Dagger of the Mind

By Lisa Teez
published February 4, 2013

Angus looks into the mind bore and gets some new instructions

“So, Maggie,” Angus asked as he stepped into his office, “what have you got for me today?”

“It’s about the same as usual, Mr. O’Keefe. The morning’s pretty much booked up with operational stuff and Mr. Wilmsley from Sales wants to have a talk with you around eleven if you can swing it and then your afternoon looks pretty wide open.”

Angus O’Keefe shook his head. Bert Wilmsley was always worried about sales but they always made their numbers because there was always someone out there who needed what they’d to offer. There was always someone who’d reached the breaking point. There was always someone who just couldn’t take it anymore. Angus supposed that was what made Bert so good at what he did. He supposed that maybe the day that Bert stopped worrying about his numbers was the day he’d have to start worrying about Bert.

Angus leaned in close to his secretary. “So who’s the stiff?” he said under his breath.

“That’s Mr. Jacobsen,” Maggie said.

“And what does Mr. Jacobsen want?”

“He wants to talk to you about his wife.”

Well that was obvious. It was why men came to Nuuco to begin with. The company’s slogan was “We help you create a new you,” but what they really meant was we help you get a new her as in a new wife or a new girlfriend. “So why’s he want to talk with me?” Angus asked.

“He says he has a problem.”


“And he was hoping you could fix it.”

Angus nodded. It probably wasn’t so much of a problem as it was a man looking for a freebie. Usually, the freeloaders got headed off before they got up this far but if they did make it this far, he felt bound to see them even if all he was going to do was to tell them to go away and not come back until they had more money. To not see them, well it was bad for publicity and considering what some people were saying about his company, it wasn’t like Angus needed any more bad publicity and it wasn’t even like they were doing anything wrong. They were just fixing a few defects in people’s personalities but some people got all hepped up about crap like that so in spite of the fact that what he really would have liked to have done was to tell the man to take a hike, Angus turned around. “Mr. Jacobsen,” he said. “I’m Angus O’Keefe. What can I do for you?”

“It’s about my wife.”

Of course it is you smuck, Angus thought. I already knew that!

“She’s different now.”

“We’ll, that is what we do, you know.”

“Yeah, I know. I just … I didn’t think she’d be like this.”

“Why? Is there something wrong?”

“No-o-o-o,” the man said. “It’s just that she’s so … so attentive.”

“You say that as if that’s a bad thing.”

“No, I mean it’s not like I didn’t want her to pay attention to me. It’s just that … it’s just that …”

“Mr. Jacobsen, what’s your first name by the way?”

“It’s Fred.”

“All right then, Fred, I’m sure someone explained how the whole process worked, didn’t they, how the first session is what we call baselining. You know what baselining is, don’t you?”

Fred nodded but Angus went on almost as if he hadn’t.

“Baselining levels a woman out. I guess the best way to put it is it takes the edge off. A woman becomes more attentive to her man. If her man says she spends too much, she’s likely to agree. If she was a bit of a shrew before, she’s more docile after. If a woman spends all her time on the phone, she soon finds she has more time for her husband after. A lot of guys, that’s all they care about anyway.”

Fred nodded.

“But some men, perhaps a man such as yourself, they want a little something more. They’re not just satisfied with baselining so they come back here looking for enhancements. Perhaps that’s what you’d like, too.”

“I don’t know.”

“Let’s look at it this way, Fred. I’m going to be blunt with you, Fred, are there things that maybe your wife used to do but she doesn’t do anymore?”

“Like what?” Fred asked nervously.

“Things like sexual things, Fred. Are there things she doesn’t do that you wish she did?”

Fred shifted nervously. “I, um, I, well … you know …”

“Ah, I can see it, Fred. There is something, isn’t there. What is it?”

“Well, um, she … she used to suck my cock, but she hasn’t done that in years.”

“That’s not an uncommon story, Fred. A wife gets married and suddenly she thinks she’s too good to suck her husband’s cock and suddenly, even though you want it, she doesn’t want to do it or every time you do want it, she’s got a headache. Is that it, Fred?”


“Well, what if we could make her absolutely love having your cock in her mouth?”

“You can do that?”

“Of course we can, Fred. It’s what we do. After a woman’s been baselined, we can now add new feelings, new wants and new desires. I’ll tell you what, Fred. Your wife, what’s her name?”

“It’s Helen.”

“I’ll tell you what, Fred. You bring Helen in here and we’ll turn her into the best damned cock sucker that there ever was and if you’re not totally satisfied with the result, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. How’s that sound, Fred?”

“I guess that sounds okay.”

“So we’ve got a deal then?”

"Yeah, I guess.

“That’s good, Fred. That’s real good. Now I’m going to turn you over to Maggie here and we’ll get you fixed right up and I hope that when all is said and done, you’ll remember to tell all your friends and neighbors how the folks here at Nuuco took very good care of you and your wife. What do you think? Do you think you can do that?”

“I guess I could.”

Angus couldn’t help but smile to himself. Fred Jacobsen might not know it yet but he was about to become one very lucky man. By the time they were done with Helen, she wasn’t going to be just a cock sucker but she really was going to be the best. She’d be addicted to sucking cock but more than that, she’d be addicted to sucking Fred’s cock and the more she sucked Fred’s cock, the more addicted she’d become to having him in her mouth and to having his cum in her mouth, and every time he did, she’d become even more addicted to sucking his cock and well it wouldn’t be long before this one-time critic of Nuuco was singing the praises of the company.

Angus smiled to himself and to think all it would take to make that happen was to turn Fred’s wife Helen into a hungry, little cocksucker. He hardly had to look at his secretary. He knew Maggie knew what to do.

It was a week after his encounter with Fred and Angus O’Keefe was working late. He really should be getting home, the company’s chief executive told himself but if he put just a little more time in now, maybe he could take the morning off.

The lights in his office flickered and Angus looked up. What was that, he wondered, and then almost as if to answer that question, the lights went out all together.

Well heck, the man thought as he sat there in the deepening gloom and then the emergency lights came on. Heck!

Even as he sat there at his desk, there came a knock on his open door. “Mr. O’Keefe, I think we’ve got a problem.”

Angus looked up at the man’s worried face. “A problem,” he asked. “What is it?”

“I, um, I think maybe you’d better come see, sir.”

Angus didn’t have to look twice at the man to see the tension in the man’s face to know that there was something seriously wrong. “All right,” he said. “Let’s go.”

There was a group of four people gathered around one of the treatment rooms when Angus and his escort came up upon them. “What’s going on here?” Angus demanded.

One of the men turned around and Angus recognized Simon Van Gelding, looking just a little bit frazzled which for him was just about normal. “It’s Miss Noelle,” the doctor said.


“Miss Noelle. She was undergoing a treatment when the power went out.”

Angus looked into the room and just for a moment at the unconscious woman there in the treatment bed, her face poised as if looking up at the now darkened mind bore that was positioned above the bed and for a moment, Angus wondered whether Noelle was a first name or a last name. “What happened to her?”

“We don’t know. When the power came back on, we found her like that.”

“Damn. I thought we had fail safes so this sort of thing couldn’t happen.”

“We do,” said one of the techs.


The tech shrugged. “I don’t know what to say. The UPS didn’t kick in like it was suppose to and the bore went out and when the power did come on, the bore stayed dark.”

The mind bore was what allowed Nuuco to do what it did. No one else had anything like it. Angus looked at the man agin. “Damn. So how far did we get?”

The tech shrugged. “We’d just gotten started. We hadn’t really done anything. The program was just starting.”

“But she’s passed out.”

“Yes, sir. We’re not sure why. Normally, she would have been looking up into the bore.”

“I know that,” Angus said testily. “All right, fine. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to get Ms. Noelle out of there and were going to let her sleep it off. We don’t admit anything but we offer her another treatment free of charge. You got that?”

“Yes, sir, but what if she doesn’t wake up?”

That was a good question. “Call Dr. Chappell and get him down here just in case.”

“Yes, sir.”

Two of the techs carried the poor woman out of the treatment room when Angus thought he saw something in the corner. Closer inspection revealed it to be a teddy bear. Now that was damned annoying. There weren’t supposed to be any personal effects in the treatment rooms and the techs were supposed to know that. On the other hand, he knew that sometimes, that rule was overlooked. It made the patients more receptive when they had something familiar with them.

He’d just picked the stuffed animal up and he was about to follow the others out when he looked up. The mind bore was ON.

No, he told himself. No. That just couldn’t be and yet … and yet it was.

He crumpled back against the wall yet all the while, his eyes never left he bore.

He … he had to look away, he told himself. He couldn’t … He couldn’t succumb to this and yet, there he was, staring up slack jawed at the device above him.

He couldn’t look away.

He had to look and the more he had to look, the less imperative the need to look away.

When Angus came to, the mind bore was off. That might be a good thing, he thought as he pulled himself up off of the floor. On the other hand, it might be a bad thing, too. It all depended on just how long the machine had been on.

He didn’t feel any different but in a way, that wasn’t necessarily a good thing. The way this whole thing worked was you weren’t supposed to be able to know something had happened so if he thought nothing had happened, did that mean anything at all.

He staggered out of the treatment room and it wasn’t long before he found the others with a now conscious Miss Noelle. “I don’t know what happened,” the woman was saying. “I thought I saw something flicker and then the next thing I knew, I was here with you guys.”

The woman was sitting at a table with a blanket draped around her shoulders and she was sipping a cup of something. Angus couldn’t help but grimace at that. The drink was fine but the blanket, the blanket made it look like something was wrong and the last thing they needed was for the woman to go around saying that the folks at Nuuco had fucked up.

Angus stepped forward. He held up the teddy bear. “Is this yours?” he asked.

“Tiberius,” the woman cried. “I was wondering where he was.”

“I found him in the treatment room,” Angus said.

“Can I have him?”

Angus smiled even as he handed over the bear. “Why of course,” he said. “We would never come between a lady and her bear.”

The woman hugged the bear and in the back of his mind, Angus was starting to think that they might come out of this okay. The woman most clearly was not a girl but she had a rather child-like innocence and that wasn’t necessarily all that common. Some men liked their women that way and if they were willing to pay for it, well Nuuco wasn’t about to stand in their way. There was no telling if that was what had been done here but regardless, if the woman wasn’t all that savvy, it would make it easier to feed her the line that they were trying to sell.

Angus looked over at Simon. “Did you make the offer,” he said quietly.

“I did.”


“And I don’t think we have anything to worry about.”

“Good. Before we use that treatment room again though, I want to find out what happened and I want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Shut it doesn’t and route everyone else through the other rooms. You got me?”

“I got you,” Simon agreed.

“Good. I think I’m going to go home now. It’s been a real long day.”

“I hear that,” Simon agreed. “As soon as we get things cleared up here, I’m out of here, too.”

Angus went back to his office. His computer had shut down when the power glitches hit so all that remained was to pick up his coat and his laptop and he’d be on his way home.

It had been a long day he thought as he walked out into the parking lot. Yeah, he couldn’t wait to get home unless … unless he stopped off first where he could suck some guy’s cock.

For a moment, that last thought stopped him.

Where the heck was he going to find a cock to suck?

The answer to that was obvious. He had to find himself a gay bar. He’d never been to one before but now that he was thinking of it, the answer seemed perfect. A gay bar full of guys, guys who wanted to have their cocks sucked. What could be better than that?

An Internet search for gay bars revealed a place called Chaps and even better was that the place was close. What would it hurt, he told himself. What would it hurt to go there and see if he could find a cock to suck.

The place must have been a cowboy western sort of place at one time, Angus thought as he pulled into the parking lot. A big neon sign in the shape of a boot proclaimed the name of the place and other western paraphernalia adorned the outsides but there wasn’t a single pick-up truck in sight and Angus considered that a good thing. Chaps might have been a country western bar before but he was hoping it catered to a whole different set of chaps now.

Angus wasn’t sure just what exactly he was looking for until he saw the boy sitting at a table off to the side. He was probably in the low twenties. He was kind of scrawny looking with dirty lond hair but there was something about him that Angus couldn’t quite put his finger on but one look at him and Angus knew he just had to suck the boy’s cock. He walked up to the kid. “You mind if I join you?”

The kid looked up at him and he shook his head. “Not interested,” the boy said.

“How do you know? I haven’t said anything yet.”

“I’m still not interested.”


“I’m just not. That’s why?”

Mmm, Angus thought. What he wouldn’t give to get this boy into one of the treatment rooms back at Nuuco. An hour in there and he’d have the boy begging to have his cock sucked but that wasn’t likely to happen. Angus slid into a chair next to the boy. “What’s the matter?” he asked.


“Doesn’t sound like nothing to me.”

“Yeah? Why do you say that?”

“Because you’re here. Because although you’ve bought that beer, you aren’t really drinking it. Because you look like you could use a friend.”

“What are you? Some kind of psychologist?”

Angus laughed even as he sensed he was on the right track. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “Did someone hurt you?”


It was the sharpness in the boy’s tone that got Angus’s attention. “That’s it, isn’t it? Someone did hurt you.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Was it a boyfriend?”


Not a boyfriend then. “Was it a girlfriend?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

So it was a girlfriend. “What’s the problem with your girlfriend?”

“There’s nothing wrong with my girlfriend.”

“So the problem must be with you?”

The boy said nothing but Angus knew he was on the right track. God, he wanted to suck this boy’s cock so bad.

“What’s the matter? Did you beat her?”

“No! Geez. Why the fuck would you even say something like that?”

“I had to ask. Good looking boy such as yourself, you have to wonder. What’s your name by the way?”

“It’s Ronnie.”

“So if you didn’t beat her, what is it then? Money?”


“Her friends don’t like you?”


“Is it sex, Ronnie?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“So it is sex. What is it? Is she a nymphomaniac or something?”

Ronnie just laughed at that.

“So it’s you. You want the sex.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“But we are talking, Ronnie. We’re talking because you know you want it. Have you ever had sex with her, Ronnie?”

“Oh yeah.”

“So it must be something you’re doing then. Aren’t you any good in the sack?”

“I haven’t had any complaints.”

“So if it’s not you, it must be her. It must be something she’s doing … or maybe something she’s not doing.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Might as well take a stab at what he hoped the answer was, Angus thought. “Do you want her to suck your cock, Ronnie?”

“How did you know?”

“An educated guess, Ronnie. What was it. Did she refuse you?”

“She said she didn’t do stuff like that.”

“You poor boy.”

“She said it was gross to stick her mouth … you know, down there.”

“You ever eaten her pussy?”

“Yeah. So?”

“So same difference.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I should have told her that.”

“You could make her jealous, Ronnie.”


“I could suck your cock.”


“I said I could suck your cock. It’s what I’ve wanted ever since I came in here and laid eyes on you and it’s what you’ve wanted, too, otherwise why would you be here.”

“What? No.”

“Yes, Ronnie. Yes. Think about it. You’re a straight man so why would you come into a gay bar except that you knew that it was a place where you could find people who like to suck cock.”

“No. It’s … it’s not like that.”

“No? What is it like?”

“It’s not like that,” Ronnie said lamely.

“Sure it is. It’s exactly like that. You came here because you wanted to get your cock sucked and I’m telling you right now that I’ve wanted to suck your cock from the first moment I saw you?”

“You have?”

“I have so what do you say, Ronnie. We could make your girlfriend so jealous.”

“What? No. She can’t find out about this.”

“Sh, sh, sh. She doesn’t have to know about anything but you’ll know.”

“It’s just cock sucking, right? It’s none of that other stuff, right?”

“You have my word on it. All I want to do is suck your cock.”

“I guess.”

“You guess what?”

“I guess maybe we could do it.”

“That’s the spirit because let’s face it. You really do want to get your cock sucked.”

Angus was amazed that the line had actually worked but he wasn’t about to pull back now. In fact, the more he’d talked to the kid, the more pressing his own needs had become and so it wasn’t long before he had Ronnie back to his house and then there in his bedroom and then there in his bed. “Oh wow,” Angus gushed.

“What?” the kid asked.

Angus wrapped a hand around the boy’s meaty member. “It’s your cock,” he said.

“What about it?” the kid asked worriedly. “Is something wrong?”

“Wrong? Oh hell no, but it does make me want to do this.”

The kid couldn’t help but groan as the older man’s cock slid down over his shaft. “Oh fuck, that’s good,” the kid groaned. “Oh fuck. You gay guys sure do know how to suck cock.”

He wasn’t gay. That’s what Angus wanted to tell he kid but that would have meant taking the kid’s cock out of his mouth and now that he’d finally gotten that cock there, he knew that that was the last thing he wanted to do and besides, there’d be time enough to correct the misconception later. For now though …

“Fuck,” the kid groaned.

For now, he needed to make the kid cum. In fact, just the thought of it was making him so hot. He couldn’t wait to have the kid cum in his mouth and when he did, mmm, he’d be right there to swallow every last drop of the kid’s cum.

“Fuck, Mister,” the kid groaned. “Oh my God. Fu-u-uck.”

Angus couldn’t have put it better himself. He really did love the taste of cum in his mouth and of course to taste it was to swallow it.

“Fuck, Mister,” the groaned. “Fuck.”

The next morning, Angus woke up in bed and Ronnie was there and Ronnie was naked. Oh fuck, that meant … and before Angus could stop himself, he looked down. Oh my God, there was Ronnie’s cock. It wasn’t as big as it had been the night before but oh my God, what Angus wouldn’t do to get him hard again.

Stop it, Angus told himself. Stop it but already the thought was gnawing at his mind. What he wouldn’t give to suck on that again.

Stop it. He couldn’t be thinking of stuff like that. What had happened the night before, that had been an aberration. He wasn’t like that. He didn’t suck cocks.

Sure he did. He sucked them all the time.

No, he didn’t. He’d never sucked a cock before in his life.

Well, he’d wanted to.

Even knowing what he knew, Angus still didn’t recognize what was happening right away.

It was called cognitive resistance. When occurring naturally, a person might say he was about to do something even though he knew it was dumb. It was taking one action even when you knew that action was wrong.

With the bore, it was different. The whole point of the bore was to create new thoughts and new feelings. Most people, like about 92%, never even challenged the thoughts that the bore put in their head. What the bore said was the way things were and that was that and most of those would say that the bore had had no effect at all.

But for that remaining small percentage, there was a recognition that something was off. It might not be clear exactly what it was that was off but there was a recognition that something was off.

That was what Angus thought he was feeling. The only question was what was the right thing and what was the wrong thing.

On the other hand, if he just waited, he knew that this would pass. It always did. The bore was just too powerful. In time, the way of thinking that it had instilled in him would soon become his new norm.

And there was a part of him that couldn’t wait for that to happen.

No. That was the bore talking.

And so what if it was?

He didn’t have a good answer to that. What he needed was someone who could help him. What he needed was someone like Simon and with that, Angus set out to find the good doctor.

When Angus did find him, he pulled Simon off to the side. “Listen, I was wondering. Is there any way to reverse the process?”

“To reverse what process?”

“You know, the bore. Is there a way to reverse it?”

The doctor looked at Angus with a look that almost seemed to ask if Angus had lost his mind. “I think you already know the answer to that. The bore changes the pathways in the mind. You can’t change that. You know that.”

“Yeah, I know, but—”

“But what?”

Angus just smiled. “Nothing,” he said. “I was just thinking of another service we could offer,” he said. “That’s all.”

As Simon watched his boss walk away, he still couldn’t help but wonder what that was all about. It certainly was true that his boss did know what the bore did so why was he asking him something as stupid as that.

Angus knew what Simon had told him but damn it, the need to suck a cock was really starting to get to him. They’d started to record their sessions of late as a matter of quality control and maybe there was something in the back that could help him take the edge off.

The only thing was that most of the sessions were to have a girl suck cock more, not less. Here was one, Angus thought. “Suck me and fuck me,” the session was titled and Angus shivered at that. It was bad enough that he wanted to suck cock but he didn’t want to fuck … that would be gross.

Here was another one. “Stop blowing me so much,” the session was titled. Now that was promising but when Angus looked, he found the recording was only for full session only. Damn. That would have meant he would get the participant’s responses echoed back over his own. What he wanted was a recording that included the narrator-only session, too.

So he continued on. The only thing was the more he looked, the more he wanted to suck cock and there were so many good titles that were meant for just that.

It was getting harder, Angus thought. It was getting harder to set each title aside and to move on to the next one when all he wanted was to wrap his lips around some juicy cock.

Already he was beginning to ask himself why he was doing what he was doing when he already knew what he really wanted and titles like “The joy of sucks” and “Schoolhouse cock” were only making him hotter and hotter.

And that’s when he found it. “So you want to be the perfect cocksucker,” the title read. Well yeah, Angus had to admit to himself and he opened it up. Oh fuck, there was both the full session and the narrator-only version. It was like it was meant to be, he thought, and before he even realized what he was doing, Angus was queuing up the narrator-only version.

He knew this was wrong. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this but he’d come this far already that he just didn’t care. He queued up Treatment Room 2 and he set the tape for a delayed start. He barely had time to get settled onto the bed and to look up at the device before him before the bore came to life.

He barely had time to notice the lights on the device above before he found himself being pulled up into the light. He wouldn’t have noticed it even if he could have but his body arched just a little even as his eyes looked into the light. He couldn’t have looked away even if he wanted to.

He could feel the bore drilling into his mind. He could feel it .. He could feel it opening him up and he knew he wanted that.

“So you want to be the perfect cocksucker,” he heard a voice say. Or was it his voice? Now that he thought about it, it was coming from inside his head so it had to be his voice. In fact, he wanted it to be his voice.

“So you want to be the perfect cocksucker,” his voice said.

“Yes,” he answered back.

“Your mouth is the perfect receptacle for cock.”

Yes, he could see that.

“It’s so warm and so wet.”

Warm and wet. Yes, that sounded good.

“But more than that, your mouth wants to suck cock. Your mouth needs to suck cock. Your mouth is so warm, so inviting. Your mouth is the perfect place for cock.”

Mmm yes. So warm. So inviting. His mouth was the perfect place for cock.

“Your tongue loves cock.”

Yes, of course.

“Your tongue loves to make love to cock.”

That was obvious, too.

“Your tongue is a tease.”

That was true but sometimes it was good to tease.

“You love cum. You love the feel of it. You love the taste of it. You love the taste of it in your mouth.”

Mmm yeah. There was nothing else like it. It just tasted so good.

“You love to swallow.”

Well duh. Didn’t everybody?

“You want it all.”

Of course.

“You want it all but there’s never enough. Eating sperm always makes you hungry for more.”

Well yeah. That much was certainly true. There just never was enough.

“You are the perfect cock sucker.”

When Angus finally regained consciousness, the mind bore was off and Angus found himself feeling a little put out. He’d really thought he was going to get a little something more like some new insight or something, like something he hadn’t had before but in a way, he just kind of felt cheated but then maybe that was the whole problem. When you had a mouth like his that was such a perfect receptacle for cock, when you had a tongue like his was that was such a total tease, and when you were as hungry for sperm as he always was, maybe there just wasn’t that much to add to that.

Still, in a way, he couldn’t help but feel cheated because with a title like that session had had, he really thought he would have gotten more. It was his company that had produced that session and that tape, after all, and Angus couldn’t help but wonder if maybe they might need to institute a little quality control if that was the best they could do.

That night found Angus once more back at Chaps. The last hour on the job had seemed to take forever because every time he seemed to try and put his mind on some task or another, he’d keep thinking about how great it would be if he had some cum in his mouth. There was nothing wrong with that, of course. After all, you really never could get enough sperm but still …

By the time he got into the bar, Angus knew he had to get some cum in his mouth and he knew he had to do it quick.

Angus quickly found a table. “What can I get for you, Sir?” asked one of the boys that worked at the club. “Just a beer,” Angus said. “Heineken.”

“Coming right up, sir.”

Angus watched the boy walk away and he couldn’t help but wonder what the kid’s cock looked like but almost as quickly, Angus told himself to knock it off. He wasn’t here for that. Well, he was actually, but he wasn’t here to molest the staff.

The kid came back quickly enough. “Here you go, Sir. Is there anything else I can get or you?”

“Yeah. How ’bout your name.”

“My name?”

“Yeah. Your name.”

“Sir, were not allowed to fraternize with the customers.”

“No? What if I told you I was the head of a major corporation?”

“How major?”


“Wow. That is big.”

“Yep. So what do you say? You willing to ‘fraternize’?”

“I, um, I guess we could.”

With the kid standing right there in front of him, Angus couldn’t help but have the kid’s cock right there in font of him. Oh sure, it was hidden behind a zipper and some denim but still, it wasn’t that far away.

The kid seemed to notice the way that Angus was looking at him. “You know,” he said, “we’ve got a storeroom in the back, you know, like if maybe you wanted to do something there.”

“Sure,” Angus quickly agreed. “Why don’t you lead the way.”


The kid had been right, Angus realized. The storeroom was just that and it was tightly cramped.

“Sorry about that,” the kid said as if reading Angus’s mind, “but it’s the best I could do.”

“Don’t worry about it, son. It’s fine. Say, what’s your name?”

“J. J.”

“You ever bring anyone else back here, J. J.?”

The kid shook his head. “I just started working here a couple of weeks ago. The owner, he said I was cute. He said the guys were going to like me.”

“I can see why. Tell me, J. J., did you have to suck his cock to get this job?”

The kid didn’t say anything but to Angus’s way of looking at it, that was as much of fan answer as if J. J. had come right out and said it. “You did,” he said with a chuckle. “You did suck his cock.”

The boy nodded.

“Well I think it’s time that someone returned the favor, don’t you?”

J. J. nodded.

Angus had the boy pull his pants down and then his underwear, too, and he couldn’t help but sigh as the boy’s cock came into view. Oh my. Would you look at that?

He could feel the boy tense just a little as he moved in but he knew how to handle that. His mouth pushed down onto the boy’s cock.

“Oh fuck,” the boy groaned.

Oh fuck, indeed, Angus thought.

The boy was moving around and for the moment at least, Angus thought it was only because the kid was trying to get comfortable in those cramped quarters.

But he soon realized it was more than that. The kid’s hand was stroking its way down over his body and then …

Oh my God. He was unzipping his pants and he was reaching inside his underwear and as Angus felt the kid’s hand start to stroke his cock, he just couldn’t help but suck J. J’s cock even harder.

Oh God. He was going to cum.

Oh God. He wanted to cum.

The kid came first but only just barely so.

Oh my God, Angus thought. He was creaming his pants even as the kid creamed his mouth and he just couldn’t help but admit it to himself. He did love having a cock cum in his mouth.

The next day found Angus once more back in the archives. He no longer found any reason to wonder why it was that he liked sucking cock. In fact, as far as he was concerned, for as long as he could remember, he’d always wanted to suck cock and oh sure, along the way, he might have pretended that he wasn’t that way just for appearances sake but come on, really what cold be better than to be sucking on a nice, hard cock.

No, he had a completely different reason for visiting the archives. When he’d been in there the day before, he’d been there for a reason although exactly what that was was now becoming a bit muddy for him. Still, as far as he could tell, nothing had happened so he was here to find out just why exactly It was that nothing had happened.

Again, he was walking through some of the titles. “A lock for cock” was the claim of one of the titles. “Hot rodding” was another of the titles. That sounded interesting. Hmm. Here was another. “Cock block.” It even had a note attached. For the one who needs to stop thinking about cock so much. Man, that was stupid. Why would anyone want to stop thinking about cock? Dumb!

And that’s when he saw it. “The cock worshipper” the title proclaimed and Angus couldn’t help but shiver. There was just something about that that sounded so hot and when he looked at it, he found there was a narrator-only version, too.

Perfect! His search could wait. He just had to try this one out so just as he had before, he queued this one up.

He’d barely gotten himself onto the bed when the lights on the bore came on and he found himself eagerly looking up at the bore. He knew he couldn’t look away but in point of fact, he knew he didn’t want to look away. He wanted this to happen so he continued to look as the bore drilled down deep inside his mind.

He couldn’t see himself but it wouldn’t have surprised him to find that he was looking up with awe and wonder as the bore went even deeper.

“You like cock.”

It was almost a whisper in his mind and yet he was sure he could hear it.

“You like cock and cock likes you.”

Now there was something new. He hadn’t considered it before but now that he had, it seemed so obvious. Cock liked him.

“You want to please cock.”

Well of course he did. He liked cock. Cock was his friend.

“Cock is your friend.”

See, Angus told himself. It was just like he said. Cock was his friend.

“You’d do anything for your friend.”

Well of course he would.

“Cock is your best friend.”

His very best friend, Angus agreed.

“You’d do anything for cock,”

Anything, Angus agreed.

“But there’s a need inside you. There’s a need to please your friend.”

Yes, a need.

“It hurts when you’re not pleasing your friend.”

Angus could feel it. He could feel the pain that came when he didn’t please his friend.

“And when you do please your friend, it’s like love.”

Angus could feel the rapture that came from pleasing his friend.

“You love cock.”

Of course he did. He loved cock.

“You’ve always loved cock.”

For as long as he could remember actually …

“You adore cock.”

Of course.

“You idolize cock.”

Always had. Always would.

“Cock is your friend.”

My very best friend.

“You’d do anything to please your friend.”

Yes, anything.

“You are the cock worshipper.”

Angus could feel the bore as it withdrew from his mind and for the moment at least, there was a bit of uneasiness caused by the emptiness that it left behind but in moments, that was gone and in its place …

Angus couldn’t help but know now that he’d been changed. He, more than anyone had to know that but did it really matter if he had been changed. After all, cock was his friend. Always had been. Always would be. He absolutely adored cock so if he happened to rerun a few sessions that might help him be a better lover, what of it?

And now that he’d thought about that, it was getting hard to think about anything else. He wanted to suck another boy’s cock.

No, that wasn’t exactly right. He didn’t just want it. He needed it but that made perfect sense to him. When you adored cock as much as he did, well of course there was a need. There always was a need and the longer that need went unfulfilled, the greater the need became. It was almost an addiction. Maybe it was an addiction but if it was, what a wonderful addiction it was.

He knew of course that he’d been under the influence of the mind bore but as far as he was concerned, for as long as he could remember, he’d always loved cock. There was just something about a man’s cock, something that was so utterly seductive. There was the feel of it in your hand, warm and hard. When you squeezed it, it pushed back. How hot was that?!

You could stroke it and you could lick it but eventually you had to open your mouth and you had to take it in. It was so great when you had the head of it in your mouth but that was only the beginning. Once you had that …

Mmm, he loved to make a man moan. He loved moving his mouth up and down on that cock but the more he did, the more he knew what he wanted. If he’d gotten that far, he wanted the cum and if he’d gotten that far, there was nothing that was going to stop him from getting what he wanted.

If he’d even bothered to question it which he never did, he would have asked himself how any of that couldn’t have been real. Sure, he knew he’d been under the control of the mind bore but so what? He knew he’d always loved sucking on a man’s cock. Oh sure, maybe he’d had to hide it before but it wasn’t like the mind bore had made him this way. If anything, he was sure that at most the mind bore had only opened made him more receptive to what had already been there before.

He was back again at Chaps and honestly, the place was beginning to feel a lot like home to him and he was beginning to recognize some of the regulars and he was sure that some of them were starting to recognize him. That was hot if they were, he thought.

Like that fellow at the end of the bar, Angus thought. He’d seen him here before and now here he was again and Angus couldn’t help but think just how much the boy was his type of boy.

Mmm. Until just then, he hadn’t even realized he had a type but now that he thought about it, it was just so obvious that he did. He liked ’em young. Not underage but young. Inexperienced. Needing to be taught by an older man … such as himself for instance.

He’d take them under his wing, maybe give them a few bucks, maybe wine them and dine them a bit and then he’d take them home and he’d suck their cocks.

Mmm, that was just what a young boy needed. He needed an older more experienced man who could come along and show him what he really needed and with that, Angus sidled up next to the boy at the end of the bar. “Hi there,” he said.


“My name’s Angus. What’s yours?”


“I haven’t seen you around here before, Danny. You come in here often?”


“Sometimes, huh? I’ll bet you I know how it is. You want to come in here but you’re afraid. What will people think if they know you like going to gay bars, isn’t that right, Danny? So you hold back for as long as you can until you finally can’t hold back anymore and then you finally break down and come in here because you know this is where you were meant to be. Isn’t that right, Danny?”

“How’d you know?”

“Oh Danny boy, I know a lot about you,” Angus said even as he slid his hand between Danny’s thighs. “I know you like being here with me,” Angus said as his hand stroked closer to its target. “I know you like having my hand where it is. I know you like having my hand slide higher on your thigh but most of all, I know you have a big, hard cock.”

The boy couldn’t help but gasp as at the same time as Angus said the last of that, Angus’s hand was stroking his cock through his pants.

“I love cock,” Angus said even as he tried to keep his voice calm but it was hard. God, he loved cock. He loved it so much that sometimes it was hard to keep his emotions in check.

“You … you do?”

“Oh yeah, I do and you know what? I’d be honored if you’d let me bring you home and you’d let me suck your cock.”

“You would?”

“Oh, yeah, Danny, I would. I’d make love to your cock like you wouldn’t believe so what do you say? You want to do it?”


Angus smiled. He loved it that it had been that easy. He brought the boy back to his place and then he brought the boy into his bedroom and then like him, Danny was removing his clothes.

He loved boys and their hairless, little bodies. It was like they were so inexperienced. It was like they needed someone to teach them and as Angus had it figured, he’d been in love with cock for so long that he was just the sort of fellow who could turn boys into men.

“Oh Danny,” Angus purred as he, too removed his clothes.


“You have such a beautiful body, Danny,” Angus said but already, his eyes were looking at just one thing.

“You think so?”

“Oh, I know so but tell me, Danny, can I suck on that for you?”

“Um, sure, but …”

“Yes, Danny?”

“Could I … I mean could you … I mean, I’d really like to but, um, could I … could I suck your cock, too?”

This wasn’t about his cock, Angus wanted to say. This was about him worshipping cock but since that was the one cock that he met certainly couldn’t worship on his own and since Danny seemed to want to do it …

“Are you sure?” Angus asked.

Danny nodded.

“Okay, but I want to be on the top.”

Again, Danny nodded.

The two men positioned themselves on the bed and as Angus knelt over the boy’s body, there was Danny’s cock right there below him. Angus stroked Danny’s cock even as he felt the kid put his arms around his waist and pull him down to him and then he was right there, licking and kissing the head of Angus’s erect shaft and then he was pulling Angus even further down.

Angus couldn’t help loving the warm, wet feeling as his cock slid into Danny’s mouth. When getting your cock sucked felt this good, was there really any wonder why he didn’t love it as much as he did.

Well actually there was something he liked even better than getting his own cock sucked and that started with him wrapping his hand around Danny’s cock.

Mmm, stroke it. Yeah. That was good. Stroke it again. Now move in close. Stroke it once more and give it a squeeze.

Even with Angus’s cock in his mouth, Danny couldn’t help but moan as Angus’s mouth sucked his cock and Angus couldn’t help but see that as a good thing but then after all, how could it not be a good thing. He absolutely loved cock. He adored cock. He always had and he always would.

He let his mouth slip free from that shaft if only for a moment. A few quick strokes and a nice, hard squeeze and then he was back again.

He felt more than heard Danny as his mouth moaned around his cock. So close, Angus thought. He was so close.

And then it wasn’t just close anymore. Danny was cumming just as Angus had wanted him to, and almost exactly at the same time, he was filling Danny’s mouth with his own cum.

It was only fitting, Angus would tell himself after after the boy had left. He just loved cock that much. He always had. He always would.

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