Descent 4

By Haven Tesla
published April 5, 2013

Rob’s life continues to fall apart while our protagonists have a jolly good time.

Disclaimer: This story involves mind control, humiliation and gay sex. If you don’t like these story elements, you must have taken a wrong turn. Any resemblance between these characters and real people is purely coincidental.

Chapter 4: Out on the Field

By the time the morning rolled around, Rob was knackered. He had spent most of the night having sex with Miles in every imaginable position (and several unimaginable ones!). For a boy who’d never had been with men before that day, Miles had a wide berth of knowledge about the various gay sex acts. He also had seemingly infinite stamina; it turned out Miles could cum as many as 8 times a day. Unfortunately for Rob, this was one of those days. And of course Miles made him eat all the cum, even scooping out what he’d dumped in Rob’s long-suffering arse. Rob felt like he’d have cum running out of his ears by the time Miles was through with him!

Rob’s plight was not eased by Miles’s unerring grasp of how best to humiliate him. Miles ordered Rob to keep his lips constantly attached to some part of Miles’s body. Mostly it was just snogging (proper tongue-down-throat snogging!) but he also quite liked it when Rob was kissing his neck and his nipples. And then, of course, there was the rimming – Rob had his face buried in Miles’s arse for well over an hour, eating out his hole like it was an all-you-can-eat buffet. Kiss, lick, suck and tongue-fuck … over and over again Rob was forced to repeat the technique till all he could taste and smell was male arse. However much he hated rimming (above all else), he was powerless to tear his face away from Miles’s bum. By the time he was done, Rob’s face was dripping with sweat, spit and arse juices – an image which Miles made sure to capture on camera for posterity.

The blond teen also took it upon himself to teach Rob the proper way to give a blowjob by forcing him to sit through several gay porn videos. Rob was disgusted watching men get passionate with each other in the videos but he was forbidden to look away from the screen or to stop wanking his cock.

Miles, who’d watched it all before (many times), spent the time playing with Rob’s body. For a sex-starved teenage boy, the muscular physique of a young rugby player offered boundless delights. Every part of Rob’s anatomy was firmly groped or molested in some way, but it was his nipples and his arsehole that saw the most action. Miles kissed, nibbled, twisted and stretched Rob’s nipples until they were puffy and sore before turning his attention to Rob’s arse. Four fingers were buried into the warm, moist hole in quick succession, stretching the tight orifice uncomfortably. Rob squirmed as Miles finger-fucked him hard and fast, but his eyes remained fixed on the porn and his shame grew along with his erection.

“How do you like that?” whispered Miles in Rob’s ear as the muscle hunk on screen got double-penetrated by two twinks. “That’s going to be you soon … taking two cocks up your arse at the same time … I bet it’ll really stretch this tight little arse of yours. That would so hot … a big bloke like you stuck like a pig on two cocks …”

Rob stared in horror as the camera zoomed in on the porn actor’s loose, sloppy hole after it was vacated by his fuckers. But the arse-fingering and cock-wanking had their intended effect and he shot his load on the computer screen.

Miles tutted. “Yeah, you’re loving this a bit too much I think. Lick your mess up before it fries the electronics and we’ll order some stuff online to get you started on your path to total sluthood.” Rob was almost as appalled by the size of the sex toys as he was by Miles charging them to Rob’s bank card, with a same-day delivery surcharge no less!

“I think I’ve still got another load left in me,” mused Miles. “Let’s see what you’ve learnt about sucking cock.” It turned out Rob was a quick learner when his mind was being controlled. He was able to bring Miles to another climax within a matter of minutes.

Miles sighed in contentment as he watched Rob’s face twist in disgust at having to swallow more cum. “I think I’m fresh out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lick me clean. You’re getting really talented at using your tongue.” He grinned. “I wonder what your rugby mates would think if they saw you now.”

Rob’s eyes widened as he remembered that he was supposed to try out for the college rugby team that morning. Miles caught the look. “What’s the matter? Tell me.”

Put that way, Rob was compelled to answer. Miles’s grin grew wider. “Oh you’re going alright. And I’m choosing what you wear.”

Rob’s heart sunk. Any outfit Miles picked out for him was bound to be very revealing. Sure enough, he was made to wear a skin-tight lycra top that accentuated every contour of his torso and chafed his tender nipples terribly. He also had on the same shorts he’d worn the previous evening, which clearly showed up the lime-green jockstrap he had on underneath. (This was from the collection of underwear that Ollie had given him; Rob himself would never have bought something so skimpy.)

After sending Rob on his way (walking bow-legged due to all the abuse his formerly-virginal arse had undergone in less than 24 hours), Miles had his shower and breakfast. Then he happily set off to an address in Soho which Rob would have recognized immediately.

“Hey, Dylan? It’s me, Miles,” he spoke into the intercom after ringing the buzzer.

It took Dylan a little while to get to the door. His hair was mussed from sleep and he’d stopped only to fling a t-shirt on over his trunks. Despite his night of passion with Rob, Miles was again overcome with desire, especially with Dylan’s cute bum in those tight trunks at eye-level as he followed him up the stairs.

“I’m sorry I woke you, I didn’t realize you’d still be asleep,” apologized Miles.

“Don’t sweat it,” Dylan assured him. “We were just lazing about in bed.”

“We?” echoed Miles. Dylan didn’t have to answer as they entered the flat and Miles saw Ollie for himself. The American hunk was sprawled out on top of the sheets, completely naked and nursing a prominent erection.

“Ollie, I told you Miles was coming over. Couldn’t you have put some clothes on?” Dylan said reproachfully.

“This is the first time I’m seeing a couple of gay guys get upset at being greeted by a stiff cock,” remarked Ollie, making no attempt to cover up. “Besides, I’m sure Miles will be getting up close and personal with Ollie junior soon enough.”

Dylan rolled his eyes and smacked Ollie’s cock, making him yelp. “Sorry, Miles. We’re partners, so I can’t get rid of him even if I wanted to.”

Miles felt the wind go out of his sails. Dylan hadn’t mentioned a partner before, but it was obvious now that he had a longstanding connection with this American guy. And here Miles had led himself to believe that losing his virginity to Dylan meant they had a special connection. He could have kicked himself. Obviously he could never compete with a live-in boyfriend, especially one with Ollie’s lean body.

“Yo, Miles! So are you gonna get up here and give it to me or what?” asked Ollie impatiently.

Dylan laughed. “Didn’t you get enough last night from Rob and from me? Man, you’re such a slut!”

Ollie stuck his tongue out at him. “Well, you’ve only got yourself to thank for rewiring my brain like that.”

Miles looked from Ollie to Dylan. “What do you mean?”

Dylan shook his head. “It’s a long story. In a nutshell, Ollie’s straight, but I kinda taught him the joys of gay sex and now he can’t get enough of it.”

“Pretty much sums it up,” agreed Ollie. “So no need to be jealous, kiddo. If you wanna get all lovey-dovey with Dyl, I’m not standing in your way.” He laughed at the identical expressions of shock on Dylan and Miles’s faces. “Jeez, Dyl, for a guy with your powers you’re pretty obtuse. Didn’t you see his face when you called me your partner? Miles, we’re business partners, not life partners. Yeah, we’re fuck buddies too, but that’s where the buck stops; we’re not in any kind of loving relationship. I just like getting fucked by him.”

Miles was blushing under Dylan’s astonished gaze. “Is Ollie right, Miles? Do you have feelings for me?”

“Y-yeah,” Miles stammered. “I wasn’t sure if it was just me though.” He looked up at Dylan shyly. “Is it?”

Dylan was speechless. He was so used to dealing with straight men whose minds were full of hate (Ollie being the obvious exception), that this was a completely new situation for him. In pursuing his vendetta against homophobes, he’d never had the time for a normal love life. Looking at the adorable Miles, he wondered if he was finally being given a chance at love.

“Come here,” he said. Miles approached him anxiously. Dylan took his face in his hands and planted a gentle kiss on him. “Does that answer your question?”

Miles grinned and went in for another snog.

“Okay, now that you two lovebirds have sorted it out, can we get back to business?” whined Ollie from the sidelines.

Miles and Dylan looked at each other. “Well, I guess it’s the least we can do for you …” They both dove for Ollie’s cock at the same time.

Meanwhile, Rob was having a decidedly less pleasant time. The playing fields were to the north of the city, and the journey there by train had garnered him looks of both appreciation and disgust from strangers. Things were no better when he got to the playing field; the assembled ruggers directed sneers and derisive comments at him. He had no way of knowing whether it was due to his costume, or Craig spreading tales of his ‘perversion’, or both. Even the coach, Anthony, shot him a look of disdain. Rob just looked down at the floor, avoiding everyone’s gaze. He wanted so badly to just leave but rugby was his life. Maybe they’d see him differently when they saw what he could do on the pitch. After all, Rob had been his school’s rugby captain, and he knew he was a better player than Craig and Tom – both of whom were sniggering as far away from him as possible, refusing to be associated with the college laughing stock.

Unfortunately for Rob, his would-be teammates had no intention of letting him demonstrate his abilities on the pitch. They’d made an agreement before his late arrival: if Rob was so keen to expose his tiny cock, then they would ‘help’ him ensure he got the widest audience possible.

The stands were filled with a larger crowd than usual; the video of Rob’s striptease had gone viral and, once his college mates heard what was in store for Rob, they turned up in droves to watch the show.

Practically every other tackle ended with Rob getting his shorts pulled down. The more audacious boys made certain to pull off his jockstrap simultaneously, but even if they didn’t, it left Rob’s bare arse on display. Every debagging was accompanied by a rousing cheer from the spectators. They had their cameras ready for each one, with the zooming function maximised. There were going to be a lot of video responses to the ‘Full Monty’ clip before the morning was over!

Poor Rob looked to the coach for assistance after the sixth debagging left him naked from the waist down, but Anthony had either not seen it or was pretending he hadn’t. He turned his pleading look to Craig and Tom, who promptly responded by leading his next debagging. This one was so brutal that his shorts were torn clean off him. Rob struggled to cover his naked arse with the remnants but it was a losing battle.

“Please, can I borrow a pair of shorts?” he begged.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting shy now!” taunted Danny.

“Don’t pretend this isn’t what you want,” sneered Ricky.

“Yeah Robbie, don’t you want to lose the rest of those clothes?” asked Nico, laughing.

“We can help you out with that if you want,” suggested Matt and made a menacing move towards him.

Rob looked from one unfriendly face to the next, and realized it was a lost cause. He fled from the field, bare buns jiggling, to raucous amusement from both players and spectators. He didn’t have a change of clothes on him but he was beyond caring what the lads thought of him, so he just pulled on a pair of shorts someone had left in the showers before leaving for home. In less than 24 hours, his whole life had turned to shit.

Of course, it may have been of some comfort if he’d known he wasn’t going to be alone in his plight for much longer.

Down in Soho, Miles, Dylan and Ollie were enjoying a leisurely morning fuck that saw Ollie take both Miles and Dylan’s cocks in his hole at the same time. Double-penetration was fresh in Miles’s mind after having rewatched that particular porno with Rob, and Ollie had volunteered to be the bottom. It was a very tight squeeze but they managed it finally: Ollie straddled Dylan and Miles came from behind to add his cock to the already-occupied hole.

“Shit, that hurts like hell …” groaned Ollie, his arse feeling impossibly full. “But it’s a good hurt,” he added hastily when he saw the concerned look on Dylan’s face. “Look,” he pointed to his unrelenting hard-on.

Miles licked up the trail of sweat on Ollie’s back. “I wanted to do this with Rob … but this is even hotter.”

“You bet it is … jeez, I can’t believe I missed out on all this man-sex for all those years!” Ollie sighed as he continued to ride both cocks.

“I don’t think you’ll ever be short of that again!” replied Dylan. “Now, speaking of Rob, what are we going to do with him next?”

“Oh, I know!” exclaimed Miles. “We can make him volunteer as the model for life drawing class … make him pose for a naked charity calendar … make him take a job as a gay club stripper … make him do gay porn where he’s gang-banged by an entire sports team …” Miles’s ideas for humiliating Rob were endless.

“Woah, wait up!” laughed Dylan. “You’ve obviously been thinking a lot about this. Rob does make a great model; you’ve got to see the shots Ollie took of him last night. What did the guys downstairs think of those anyway, Ollie?”

“They loved it. They said the clientele would appreciate a ‘nice bit of rough’, whatever that means. In fact they were wondering if we could get some homoerotic shots of Rob with another guy of the same build.”

“Hmm,” mused Dylan. “There are always his two best mates – they’re both ruggers too, and no less homophobic than Robbie boy.”

“You mean Craig and Tom?” asked Miles. “Wow, it’d be the best gay porn ever if we got the three of them together.”

Dylan smiled at Miles’s enthusiasm. “Maybe I should pay Craig a visit …”

To be continued …

Coming in the next part: Craig falls victim to Dylan’s mind control … but he’s not the only one!

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