You're me, No I'm me ....

By Anonymous published March 27, 2013
John swaps his body with Manny, but the swap does not go as planned for John.
I'm me! You're me!" No, I'm me! A Body Swap Story

Even though the time was now 4:13 pm, it felt like 10:00 am. The day, as usually, started at the gym located in my apartment building at 5:00 am Near Central Park. This followed with a breakfast meeting at 7:30 am in Lower Manhattan that followed by an appointment at a construction site in Mid-Manhattan at 9:00 am I had a client decided to make last minute changes to a structural design because he wanted his office ceiling to be higher; yet, he was only 5'5" tall, Napoleon Complex, maybe? Then I had a Rotary Club Meeting at 12:00 pm where I had to a lot of hand shaking and small talk with a lot businessman. Afterwards, I still had an appointment in my office in half-an-hour with a new client for a large renovation of a pre-war building in Harlem that would probably end by probably 5:30 pm. Then, I will be have to read and response e-mail messages and voice mail messages, etc. So, at best, my workday will end today at 8:00 pm. Fortunately, this is a long weekend, so the office will be closed. So, I plan on staying away from my office located in the same building as my apartment this weekend. If I have to urge, I could go in on Monday. Anyway, since the taxi driver dropped me off in front of the main entrance of "The Center," which I designed and where my apartment, office and gym where all located, instead of the separate office complex entrance, I decided to walk over to my gym to try my luck that maybe there would be an opening for a massage later this evening. If not, I would settle for time in the sauna (wet and dry) and maybe I would even sit in the Jacuzzi at look up at the sky above through the glass enclosure. Yet, even though I had my own highly regarding Architecture Firm in Manhattan, I missed my youth. As I was now 40 years old, I felt as if my life just flew. I had been so busy being successful that I really never allowed myself the opportunity to enjoy my life when I was in my twenties. When my peers were parting and fucking anything with two legs, I was busy proving myself to my bosses and networking. Oh well, I said to myself. So is life. Anyway, by having a massage or enjoying time in sauna or Jacuzzi later this evening would great day to end a very stressful day, I thought to myself.

When I entered the gym that I have been a member for over 15 years now, Sandra, the receptionist, greeted me warmly with a big smile and said, "Nice to see you again Mr. Marcus." After she politely inquired as to my well-being, I asked her if there were openings for a massage this evening. As Sandra looked down at her computer screen, I looked behind to Sandra to see Steve Stanley, the Owner/Manager of the facility, and my best friend through the glass windowed office seat at his desk talking to someone. Steve and I go back several years. We both have known each other from college. Even though he majored in Sports Management and I in Architecture and then a Masters Degree in Business Management Administration. So our paths cross through running track as we both were attended NYU on an athletic scholarships. Therefore, we had a healthy competition between us. When Steve wanted to start this gym several years ago, I gave him the front money. We have been close friends through his two failed marriages and four children, all boys. In fact, even though Steve knew I was gay before it was "fashionably" acceptable to "come out of the closet" our relationship was always one of a deep friendship. So, there was nothing that either of us would do for each other, nothing! Anyway, Steve briefly looked up at me and gave me a node of acknowledgeable. Just then Sandra informed me that unfortunately nothing was available this evening, but she could book an appointment for me for early tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. I declined. She then informed that Steve was in the process of hiring another Massage Therapist; as a matter of fact he is interviewing the guy now. So, if everything works out, maybe I could schedule you with him for this evening. I was hesitating, but I told Sandra, "If Steve is okay with the guy than I will be too. So, if it is a go then have Steve call me on my cell phone and just leave me a message because I will be in a meeting. So, I turned away from the reception desk and walked towards the elevators leading to my office in the top floor of the building.

The meeting with the new client ended at 5:53 pm, later than thought because he business partner, a younger man in his mid to late twenties gave asking me tons of questions. The majority of them of any real consequence at this stage of the development; i.e. "How many electric outlets will there be on each floor?" to "Will the water pressure be consistent throughout the building?" As he was just an interior designer who should have not been at this meeting: I guess he was trying to "flex his muscles" to justify the reason for probably "patted" bill. Anyway, his continuous interruptions with such minor questions were very taxing on me. I was very close to putting him in his place; yet, I talked over to him then looked around the room at the other participates, when nobody was looked at us, I grabbed his package and squeezed hard. Then, I whispered into his ear to shut the fuck up or I will expose him as a fraud. Afterward, he excused himself from the building. Anyway, after everyone left the boardroom, I walked over to my office. My secretary, Teresa, was packing up her stuff to leave for the long weekend. Teresa is more than my secretary: she is more like my mother. Actually she the "mother of the office." So, I left her with my cell phone while I was in the meeting. When Teresa saw me, she informed me that Steve called me and wants you to speak to him first before about the new guy before scheduling an appointment. Then, Teresa mentioned that she took the liberty of checking my e-mails and responding accordingly. Copies of the responses, she when on to say, on in my "sent" folder. Anyway, she briefly gave me the summary of the transmissions. In regard to voice mail messages, other than Steve's, there were none. There were a couple of contracts and letters on my desk for my signature; yet, nothing urgent. So, in her "motherly way,' she order me to call Steve and schedule an appointment for a massage. Then I was not to return to my office until Tuesday morning. I was to enjoy my weekend without work. Just as Teresa was about leave the executive office, she turned around, walked towards me and said, "I know you, John, too well! So, closed the door to my office and locked it. Then, she informed that she changed the alarm code to ensure that I do not come in work this weekend and walked away. Well, I was amused rather than angry with her. I knew she was right. I told her to wait up so that we both turned off the lights to the foyer and walked out together. We parted company on the main floor of the building.

Instead of calling Steve, I decided to see him in person at the gym. As I walked into the gym I could see him seated in his office, so I just knocked on the door and walked in. Steve looked up and motioned for me to sit down. John," he said, "Hey, how's it going?" Before I got a chance to respond, he continued talking. "Hey, I'm sorry about not being able to get you an massage appointment this evening; yet, you may be in luck." "Oh!" I said in response. "Yes! Yet, I do have a favor to ask for you," Steve said to me looking down at his desk instead of at me. Again, I responded, "Oh?" Steve then continued, " I know that we go back years so I would not ask this of any other one else, [pause] I just hired a new massage therapist. A young Hispanic guy with great qualification." I looked at him and said, "So, what's the issue?" Steve looked up at me and said, "Issue? I did not say anything about there being an issue!" I then said, "Really! So, why are you coming to me for a favor?" Steve smiled and said, "Okay, you caught me! The guy is everything I said he is; yet, I just have this feeling – I can‘t put my finger on it – It is a gut feeling that something just not what it appears to be. Anyway, I really need a massage therapist and because he has such great qualifications. Two of his three references were glowing; yet, I was unable to speak anyone at one of his previous jobs because the place, itself, is closed and the owner is dead. I am afraid that if I do not hire him, I may be making a big mistake. So, I hired the guy provisionally for 30 days. Therefore, I what you do me this favor and try me out?" (Pause) "Sure, why not! I said to Steve. Steve's eyes shined as he thanked me. Steve then told me that he wanted for me to flint with the guy. Even touch him. Just to see his reaction. If he is a professional he will know how to handle himself. If not, well then he will be history. Anyway, the new guy is coming to your apartment at 7:45 pm to set up for your 8:00 pm hour and half massage tonight.

"Wow," I said Steve, "you work fast! How did you know that I would agree to the favor?" Steve's response, "I know you! Besides, this guy is exactly what you are looking for. So you better hurry your behind upstairs to your place, the time is now 7:10 pm." I looked at my watch with shock and reached out my hand to shake Steve's hand and left his office and gym for my apartment located on the top floor of the building, actually it was the top floor. As I was not only the designed, I also co-owned the building. Steve owned the other half or should I say that his ex-wives own it by means of alimony payments and his children through private school and college tuition payments. As I would continue to tell Steve that we both always had this one thing in common that we were "look'n for love in all the wrong places."

Anyway, upon entering my apartment, I quickly dashed into my bedroom. As I undressed, I began to think to myself that after very a long stress day at work, not only would this massage be a welcome relief, but this role of being antagonist would be a change of pace from my normal daily route – a change that would do me a world of good. As I changed out my business suit and into a white robe the locker room, I was actually thinking of how I was going to behave in the massage room with this new guy. As I have not done any acting since college, I thought I would just be myself with a twist, more "being out!" I thought I would portray myself after the character Brian Kinney from the television series, "Queen as Folk." Physically, he and I looked a lot alike. No joke! Many people thought that I was he older twin bother – 10 years his senior. Also, my butt was more developed then his, rounder; yet, not truly a bubble butt by "gay" standards because they had indentations in their sides. Also, when I walked, my cheeks shot up and down with a little bound in them as they landed. So, between my handsome facial features, my lean muscular body and my ass, I turned several heads, especially when I leaned down to pick something up from the floor. Guys both straight and gay have told me that my butt was my greatest asset. Yet, in comparison, our personalities were completely different. The character of Brian Kinney was totally "out," had sex a lot with every gay guy in town and he also was mentoring a young blonde boy, "Sunshine." I, on the other hand, lived alone, did not frequent the gay bars or pick up guys. I had an uncut 5" dick when soft. I was always drawn to the twenty to thirty something male with a hot body. My lovers had to also be able to carry on a conversation beyond, "Wow, man...!" Since I enjoyed the outdoors, whenever I had the time; I would go running, hiking and bicycling, I met my previous relationships, Charlie, through sports, the New York Marathon, that ended three years ago. It was the longest one, 2.5 years. When he turned 30 years old, I wanted to surprise him by coming home early for some "afternoon delight." Well, upon entering our bedroom, I saw Charlie in bed with someone, a tall buxom blonde female. Charlie told me that enjoyed having sex with women more than me and that the only reason he had sex with me was because of my money. When he told me this, I immediately slapped him in the face and dragged him through the building total naked and into Columbus Circle. Of course, he pleads with me in route for something to wear; yet, I told him that he came into this relationship with nothing; so he will be leaving the same way. Once Charlie was standing exposed in his birthday suit on the street, I informed security not to allow him back into the building and to call the police and have Charlie arrest for indecent exposer. Upon finishing my sentence, I turn towards the windows facing the street, looked at Charlie in his nakedness and said, "Good-by Charlie, hate to see you go!"

When the bell of the door rang, I was brought back to the present. As I opened the door there stood this absolutely "knock-dead Hispanic Trophy Boy" dress in white with the exception of his belt and shoes – an angle! He was 5' 10" tall and weighed probably 185 lbs. "wet"- all muscle! He had jet back hair parted to his right side. His deep black colored eyes were enough to forget who you were or where. As I was ‘undressing him with my eyes," I could feel that he was doing the same to me. As he smiled at me, he extends his hand towards me. He says, "Hello, you must be John, my appointment. My name is Emmanuel, but everyone calls me, Manny, for short." In total awe of the figure of beauty, I was speechless. Manny then said, "Aaaa, may I come inside?" His words cause for me to return to reality. "Oh, of course, please come in!" Upon entering the foyer with his table and bag, I turn to close and lock the door. Then, I turn back to the "angle" who now standing in my foyer. I, again, "undress" his back with my eyes. I continue to say to myself, "What a hunk! Man I sure would love to have his body. Hmmm good! As he stands waiting for me, I walk front of him to escort him to my living room where the massage treatment would take place. As Manny walks into the living room he comments on the view of Manhattan Skyline and of Central Park. He then places his stuff down and quickly walks to the Floor to Scene (Bay View) Windows. As he enjoys the view outside, I enjoy the view inside – him! After a few minutes, Manny turns around to apologize for his behavior that I accept with issue. Manny then begins to set up his massage table and remove the towels, sheets and various bottles of lotion from his large duffle bay. As he was setting-up, I continue to look his muscles flex and bend as he moved around – "What a site!" Then, Manny turned to me started giving me the directions that turned me back to reality, again! He told me that he was going to leave the room for a few minutes. While he was out, I was to remove my robe and lie down on face down on the table; I was then to pull the top sheet over my body. It was then that I decided to get into character, become "Brian Kinney," So; I dropped my robe in front of him. Manny's eyes widened, yet he said nothing. His eyes glazed down at my 5" uncut soft dick. When spoke to me, his only words, "Okay then! (Pause) You were supposed to wait for me to leave the room. Well then, (pause, sallow) lay down on the table by placing your dick, sorry, (clearing his throat) your body, between the sheets. Sorry about that he said to me" I then position myself on the table; yet without the sheet in order for Manny to focus his eyes on my round butt cheeks. During this period of time there was total silence. I could feel the energy level raise in air - thick enough to cut it with a knife.

Suddenly, I could felt a sheet coming down on top of me. I could hear Manny grab a bottle from the nearby table and rub its contains onto his hands. Then, he began to massage my neck, shoulders and upper back with his powerfully strong arms and hands. While he spread the lotion over my upper body, I felt them become relaxed and warm. Usually during a massage, I want quiet; yet Manny started to converse with me, so we talked. He wanted to know about me; i.e., what I did for a living, how long I have been doing it, even if I was in a relationship. The last question was very odd because I have never had it asked of me while on the massage table. When I am with a stranger, I am very guarded; yet, for some usually reason, I felt as if I was compelled to answers Manny's questions without hesitation.

As Manny began to massage my lower body, he slowly removed the top sheet, instead of placing it between around the middle of butt cheeks, he remove the sheet entirely. This, too, I felt was odd behavior for a massage therapist. Also, the notion being spread over my body seemed to have a very strong smell that was unfamiliar to me. Even though I felt the behavior was out of the route, I could not get myself to question him about. As if some outside force of preventing me for any questions,

Manny's hands were now rubbing my butt cheeks with the lotion. They, too, were feeling warm, yet relaxed. There was a tingling feeling over them. As I felt his hands rubbing firmly on my ass, I began to shake. He then immediately placed each of his hands on each of my cheeks while slowly, yet firmly massaging the lotion onto them. As he massaged each cheek massage, I could feel a hand and a fingertip slowly gilding itself into my butt crack thereby touching even so slightly the base of my asshole. The feeling got me to become so aroused that I felt pre-cum forming inside my penis. My mind was fighting the feeling of wanting to cum. Yet, I was becoming so excited by the touch of Manny hands on my butt cheeks. He seemed to be spending more time on them than he had on the other parts of my body. Even though I felt that I should say something, I was unable to get the words out of my mouth. Why, I asked myself? This is definitely so odd for me. Could I have become putty in his hands? Well, I thought to myself, just relax. He is in the driver's seat, now! Besides you had a hard day in the office, it is about time you allowed someone else to take control.

As Manny finishes massaging my ass muscles, he does my legs and feet. As he touches my feet, he began conducting Reflexology. He comments on how different areas of my feet reflect parts of my body. He found one spot that caused for me to almost fly off the table. When I calmed down, he apologized for "touching a nerve." If this had happened in past with another therapist, I would have been out the door demanding for the guy to be fired. Yet, Manny seemed to have a calming affect on me. So, I accepted his apology and lay back down on the table with my face since on looking at the floor. Then Manny approached me from the front, as to massage my head, his mid-section was now press towards the top of my head. I got this unexplainable feeling that he was pressing his package against my head. Yet, the feeling passed shortly. As he continued to ask me more very personal questions, I continued to answer them. As if I was being interviewed on a talk show, "This is Your Life!" As I gave him detailed information on my life, Manny continue to quietly listen. My mind wondered why he was so interested in me. These probing questions were far beyond the normal conversation between a client and a therapist. Yet, again, I could speak the words to inquire why.

During a brief period of silence, I decided to ask Manny some personal questions about himself. He was not as forthcoming with his responses as I was with him. I got the impression that he was hiding something. Maybe this was what Steve "picked up" in the interview with Manny that got Steve to feel uncomfortable about hiring him. Anyway, Manny did inform me that worked out daily and that he can bench-press 200 lbs. etc. He freely described his workout route in great detail to me with great pride, as if I was taking notes. He shared with joy his accomplishments in the area of weight training. When I said to me, "Your parents and family must be very proud of you!" there was silence. As I could sense that I touch a nerve, at a few moments of silence, I inquired about his love life. Hey, I figured he asked me several very personal questions, so it was only fair I did the same to him. At first he was quiet than he talked and talked and talked, non-stop! Many started with a sigh before saying to me, "Mr. Marcus!" I interrupt him by telling me to call me, "John, everyone else does!" "John," Manny continues, "Even though we do not know each other, I, for some unexplainable reason, feel as if I can trust you. So, I was going to tell you about myself. This stuff that I have never told a soul until now! Please," as he places both his hands on my shoulders, "promise me you never tell my boss, Steve! What I am about tell me could get me fired!" After a few minutes of silence, I agree to Manny's plea. Feeling assured that his now has a confident, Manny mentioned that he came out when he was 15 years old and that he had moved away from a small rural town in Texas near the Mexican border to escape from his father who was a drunk. His mother, God bless her, was the sweetest lady. She raised us – 4 boys and 1 girl. My father was a mean man. Whenever he came home drunk, he would hit my mother. When my sister was about 6 years old, he raped her. He continued by telling me that decided to become muscular to fight his father and the bullies in school who were both picked on him because he was gay. So, when he turned 17 years old, his came home late drunk again, He entered our bedroom, all the children slept in the same bedroom of our two-bedroom house. When tried to get on top of my sister, I grabbed him and threw him against the wall. He fell to the floor. When he got up, he stumped to the kitchen where he grabbed a knife off the table and ran towards me. As he was drunk, he could not walk evenly, so it was easy for me to tip him. When he fell, the blade of the knife was towards him thereby killing him. My mother and family yelled for me to leave immediately and to never return. As I was about to leave with my few possessions in a bag, I turned around and side my family crying over my father's dead body. Only my sister ran to me. She gave me a kiss good-by. As I was a few feet away from the house, my heard my mother yelling my name, so I turned around. When with met in the middle of the street, she gave me her favorite and only rosary with a kiss of good-by. Mama told me,
I will pray for you, Mario."

Mario!" I said. Mario, now known as Mario continued while massaging my upper body for the third time. Anyway, he moved away from his hometown and travel throughout out Texas, the Mid West and New England. When he was working as a stripper at a club in Dallas, A young twenty-something guy approached him. The guy was regular customer. After several private dances, the guy who was lawyer took me to his home where I became his "boy toy!" He taught me a lot about the gay lifestyle and gay sex. He allowed me to stayed long enough to finish his G.E.D. Later, he got me "papers" with another identify so that I could become a Fitness Instructor and Massage Therapist. Of course, I had to pay him back. So, I continued to strip until I earned enough money to pay off my debt. I got my first job working as a massage therapist. After about a year and half, he informed me that earned enough money; so I moved to Boston, MA. because I just wanted to away from the "Red Necks." To me Boston seemed the place for me to start anew. There he got a job as Fitness Instructor at an exclusive country club that catered to bored housewives and spoiled rich kids. The owner took him under his wing and showed me the ropes of running the place. After a couple years, Mario went on mention that became an Assistant Cub Manager. Yet, when one of the members son's found out about my past, he treated to expose me if I did not agree to have sex with him – he was only 16 years old. When I refused, he told my boss about my past as a male dancer. My boss did not care. So, the member's son started to stock Mario that caused a lot of problems for him at work and in my personal life. He even said that I tried sexually harassing him. After an investigation in the claim, they could find no evidence and the case was dropped against me. Anyway rather than stay, I left to work at another spa in a nearby city. Later I heard the boy accused another employee at the club of the same thing and the case of also drop. Afterward the boy had gone help. At the other spa, I only did massage therapy. I enjoyed the place and the people. Everyone was like a family to me. Yet, when the owner died of bone cancer, his wife decided to sell the gym to a developer who closed the place and leveled the building. So, here I am in Manhattan. Manny let out a heavy sigh. Afterwards, thanked him for trusting me and I told him I would definitely not tell Steve of our conversation this evening.

Now Mario's comfort level was one of trust, so I inquired about his sex life. (The big question!) Incredibly he answered the question without any hesitation. He stated that he was versatile; yet, he enjoyed doing the "69" position because he enjoyed having his cock sucked while he was sucking off the other guy. He also liked to rim a guy; actually "finger" him, not lick his hole. He enjoyed deep mouth kissing; i.e., "stuck face." As he knows and as practiced most of the positions, he these were the ones he uses the most often. When I asked him what male body part he admired the most, he informed me that he enjoyed the cock first then the butt. The cock needed to be at least 5" in length when hard and the butt had meaty, definitely not flat! The more the meat the better, he mentioned to me. Manny ended by making the comment to me, "Well, your bod does meet my requirements!" When he slaps my ass. This took me by surprise – speechless!

As Mario moved towards the front of the table, I lifted my head. Mario was standing with his back towards me. There directly in front of my face, only a distance of three feet was Manny firm bubble butt, looking directly at me like two beautiful mellows. My heart felt as if it skipped a beat, as he would shift his weight from side-to-side; thereby causing his cheeks raise and lower each time. As I became entranced by his beautifully hard ass, I felt my cock growing longer and longer. This caused for me to lift my up my torso in order to accommodate my growing specimen. Also, my heart began to beat quicker and quicker. I also felt my facial cheeks become warmer. Actually, my entire body began to feel a lot hotter. In the darkness of the room, I saw Mario take another bottle of oil from the shelve and begin rubbing it onto his hands while still talking to me about he love making skills.

Suddenly, without any forethought, as if possessed by some uncontrollable force, I took my arm from my side and reach over with my hand and grabbed Mario's right cheek butt and pinched it. As I did this, Mario dropped the bottle of oil from his hands onto the floor and gave a yep. He then turned around and knelt down towards me and he placed his arms at the edge of the headrest – we were now face-to-face, eye-to-eye. As I was unsure what Mario was going to do, I asked myself what would Brian Kinney do in this situation? So, I resume the role. I immediate raised and lowered my eyebrows with a great big smile on my face. When Mario composed him, he looked at me and said with a straight face, "Look John, you are one hot guy! I really would love to take my long cut cigar shaped 7" dick and stick it inside your soft hole that is between your beautifully round butt. (Sigh) Then, I would blow you while you blown me. Lastly, I sure would enjoy fingering your hole, but (sighs, again,) I need this job, so I cannot afford to lose it for a brief hot fuck! Even though you are rich and famous men, someone who I would truly enjoy being, (pause) please keep your hands off the merchandise. Okay! Do we have an understanding, John!"? If you touch me again, it will cost you plenty." I was so dumbfound by his remarks that I was speechless.

Mario then ordered me with a strong assertive tone of voce to roll over on my back, facing the ceiling. As he proceeded with my message, he did not place a sheet cover on top of me, thereby exposing my semi-hard now 7.5: inch dick in all his glory. Also, unlike the massage he just completed on my back, Mario was no longer being gentle; he was being very rough, an aggressive – more like a deep tissue sports massage. So with my entire might, I told him to ease up, "You are hurting me!" Yet, instead Mario pressed even harder. As I had enough, I took my left leg and pushed it into his chest causing for him to fall back and trip onto the floor. Then, I raised my torso off the tabletop and looked down at him on the floor. Even though I was pissed off, I became very concerned about Mario's well being – I was having overwhelming feeling of compassion for him. Naked, I knelt down beside him. I kept apologizing for my behavior while I helped him to his feet.

Now on his feet, Mario stood close to me. His dark black eyes seemed to be looking directly into my soul. Even though the room was warm, I felt a chill. Mario took his right hand and placed it behind my head and pushed me towards him. I found my mouth opening wider and wider as we got closer and closer. Then, I felt his tongue inside my mouth. As our tongues touched, I felt my body become weak, like a lump of clay. The experience bought back faded memories of my very first deep mouth kissing with a guy. I was only a teenager, freshman in high school. He and I were both nervous, yet excited as we kissed each for the very first time, "virgins." The memories of very long ago started to flood my mind. I begin to remember events that I had long forgotten, some joyous and some painful; i.e., when I "came out" to when I my parents died. As we continue our deep mouth kissing, my mind continues to flash past memories like onto a projection screen. This was an experience I did not want to have happen to me. While the "projector" continues to roll, I continue to search inside my head for the off switch or the plug to make this stop. Yet, I was unable make the experience stop. Everything was happening so quickly, too quickly.

When what felt like an eternity, Mario pushed me away and onto the carpeted floor face up. He then kneed down on my chest. Slowly he removed his white T-shirt from his massive chest. As he did, I saw his well-defined eight-pac abs. Then, I noticed his large guns and shoulders. His upper body was like of a Greek god. As he removed the black belt from his 32" waist that held up his white tight fitting jeans (as if he pouring himself into them,) I struggled to free myself. Yet, weight of his body was too heavy for me. As I tried so desperately to get free, Mario moved his pelvic area backward, directly on top of my unexposed dick. Using a quote from the movie, "All About Eve," Mario said, "Fasted your seatbelts, it is going to be a bumpy drive." Then he let out a demonic laugh. When he stoked my cock by moving his pelvis back and forth, faster and faster. My cock was aroused and pre-cum was developing inside the sack of my uncut dick. I had feelings of confusion. I am the one who was always in control both in the bedroom and in the office. Now, I am being forced to submit myself to young aggressive stud. Part of me wanted to fight with everything I had to get this guy off me and escape; yet, another part just wanted Mario to continue being the alpha male in this " game. "

My mind was filled with sensations. Suddenly, without warning, I shot my load. It flew straight into the air like a rocket upon lift-off. Then as my cum fell over my pelvic area and lower abs, I felt a shiver. Then I got a sense of calm. Mario looked me with a big smile on his face while reaching back and with his large hand he took some of my cum onto the palm. Then, he took his hand of my cum and licked it with his long tongue like a young boy would whom was enjoying his ice cream. Then he said, "Oh boy, your cum sure does taste good – ‘just like candy!'" Then he started singing the "Good and Plenty" Song, used in the 60's television commercial for the candy of the same name. "How does he know this song?" I said to myself, this was before he was born. This was my favorite candy as a boy. He using his arms likes the wheels of a locomotive engine moving back and forth and back and forth. All the time Mario was sitting on top of me looked down at my face covered with perspiration. In a demonic-like voice, Mario said, "Well, John, are ready for even more fun?" Based on my facial expression, Mario then said, "What you thought this was it! Oh, no! (He chuckled) This is only the beginning of our game." "What game?" I asked him. I got no response. He only gave a smirk.

While resting one foot at a time on my chest, as if I was watching a slow motion film, Mario removed his shoes and socks. Then he stripped off his extremely tightly fitted jeans from his firm body. When, he stripped his paints down passed his tree trunk sized thighs to his ankles, his beautiful melons popped out. He then slowly lowered his body onto my chest with his butt rested on my stomach. His mouthwatering melons were now facing in my direction. He very slowly slides his butt into my face. My body was shaking with excitement - I was actually going to be able to feel his gorgeous cheeks up close and personal. As his butt got closer and closer, I felt my cock tent up and causing my pre-cum to quickly develop inside my sack and small droplets to spill out and run down my long erected shaft. Then as Mario said, "Come and get it, big boy!" he lifts his pelvis allowing his long cock to touch my lips. As his penis rolled over my lips, they pushed open causing his dick plop inside. He then grabbed my rod with his large Hispanic right hand, opened his mouth and began suck my now long hard 8" cock of mine – we were now doing a "69." His mouth engulfed my cock while suck it ever so gently in an up and down motion. Yet, I sucked his dick quickly. So, Mario shot his load into my mouth quicker than I did in his mouth. I swallowed every drop of his liquid down my throat with a big gulp. As I did, Mario immediately stopped sucking me. When he stopped, he said, "Sounded like you enjoyed it! Well, John, we almost there. I know you are going to enjoy this next part. I know you want my ass, baaad! So, tell me John, how much you want my ass? Hey, why don't you describe my ass to me? What is it about my ass that what you what to have it? Wow, why don't you tell how much you wish you had my body with this ass! (Silent) Tell me!" He shouted.

On command I told him that his bunns were shaped like beautifully ripe melons. How side-by-side they were perfectly symmetrical. How I just wanted to poke them to ensure that they were real. I told him how I just want to reach out and squeeze them. Then I said to him, "I want to fuck you in your ass until those beautiful dark black eyes feel as if they are going to pop out of your head. Yes, I wish I had your ass. Yes, I want your body! I wish I was you!" I want to be in my twenties again, I want to fuck around without a worry in the world. So, yes, yes, yes, I want to be you, Mario!" I shouted my last statement in the confirmative. Mario, again, gave out his demonic laugh and said, "Well, John, I, too, want to be you. I want to rich and famous like you. I want to use of influence to do good in the world. Using your looks and money I would find me a lot of trophy boys who look like me - enjoying a lot of one-night stands before settling down with "Mr. Right." As you I would not have be fearful that one day I could be caught and thrown into prison. As you I would be an openly gay man. Wow, what a wonderful feeling that would be. As you I could so much. (Pause) John, I not believe my ears; yet, what I just said is all-true. I want to be John Marcus, you! (Pause) I want to be John Marcus, you!" (Pause) Then with his perching black eyes, he looks directly at me, "John, tell me again that you want to be me, please!" (Pause) "John, tell me again, please! You just said it, so say it again!" He stables me in the face and said, "Tell me! Fearful of how this situation was going to play out, I decided to remain quiet. Then Manny said to me, "John repeat after me, "I want to be Mario Sanchez. Repeat it, John! I want to be Mario Sanchez. Repeat it!" Again, Mario (aka, Manny) slaps my face, harder this time – a "bitch slap!" Then, I speak up, "Yes, I want to be Mario Sanchez, aka, Manny Rodriquez! I want to have his amazing body, now!" Your wish is my commend!" Said Manny whom is now known as Mario responded.

So, he rolled over with his butt sticking up allowing me to fuck him. I then fucked, fucked and fucked him for what seemed hours. We fucked in every possibly position found in the book "The Joy of Gay Sex." Mario even licked my hole a few times - an experience was that orgasmic! He even allowed me finger his hole, frequently. During our fucking sessions, we shot hour loads onto the tile floor several times that caused large deposits of sperm. Whenever we fucked, he would moan and then ask each other to fuck some more.

After a while, Mario and I both became exhausted so we rolled onto our backs facing the ceiling. As I rolled over from being on top of Manny, he rolled to his right causing for me to fall into his large pile of sperm and for him to roll into mine. As I lay there I felt the hot liquid pour into my pores. Mario then took his hands and begin spread his white rich liquid over my body. Then, my body began to shake violently, as if I was going into spasms. As I my body shook, Mario sat up and looked down on at me. He then took my sperm from the ground and begins to spread it all over himself. Then Mario lay down besides me. As I continue to shake, I look over at Mario. His body is also shaking; the muscles in my body begin to change their shape and size. Our thighs, legs and feet change shape, too! The color of my skin change pigment. Then our faces become distorted. We both shout in pain that was beyond description. During the transformation, due to high level of pain, our fingers touch each other. Due to the pain, we screamed in unison, help me! As if someone would bust would the apartment door to help us.

After what seemed like hours of discomfort and pain, I found myself lying on the cold tile floor of my apartment looking up at the ceiling. As I slowly got myself up, I could feel different; yet, my body was still feeling weak. I recalled that before the "event" the lights in the apartment where on. Now the place was dim. When I finally got myself off the floor, I walked towards the massage table. I used it as a brace for my body until it fully regained its strength. While hold it, I looked around the room for Manny (or was it Mario?) I was confused. The only evening seemed like a nightmare to me. Anyway, there was no sign of anyone else in the room. Yet, I heard the shower running in the distance. As I approached my bedroom door, I opened it. The room was well lit from sunlight beaming through the open. "Wow," I said to myself, "it is morning already. I wonder how long I was out? What in the hell did that massage therapist do to me? Did we switch bodies?" Just then the shower stopped running and the door to the bathroom opened. There stood a guy who looked exactly like me. He was toweling himself off directly in front me without saying a word to me. Then as he looked up, his towel fell to the floor. He yelled, "No, this can't me. I'm me! You're me!" No, I'm me! I was stared by his statement and confused why this man looked like me and why he was in my apartment. He rushed over to me and began to touch my body while continuing to say, "No, No, No! This was not supposed to happen! " He then grabbed me by my shoulders and rushed into the bathroom where he placed me directly in front of the fully length mirror.

There we stood. Both of us were completely naked as newborn baby. When I saw the reflection in the mirror, I saw standing side-by-side the man who looked like me and myself. This man said, "We were supposed to have changed bodies. When I got up, you were in my former body and I was in this one. There was supposed to me an exchange not a duplication." "What!" I retorted. "Look," my double said to me, "Steve set this whole thing up. He knew how you wanted to young again. To live the life you apparently missed out of as you were growing up. He also knew if you could back into someone else, my former self would be the one. So, Steve told me of his plan for me to perform a massage on you in your apartment during this long weekend. He gave me the bottles of lotion with the instructions on how to make the switch. Apparently he found the spell and the stuff in his travels to South America a few years ago. Oh, Steve and I have been switching bodies for the past year now. It has been a lot of fun, too! Anyway, when he told me of his plan, I was hesitating. Then, one day while I was in Steve's body and you were in the gym showering, I approached you. We spoke for a few minutes. During that time, I was looking you over, every part. I liked what I saw. Then, I switched with a couple of your office staff and clients to get a better idea of what made to tick. Lastly, I switched bodies with the guy who picked you up at the bar last weekend. Oh, of course do not remember. I blocked it out of your mind. Afterward, I told Steve that I would do the switch. Steve mentioned to me that in order for the spell to work long term or even permanently, both parties would have to agree to the switch. Steve even told me now to get you to agree. So, again, I do not understand what happened. You should be in the body of Manny Rodriquez right now instead of John Marcus. Then, if you are in your body and I am in this body which is a duplicate of yours, where is my old body?" (Silent) I then repeated in my own words what my double just said to me in order to comprehend the situation. We then agreed that since Steve is the key person involved in this situation, he should be here to fix it. So, my double picked my cell phone and called him pretending like everything event as happened with the body switch; yet, the new "Manny" was a problem. So he had to knock him out and he is tied up in the living room. My doubt put the call on speaker so I could hear the whole conversation. Steve's response, "Okay, I'll be right up!"

As my double disconnected the call, he asked me that while we are waiting for Steve, to look around the apartment for his former body. Oddly, I agreed. Together we search the various rooms of my (or our) 10,000 sq. ft. penthouse apartment. As we got to the third room that I used as a second office, my double told me to open the door. When I entered, my double was directly behind, close enough that I felt his dick (my dick) touch my ass. Then, suddenly, I felt a blow to my head causing me to fall to the floor. When I woke up, I arms were tied to the headboard and my legs to the baseboard of my sled bed in my second guest bedroom. There was also tape over my mouth.

As my eyes looked around the room as I struggled to free myself, I saw my doubt looked over me. "Good, you are awake, now! Sorry about have to hit you over the head. Yet, I had to do something until Steve came here. Anyway (as my double sat down next to me on the right side of the bed) I have good news and some bad news. Knowing you, as I am you now you, I will start with the good news. Apparently the reason why you did not switch into my old body permanently was because you did not take the transformation seriously, you though it was some kind of sex game. Well, wrong! Anyway, also, ‘we found the body.' The body is trapped inside you. Yes! (He said with a grin on his face.) So, tonight we are going get my old body out of you. (Aaaa, he said with a sad face.) I know you don't what this to happen; yet, I am sorry, it is going to be. Oh, I know it is going to hurt, but you will come out okay. (Then he gets up onto his feet and towers over me.) Now, here comes the bad news. In order for this transformation to work where I stay in this body and switch to my former body, I have to get to want to be me, well my former self. Otherwise, I sorry to say, I will have to kill you and dispose of the body because there cannot be two John Marcus'.

As there was tape over my mouth it made difficult to speak, I could only make sounds and shake my body. My double then proceeded to open the door to my closet and rummage through my clothes. He then said to me, "Well, John, the time is now 8:00 am on a Saturday morning of a long weekend. So, I am going to hit the gym for a couple of hours to enjoy my new body. Oh, I plan on developing my muscles, give them more size. I sure you won't mind. (He laughs.) While I am away, you are going to watch this video. This video was developed by someone in my former life who filmed me stripping and when I did gay porn. There were some excellent shots of my former ass, even close ups. I know how much you loved my ass." As you was ready to leave the bedroom, he turns back at me and said, "As you know there are no neighbors and the floor in well sound-proof. The tape is over your mouth to prevent you from become horse and make you focus more on the video. Also, remember you gave Maria, the housekeeper the weekend off. Therefore, lay back and enjoy the show. I see you in a few hours." My double gives out a demonic laugh as he leaves the room closing the door behind him.

During his absence, the video continues to loop around continuing to show Manny stripping naked and fucking guys in various positions. The closes up of his butt were amazing. As hard as I tried to control feelings, I shot my load several times, making a mess on the covers and myself. Also, the television was on surround sound that added to the excitement. As I continued to watch the video, I begin to have this desire to become him. There were moments that I felt the same pain in my body of last night during the change. One time, I was able to turn my head in the direction of the vanity mirror on the closet door and saw my present body start to change into Manny's body. Then, the pain stopped and my body returned to its original form.

After a few hours, my double returned wet with sweat. Whistling, he walked into the room and turned off the television. He then came over to the bed and looked at me. He let out a short laugh and said, "My, my aren't you a mess! So, it looks like you enjoyed it! Yet, the enjoyment was not enough to switch into Manny. Therefore, I have only until 8:00 pm to figure out why because I really want to keep this body and life. You really are a good guy, so I really and truly do not want to kill you. So, I am going to take this tape off your mouth. While I get out of these gym clothes, take another shower; we are going to have a conversation. Okay!" He then takes the tape off my mouth and undresses himself in front of me causing me to become aroused.

Nude, my double, climbs onto the bed and sits next to me. I could smell his smell that got me even more excited that my dick flagged up and pre-cum started to slow leak out. As my double noticed my excitement, he took his right hand and grabbed my rod and started to stoke it up and down. As he continues stoking my rod, my body shook. My double then opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue and began to lick my sperm. As his tongue touch to tip of my uncut cock, my body stood some more and I tell out a loud moan. I, again, shot out my stuff. This time it landed inside his mouth. He swallowed it with a big gulp. He continue stoking my cock, licking my pre-cum and swallowing my cum for at least an hour. Afterward, he got off the bed and positioned his butt directly over my shaft. He then reached around and grabbed my dick while slowly lowering himself onto it. Once my cock was inside his hole, he used his body to go up and down on my penis. His motion quicken with time. Suddenly we both in unison gave out a loud moan while we shot our load. My load shot into his hole and his flew across the bed and hit the baseboard. He continued for at least a half-an-hour. When we both felt tried from having sex, he stopped and got himself off of me. My double took his right hand reach around towards his ass. He then took his hand and placed between his cheeks. He used his hand to pick up any white liquid that had leaked out from his hole after sex and placed his hand of sperm to his mouth and began to lick it. Just like he did last night while we were having sex. Afterward, he smiled down at me and said, "Mmmm Good!" As he stood directly next to me at the head of bed, he began to whack-off. As his load developed his large uncut dick, he jumped on top of me, forced my mouth open with his other hand and pushed his cock inside my mouth as it unload itself. He sighed with relief afterward. The stuff lay inside my mouth; yet I refused to sallow it that cause for him to become upset at me. So, he reach for my throat and stoked it up and down causing for his liquid to drip down my throat forcing me to swallow his (or my) cum.

My double said, "Good boy, John! Now that we got the sex out of the way, as I agreed, the rest this time is for us to talk. Ask me any question and I will give you an honest answer. (Silence) Oh, come on John you must have a million. (Silence) Well, since I am you, I know your thoughts. So I will begin. First, you are wondering why Steve is mixed up? Great question, John! (Pause. He pulls up a chair next to the bed.) Well, Steve as you in debt up to his eyeballs. He just could not keep that cock of his inside his zipper. As you know his paying alimony and tuition that equal to amount of money he takes in at the gym, actually more. Yep, he has been taken a second on the condo and there is lean on the business, too! Oh, Steve has been using his credit cards to pay his bills in his business, etc. So, Steve is in very bad shape. Anyway, you are in excellent shape financially and as his business partner you annually have an audit done on the companies books – in June, right! Well, as mentioned at our first encounter, Steve found this switching lotion in South America that he has been using to keep his family, the bankers and you from finding out. Yet, time is not on Steve's side. This why he has been bugging you to sell the apartment building you both own across from NYU, the building you lived in as students. By the selling of the building Steve would be debt free. He would then sell his part of this building back to you or someone. Then he would switch bodies with some unexpecting stud muffin and resume that guy's life. Well, the "unexpecting stud muffin" was going to be me; yet, the major problem with his thinking was that he forgot about ‘you!' (Pointing his finger at me.) As Steve and I got to know each other, I convinced Steve that if I switched bodies with the real John that I would sell the apartment building giving him the equity and I would buy out his portion of this building. In turn, he would pay off his loans and fix his ‘real' books in time for the audit. Afterward what he did or became would be up to him. Again, in order this to happen, I would have to become you and you would become me. (Silence.) Then I asked question of my double, "So why did Steve just come to me with his financial problems." My double responded, "Another good question! Well, like you he was tried of his life. He wanted a change. Yet, he felt response for his actions. Therefore, he just did not want to switch bodies with someone and leave that Steve with the mess. Also, he knew you well enough that if you did sell off the building and agreed to buy this one you would never be able to look him in the eye and trust him again. There would always be this between you. He knows that by having me switch bodies with you the friendship would be never be the same even with the other Steve. So, Steve was going to double switch. Switch first with a guy who old and his death bed than switch with a young stuff. The old guy continues running the gym in a fit body while the Steve later switches with a young stud for money. The young stud in the old guy's body dies and his former self's family inherits a million dollars. Not a bad deal." (Silence) Oh, is it getting a little chilly in here? Forgive me while I showed and change into some for this evening. If you have any more questions go ahead ask them while I am in the shower. I can hear."

Even though I had more questions, I do not want to shout them over the running water so waited for my double to come out the bathroom. When he walked out of the bathroom, he was again, naked with dick swinging around from side-to-side as he walked around the room. He butt cheeks would bounce up and down as he walked, too! See him, again, got me excited. So, I said, "Are you doing this on purpose?" (Silence.) Now what you and Steve had plan and why, my question, what were you going to do with me if the switch had been successful?" "Wow, you truly ask some great questions! Well, you would assume my former life as Massage Therapist at the gym. I would become your steady clients who tips you extremely well. Now, you would provide me with a few extras for those big tips. Oh, you would not remember anything about your former self or of our switch. After the building near NYU has been sold and Steve receives the equity check from the bank and he sells his part of the building to me who in turn sell the entire building including the business and this place, of course, every long term employee like Teresa would receive a monthly salary for a year with benefits followed by a lump sum of money for them to live very comfortable. You would be playing the field, having a tick or two a day, working out at the gym, then when you hit thirty-something, you will receive a sum of $1million from me to do as you please. Oh, I decide to let you keep your knowledge of finance if you decide to agree to this switch this evening. Now, if I kill you ... (Silent) Well, John, the bewitching hour grows near. So, do "ourselves" a favor and agree to become Mario Sanchez (aka Manny Rodriquez– you will not be sorry! Just to assist you with your decision, he turns to the DVD Player. He places another DVD inside the player and places a set of 3D glasses with earphones on my head. Then, he turns on the set and the player. Mario stripped and performed oral sex in a "69" position on the video and I heard his sex partners moan with pleasure as his shot out his load that became too much for me to bear. So, my body stood as if being exorcised. As the video continued to loop, the more and more excited I became. Suddenly, the excitement turned in to pain. I felt my body changing into Mario. After about an hour, the pain stopped and my body felt weak of energy. John removed the headset with a huge smile on his face. He sat down next to me on the bed. He looked me while he gently touching my body starting with my face and slowly gliding it down to my cock. When looked down at myself, I noticed that my abs and pelvis where covered with seed and I also smelled of snuck.

As I reach over to touch John hand I asked him with a heavy Hispanic accent, "What happened to me? Where am I? How did I get on this bed?" Wow, I am so sorry John, I truly do not know a thing." John responded, "Do not worry about Manny. You gave me an excellent massage last night, one I will never forget. Afterward, since we both had no other place to go, you stay here at my place. We drank, a lot. As you usually drank beer, I introduced you Spirits for the first time. You drank a few glasses of Scotch straight up and started to feel light head. You told me that you had not eaten since 2:00 pm that why you felt odd. So, I helped you up off the couch were up threw up over yourself. As your host, I could not allow you to leave with vomit on your clothes; therefore, I took the liberty of removing your shirt and pants. Oh, taking your pants off was not easy. You must have to use a very large shoehorn to squeeze your large butt and tree truck legs inside. Anyway, I put on you one of my bathrooms and escorted you into my bedroom. During the night you must have become aroused therefore cum on your body and the snuck. Oh, the glasses were placed on your head as eyeshades so you would sleep even when the sun enters the room." (Silence.) Then I spoke, "Wow, John I am truly sorry making such a mess for you. I do not know what to say or what to do to make it up to you. Please do not tell Steve! I really need this job. Please!" "Don't worry about it! Since Steve and I have good friends since college, I called him up last night and told him to keep you on because you gave me the best massage ever! So, relax Manny. Hey, go ahead and use my shower to clean yourself up. Your clothes are in the dryer." Said John. "Gee thanks, John!" I got up off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. John laid down on his bed watching me. As I got inside I noticed the vanity mirror and stopped and began to exam my body. I noticed the size of my guns and my V-Shaped upper body. I slowly touched my 8-pac abs feeling every muscle with my fingers. As I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I reached my hands to touch my nibbles with my fingers. I felt their firmness, life hard tiny little dots potting out of me. As I continued touching my pecs, I allowed them to individually jump up and down in ryythm. The feeling was incredible. Then, I examined my large cut cigar shaped cock by placing it inside the palm of my right hand while bounding it up and down. Each time it fell into my hand, it grew in length. As my dick became full length, I turned to my right side. I then took my left hand and reach over to touch my right ass cheek. I caressed my cheek with my hand that was followed by me placing my wide finger between my cheeks and fingering myself. This was so arousing for me that I shoot out my load onto the bathroom floor with a very loud and long moan. I thought to myself that I had the most amazing body. What man would not desire it? As I thought that message, I immediately turn to the door and saw John sitting on the bed face me and stoking himself. Immediately I realized that I got to have this guy want me. A guy his age alone needed a stud like to keep him happy in the bedroom. So, turned again facing the mirror. My big huge ass was in John's direction. I switched my weight of my body using my legs from side-to-side that caused my butt muscles to move up and down. I used my hands to spread my cheeks apart exposing my hole. This caused John to moan even louder. Through the mirror I saw John get off the bed, holding his dick in his right hand, he rushed towards me. So, I quickly stepped into the shower and turned on the water. As I closed the shower door, John just stood there with his penis in his hand looking very dumbfounder. As I took the soap and laddered myself up, I heard the toilet flush and I heard John say, "Damn it! That was perfectly look stuff, too!" When I stepped out of the shower there stood John naked as a jaybird. He motioned for me to come closer. As I did we were look into each other's eyes. I took my hand a reach around the back of John's neck and slowly drew him closer to me. As our heads touch each other's, we began to kiss. First on the lips than our mouths opened and our tongues reached inside touching each other. Our cocks began to hit each other as they grew with excitement. Our bodies began to sweat, too! Then, I touch John torso and turned him around having his back towards me. John tried to resist; yet, I was too strong for him. I gentle slid my throbbing dick between his butt cheeks and into his hole. As I did this, John gave out a short morn. So, I was pleased with myself. Then, I began to butt fuck John until my load shot all the way into his hole. Again, he moaned and I pleased with myself. When I pulled out, droplets of liquid went drop John's cheeks and legs. As the warmth of my load rolled itself down his body, John began to stake his butt causing them bound around. What a beautiful sight I said to myself as I took my large tanned hands and touched both of his cheeks, giving each one firms pinch. John turned himself around quickly and looked directly into my eyes and said with a chuckle, "Hey, hands off the merchandise!" I push him backwards onto the bed and perform the "69" position. We shoot each other's loads inside our mouths and swallow every drop. We continue to have sex in about every position imaginable before John fell asleep in my arms. As you lay there, I thought to myself, "Well, you're me now! So, joy the fun while it lasts because tomorrow Mario will get his revenge.

A four years have pasted since the body switch. Steve is still Steve. He is now in prison for "cooking the books!" Oh, his plan to get the other John to sell the buildings and pay off his loans and be debt free, switch bodies with a old dying man, worked." Except for one error, "me!" As I had regular excess to the gym, I was able to find the other set of book that I copied and later gave to the police. When the old man found out that the switch was done for nothing because Steve was going go to prison, the switching spell did not work; i.e. in order for the change to become permanent both parties have to agree to the switch. Anyway, I gave the old guy the use of spell so that he could switch with the cute orderly. The orderly inherited millions dollars and quite his job at the hospital and lived a life of leisure eating only organic and health foods and exercising regularly. Now, in regard to John, Well, he was my regular customer and he did tip very well as I provided him with a few extras besides the message. The reason I did this was simple, I wanted to keep tabs on him. I wanted to know his plans before they developed into a financial nightmare. Also, I had Teresa supervising John and informing of every business decision. Oh, it did not take Teresa more than an hour to realize the guy who looked, talked and even acted (at times) like John was not really John. Anyway, John's plan to sell off the residential/office building did happen; yet, I had to do some body switching with a few other people to get the price I wanted the building. Of course John was too busy getting fucked, daily, he really did notice anything odd. Well, one day while John and I had just had hours of non-stop sex, he mentioned that wanted to sell the company and keep all the money for him. He mentioned that he would develop a dumpy foundation in which to channel his money. He wanted to open up a high-class stud farm in Upper Manhattan. The place would be filled with the hottest looking guys (bisexual) who were performing sex for gals/guys for the price of $5,000.00 an hour. Right there and than I got the message, "Houston we have a problem!" So, again, through the use of body switching spell the idea never developed. The employees became shareholder of the company; thereby keeping there jobs. John decided to retire after he lost his chance and become a "Mister or was it a Madam" followed by the employees taking control of the company; thereby voting out. Oh, when the police chief who was a straight laced Social Conservation Republic heard of John's plan to have the "Best Little Whorehouse" in his district, well, needless to say, they had a little talk. The chief showed John a DVD that caused him quickly changes his mind. The pictures, well, they came by me. They show John using black magic in his apartment to cast spells. If this video was ever to be released to the public, he would be a labeled an "outcast" by the rich and powerful, the ones who would be using his services. The last I heard that the whole experience caused John's body to age rapidly. He is now in an Assisted Living Facility someplace in Texas, alone! As for myself, well, I am still hot and sexy. I work out regularly at my gym; yes, I now own my own gym. Actually, I own several gyms across the New England. The gyms are plain, very few ‘bells and whistles" in order to keep the cost of membership reasonable. Unlike most chain gyms, mine is not a revolving door were profits rules. My gym is specifically geared toward to person who wants look their best. My gym is for everyone, fat, thin, tall, short, male, female, etc. Everyone who truly wants to change the way they look. My method is easy. The member shows the instructor a picture of how s/he wants to look like in a period of time. The instructor through the use of switching bodies will give the member the opportunity to become the person of their dreams for a couple hours. Afterward, the person is implanted a message that change is good and only by going to the gym regularly will they become the person of their dreams. Now, of course, the member believes s/he experienced the person of their dreams in a dream state, never realizing it was live and in living color. When the member achieves success, s/he forgets about his/her possession to become someone else. It is a "win-win" situation. Even though I never return to architecture, my first love, I never missed it. I truly enjoy see my members obtain their goals and be very, very happy. So, personally, I have no misgivings toward Steve or Manny for their desire to switch my body. Everything worked out for the best. As the old phrase goes, "As much life changes, it remains the same!"

The End

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