A Story For Chester

By magister
published April 13, 2006

A young guy decide to gets revenge from three men of his past

The sound of the motorbike disturbed the quiet little street. However, these were neighbours used to strange goings on, and were unlikely to even move the curtains, in case they were witness to something that could disturb their wealthy dreams. The bike stopped outside one of the large, white mansions, and two men stepped from the warm machine onto the neatly manicured lawn. The men were dressed in leather, long hair blowing around their shoulders. Both were out of place, but neither seemed to care less. The larger of the two started toward the house, with the other walking deferentially behind him. It was clear that one was the leader, big, solid and a face that had seen its fair share of bar room brawls. The other man looked like a lovesick puppy, gladly trotting behind his master. The master ignored the other with practised ease, just as the rich residents ignored their servants. A confidence that took years to develop, and, of course, the appropriate servants. They stopped on the verandah, and the master pulled a cigarette from somewhere inside his leather jacket. His puppy was there to light it immediately, and stared with rapture as each breath drew the smoke deep into the massive chest of his master. After a few casual puffs, he drew the smoke deep into himself, and turned to his devoted slave. In a process familiar to both, the master placed his mouth over that of his willing slave, and the smoke was blown and sucked from one set of lungs to another in an intimate embrace. When the master withdrew his lips, the young pup tried hard to hold the smoke inside, but after a few moments had to release it in order to draw in fresh oxygen. He continued to watch the cigarette moving to and from his master’s lips, hoping that he would once again be allowed to taste the breath of the man he adored. With the cigarette finished, the large man moved to the shining white door and rang the bell. It was quickly answered by a young man in an old-fashioned butler’s uniform. He seemed to expect the rough visitors, and politely guided them along the marbled hall. The way he walked suggested that underneath the tails and starched collar he could have been wearing a tightly strung corset, or something equally as uncomfortable. However, none of his discomfort showed on his face, and he led the two visitors through a labyrinth of rooms, down some stairs and into a very private cellar. It was more than just a cellar, though. It was a room full of menace, with stainless steel manacles and leather in abundance, sterile tables covered with strange devices, and computer equipment that sprouted wires and connections that threatened to reach out and attach themselves to any unwary visitor. The butler asked them to wait, and left to fetch the owner of the house. The big man looked around the room, admiring the equipment he recognised, and squirming uncomfortably when his eye caught something unknown. The younger man just looked admiringly at his master, waiting eagerly for his next command. He didn’t remember the room, but his master often took him to strange places to perform some service, and he had long ago ceased to fear anything his master asked him to do. The door opened, and into the room stepped a very undistinguished looking man. He could have been anywhere from 25 to 35, with a neat suit, tidy hair, nondescript glasses, and a manner that caused most people to ignore him. At their own cost. He knew the larger of the men, and stepped forward offering his hand in greeting. “Shane, I see you got my message.” "“Ah, yeah, Mr. Everett. I brought him just like you said. I hope I ain’t done nothing wrong.” “No, no, my friend. I’m sure you’ve done everything extremely well.” “I tried to follow the list ya gave me.” He produced a greasy and often folded scrap of paper from his pocket. Jason Everett was amazed that it had lasted so long, considering the conditions that Shane lived under. Then again, Shane had some strong incentives to please, and to make sure every order was carried out to the letter. “Yes, I am certain you have done exactly as I have asked. But, I would like to see how well you’ve done. Perhaps a small demonstration?” Shane hurried to obey. He didn’t know why, but something about this vague man terrified him, and he was only too willing to show off his handiwork. He turned to his companion, and immediately slapped him across the face. The younger man fell to his knees from dizziness, but looked up at his master with his eyes alight with pleasure. “Okay, Rover, you heard the man. Let’s show him how fuckin’ good you are. Clean the boots like a good dog.” Rover got busy with his tongue on Shane’s boots. His hair hung down covering both his face and the leather, but he seemed intent on getting every speck of dust. Everett just stood back and watched, a small smile the only sign he approved. “See, Mr. Everett, I ain’t let him cut his hair since you gave him to me. Some of the other guys, they sort of piss on it - like a shampoo or something - but it only made it grow faster.” Everett nodded appreciatively. “What about the other … modifications.” “Well, I got his ear pierced. And his nips. I didn’t know if you wanted ‘em deep or not, but I figured, what’s the point unless they go deep, huh? And I got it so that he smokes in what I smoke out, just like you said, tho’ I don’t know why I just can’t give him a ciggie.” Shane looked at Everett for a sort of explanation, but when he saw nothing was going to be said, he went on. “He works most nights, down at Seventh Street. He earns pretty well, ’cause he looks so good. It was hard getting him all that special food, like, to make him strong, but I did what you said. Rover, take them clothes off and show Mr. Everett how good you look.” Rover stopped in mid-lick, and stood to shed himself of his clothes. It was not unusual for his master to make him strip for strangers, as well as perform for them. He liked showing off his body, seeing his master worked so hard to make it the way it was. As he stood there naked, it was easy to see why he earned ‘pretty well’. He was all muscle from head to toe, superbly sculpted. Although the hair on his head reached past his shoulders, the rest of his body was smooth and freshly shaved and oiled. The lack of a tan line showed that he must spend most of his time completely naked. “Turn around and show us it all,” commanded Shane. Rover turned on the spot, revealing the cord of some butt plug hanging from behind, and the rest of his body was as well developed as the front. When he stopped turning, his erect penis barely wobbled, so excited was he that his master was proud of him. “When was the last time you let him come?” asked Everett. “A week ago last Thursday, I think it was.” Everett walked forward and inspected the slave more closely, impressed with the muscle definition, the pierced nipples, the intricate tattoo on his right arm. “And he knows how to … please … a man?” “Sure. That’s what he does to earn us money. We just use him to fuck, but when I send him out, he does other stuff with the Johns. He tells me how he sucks them and they kiss him and stuff.” “Well, aren’t you going to show me?” “What? Have him suck me?” “Yes, I think I would like to see that.” Shane was obviously upset about performing in public, but his slave was almost trembling with anticipation. Shane didn’t like anyone to know that he let another guy suck his dick. Fucking some queer up the butt was one thing, But, sometimes, when he and Rover were in their small room, he allowed the dog to have his way. Rover obviously considered it the ultimate pleasure to service his master’s cock. Shane had a fleeting thought about just bullying his way out of it, but that strange feeling about this Mr. Everett made him undo his Levi’s and produce his member for attention. It was a massive piece of meat, and Everett wondered if even the willing mouth of the slave would encompass it all. But Rover surprised him by dropping to his knees and taking the massive rod easily into his mouth. What followed was an extraordinary example of a blow job. Shane’s cock was not the nicest piece of flesh Everett had ever seen, despite its size. It was sweaty and dirty from the inside of the jeans and the long bike ride. But more than that, the smell of it filled the room. It didn’t look like Shane was into much personal hygiene. Nonetheless, Rover went at it like it was the best meal he had ever had. It didn’t take long for Shane to cum, and Rover drank down the liquid, without letting a single drop escape his nimble tongue. Shane returned his property to its snug home, and turned to face Everett. “Everything done, just like you told me.” “Excellent. Very well done. Now, will you kindly ask ‘Rover’ to get into those chains there against the wall?” Shane looked to where Everett pointed, and then guided his happy slave to the manacles. It didn’t take long for him to strap his pet securely against the wall, arms and legs outstretched. He then turned back to Everett. “Shane, program 666.” Shane immediately went rigid. Those few words spoken by Everett hit him like a sledgehammer, and he found himself immobilised and helpless. “Now, Shane, I am going to keep ‘Rover’. I have some wonderful things in store for him.” “Yes, sir.” “But what are you and your gang going to do without him?” Shane got a puzzled look on his face, as he struggled to think. “Everyone’s going to be upset when you come back without your pet, aren’t they?” “Yes, sir.” “That’s right. They’ll be very unhappy. But you can make them happy again, Shane.” Shane looked hopefully at Everett, as he offered a solution to a problem that Shane found difficult to grasp. “Yes, Shane. You can go back and be a Rover for the rest of the gang. You can make them happy by serving them.” “But, sir, I am the leader. I can’t be a dog…” “Shane, I know it’s all confusing. But someone else can be the leader now. They can take over all your worries. You can just relax and be a Rover, just like this one here.” Shane was losing his look of confusion as he accepted his new program, while ‘Rover’ looked on from his manacled position. “Shane, listen to me. When you leave here, you will want to go back and replace your pet by becoming one yourself. You will do everything the former ‘Rover’ did, and you will love every minute of it.” “You’ll work his beat on Seventh Street to earn money for the gang. You’ll learn all the ways of pleasuring and serving your master. The more you think about serving the other men, the more excited and happy you are getting.” Shane’s expression had turned from confusion to excitement, as the meat in his jeans expanded with new found pleasure. “If anyone comes looking for the old ‘Rover’, or asks anything about me, you won’t remember any of it. You will believe that you were the one and only Rover, and you have always wanted to serve other men.” “Yes, sir.” “When I end this program, you will leave here, and forget the address completely. You will forget my face and name, and all you will want to do is get back to the gang and serve them and pleasure them, and help them find a new leader. These things will make you extremely happy.” “Yes, sir.” “Good. Shane, end program 666.” Shane shook himself a moment, then became aware of his surroundings once more. He didn’t seem to realise where he was, or why he had come there, but he was eager to leave. There were things he had to do. “Ahhh, sir, …”

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