House Guest: The Closet

By Baralai
published January 31, 2013

The house doesn’t take demands very well

Max looked up at the house as he walked down the long walk way. He had been told it was a big place but he thought only places like this existed in the movies. The place was too good to be true. Which was why he was here. He nearly jumped with anticipation of his visit here.

Of course there were plenty of legends about the place. There were the weird charges that a man murdered his nephew in the house, but the charges were placed two years after the uncle’s death. And then there were the ones of people spending the night there, never to be seen again. These were the typical haunted house stories.

Then there were the celebrity/wealthy gossip stories, which were becoming more typical with the “1%” becoming a new buzz word. This house definitely belonged to someone of the 1%. But there were stories of scandals, affairs, love childs and drugs.

But Max knew the truth. Well not the whole truth, he was still unsure of how things happened, but he knew what happened.

He was about to knock on the door when it slowly crept open. A silhouette of a man was soon seen on the other side of the door.

“Yes?” said the groggy sounding man.

“Hi, you must be Chance, I’m Max, the guy staying the weekend,” Max said extending a hand for a handshake.

The door moved slowly more open and the light from outside revealed the man. The guy was in a three piece suit with a bow tie with his hair slicked back in a professional style. His face was emotionless and had sharp features, yet not unattractive.

“Uhhh…” Max paused. “Maybe I’m not in the right place.”

The man gave him an stony-eyed stare while remaining in silence.

“HOLY CRAP!” came a voice from inside. “You found the door! You actually answered the door? I didn’t know you actually did that.”

“Have I done wrong sir?” asked the man in the suit. “If I have done something to your disliking I would gladly be…punished.” Max heard a slight yearning in the last word in the otherwise emotionless statement.

Max looked at the other man and saw he had messed up brown hair and a slender yet toned body. All the young man had on were a pair of workout shorts that were so low that some of his trimmed public hairs were showing yet were cut so short that he was surprised nothing was hanging out.

“Just never seen you do it is all. And we’ll play later. Hey studly what can I do for you?” the young man asked.

“Hi I’m Max,” extending his hand again “Staying the weekend. YOU must be Chance.”

Chance giggled and shook hands, “Ow! You got a really firm grip there Max nearly broke my hand there. So you’re from out of town?”

“No Max explained. I’m live in LA.”

“Huh?” Chance said in response. He was confused and he wasn’t even high or drunk. The man didn’t look like he was here for a playdate and those that weren’t here to play with him were usually from out of town. The man also looked like he hadn’t stayed at his place before.

Chance assessed Max. He looked fairly enough like an average guy. He had a scruffy beard and thinning brown hair. He was overweight without being obese. His face was…average actually, there was nothing remarkable about him.

“Um and were you here too…” Chance trailed off. “Actually I have no idea why you’re here. I’m sure I’m offered up my pad to hang at but I can’t figure you out.”

“I’m here to get transformed,” Max replied.

Chance held up a finger to respond and and opened his mouth, but then realized that he had no idea how to respond. “Wait what?”

“Transformed,” Max repeated. “I know that is what you do.”

“Well I don’t,” Chance responded. “The house does it. I’ve never had any control over the damn things. Or is that things? But how did you know about this place?”

“My old bud Rick came here a few months back. He goes by Butch now. Rick and I had improv classes together and he moved to LA to make it big. He stayed here while he looked for a permanent place and he changed. He went from being a scrawny guy to this big muscular dude. He even got a break and got to be a stunt double for the former governor in some movie. But the place totally changed him. I asked him how he changed and he didn’t know. He barely remembers me or the old Rick’s life, but he remembers coming here. So I did some research and found similar stories about people visiting here and being transformed.”

“So you came here to get transformed so you can get your big break,” Chance said filling in the holes of the ranting story. “Huh, never seen anyone that wanted to get changed. Changing other people yes, but never themselves. Hmm, I wonder how that will work.” Chance pondered for a while and then snapped his fingers. “Well let’s find out!”

“So um Max are you gay or bi?” Chance asked and sizing him up.

“Nope,” Max simply stated and not taken aback from the statement.

“Right, you do know there is one constant trait with the house?” Chance stated.

“Everyone turns out gay. I know,” Max stated. “I hang with a theater crowd, not a big deal to me. I’d prefer girls, but I never been that lucky with them. I kind of don’t stand out in a crowd. But Butch gets so much action it is ridiculous. I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal once I change and I’m willing to pay the price. I mean if I can get muscles like Butch and movie offers and the price is to have guys begging to suck my dick then what is the big deal.”

A loud crash made both the men jump as they talked. The two of them heard a cry out from the next room over.

“Sorry master. I knocked over a bookcase by accident. I shall clean it up and then you can scold me,” said they man in the suit who was now in another room.

“Alright. No more ominous noises! Man that guy is klutzy for a butler, but he came with the house; at least I think he did,” Chance said trying to remember when he had appeared. “Listen the house does its thing. I can’t control it. I can’t guarantee how you’ll turn out.”

“But I figured it out, I’ll go in the room Butch used. Then it will turn me the same way.”

Chance was about to repeat himself. “Well that actually isn’t that bad of an idea. Hmm, what room did I put that guy in? You said his name was Butch and it was what before?”

“Rick,” Max responded.


“Yes sir,” said the butler as he descended the staircase.

“I didn’t even see you go upstairs,” Chance responded.

“Sorry sir,” the butler said blowing his head.

“Do you remember which room we put that guy in. The leather daddy one.”

“Yes, sir,”

“Good can you get Max situated in the room.”

“Sorry Master. That room is already gone.”

“Taken by someone else already?” Max asked.

“No sir, just gone,” the butler responded blandly.

“Damn. I guess that happens.”

“That happens?” Max responded getting confused. “Well can you just put me in a masculine room of some kind. You know something Butch would sleep in.”

“Ah, you’re clever, can you do that butler? If you do, I can make sure you have a nice long punishment,” Chance said with a sly smile.

The butler looked up from the floor like a puppy about to get a treat. “I can do that sir! I can do that sir!”

“Ah motivation goes a long way. Well have fun Max. I’ll see what our experiment brings. Butler set him up and then I’ll start experimenting with something on you,” Chance said.

The Butler scooped up Max’s belongings and hurried Max to his room. The man’s energy levels had changed drastically. He basically shoved Max down a whole twists of hallways.

“Hereyougo,enjoyyourstayIhavetogettothebasement,” the Butler rambled and then was gone.

Max got excited. He actually got in and was going to make this happened. Chance didn’t even try to deny that it wasn’t possible. Cryptic warnings, but that was probably his job.

He surveyed the room. This definitely was a masculine room. It looked like it belonged in a log cabin. Primal was a work that came to mind as well. There was some kind of animal skin on the floor with some taxidermy type items littered the wall as well. There was also a personal gym equipment that took up one side of the room. Free weights, jump ropes, resistance bands and a couple of machines.

The room was lightly lit giving off dark undertones. Of course there was a bearskin rug by the fireplace and a small personal bar fully stocked with whiskey, beer and other hard liquor.

“Man this is so going to work!” Max said getting excited. “I wonder how I trigger it?”

He poked at one of the mounted heads with nothing happening and then started to mess around with the gym equipment. Still nothing happened. Max decided he’d give it a full workout routine at the very least, but quickly got bored.

Max wondered how the transformation was supposed to happen. Butch hadn’t been much help in that department. He just grunted when Max had asked how it happened. It was like he was clueless of the changes or it was some taboo topic.

Max searched the room looking for something to trigger. Nothing in the fireplace. Nothing under the rug. The black linen bed with fur sheets also lacked anything totally bizarre. Although Max wondered what his fashion sense would be after the transformation.

He looked into cabinets and drawers and found nothing out of the normal.

“Man what does a guy have to do?” Max wondered.

He decided to check out the closet, but the door wouldn’t open. This had to be it he realized. He pulled and the door and pounded at it but it wouldn’t budge. After almost a half an hour later he gave up and collapsed on the bed.

“Argh, I’m so close. I’m in the house and the room I want, why can’t I get this to work? Come on house I’m a willing victim here.”

Then he heard a slow creaking noise and looked up to see the closet door opening slowly by itself.

A rational personnel may have been creeped out by this but Max simply screamed out “YES! Thank you house.”

He jumped off the bed and swung open the half open door. To his surprise bubbles came floating out of the closet.

“Huh?” Max said feeling somewhat startled. One of the bubbles floated by his face and popped the tip of his nose. “Well maybe this is how it changes people…with bubbles.”

He popped another one and felt compelled to go into the closet. The closet itself was filled with leather jackets and various “equipment” but it was also filled with the translucent bubbles floating through the length. Max instinctually swatted at more of the bubbles as the made a loud popping noise. The noise was far louder than it should have been and seemed to echo in the closet.

“Why are they so loud,” he wondered as he popped another one.

Max shook his head. What was he doing? He was trying to figure out how to do the transformation. He had almost forgot about that. He looked around the closet for something that might trigger it, but then heard a loud “POP” as another bubble bursted.

He then saw another door with a faint light come from it. That had to be it. He forgot was “it” was but he needed to go towards the light.

Max rushed to the door and reached out for the doorknob, but the door opened by itself. Caught in mid-motion he fell forward and fell through the doorway. He heard some of the bubbles go “POP” as he fell to the ground with a “thud!”

“Ow,” Max complained. He looked up and saw a balloon floating in front of his face. “Huh?” The balloon was translucent looking and hovered over his face. Max didn’t understand why there was a balloon. His head felt muddy for some reason. He didn’t think he had hit his head on the fall though.

For no apparent reason the balloon then suddenly burst, shooting out confetti into Max’s face. He started to chuckle for some weird reason and that grew to a full laugh. He didn’t know why he just couldn’t help himself. The uncontrolable laughter continued for a while as his whole body shook with his mirth.

Eventually the laughing subsided though Max felt a warm jovial feeling for some unexplained reason. He shook off the confetti on him and sat up.

“Pop” went another bubble.

Max shook his head trying to figure out why he was here. Or where here was. Something wasn’t right about all the bubbles in the room. And the balloons. The room appeared somewhat ethereal with all the bubbles and balloons. The rest of the room didn’t look…complete, if that made any sense.

Another balloon popped over Max’s head and the laughing fit returned. Max found himself on the floor laughing uncontrollably. He couldn’t stop.

The balloons made you laugh he rationalized. Or maybe it was the confetti or filled with laughing gas or something. Max then remembered the House and the reason he had came. It was happening. But he was in the wrong room.

He looked around to look for details of the room which seemed to take shape more or at least his awareness of it took shape more. There were bright colors everywhere, mostly reds, blues and yellows. The wallpaper was a mixture of polka dots of the three colors. There was a bed in the room that was stripped with the bright colors as well. The bed was also covered in large stuffed animals including a giant teddy bear and an unicorn. Topped with the balloons and bubbles, the room as a whole looked childish. He was definitely in the wrong room. He had to get back to his room.

Max went back to the door but couldn’t figure out which one he had come through. There were multiple doors in the room. His bearings were lost after the laughing fit and now he wasn’t sure which door he was looking for. He had to find the closet door and make it back to his more masculine room.

Max went to the nearest door and opened it. It was dark inside, but if he recalled right so was the closet door he had came from. He felt for a light switch when a balloon exploded behind him. Startled, Max jumped and fell through the door.

The door had closed behind him and Max was now in complete darkness. He could hear a couple of the bubbles popping though. He reached around in the darkness to try and find the door or a switch. As he was groping he found a knob and turned it and found water started to pour on him.

“POP! POP! POP!” went a few more of he bubbles that seemed to hover around him. Max felt startled by the sudden rush of water. It was cold at first, but quickly became warm and then a comfortable hot without being scalding.

He was in the shower, he realized. Why was he in the shower? He tried to rationalize to himself but his head felt foggy as he heard another “POP.” He found a cord to an old fashion light bulb that lit the small room. “How weird,” Max thought to himself, “The room is simply a shower and nothing else.” It was infact a large shower, with shower heads aiming at multiple directions. It could have been a locker room style by design, but looked actually nicer. Max questioned how many guys could take a shower at the same time here. He imagined a large number of naked men sharing the room as they bathed. He wondered why he thought that.

Max found some soap gel and started to lather himself up. After all if he was in the shower he must of come to clean himself. Right? The soap smelled sweet and had a weird tingling sensation on his skin.

He then found a bottle of shampoo, but could have sworn there wasn’t a bottle there before. He lathered to contents in his hair. There was a strong smell that Max couldn’t place from the shampoo. He tried to recall what it was but his head felt foggy. He knew that he had to let the shampoo sit so he went back to washing himself with the sweet smelling gel.

Max found his breathing became heavy for some reason. Maybe the sweet smell of the gel was messing with his head. He found his hands lathering his cock sensually. He then turned his attention to his ass making sure that it was throughly clean. Massaging his ass seemed to make him happy for some unclear reason. He stuck a sudsy finger into his hole to make sure it was was clean. A moan came out of him as Max continued to make sure his ass was nice and clean. He wanted to make sure it was really clean so he stuck in another finger as his moans become louder.

Max enjoyed the relaxing shower, but then washed off the contents. He continued to finger himself as he watched the suds fall off his body. Max noticed that his body hair was washing away with the soap. He tried to figure out why that was, but he was distracted by cleaning his hole and the sound of a bubble popping.

He tried to remember what he was worried about for a second. He was probably thinking to himself that he would have to make sure his hole was cleaned on a more regular basis. Yeah he thought to himself as he continued to moan, he would need to make sure his ass was thoroughly cleaned every day.

When all the soap and shampoo was cleaned from his body the water turned itself off. Max felt somewhat disappointed since he felt like he wasn’t done cleaning his hole and didn’t want to stop.

He found a fluffy pink towel and dried himself off. He found the door and then walked out to the room.

Upon seeing the room Max remembered he had been trying to escape it. “Shit!” Max said out loud. Across the room he could see his reflection. He was in the nude save for a pink towel draped over his shoulders. All his body hair was gone same from some trimmed hairs around his cock. Even the stubble on his face was gone.

What made him worry was the blonde hair job he now supported. It wasn’t bleach blonde, but it surely didn’t look natural. How did that happen? Max tried to figure out and then remembered the shampoo which smelled of hair dye. But what had happened to his clothes? He had walked into the door with cloths on and he didn’t remember taking them off. When the water had his his skin at first it did not seem weird at all at the time.

“Crap, this isn’t what I wanted. I need to get out of here,” Max stated out loud. He look around at the childish room and saw the multiple doors. He put the pink towel in front of the door leading to the shower. That way it would mark that he had tried that one already. The room didn’t have a window so it was disorienting trying to figure out direction.

Another balloon floated by him and the popped. Mac started to laugh hysterically. “Stop it!” Max laughed. “Make it stop. Just let me get back to my room.”

A bubble then floated by his face and went “POP!” Max stared blankly into space wondering why he was laughing. There was something he needed to do. He needed to…He needed to. He had to get out of this room!!

“You’re not going to distract me,” Max said. He then walked over to one of the doors and opened it. Max looked inside and it looked like…a pile of snow? The pile toppled over onto Max’s naked body. But it wasn’t cold it was, “Glitter? Did I just get glitter bombed?,” Max said in disbelief.

Another balloon burst and Max screamed in startlement. He then started to laugh. He looked up after hearing the familiar (or not familiar) popping noise of another bubble and saw his reflection in the mirror.

“Oh My Gawd I’m shiny!” Max squealed as he continued to laugh. The glittered showed off the small amounts of muscle he had on his body. Max realized he looked skinnier, but that was silly he realized. The thought quickly left his head as he saw the shiny glitter pile left by his feet. The initial spilling out of the glitter probably looked like something out of a cartoon. That was a lot of glitter. He scooped up a bunch and poured it ontop of his head mixing this glitter into his blonde hair.

Max then scooped up another heap of glitter and then “splashed” it on his face. He started to laugh, even without a balloon bursting. He looked at himself in the mirror. He did in fact look a lot skinnier and the definition of his muscles on his lithe body started to show more. His face also look much more youthful. It was probably just the effect of the glitter he thought to himself.

Behind the pile of glitter were a bunch of beauty products. Hair gel, body oils and lip balm. Many of them had hints of glitter or fragrant scents. Looking back at the mirror Max decided he didn’t need any of those right now. His body was covered in glitter and his hair looked like it was professionally styled now.

What had he been trying to do now? Max was feeling very confused. He was looking for a way out. “POP” went a bubble as Max tried to keep the thought. He was looking for the closet he remembered. Why was he looking for the closet? Oh right he was nude and needed clothing.

Max felt uneasy about something though. Like he kept forgetting something. Though he popped some of the bubbles in the room and that made him feel much better. He started poking a few of them, enjoying the loud sound they made. Max looked at his glittery self in the reflection of a rather large bubble. He smiled at it and said “POP” before popping the bubble with a smile on his face.

“Now which door was the closest?” Max said out loud. He opened up one of the doors to find “PRESENTS!” Max screamed out. Boxes wrapped in bright and shiny wrapping paper laid stacked behind the door.

Max became excited and took one of the shiniest of the presents and started unwrapping it. Inside the box were a bunch of brightly colored lollipops. There were the regular ones like dum-dums and blow pops but there were also handcrafted old fashioned ones. A rainbow colored unicorn lollipop grabbed Max’s attention. Something about the 12 inch length of candy made his mouth water. He immediately pop a good length of it into his mouth and began to suck away.

As he sucked he felt his cock twitch. He continued to suck and as he did he noticed he liked the sensation of having his lips wrapped around the length. He ran his tongue along the length of the horn shaped sucker. He watched himself in the mirror and he looked naughty sucking on the sucker that way. His dick was half hard as he continued to engulf his treat. Max laughed at himself as he thought of very naughty thoughts.

The reflection of the mirror showed his lips become subtly more puffier and thicker. Max licked the sweet essence of the candy from his lips savoring his improved lips and sticky sweetness. Sucking the sucker made him horny. He kept thinking about wanting a nice dick to suck on the longer it was in his mouth.

He continued to suck away but reached from another gift box. This one was smaller and in a metallic blue box with red ribbons. Max always liked shiny things.

He unwrapped the item and inside was a small box that included press-on temporary tattoos. “Sweet, these look like fun!” said Max in an upbeat tone.

There was one with a rainbow on it that Max decided would look nice on his shoulder. He placed it on his right shoulder and the picture suck to him. The item looked very real, like it was a permanent tattoo and not a temporary one. Upon looking at it more he realized it was a pride flag tattoo, not just a rainbow. Max looked in the box and found other matching press-on tattoos. there was one with interlocking male symbols that he put on his ankle. After it was on, it also looked like it was a permanent tattoo. Max tried to rub it off, but it looked like it was there to stay. He got worried for a second. That didn’t make sense.

A bubble floated by his face. Max smiled and popped it forgetting about his prior concern. He looked more into the box and found other rainbow tattoos and sexually suggestive statements. He liked the one that said “SLUT” so he put it on his chest a little about his left nipple. There were also a couple of stars that he liked. He made a pattern of stars left arm.

There was one tattoo that seemed out of place though. Max looked at a superman logo tattoo and looked confused while staring at it. What would he do with that? Why had this one been in there since it didn’t suit Max. An idea quickly came to him. He stood up and placed the tattoo and his ass cheek. “Super Ass” Maxx chuckled to himself.

After the tattoo was on his ass did indeed become a super ass. It started to grow out and become thick pillows of cheeks. Max got excited upon seeing that. He wasn’t’ sure why, but he knew the improved ass would come in handy. He rubbed his hands on the big meaty globes and remembered playing with his hole in the shower. He was going to have more fun with this ass he realized with a big smile.

Before he opened the next present, Max pulled down a balloon and popped it. It was a laugh, but a silly high pitched giggle that came out of him. He started giggling like crazy. He bounced on his large ass as he continued to giggle. He pulled down another one a popped it to get a similar effect.

Max opened his next present and found a bedazzler. He became excited. Now he could make all his cloths sparkle. Wanting to try it out, he remembered that he would be needing clothes. He had forgot about his search for the closet. He was so ditzy.

He bounced off the ground and looked over the room. The door with the pink towel led to the locker room styled shower. The door by pile of glitter didn’t have any clothes. And then there was the door with the wrapping paper which held the presents. There were two doors lefts. Max figured one would lead to a hallway (probably) and the other was the closet.

He opened one that led to a dark space. He walked in and found another door. The room was filled with gym equipment and animal heads. “Ew, gross. I don’t want to be here,” Max said quickly leaving the room. Upon getting back to his room a bubble popped in front of him.

“Wait I wanted to get out of this room,” Max remembered. “I have to get back to the other room.”

He quickly turned around before he could forget or get distracted and opened the door he had just come out of. When the door swung back open a barrage of bubble and balloons floated out catching Max off guard.

He looked up into the door. “There’s my closet,” he giggled to himself. He looked at all the bright colorful clothing. Admittedly he had more underwear than he had actual clothing. He always got distracted by bright colored underwear and had to buy it.

He put on a pair of jock briefs to let his super ass continue to be exposed. The more he thought about it though “super ass” didn’t have the right ring to it. There had to be a better name for his big meaty ass.

Max then took out some of his clothes to bedazzle. He spelled out slut on a pair of jeans. He then took a small blue tank top to be the next victim of his bedazzler. Liking his idea of the superman logo, he took a bunch of red jewels to recreate the logo and then added a word in silver beneath it. He held up the blue tank top and read the statement it had on. “Super Bottom,” Max said while shaking his super bottom. He giggled as he put the shirt on.

While check himself out in the mirror he noticed another present laying on the bed. He jumped onto the bed. He snuggled into the lap hs his giant teddy bear. He loved snuggling and his teddy was a fluffy replacement if he didn’t have a warm body or two in bed with him.

He picked up the box which seemed to be particularly shiny silver. We quickly ripped off the wrapping paper and screamed when he saw what was inside. “Yay! A new toy!”

Max picked up a large bright blue dildo. It looked like a nice fun toy.

“This looks like a job a Supper Bottom,” Max said playfully as he waved the toy in the air. In no time at all he had grab some lube and started to play with the toy.

As soon as the toy got into him a big smile grew on Max’s face. “Yeah that is what my supper bottom is for,” he moaned. “My super bottom can take all takers.” Max started imagining a big beefy stud plowing away at him. He then imagined a whole line of men lining up to fuck his super ass. “Super Bottom can take you all on,” he moaned, “My Supper Bottom has super endurance.”

His dick was leaking cum ridiculously, but he didn’t touch himself because he didn’t want to climax yet. His skinny body squirmed on his bed as he ground his back into his teddy bear.

“Yeah that’s right, fuck me,” Max cried out feeling his session becoming more intense. “I need to be fucked. Cock is the only weakness for Super Bottom. I can’t resist any cock.” He now imagined a villainous counterpart of his fantasy that tied him up and forced him to have sex all night long while deriding him. The villain took advantage of his uncontrollable sex drive and unquenchable thirst for cock, cum and American debauchery.

He imagine his villain calling him a slut, a sissy, a whore, and all sorts of deriding things. The villain then forced Super Bottom to admit to being those horrible things. “That’s right I’m nothing but a super slut. I’m a worthless whore that needs cock. I need it. I need it so bad. Fuck my super bottom!”

The pace of the big blue dildo quickened and Max soon subcombed to the villains wrath and felt his cock explode. He cried out in ecstasy over and over again.

He then collapsed into his teddy bear after his intense play. “That was fun,” giggled Max.

He sat up and then took the dildo out of him. There was one door left unopened and there was as red envelope now hanging from it. Max jumped up and opened the envelope. “Oh a party!” Max said. It was an advertisement to a themed event at a gay club. It was superhero themed. “So going!” Max said.

He found a red and blue pair of jock briefs to replace his dirty ones and put on a pair of red and blue shorts that were cut short. He was planning only to wear them from a limited time anyhow. He dug through his closet and found some blue knee socks with red striped. Thankfully he also found a cape. He kept on his “Super Bottom” bedazzled tank top to have a full costume.

Max knew that imaging and fantasizing were fun, but he was going to make his dreams become reality. He knew wishing and laying around weren’t going to fulfil his wishes. Super Bottom was going down tonight.

Later that evening Chance was lounging on the sofa. The butler was dusting some items on the mantelpiece that look fairly phallic, if not blatantly phallic.

The front door then burst open.

“Huh,” said Chance. “I guess we don’t lock that door.”

“Chance!” came and excited voice and Chance then found himself getting pounced by a glittered covered twink in a superhero outfit.

“Oh My Gawd you missed the BEST party EVER!” explained the young man.

Chance looked up at his excitable Tigger wannabe. In fact the boy was pressing laying ontop of him and holding him down in a similar post-pounce fashion. “Errr…give me a second it normally clicks in. Oh right Max. So you went out of the house?”

“Yeah I tried to find you, but this place is sooo big. Couldn’t find you. So I went out to this party and had a blast. The bouncer didn’t even charge me. I just made out with him for a bit. Though he wouldn’t let me blow in while he was one shift, the meany. But the party was so much fun. Some guys were there started to berate me and then forced me to do all sorts of fun things. But guess what. I got a lucky break.”

“Let me guess,” Chance said, “You got picked for a porn flick. Finally made you way to the big screen, or at least way to something big.”

“Nooo,” Max said. “Way to downcast my good news. I wasn’t that lucky, but close. Some underwear company wants me to model for them and do some sexy poses and videos. Also the club owner wants me to go and dance there more often. He said he’d pay me to do it. He even paid me for tonight.”

“But he wanted you to dance in your underwear,” Chance said trying to get the story straight.

“But I was already dancing in my underwear. I think I left my shorts at the club. He said something about me being a natural. But guys were just shoving money down my shorts while I was there. They were fun and some of them were really good kissers.”

“You do realize you got hired as a go-go boy, right?” Max said.

“What!!!” Max said in shock. “I’m such a ditz. I didn’t figure that out but that is so hot! Imagine me a go-go boy. I’m getting horny just thinking about it.”

“Yeah I noticed,” Chance said groping Max’s hard on. “Let me help you out with that.” Chance licked his lips and went to work.

“Chance you are the best BFF ever,” Max giggled.

After while Chance and Max laid sleeping cuddled up on the couch. The butler nudge Chance awake. “You have an appointment sir.”

“Fine,” Chance pouted. He unwrapped himself from the other man’s arms and got up. The butler brought the teddy bear from Max’s room and Max was soon snuggling with his toy. He really couldn’t sleep without snuggling up to something or someone.

Chance put on some tight low-rider jeans. The butler held out a shirt, but Chance just ignored him. “Not putting it on!” he yelled back leaving the butler holding the shirt with an emotionless stare.

Chance walked out of the house and looked back at the place where he lived. He then squinted at the house. “I want more tops.” He gave a pathetic attempt of a threatening look and shook his fist. He then walked to the limo and got in. The butler was already there despite being left back inside. The limo pulled out of the front gates. Chance wished he had brought a toy or something to entertain himself during the drive.

When the arrived he got out and looked at the mansion. Not as big as his place, but he bet that the layout wasn’t constantly changing and new rooms appearing. That sounded boring. Though it was probably more dependable in certain areas unlike a certain house he knew.

He walked up the staircase and into a room. He saw a seated woman with an icy glare.

“I want my mirror back,” Chance said.

“Hello young one,” said Faith. “Have you met Mother?”

“Good day darling,” said Mother as she knitted. “You seem to have an awful lot of clothing on.”

“Tell me about it,” Chance said rolling his eyes.

“Have you come to give your answer?” Faith inquired.

“Yeah and I stayed off drugs and booze while I contemplated it. See I put in effort. And the answer is HELL NO!” Chance glared again giving his attempt of being threatening but probably came off as adorable.

Faith just stared at him in silence.

“You can’t control the house. It does what it wants. I did a little experiment and I think the house doesn’t like being used,” Chance explained

“You do realize I don’t care about the results. All I’m asking for is an alliance. You won’t have to do anything other than welcome a few more guests,” Faith said.

“No work, huh. Good cause I wasn’t going to do any. Not my thing. And I suppose you’ll want to borrow a few things again?” Chance said contemplating.

“Of course, if the house allows it that is,” Faith responded. “And of course if the house isn’t giving you enough of a certain type of male, I’m sure I have plenty of willing men in my collection.”

“I’m in,” Chance said quickly taking a seat next to Mother.

“Wait a bit longer for a few of our other guests to arrive.”

“That sounds boring,” whined Chance.

“Why don’t you entertain yourself with this deary,” Mother said pulling a decent sized dildo from her laced purse.

“Oh!” Chance said and then gave a doubting eye to Mother. “You haven’t used this have you?”

“Me? Oh heavens no. It was from my son’s collection,” Mother replied.

“Oh that’s fine,” Chance said as he grabbed the toy and wiggled out of the ridiculous amount of layers he had on.

“Soon,” Faith said with an eerie smile.

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