocently, like it was the most natural thing in the world to do - revealing his penis for your pleasure. Your erection was quite visible as it pressed against the fabric of your trousers. “Now you want to be good, and truthful, don’t you, Timmy? If you’re not truthful I’ll have to ask Justin to put his cock inside his pants and zip back up.” “no, please, I’ll tell the truth.” “Good, now you must tell me more about your naughty little secrets. I will know if you are lying. And if you lie, you get punished, ok?” You nod obediently. “Good, now tell me, do you like men’s peepees?” “peepees??” “Yes, Timmy, peepees. That’s what little boys call their penis. “yes, I guess so.” Justin turned to face you. Looking completely innocent, he unfastened his belt, loosened his pants and let them drop to the floor. As he finished pulling his boxer briefs to his ankles he grabbed his cock again and said “What do you want to do with this peepee?” he asked, as he stroked himself to erection he waved his cock at you provocatively. “Do you want to suckle it like a baby?” How could he know??!! You fought hard to resist him!!! “no, never…” but you feel yourself becoming more and more helpless. “You are lying, Timmy. Look at Justin. Tell me the truth. You’re obviously gay, but you want more don’t you? Don’t you wish you could nurse on that huge cock? Not like a gay man giving a blowjob…but just like you were a suckling baby?” Justin smiled and waved his cock at you, teasing you. You lost your inhibitions. “yes,….i mean,… could i?” “Could you ‘what’, Timmy?” asked the Doctor. “could i nurse on his peepee?…” you whisper. “But of course you can, Timmy. But what would a big strong man like you know about nursing like a little baby? Have you ever thought about suckling like a baby, Timmy?” “yes. i read about it, but please don’t tell anyone??” “I won’t tell a soul, Timmy. You can share any and all of your little secrets with me. Since my little man knows all about suckling, I should think he’s also thought about other things from childhood, is that correct, Timmy?” Justin asked. “Have you ever tried baby formula?” “yes, but just once. i swear!” “How did it make you feel, Timmy?” asked the Doctor, smiling. “A little – in a hushed voice – naughty, and….and….like a….. tiny baby.” you whisper. The Doctor was delighted, in a very soothing and understanding voice he continued, “But of course, like a tiny baby. You would feel like a baby, what with drinking baby formula. Do you sometimes wish you could do more than that?” “no…i mean…well….no.” you stammer. “The truth, now, Timmy.” he demands. “well…yes…i mean…ok….yes, maybe just to see what it is like.” Justin continued to bring his erection closer to your face. Your eyes grew large with surprise. “Tell me, Timmy, what more would you like Justin to make you do?” the Doctor continued. “please don’t make me say.” you plead. “Oh, you must answer, Timmy! And right now!” Justin demanded. “make me dress up like a little baby.” you whisper. “Like a WIDDLE BIDDY BABY??!” Justin giggled. “Tell us more, Timmy.” You are excited, but very anxious about saying anymore. “He liked the last one, the ‘Widdle Biddy Baby’ comment, go further, Justin, we almost have him.” the Doctor commanded. “Good WIDDLE BABIES must suck their thumbs. Go on now, put your thumb in your mouth and suck for Daddy Justin.” he commanded as he moved closer to show you the tip of his cock up close. You can’t help but obey. A grown man, a powerful executive, sucking his thumb, trying to be a good little baby. You sit there in your Kenneth Cole suit, erection pushing forward, sucking your thumb like a contented baby. “Very good!” Justin smiles, “such a good widdle guy! My special, widdle baby.” he cooed in baby talk. Justin is now in control of the session. “Now tell me all about your special fantasies, your LITTLE BABY secret fantasies. Cause if you’re a good and truthful baby, I’ll MAKE YOU SUCKLE MY COCK LIKE AN INFANT!” Justin moves close to you, and presses his cock-head against your cheek. Your erection gets even stronger. Slowly Justin strokes your head with his hands and tells you what a precious little baby you are. Your erection is so strong that you realize you’ve spotted the front of your trousers! Justin knew he had you. “But little BABY BOYS don’t wear trousers, do they, Timmy?” “no……” “If you are going to nurse on this cock, you are going to have to be my LITTLE BABY. Would you do that? Would hims wike to be my widdle biddy baby boy??” “yes, yes I would….but please don’t tell anyone??” you whisper. “Do you want me to dress you all up like a little baby?” “yes…” you whimper. “What does a widdle baby wear? Tell me Timmy.” he gently commands. “a diaper,” you whisper, “a diddy and baby pants, and a baby bonnet and booties, and, and…. widdle baby cwoes.” The psychologist presses a button and begins a slide show of various baby fashions. “Tell me what you like from these pictures, Timmy. Tell Daddy Justin what makes you most excited.” The first slide showed a little toddler outfit…with Big Bird on the front of the shortalls. “Should I make you dress like that, Timmy?” asked Justin. “uh huh….” Justin nodded, and smiled. The proceeded to show you a number of slides, carefully measuring your reaction to each. You moaned with excitement at all of the pictures of clothes…but then the photos shifted to feature full grown men dressed as babies. You reacted instantly, almost shooting your load in your suit pants. You reacted most strongly to a young man dressed in only a diaper, laying on his back sucking his toe in a NURSERY. “So you not only want to dress like a baby, you want to ACT LIKE A BABY,” cooed Justin. “Tell me, if you were my little baby, would you WET YOUR DIAPER for me?” You stir, not even sub-consciously wanting to talk about this, but.. “If you won’t wet, you can’t be my widdle baby.” he pouted. “yes, Daddy Justin, i wet ….wanna be a reawwy widdle baby boy, please.” you beg. “How “widdle” a baby? 2 years old? 1 year old?” he watches your reaction. “Maybe you want to dress and act like a widdle 6 month old baby? Do you want to be a widdle infant?” You are almost shaking you are SO excited. “Ok, Timmy.” Justin smiles, stroking your erection through your trousers. I wish I could get you very wet, right now, Timmy. But I can’t send you back to work in wet pants, now, could I?” he cooed. “I want you to dream about how Daddy Justin is going to make you dress up like Daddy’s Little Baby, in a cute lil diaper…” You are sucking your thumb hard and obviously near ejaculation. “Yes, very soon my sweet lil macho male is going be Daddy Justin’s very own lil baby boy. Wearing a soft thick diaper, a cute lil baby bonnet and when he wets, Daddy Justin is going to change his lil infant son and make him dry. BUT ONLY IF YOU OBEY ME!!!” you nod, eager to please Justin. “SO, EVERYTIME YOU HEAR ME SAY THE WORD “OBEDIENTBOY” YOU WILL HAVE AN UNCONTROLLABLE URGE TO WET, JUST LIKE A REAL BABY. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” “yes, Daddy Justin.” “Any time, any place. If you hear me say “OBEDIENTBOY” you will wet yourself!” “yes, Daddy Justin.” “and when you hear the words, “WIDDLE BABY,” YOU WILL GET AN ERECTION AND HAVE THE IRRESISTIBLE URGE TO PLAY WITH YOUR TINKLE AND IMMEDIATELY CUM. REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOUR ARE OR HOW YOU ARE DRESSED!” “yes, Daddy Justin.” “and when you hear the words, “BABY TIME,” YOU WILL BEGIN TO TALK AND ACT LIKE A LITTLE BABY REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOUR ARE OR HOW YOU ARE DRESSED!” “yes, Daddy Justin.” "And your last command, Timmy, “SLEEP BABY.” When you hear me say “SLEEP BABY” you will immediately fall sound asleep. “Good,” the Doctor concluded, “let’s return him to normal. By the way, tomorrow I want you to order a complete set of costumes, all of those that excited him: and loads of diapers and babyish accessories!” “It is time to end the session. You understand he is a real bastard, and that he will most certainly move to dominate you – perhaps in a most cruel way if he suspects you’re gay. Are you certain you are strong enough to go through with this until we arrange for the role reversal?” the Doctor questioned. Justin nodded. “It won’t be easy, but I can put up with it for a week or two. Just until we arrange the reversal. Anyway, if I find he’s becoming too cocky, you’ve given me “OBEDIENTBOY,” “WIDDLE BABY,” “BABY TIME” and “SLEEP BABY” to distract him.” he chuckled. Justin nodded, then spoke directly to you, “Ok Timmy, it is time to come back to the real world. When you wake up you will feel relaxed and ready to go back to work. You will only have some very vague and dreamlike impressions of what went on here. But you will have an overpowering urge to seduce and dominate me. Do you understand?” You nod your head. In a few minutes you seem to awake from a light sleep. Aggravated over dosing off with these two slackers (that’s what you thought of the Doctor and Justin), you ask, “Well, did you learn anything interesting today?” Your voice laced with sarcasm. Justin had dressed before waking you and is once again the studious young man. The Doctor responds to your curt question. “A very productive session. I expect you will learn to value Justin’s expertise in his position as your new assistant.” “What!! Now see here,” you explode, “I will not have this adolescent as my new assistant! Just who in the hell do you people think you are?!!!” you rage, the epitome of the aggressive, male executive. Standing, you begin to storm out the door. After you leave, the guys smile… Your training begins in full tomorrow!

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