A most unusual curse, part five.

By BeefyBullGuy@outlook.com published March 27, 2018
Finn learns just how BIG of a mistake he has made.

Finnlays knowledge on Magic and, specifically curses was, to be frank, lacking. Sure he had written several essays and studied various cultures approaches to magic and their beliefs, but still, taking what little information he could find, and then trying to use it to his advantage was a poor choice.

Curses, in particular, are unpredictable and tricky. Ever changing and adapting, to ensure their hosts misery and suffering is constant.

Finnlay had used Jacksons curse to his own advantage, making Jackson a part of himself and, along with him, the curse.

“Looking good big guy” Finn smirked, hefting Jackson in his hand whilst standing in front of a full length mirror. /Fuck you Finn! Why the hell would you do this?! I might not change back…this is cruel, inhumane!/ Came Jacksons voice in Finns head. Finn had discovered his ability about 20 minutes ago. “Well, yes it is Inhumane, I agree…but Jack, you are not human” He grinned darkly, rubbing Jacksons head.

Jackson had the ability to speak with Finnlay through his mind, and to move freely when soft. The latter being Finns biggest problem, he could hardly have his cock moving about with its own free will.

“Hey Jack” Finn said with a tone of arrogance, walking back into his bedroom. “You can still see, right? Look, sun is starting to come up” he grinned, standing nude at the window, his thick, long cock moving like a snake to look through the glass as the dark blue sky began to turn orange on the horizon.

He had not thought it possible that anything could be worse than becoming a disembodied cock two times a month. Yet here he was, hanging from a guys crotch, sentient, movable, but 100% cock, nothing more. Jackson would have cried had he been able to.

The orange sky turned bright yellow as the sun broke the horizon, bathing them both in bright morning sun light. “First, a shower, and then I think we get you into a Speedo and hit the pool” Finnlay grinned, turning from the window.

“Then, well hopefully we can find you something of your own to dive into” he laughed, heading over to his dresser. He arched his back and stretched “Damn, Having a bigger cock is hard work, you weigh a lot” he said, picking out a bright blue Speedo to stuff Jackson into.

Finnlay frowned, using one hand to steady himself against the bed post as a wave of heat came over him. He shook his head, putting it down to tiredness and went to pull on the Speedo, which slipped from his fingers. He bent to pick it up, and a sharp pain shot through his back, send him onto all fours.

“F..Fuck what the..hell” he muttered through his teeth, waiting a moment to ensure the pain had passed. He moved to stand up, when something caught his attention. His cock was bigger, He was on all fours and Jacksons head now rested on the floor. Not only that, but it was the size of Finns fist, and swelling more! “What…fuck..fuck no..” he gasped “Jackson, Jack stop it!” he yelled, as though assuming Jackson was causing this. /What? Whats…I feel weird…bigger…/ Came Jacksons thoughts in Finns mind.

“Shit, fuck this ain’t good” Finn tried to stand up once more, then coughed a few times and spat. A thick, pearly white liquid came from his mouth, along with a salty, musky taste. Finns eyes widened, staring down at the pool of cum which had come from his mouth.

Finally he managed to stand up, Jacksons head was almost to Finns feet now, and his shaft was just as thick as Finns legs. Not only that, but features such as a nose and mouth had begun forming on the light pink head.

Finns balls were hanging down to his knees now, the sack heavy and stretched, and beginning to separate into what he assumed would become Jacksons legs.

Finn stumbled backwards, his face a picture of horror, shock and fear. His legs felt tired and weak, and the skin looked loose and wrinkled. How could he have been so stupid…messing around with stuff like this, wanting to use his friend as his own cock?!

“I…mouth…breath!” Jacksons voice cried out, his head having almost fully formed, along with arms which were slowly gaining muscle. “Finn…I…going…to..fucking kill you, you son of a bitch!” He screamed, turning his now fully human head to Finn.

Jackson saw the horrified expression, the look of shock and fear and…cum? Occasionally running down Finns chin. His attention was brought back to his own changes, however, as he suddenly slumped to the floor, falling free of Finns body.

Jacksons own cock was reforming, looking down the young man saw it regrow to its former size, and then more. It took on a slightly darker skin tone to the rest of his body whilst it continued growing, his balls too getting heavier and larger, hanging lower down.

Jackson was now sitting against the wall, staring down at his fully human body, all back to normal, apart from one part. “I…This is your cock…It has the same freckle and…but then…”

Jackson looked up just as a horrified Finn looked down. Between Finnlays legs was, well, nothing. A smooth mound of skin, no hair, no cock or balls or hole. “I…But…” Finn stammered, then gagged and fell from the bed onto all fours, vomiting mouthful after mouthful of cum onto the floor.

“Fucking damn right!” Jackson said, standing, glaring down at Finn “You fucking bastard! You basically tried to kill me! Use me! I trusted you and…” he fell silent, frowning. “It’s day time…” he muttered. “You’re changing but, it is day light.”

Finnlay cried out desperately for help, his words gurgling in his throat. His legs had changed fully, a large pair of balls rested behind him. His lower back was more cylindrical shaped as his abdomen became the lower section of his shaft. “He..llgppp” he begged, his arms giving was as they became too weak to support him.

Finn lay on his front, slumped on the floor, surrounded by pools of cum. His master plan having backfired more than either of them knew. His arms were receding inwards as his featured became softer and blurred, slowly fading away. A thick collar of skin pulled up over his head as his shoulders narrowed.

With a loud gurgle, the last hint of a voice left the giant cocks slit, a small amount of cum drooled from beneath the forskin.

Jackson was pressed against the far wall, eyes wide with horror. When he had changed into a cock, he had gotten smaller just after his balls formed. But Finnlay was…still huge. His shaft must have been 6 foot long, and 4 foot around, the head being even larger. Finnlays balls were each Beach ball sized.

“Finn?” Jackson said softly, not moving an inch, his eyes fixed on the monster cock before him.

He had become a cock, he deserved this, he knew that. His vision was slowly coming back, as well as his other senses. He saw Jackson before him, then heared him speak Finns name. He tried to answer, but had no voice. With some effort, he managed to raise his head from the floor.

“Fuck…You are massive! I..It’s daylight…You turned into a cock but…Finn you are huge!” Jackson said, slowly moving to the full length mirror and turned it.

Finnlay saw his reflection. A monster like cock, its head raised and drooling cum. With a mental cry he recoiled, instinctively discovering an ability to move rather easily and crawled to the corner of the room, his heavy balls sliding over the cum soaked floor with ease.

Jackson had been angry, he felt Finn deserved punishment for doing what he did. But this…becoming a normal sized cock was bad, but something like this was horrifying. “Finn…” Jackson slowly stepped forward, his feet squelching through the pools of cum.

He knelt down by the pumpkin sized cock head. “Hey…What you did…we can talk about it later. You said that the curse would be permanent after sex…and It only happened at night time until it was permanent.” Jackson said softly, gaining a gurgling sound from the cock head which he assumed was crying.

An hour passed, all the time Jackson sat next to Finn, the thick gurgling sound accompanied occasionally by spurts of cum. Eventually Finn seemed to calm down a little, uncurling himself and moved to ‘sit’ against the wall next to Jackson.

“Well, we will not know until tonight if you change back or not…until then we need a way for you to communicate with me” Jackson said softly, thinking. “I got your cock and…apart from your size, you look just like mind did” he said, looking over Finns new form. “Think something, loudly” he suggested.

Finnlay turned his head to face Jackson. After all he did, Jackson was trying to help? /Hello?/ he said within his mind. /Hello?! Can you hear this? Jackson?/

Jackson looked up “You said my name…try more!” /Jackson? You can hear me?/ “Yes! Okay yes…I can hear..” Jackson was cut of by Finns voice.

/I’m so sorry…I don’t know what came over me…it was a jackass thing to do…I’m so sorry…now I;m stuck like this and fuck knows what I’m going to do!/ Finn said desperately in Jacksons mind, a small trickle of cum ran frown Finns slit, dribbling from his forskin.

“Finn, it’s fine forget about it for now” Jackson muttered, frowning. “We will figure this out, don’t worry” he added with a smile, but had no idea how to ‘figure’ any of this out at all. “how does it feel?”


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