By Hypnothrill published April 14, 2018
Twink J173 belongs to a very special club. And it's recruiting new members...

{Note: I started writing this story right after my last trip to London, when I stayed at a hostel literally a block down the street from the Sweatbox gay sauna. It ended up longer than I intended, so I’m going to split it into two installments.}

Twink J173 was excited when he suddenly learned he was being sent on a recruitment trip tonight. He hadn’t been on a recruitment trip in…

Well, really he didn’t know how long. The days all blurred together so much now, he found it hard to keep track of time. But that didn’t really matter. The only things that really mattered were Performing His Duties and Pleasing His Superiors.

The hostel was only a short walk away. J173 checked in just after midnight, giving the name They had told him to use, then handing the receptionist the ID card They had lent him. The receptionist squinted at it for a long time, trying to see the resemblance between the young university student in the photo—with his chubby cheeks and his unruly mop of brown hair—and the boy standing before him with the angular cheekbones and short peroxide blonde hair. Then he handed back the ID and said, “Thank you, Johnny. You’ll be staying in Room 27, Bed 4. Here’s your keycard. Check out is at 11:00 am.”

J173 smiled and had to suppress a laugh when he heard the name “Johnny.” It was such a silly name. He knew a “Johnny” once. Looked a lot like him, actually. Only brown haired and a little heavier. He was a bit boring, really, that Johnny. They didn’t have much in common, actually. Johnny didn’t like gyms or saunas or darkrooms or sucking random men’s cocks or letting random men fuck his tight young ass. All in all, J173 didn’t really mind that they hadn’t kept in touch.

J173 went up to his room and opened the door. His three roommates were already lying in bed, playing with their phones or watching videos on their tablets. He quickly scanned the room, his eyes focusing on the two suitable targets—the two men in their early 20s in the bottom bunks. One was a tall dark-haired man with a swimmer’s build and a smooth chest. The other was shorter, but more muscular, with dirty blond hair, a bit of scruff on his chin, and a light dusting of hair on his chest. J173 could deal with the other man in the room—the portly bearded man in his early 40s who had his headphones on, watching a video on his tablet—in due time.

“Hiya!” J173 said to the lads in the bottom bunks, flashing them a bright smile. A friendly attitude was very important when you were on a recruitment trip. “You alright, lads? I’m J…” he had to stop himself from blurting out his real name, “I mean, I’m Johnny.”

“Hi Johnny,” said the scruffy blond, looking up from his phone, “I’m Tommy, and this is my buddy Mike.” He pointed at the dark haired man in the adjacent bunk, who briefly glanced up from his phone, grunted out an acknowledgment, and then went back to his phone.


“Uh, yeah,” Tommy nodded, “We’re frat brothers back in Ohio. Just visiting London on spring break.”

“Oh, it’s spring already?” J173 asked with genuine surprise in his voice.

“Uh, yeah,” replied Tommy, not quite sure if he understood the question, “Uh, I mean, I guess technically spring doesn’t start until next week, with the solstice or equinox or whatever, but our school always does spring break second week in March.”

“So have you lads been enjoying London so far?”

“Uh, yeah. We just got in this morning, so we’re still pretty jet lagged. But we saw Big Ben and Westminister Abbey and all that today. And then we met these two Australian girls who are staying here too, and we’re thinking about all going out on a pub crawl tomorrow night.”

Going out drinking. Hooking up with girls. J173 could vaguely remember Johnny liking all of that. He couldn’t understand why, really. As a Twink, J173 knew that he was made for pleasing men, that his tight ass was made for taking men’s big cocks. Not for girls. Somehow he was sure that Tommy and Mike would soon come around to his way of thinking.

“Maybe I can show you some cool places to go,” J173 replied, laying his rucksack on the empty top bunk, kicking off his shoes, and pulling off his tight white T-shirt.

“Oh, you know London really well?”

“Well, let’s just say I belong to some exclusive clubs,” J173 winked, then unbuttoned the fly of his skinny jeans, pulling them down to reveal he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His long dangling dick and neatly trimmed crotch were now inches from Tommy’s face. The blond fratboy quickly looked away, embarrassed.

“That’s cool. Well, listen…um…Johnny, I think Mike and I are about ready to turn in,” Tommy said, reaching to turn off the bedside light so he could avoid seeing Johnny’s naked body. “Maybe we’ll see you in the morning.”

“Oh, you can guarantee it!” J173 said brightly. “I’m about to head to bed myself. Just need to prepare a few things first.” As he spoke, he grabbed a razor and a bottle of aftershave from his rucksack, then headed over to the sink in the corner of the small dorm room. Before long, the musky smell of his aftershave began to fill the room. It was really quite strong, Tommy thought. So strong, it went right to your head. He was starting to feel a little drow….

Soon, all three of the other men in the room were sound asleep. J173 was pleased. Now he could begin his real work.

He’d start by taking care of the older man in the top bunk. He still had his headphones in. Good. That made things easier. J173 reached into his rucksack and pulled out an iPod mini, then unplugged the headphones from the man’s tablet, plugged them into his iPod, and pressed play. Good. The older man would now receive the preliminary Bull training as he slept.

J173 had a different training in mind for the two younger men. He pulled a phone out of his rucksack and connected it to a pair of mini speakers, which he set on the floor, between Tommy and Mike’s beds. Then he pressed play, and a series of barely audible ultrasonic and subsonic pulses began to emit from the speakers. Satisfied that his roommates were now well on the path to their new lives, J173 then crawled into bed and curled up in contented sleep.

As dawn broke, J173 opened his eyes. As he expected, all three of the other men in the room were still sleeping soundly, and he could still hear the subliminal audio pulses coming from the speakers on the floor. Now it was time to test how well the preliminary training had worked. Still naked, he climbed out of bed, stopped the audio track, and pressed a few more buttons on his phone.

Suddenly, a high-pitched voice with the cadence of a cuckoo clock chimed out of the speakers, “Wake Up Twink! Wake Up Twink! Wake Up Twink!”

The effect on Tommy and Mike was instantaneous. Suddenly, their eyes popped open and they began to stir from a deep sleep.

“Oh man…” Tommy yawned, “What time is it?”

“Didn’t you hear?” J173 grinned brightly at him, “It’s time to Wake Up Twink! It’s time for twinks like us to be out of bed and on our feet!”

Without a second thought, Tommy pulled back the covers and was on his feet, standing in the cramped dorm room just inches away from the strange naked British boy he’d only just met. Somehow though, Johnny’s nudity didn’t bother him so much any more. Almost like it was normal for boys like Johnny to be naked. Almost like it was normal for boys like them to be naked. For boys like him to be naked…

Feeling confused, he looked over to Mike, who was just now crawling out of bed. It looked like there was a big tent in Mike’s sweatpants. Tommy looked down and suddenly noticed that his boxer briefs were similarly distended. He blushed in embarrassment and covered his crotch with his hands.

“No need to be shy, Tommy,” J173 smiled, “It’s just us lads here. In England, we call this ‘morning glory.’ We lads need to be proud of our ‘morning glory,’ don’t you think, Tommy?” J173 asked, lazily fingering his own half-hard dangling dick as he spoke.

“Yeah…proud…” mumbled Tommy, somehow not able to look away from the English lad’s growing boner. His hands fell limply to his sides, once again revealing the hard lump in his briefs.

“You too, Mike. Don’t be shy. Stand up and show off your morning glory. Twinks like us need to show off our bodies, don’t we?”

“T…Twinks?” Mike asked, standing up oblivious to the erection currently tenting his grey sweatpants. “What does ‘Twinks’ mean?” (And why, he fleetingly wondered, did just saying the word sent a pleasurable tingle down the length of his dick?)

“Silly! We’re all twinks, aren’t we? Twinks are sexy young lads like us, aren’t they? Say it with me: ‘I’m a sexy twink.’”

“I’m a sexy twink,” repeated Tommy, a dazed smile crossing his face as his already-hard dick twitched in response to those words.

“I…I…” Mike hesitated. It sounded so strange, so ridiculous, but somehow he knew those words were true, he couldn’t deny them, he had to admit that… “I’m a sexy twink!” He let out a little gasp of pleasure as the words crossed his lips.

“Say it again: ‘I’m a sexy twink!’”

“I’m a sexy twink!” Tommy and Mike repeated in unison, dazed smiles on their faces and small wet spots forming at the tips of their tented crotches.

“Good lads. Now, all the sexiest twinks in London belong to Labyrinth. I belong to Labyrinth. Sexy twinks like you should too.”

“L-Labyrinth?” asked Tommy, “What’s that?”

“It’s a very special club. You’ll love it!”

“A…a club?” Mike sounded confused, “What kind of club is open at 7:00 in the morning?”

“Like I said, it’s a very special club. Now get dressed, twinks, and follow me. They’re expecting us.” Seeing the two American lads hesitating, wrestling with their instinctive need to follow the English boy’s commands, J173 lowered his voice to a sexy whisper, “You two twinks need to follow your mate Johnny, don’t ya? You two twinks are going to get dressed and come with him to Labyrinth, won’t ya?”

Mike and Tommy did what they were told and, on autopilot, dressed and followed the English lad out of the hostel room. On his way out the door, J173 cast a glance back at the older man still unconscious in the top bunk with his headphones on. Once these two were finished with their processing, he would come back for the older man. No worries. Bulls always required a longer subliminal induction anyway.

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