Harry Osborn

By Hypnocigarboy published March 22, 2018
Peter and Eddie pay a visit to an old friend.

The Symbiote Part 4: Harry Osborn

Heading out, Peter’s suit reformed into a familiar style to the one he’d known before, just like his old red and blues, only now, it was a sleek black, and the feeling was like none he’d felt before. Every man that he turned just made him feel stronger and stronger, like they were adding to his own strength.

Eddie’s suit was similar, though, to fit his somewhat larger frame, it did make him look much more muscular. If they didn’t have a goal in mind at that moment, he would have jumped him again right there. Soon enough, They’d have their chance again though.

After flying through the city for several minutes, they finally managed to make it to Harry’s apartment. Being from such an affluent family, he managed to keep a large penthouse apartment overlooking the city. He had enjoyed visiting, it was like being in the lap of luxury, but now, he had another purpose.

Eddie waited, hidden outside by the shadow of the building, waiting for Peter to open the window and let him inside. Knocking on the door to the apartment, Harry answered the door quickly, it seemed like he’d been waiting for quite some time. “Hello? Oh!”

He opened the door wide, getting a good look at Peter. “You look…different. Trying to impress MJ now?” He joked, opening it wide and cocking his head to the side. She was known to like punk guys from time to time.

“Nah, just trying something new. Makes me feel cool.” He laughed, pulling on the jacket as he entered the apartment. He could feel the symbiote set its sights on Harry, yearning to leap free and bond yet again.

Harry was tall, similar to Peter, with shaggy black hair, and a moviestar face. Many years he’d tried out for the school plays and musicals, succeeding many times. Sadly though, he did suffer quite a lot in school and at home. At least now, Peter could give him purpose.

“So, what did you have in mind for tonight? It’s kind of late, but New York is the city that never sleeps.” Harry stepped up to the window, looking out with his hands in his pockets.

“Well, i was wondering if you might want to have a party tonight. I have a few friends that might be interested.” Peter stepped up beside him, hands in his jacket pockets.

“And who might that be?” Harry laughed, “I thought me and Gwen were your only friends?” He turned to him, raising an eyebrow. He looked so handsome, illuminated by the city lights. Soon enough, he’d be just the same.

“You might not know him now, but you’ll get acquainted soon enough.” He pressed a button on the wall, opening the window. Eddie launched himself up, perching in front of Harry and Peter. “Meet my good friend Eddie, Harry. Eddie, meet Harry.” He smirked darkly.

“Nice to meet you.” The large man spoke, leaning in, laughing, “He’s just as good as you promised us. Should we do it here?” He turned to p Peter.

“I suppose, better than out in the open. He’ll be compliant afterwards anyway.” Peter turned himself to face Harry, who had been backing away.

“W-what’s going on here Pete? Is this some kind of joke? What is this thing?” He backed against the wall, eyeing the door on the other side of the room.

“It’s fine Harry, no need to worry, honest! We just need your help! I know you’re scared now, but we can make you feel a whole lot better.” He began to walk towards him.

Harry took off towards the door, as Eddie closed the window, sliding the blinds shut. Harry could barely see the door, before bumping into the man in front of him.

“Come on Harry! Let’s hang out for a bit. Just the four of us!” He picked him up, wrapping an arm around him securely. Harry fought, but he was unable to scream. Making their way upstairs, he opened the bedroom door, letting them all inside.


Peter tossed Harry onto the bed, as he was illuminated by the light. His leather jacket and clothes had been replaced by the shiny latex suit, clinging tightly to his body. “Don’t try and run now.” He shot a web, sticking Harry’s arm to the bed.

Eddie did the same, his suit glistening in the light as his face was revealed as well. Kneeling beside him, he smiled down at the boy. “If you just relax, this feels so much…” he slid his large hand down the boy’s chest, taking off the sweater and tearing his pants, “…better.” He laughed lowly.

Peter stepped close, yanking the pants off of him. Soon, Harry was naked on the bed, staring up at the two of them as they bared down on him. “This’ll feel fantastic, i promise you that.”

The suit began to wiggle, as Harry could see the tentacles slipping out of it and coming towards him. Some even came from Eddie’s suit, laying themselves around his arms and legs, as Peter climbed onto the bed.

Pinning Harry down, he knelt on either side of him, the warm suit sitting on and coating his legs, as they too became trapped. Peter leaned in, and kissed Harry roughly, who tried to fight. Soon, the moans of defiance turned to moans of pleasure, as he continued to coat the young man’s chest in the sticky slime.

Eddie took his time as well, slipping his hand around his cock, as he leaned against the wall. Soon enough, he’d have his chance as well with Harry, Peter’s promised him that, and they’d both get their chance to bond.

His large cock was a sight to behold, clad in the tight rubber, as every slip up and down made a loud squeak, as the fabric rubbed against itself. His voice hoarse, as he moaned. The almost demonic moans began to fill the room, coupled by Peter and Harry’s.

Peter broke the kiss, as Harry looked up confused, scared, and turned on. The symbiote continued to wrap around his chest, his arms, even his neck, tightening his body to fit. His cock was left bare, as Peter slipped down.

Opening his mouth, he took Harry’s cock into his own, sucking on it. It felt amazing, as he began to suck harder. The salty taste of a past cum was evident, thanks to his enhanced taste. It made each suck that more amazing.

Slipping his tongue around the cock. He looped and tightened his tongue, as he heard Harry’s cries, begging for more. Eddie knelt over him, as he stared, terrified at Eddie’s gigantic manhood, as he brought him into a rough kiss again. Eddie’s tongue slipped into his mouth, feeling everything around in amazement. It tasted so good, and soon enough, he’d taste him any time he wished.

Peter went faster, as the tentacles coming from his suit made their way behind him, slipping up his back and pushing him against Eddie harder, as the stronger male held him tight in his arms. He was helpless against the two of them, and he loved it.

Peter could feel Harry coming close, as he greedily sucked harder, wanting to taste his seed, feed the symbiote his fair share. Soon enough, Harry quivered in Eddie’s grasp, shaking, as he shot a large load into Peter’s mouth, who let the symbiote absorb it, continuing to suck as he moaned, going limp.

The dull smile remained on his face, as he was dropped onto the bed. The symbiote still left his privates and ass uncovered, as he lay, breathing heavily, as Peter stood over him, Eddie doing the same. This isn’t over.

They let Harry take a moment, regaining himself, as he looked up to Peter, still as confused, but he had a look in his eye, he wanted more. He wanted it now. Taking him up, Eddie stood beside him, lifting the boy up, as Peter stepped up beside him.

Eddie pressed his cock against Harry’s ass, who groaned, as it slid inside slowly, lying against the symbiotic suit, that held him in place securely. Eddie pumped into him, over and over, filling the boy’s ass as Peter looked down at his cock, now was the time.

Stepping up, he wrapped his hand around Harry’s and his own cock, pressing them together, as the slime slipped around both, coating them, dripping off onto the bed, as he was continuously pounded full by Eddie.

Looking up to Eddie, the roughly kissed him again, as Peter continued to jerk them off, going steadily faster. Harry moaned louder and louder as he was pleasured three ways, seeking only more. The symbiote obliged, slipping up his face, and sliding itself into his ears, slipping into his head, coating his brain and covering it, putting him under control.

Harry arched his back, his eyes like pinwheels as he gave up his control, seeking only to be pleasured further by these two men. Eddie’s symbiotic precum slipped up, pressing against Harry’s G spot, who nearly screamed, only silenced by Eddie’s kiss, as Peter felt himself getting close as well.

Slipping his hand up and down faster, Harry could only thrash and fight, as he shot his load, filling the symbiote with his cum. It bubbled at the tip, as more and more filled it. Peter’s symbiotic cum shot up, landing onto his face and chest. Eddie groaned loudly, filling his ass with a thick heavy amount of symbiotic good, as it coated his ass, making him completely clad in the slime.

Laying him down, they both watched as the slime wrapped around the boy’s face, coating it, and hiding the wide grin underneath it, as he lay there.


Letting the symbiote do it’s work, they stepped away and began to search around his room, their normal clothes returning. Eddie reached into his closet, gripping a box, and opening it.

“He’s got the good stuff Pete.” He held up a cigar from the box. Harry was wealthy, it certainly was no surprise, but he never did take him as a cigar smoker before. Guess times are changing.

They both relaxed in the living room, taking a break as they waited on their new brother to finally wake himself up. Sure enough, Eddie could spoke him open the door, and look out over the room. He seemed tired, but confident. After what they had just done to him? It was no surprise.

Walking down the stairs, they got a good look at him. He wore their iconic jacket, only his was more formal, something to match his background, as well as a tight pair of leather pants. He walked with a newfound confidence that Peter was glad he had. Now, he was part of something much bigger, with purpose.

No longer would they walk all over him or think down of him, they’d walk beside him, soon enough, as his brothers in arms.

Taking one of the cigars from the box and lighting it, he sat back onto his couch, staring at both of them.

“How do you feel?” Peter asked, leaning forward. “Any better?” He smirked, eyeing his new outfit up and down, he certainly looked a whole lot hotter.

“Oh yeah, for sure.” He laughed, “Like a million bucks. So, why’d you pick us to join you now?” He leaned forward, curious.

“Cause your my friend, i wanted to give you a chance to join my team. Soon enough, we’ll have a whole lot more to help us, someone’s seeing to that.” Peter admitted, looking to his phone.

Eddie turned to him, “And we wanted your help. Oscorp has something that’d help us spread our web wider and faster than you’d ever imagine.” He took out a vial, raising it up.

Harry knew plenty about that. Green Gobulin,a chemical substance that helped with increasing your strength, speed, intelligence and stamina, through causing some insanity.. Now all he needed was it in mass production.

“We want to mass produce this, combined with a bit of our symbiote, as a tester product for the high school football team. If it works as planned, we’d be able to bond with anyone who drank it, without even having to do it by force.” Peter explained.

Harry drummed his fingers, standing and walking to the window, opening it and staring out. “Interesting. I suppose we could give it a shot. The more the merrier” He laughed. Soon the laugh turned to a cackle, evidently he too had taken a good share of it. Not a surprise.

Soon enough, the football team would be getting the boost they needed to take them farther than they ever could have imagined.

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