The Factory Accident Part 2

By ghostwriterde
published January 20, 2013
2019 words

The factory worker changes two more straight guys into their worst fears.


I still could not believe what I had done. Not only did I turn a random straight asshole into a cockhungry faggot slut but I had also turned one of my best friends into a tiny dicked twink. It had not been entirely my fault. Those were the images that I had gotten from them, their worst fears.

I sat naked on the couch with my soft nine inches resting atop the oranges that were now my balls. My 6 feet 2 frame was now that of a muscled 18 year old basketball player and not my old beer bellied 31 year old body. I got dressed and decided to go out to get something to eat.

I was driving along with my windows down enjoying the last sunrays when the smell hit me once more. Like a hound I followed the scent to a steakhouse. I wished for me to be attracted by the food but the hard-on in my pants made me have my doubts. I went inside and got seated by a beautiful girl but one look at her knockers made my excitement vanish.

I sat down on the booth hoping not to have another episode, even if the smell seemed to be everywhere. All hope was lost when my waiter arrived.

The guy looked amazing. He was certainly a student and an active athlete. His scent sent my cock in a rampage and I could barely contain my moan as he asked, “What can I do you for?” He noticed my obvious excitement and was instantly disgusted by it.

It took me a moment but I managed to order something and he said through a fake smile, “Sure thing,” and then whispered away from me, “faggot.” It was then that I knew for sure that the guy had noticed the wet spot on my jeans.

He brought my drink and his nearness got me going all over again. I took note of the way he looked at me when he thought I was not looking. It was a look filled with hatred but somehow no images had gotten into my head even though I was horny as hell.

I managed to finish my dinner but, just as the guy grabbed for my empty plate, my hand touched his and the images started flowing my way. I could see him giving me a note for us to meet after his shift in fifteen minutes. We would then kiss passionately behind the restaurant. The brief contact ended and the guy proceeded to do exactly as I had envisioned.

I paid, leaving no tip, and went outside. I waited for fifteen minutes and went behind the restaurant. The guy was almost as tall as I was and he looked amazing in his plaid shirt and cargo shorts. Our bodies moved without our input and we started kissing with abandon. His lips touched mine and my tongue explored every inch of his mouth. It was then, that the hallucinations began.

I could see a muscular guy stripping a police uniform inside what looked like a gay strip club. Guys of all ages and shapes would grab and touch the guy’s body as it was revealed. The blue thong that remained by the end of the act sported a painted police badge that protruded obscenely by the size of his dick. It was only after the guy had removed the thong and started having sex with his audience that I could see his face. It was the face of the guy I was kissing.

Our bodies broke the kiss and he followed me to my car. After we got in, I freed my 12 inch dripping dick and the guy went for it. I drove off while the guy blew me unknowing of our destination. I parked the car besides a nondescript building and removed the guy sucking me off from my cock. I got outside and the guy followed me like a puppy to the door.

I knocked and the door opened. We both got inside and were carded by a big burly guy. I then said, “This is my boy Ty and he wants the job as a stripper.” The guy at the door signaled for Ty to go to the back and for me to go talk to the bartender. Ty moved without question towards the back even as I asked myself how I knew his name.

I moved to the bar and said, “My boy is going to do his special police officer number but only if I get 40% of the profit.” The guy laughed and said that the strippers could keep all money given to them while dancing. I smiled and added, “I mean from the profits of the money they don’t get. My boy will do anyone and anything after the show but only if I get 40% from that action.” The guy nodded his agreement and we shook on it; then the show began.

The first guy was dressed as firefighter and looked obviously gay. The guys at the club would enjoy the striptease and send slips to the bar with bids to use the guy afterwards. The bartender kept the three highest bids and then all three would get their chance to use the stripper starting with the highest bidder. I could feel Ty’s anxiety when his song started.

Fear and shame were all that I could see when Ty made eye contact with me after coming to the stage. His stripping was amazing. His shame and disgust whenever a patron touched him made it evident that he was straight and the guys loved it. Once he got up to the point that I had seen before, the images began again.

I could see Ty’s body shiver with pleasure as an ugly hairy fat guy fucked his tight hole. He was yelling, “Fuck me harder! Give me your wonderful bear cock. Fill me with your bear seed.” The guy came inside him and fed him his cock afterwards. Ty’s hole tightened back to virginity in an instant as he came from cleaning the bear’s dick. Ty’s dick had not even been completely hard but it was huge maybe some 14 inches.

I wanted the images out of my head and sent them the only way I could, towards Ty. His body buffed up some more and his dick grew right in front of me. A large trucker had won the bid for Ty’s ass and was now dragging the straight stud to the back. Ty drooled and pressed himself against the bear seductively although he hated it.

The bartender motioned me to go with him and we went inside the room next to where Ty was being taken. He then said to me, “I imagine you want to watch and make sure he’ll be fine.” I smiled and answered; “Only tonight, he can take care of himself after that.”

We got inside and we could see through a one way mirror that the bear had gotten naked. He was very fat and ugly but Ty’s dick was hard and leaking as he swallowed the guy’s cock. I unzipped my pants and the bartender could not resist taking my 12 inch hard-on into his mouth. I enjoyed my blowjob as I watched Ty get fucked by a disgusting guy and begging for it to continue.

I could see Ty’s need to come in his eyes even as I approached my own climax. The bear fucking him came inside him and Ty cleaned his cock just like I had seen before but I knew that he needed my cum inside him.

As soon as the happy customer left I moved into the room leaving my cocksucker behind and plunged into Ty’s muscular ass. As soon as my whole 12 inches were inside him I came violently. My orgasm triggered Ty’s and as his own load flooded the floor he became a bear adoring bottom slut.

The bartender was a little disappointed that he did not get my load down his throat but the size of Ty’s bids more than made up for it. I gave him my bank information for him to deposit Ty’s earnings from the bidding. Ty could keep the tips he made from the stripping. It was more than he made as a waiter anyway. I went outside and headed back home to Alex.

I would have no such luck. As I drove past a closed shopping mall the smell filled my nostrils once more. I parked and headed towards the deserted buildings. As I got near to the origin of the smell my cock became completely hard. Without thinking, I unzipped my pants and let my leaking manhood free. I kept going until I was certain that the cause of the smell was very near.

Suddenly, I felt a hand grabbing my arm and spinning me around. A young security guard looked at me with repulsion and yelled, “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Are you fucking jerking off? You miserable fairy, I am going to destroy you for this!” Even as took notice of the guys amazing body, handsome face, blue eyes and squared jaw, the images began anew.

I saw a tiny guy, maybe five feet tall, naked and on all fours rocking back and forth fucking himself with a thick and long cock. The guy was utterly out of shape as his whole body wiggled with the fucking he was giving himself. A thick black leather collar covered most of his fat neck. He wore similar leather restraints on his wrists and ankles and his black hair was nothing more than a five o’clock shadow on his head. Aside of his eyebrows and head hair, his body was devoid of any hairs.

The images stopped and the security guy removed his uniform. I saw the name tag drop and noticed that his name was Ben. Once completely naked, Ben’s body began to change. His perfectly developed abs were covered by layers of fat even as his whole body shrank. His manly body hair disappeared in an instant and after a few seconds a hairless whimp stood before me.

The transformation of Ben’s cock was a tragedy. I could see the sadness in his eyes as his massive 9 inch dick turned into a pitiful inch long pencil. His balls became two peas practically glued to his body. Anger followed until he looked down and saw my erection still dripping. Just as I had seen, he went down on all fours and started fucking himself.

His ass was very tight and he would moan and whimper every time my cock was all the way into his ass. I played with his dangling and hairless man boobs making sure to stimulate his enlarged nipples. He increased the rhythm of his own fucking driving me over the edge. I came copiously inside his slave cunt. As I came back from my orgasm I noticed two things: his tiny dick had made a large mess of cum and the leather restraints had appeared permanently marking him as a slave for gay cock.

I pulled out of his ass and he crawled around putting my softening cock into his mouth. He sucked and licked me clean but after a while I just wanted to get home. I pushed the slave boy off my cock and told him, “Get out of my sight. Go find someone that wants to own a pathetic slave.” I zipped up and went back to my car leaving Ben naked and crying with rejection.

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