Symbiotic Corruption

By Hypnocigarboy published April 10, 2018
After a stressful string of losses, Peter Parker finds just what he needs, a gift from an old friend.

Peter slammed the window shut as he slid down the wall, sitting on the floor cross legged. Duties as a hero weren’t always the best, stressing him out greatly. He wanted to be a normal highschool student like always, but he also wanted to protect people, keep his city safe.

He took off the suit, tossing it into the closet as he walked around his room, agitated. It was a simple robbery, a single thief, and even he couldn’t catch him. Countless evasions, countless failures, countless disappointments.

Leaning against the wall, he looked down at his body, the skin toned, fit, but marked with dull scars from past battles. He was a hero, even they had bad days, but he was just on a losing streak, one after another, after another.

Not to mention his grades, even as a brilliant student, he was failing classes, being late, and it was crippling his grades, his chances at college, a future with Mary Jane or Gwen, ruining friendships.

Maybe he wasn’t cut out to be a hero. Maybe he should just give up his powers. He was useless, unappreciated, and weak. He slammed a fist against a door as he heard something drop in the closet behind it.


Opening the door, he saw the small wrapped box on the floor. Kneeling down and picking it up, he dusted off the box, having been in there for quite a while. It was a gift, and not just any gift, a gift from Eddie Brock.

Just a year ago, Eddie and Peter had been close friends, bonding over their mutual losses, Eddie was close and protective, and put his life into science, just as Peter.

It wasn’t long after he became Spiderman that a creature appeared. An alien slime that fused with him, and created a monster hellbent on doing more than just protecting the city. It wanted rage and hate, to destroy.

Removing it from himself, he wanted to destroy it, to vaporize it, crush it, even freeze it, and he tried. Not only did he fail, but Eddie Brock was caught up, fueled by the rage of losing the specimen for the lab, he was taken over and corrupted.

It took a kind guy, and turned him into a ruthless monster, attacking innocents, attacking anywhere Peter was, trying to ruin his life, for denying it, for hurting Eddie.

He didn’t want to hurt Eddie, to turn him into this evil man, but he did anyways, yet another failure. Removing the covering from the box, he brought it to the bed, not wanting to open it.

Eddie had given it to him, after the symbiote had been removed. It was only days later that he admitted to the crimes he committed, and was sent away to prison, a high security one at that.

Opening the box, he sighed, and opened his eyes, revealing what lie within. Under several layers of wrapping paper, lay a leather jacket.

Eddie had always been one to look nice, especially in his trademark jacket, donning it with pride. Even Gwen made eyes at him in it, saying that he looked cute, like a buff greaser. Peter wasn’t exactly sure if that was a compliment, especially since greasers were not the best kind of guys, but he accepted it anyway.

Maybe…he wanted to give him something to remember him by? It wasn’t his, but it was one similar to it. Removing the jacket, he spotted a small note underneath, and read it;

‘Dear Peter,

I know that you knew exactly what happened to me, and what i did. I know your secret, and you know mine, but i’m sorry for it. That ooze clouded my mind, made me think i was doing right, at least, right by what my rage fueled mind thought was right. You saved me from it, and myself.

I’m turning myself in soon, and I probably wont ever get to see you, at least not donning that spider suit. This may not be much, but it’s a gift for you to remember me by. Don’t let it get you too emotional. Dont doubt yourself either, be whoever you choose to be. I’ll miss you, bro.


He set the letter down, and held out the jacket, lifting it up. It still smelt like him. Peter knew that scent, the cologne he wore, and it lingered perfectly.

Slipping it over his shoulders, and zipping it up, he lay back, staring up at the ceiling. He felt calmer in the jacket, safer, like Eddie was still protecting him, giving him strength.

Closing his eyes, he felt himself grow more tired. He yawned loudly, as his head drifted lower, into the soft pillow. The warm jacket tightened as he curled up, the leather creaking as he adjusted himself, reminding him it was still there.

“Be whoever i choose…to be…” he spoke, yawning. He was stressed, but also emotionally tired as well. Sleeping wouldn’t solve the problem, but at least they wouldn’t get worse, hopefully.

Closing his eyes, his body relaxed, as the bed seemed to feel even warmer and inviting, as he lost himself to the darkness of the room, into a deep sleep.


As he rested, the thick leather quivered, slipping itself tighter around his arms, chest, and even spreading lower, tearing the underwear and cocooning his legs, as well as the rest of his body in a tight symbiotic sac. He still slept quietly, as it slowly thickened, ensuring he couldn’t break free easily.

It lifted his head, resting it in a glob of the slime, waking him up instantly. “Wha-?!” He opened his eyes, looking down at the thick covers, tried to break free, preparing to yell.

Just before he could, he felt a thick blob of the slime thrust onto his mouth, stifling him. “Mph! Mph!” He tried to yell. It flicked a large tentacle against his cheek, as he was forced to watch.

“Parker…” It’s voice spoke, leaning close, “We’ve missed you! We never thought you’d find us! Surprise!” It cackled. He couldn’t see it’s face, only hear the voice in his mind. It had already begun invading him.

“Let us get reacquainted with each other! Perhaps you’ve changed since locking part of us away…” it hissed, squeezing him tighter, as Peter groaned against it, “And if not, we could help you…”

Peter fought the only way he could, in his mind, speaking to it with his thoughts, “I don’t need you! You lost before, again and again, and you’ll lose this time too!”

“Or perhaps this will be another loss for you?” It giggled gleefully, having fun with it’s prey. “We heard everything, every worry, every bit of sorrow…” the slime slid across his cheek, “Every tear…”

Peter turned his head again, but the symbiote turned it back into place with a swift movement. “I may not be used to fighting so much crime, but if it’s only you, i’m way better off!”

“Better off. Just like how you left our Eddie?” His eyes widened, “You made him admit to his crimes, but never about us. Don’t you think he could have been released if he knew we were in control?” It questioned.

“N-no!” Peter thought loudly, “You played on his emotions! He’s locked away, safe from you! You’ll never corrupt him, or anyone again!” He narrowed his eyes, as he saw a great shape climb from the cocoon, baring down at him.

“Is that so? Well we beg to differ. Peter Parker, when we’re done with you, you’ll be a different person. You’ll know just how it feels to be corrupted, like you fear so much…” the face spoke, tearing the slime on his mouth away.

“You’re weak. Tired! Pathetic! But think about how you used to feel, how we used to feel…” the suit began to slip tendrils up and down his arm within the cocoon. “You could feel that again…”

With one swift movement, it pressed it’s slimy face to his, and stared into his eyes. Green stared into white, “We don’t hate you Parker. We never did. Eddie used our gifts to fight you, but we could share the gifts with you again. All…of…them.”

In sync with it’s voice, he felt the tendrils yank on his cock, making him jump, eliciting a laugh from the creature. “We could make all those losses go away again. Give you strength, we’d even let you share it with Eddie…”

Peter stared into the eyes as it offered, continuing to play with his body. “All you have to do…is give in to us, let us take control again. We’re honest, and we promise to make sure the both of you keep this city in check…” it raised it’s voice, like someone offering a tidbit of secret information.

“I don’t…want your gifts.” He shook his head, blushing. He was getting hard, he couldn’t deny it. As he did, the rubber clung to it, stretching into a large bulge. “Just get out! Get out of my li-“

“Shhh, what about Mary Jane and Gwen? Wouldn’t they love a strong protector? A powerful hero to keep them safe?” It hissed, opening his mouth.

“Y-Yes, but-“ he felt it cover his mouth yet again. The eyes of the mask seemed to familiar, he’d stared through them so often before.

“And what about Harry? Or Flash? Who’s going to stop the bullies, protect his friends? You do care about them…dont you?” It’s eye’s seemed to follow his, as the head began to move.

“Y-yes…” he answers back, it was true, he had the power, but not the self confidence. He’d probably end up beaten yet again, even as a superhero.

“Don’t you want to feel this…” a wave of slime lapped his body, eliciting a moan, “All over again? Feel this suit bonding and strengthening you?”

“Yes…” he spoke, as the face smiled at him, grinning wildly, Peter’s eyes dizzily followed the creatures.

“Don’t you want to be forever with Eddie? Share us with him? Become the ultimate forces of justice?” It asked clearly.

“Yes.” Peter spoke more clearly, more alertly, he relaxed his muscles as the slime began to soften as well. The creatures eyes were addictive.

“Don’t you want to feel us all around you? Bonding with you? Cocooning and protecting you? Slithering over every bit of your perfect body?” It asked.

“Yes!” Peter moaned, as the mask smiled wider. The tentacles wrapping around his cock played with him faster, as the layers of the suit condensed, making a skintight layer, though still a cocoon, “Bond with me! Do it!” He begged.

Obliging with a low laugh, the entire mask shot into him, down his throat, breaking off into him, leaving a trail of black slime dripping from his mouth.

Steadily, it began to coat his brain, corrupt it. His desire to be strong, heroic, and cool became enhanced, darker. It knew how he desired affection, the embrace of someone. Now, it would gift him that.

“More!” He begged, wriggling in the sac, as his own was gripped by the tendrils, tightened, as the slime gushed around his cock, filling his ass, squeezing his body, making him wriggle in pleasure.

“That’s right Parker, give in to us , let us take you over!” It screeched, bubbling up within him. He felt so close, so near being freed from this torture. “Give in to us! Feed us!”

Peter moaned, “Yes! Yes!” As he arched his back, firing his load into the creature. It greedily absorbed it, as Peter’s body went weak in the slime. His arms and legs were covered in the thick slime, free from the cocoon.

His mind went dizzy, as he felt his memories, thoughts, dreams, and hopes become corrupted, his morals changing, his desires changing. Sitting up on the bed, he slowly raised a hand, looking down at the slime coated arm of the suit, as it hardened.

He felt his face twist into a dark smirk, squeezing his hand as he watched the muscles creak and squeak beneath the tightened symbiotic rubber. We were complete.

“Now…” he stood up, as the staggered, before standing up straight, his eyes glaring at the fallen box on the floor, “It’s time we pay our old friend a visit…”

His leather jacket reformed, stretching over him securely as he flexed, enjoying the sound, as he felt the symbiote wriggle, making it louder. It knew exactly what he wanted.

Getting dressed, he left his aunt’s small house, and began to walk down the street. Soon enough, Eddie’s be back to his old ways just like before, this time, with a partner to help him keep this city under control…


“Whose there!” Eddie sat up, sweating. The bright lights just beyond the cell door highlighted the ground in front of his bed, as he sighed. For the past few days, he’d had nightmares. That sick goo trying to coax him into bonding, wrapping its slimy form around him. He could hardly get it out of his mind. He almost missed it…

No. He wouldn’t miss it. It made him into a monster, a jealous, violent monster. He’d hurt Peter, Gwen, and countless others, put innocents in danger. He deserved to be locked up in here.

“Eddie…” His head shot up, as he heard the whistling, that teasing voice, it was coming from somewhere close. This time, it definitely was real. “We came for you…join us again Eddie!” It laughed, only it sounded…different.

In an instant, he watched the cell door open, as the form of Spiderman stood before him. Only…clad in the symbiote. His face sharing Venom’s vicious grin, just as he remembered.

“G-get out!” Eddie stood up, narrowing his eyes. He was scared, and the symbiote knew that. “Just leave me alone!” He yelled, as the cell door slammed, leaving he floor only lit.

He knew it jumped to the walls, and Eddie ran for the door, gripping it, trying to free himself. It wouldn’t open, what happened to the guards? Please God, just open the damn door!

“Ah ah! Come on, let’s catch up, bro!” It pulled him back onto the floor, leaping down onto him, pinning him to the floor. “Lets bond for a bit!” He felt it gush the symbiote over his arms and legs, stopping him from escaping.

“P-please. Just leave me alone.” He begged, “I don’t want to hurt anyone again, not Gwen, and Peter, not anyone!” He felt a finger meet his lips, as Spiderman leaned close to his face.

It laughed, more human this time, as the mask was removed, the lights shining upon the face of Peter Parker. “It’s alright Eddie. I don’t mind fighting you a bit. But first, i’ve got a gift for you. A get out of jail free card…”

Peter gripped him, and forced him into a deep kiss, as the slime within him gushed into Eddie. His eyes widened, as he moaned, trying to fight, to run, but gave in to the tight hold it had on him. His eyes relaxed, as Peter broke the kiss, looking down at him.

Eddie’s smile began to grow, as he relaxed, slipping back and spreading his legs. Peter took advantage again, gripping Eddie’s cock, and slowly jerking it up and down.

Groaning, his cock raised up higher, moaning and biting his lip. The Symbiote spoke in his mind, manipulating him, corrupting him, changing him into the man…the monster he used to be, Venom.

A large tongue slithered out of his mouth, as he grinned, the slime leaking out and coating his face, mouth, as the precum leaking from his cock came alive, wrapping around his hips, cock and balls, spreading and gushing.

Moaning loudly and demonically. Eddie went still, as his cock rocketed a blast of black symbiotic cum upwards, coating his chest, as it met with the rest, covering him, smothering him in the thick blob that was the symbiote.

“Yes…yes…yes!” He screamed, tossing his head back, as he was cocooned completely in the slime, trapped and fused into the giant slime-like being that was Venom.

Taking a moment to breathe, they both relaxed, Peter staring up at Eddie, who brought him into a rough hug, smirking widely. He laughed lowly, meeting Peter’s own laugh.

“I missed you, bro.” He laughed, his face reappearing. His scared face appeared once more as the dark, handsome villainous man Peter once knew.

“Glad you’re back…” Peter smiled wide, standing up, and helping him stand up. “But now we’ve got a job to do. Right?” He narrowed his eyes, smiling wide.

“Right…” he answered back, the suit reforming itself into his familiar leather jacket, clutching to his muscles securely like a second skin. His muscles certainly grew fantastically in prison.

Peter’s own jacket reformed itself as well, as he fixed it onto his shoulders, stretching it out, relaxing. “Then let’s go and enforce some justice.”

He felt Eddie wrap his arm around his shoulders, as he brought a fist back, shattering the wall open and staring out into the rain, falling down onto the city.

“Let’s go then…bro.” He leaned in close, coming near enough for a kiss, as Peter almost seemed surprised, but met his evil grin, as they leapt out, into the night.

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